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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]Okay, I've decided to make a thread doing essays of cards, I'm not gonna guarantee that I'll have one every week but still.

Okay anyways back onto the subject, this week's card is a well wanted Light Type Dragon that will be released in Dark Crisis, Kaiser Glider.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


This card cannot be destroyed as a result of Battle with a
Monster that has an equal attack strength. If this card is
destroyed and goes to the Cemetery, return 1 Monster on the Field
to its owner's hand. (borrowed from Edo)

[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]Okay, basically this card has some decent pros and cons, but the pros far outweigh the cons. I mean one of the big pros is that you can ram this bad boy into your opponent's Jinzo and guess what, Jinzo dies but Glider stays out on the field saying "Nyeah Nyeah!!". The second great pro is that if he's killed he can return 1 monster on your field to your hand, so lets say you've got Glider out and something else strong out too and then a Cyber Jar. Well your Glider gets nuked and then you get his ability, take Jinzo back to your hand and then wait for your opponent to bring out a big hitter and then ram it into Cyber Jar, pretty funny when you've got your Jizno in your hand and your opponent's Jinzo was nuked by Glider. But I digress, that's only one scenario, there are probably other situations that I'm not mentioing.

Okay, onto the cons, the bad thing is he is not searchable, so you cannot get Glider into your hand fast enough, another thing, he's a Dragon. Can someone say Buster Blader or Dark Paladin?

Other than that Kaiser Glider will be one of the more sought after cards in Dark Crisis, especially for people who like Light Type decks. I give this guy a solid 4.5/5, he's good but still has some setbacks.

Next time I'll be having a poll if no one minds voting for the next card.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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The Kaiser Glider is my favorite dragon card, but he's not perfect. You missed one of his bigges cons: The return effect isn't voluntary. Usually, that's a bad thing. Jinzo can suicide the Glider and if you had any other monsters, they'd have to go back to your hand. Then, your opponent revives Jinzo and...you get the picture.

Being a dragon isn't a con so much as it's a state of being: he's got a weakness to BB and DP, but he can be brought out with the Flute, be protected by Lord of D., allow you to use Stamping Destruction, etc.

On a scale of one to five, I give the Kaiser Glider a solid three for general beatdown decks; he's better than average, but not outstanding; most beatdowns will just use Jinzo.

For dragon decks, a four. I would run one of these and one LOD Luster Dragon; LD is searchable, but has no effect, whereas this guy's got a good effect, but isn't searchable.

For Light-element decks, I'd give him a 4.5, simply because there's not a lot of one-tribute light monsters that are any good.

For any other decks, I'd give him a one.

As for the next card, either V-Lord, Curse of Anubis, or Skull Archfiend of Lightning.
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Guest Alucardfire
Well I doubt I'd rate it as high as a 4.5 because compared to the other mid-level monsters used it is pretty slow.

I'd say about a 3.5-4. It is unsearchable and its "same attack battle" effect is pretty situational when you come to think about it. You'll only run into one Jinzo per duel and how often do you think you'll have the Glider out?

Anyway, the artwork is pretty cool. I have like 3 of these guys. Looks like a mini Ra.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Snodin [/i]
[B]Doesn't that card say you can return one card and return it to its owner's hand? Doesn't that mean you can return an opponent's card to his/her hand too? [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=darkblue]No, sorry I highly doubt you can do that to your opponent's monster field, K-Glider is one of those "See, when I die I send one of your, my controller's monsters back to your hand." cards, its a very wierd version of Axe Of Despair, see originally people thought you could tribute your opponent's monsters for Axe's effect but you can't its been said so by Upperdeck, so no K-Glider cannot do that to your opponent's field.

Anyways, for the next essay I will be doing an essay on Scapegoat around Tuesday, Thursday evening or around noon, so be sure to watch this thread then. Untill that time just keep discussing K-Glider, but please keep it tame, or I'll have to ask higher authorities to intervine.[/COLOR]
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Okay, thanks for the response, Domon. Now for my official review of this monster...

-2400 ATK
-Can suicide Jinzo (and any other 2400 monster) and live
-If destroyed, you can return a monster on your field whose return effect might work in your favor (Serpentine Princess, a flipped Immortal of Thunder, uh.... anything else?)
-Lord of D. can summon and protect it

-Not searchable
-At the most part, it's last effect won't help you out
-Hades has first dibs on it
-BB and DP get power-ups from it

(Can you tell I'm at pojo.com a lot? LOL)

Kaiser Glider is cool-looking, indeed. Looks almost like a golden baby Blue-Eyes to me. And nice ATK, too; unfortunately, I don't see it as a staple. It's probably most useful in a Light deck, because when you have Luminous Spark out, 2400 becomes 2900. Now only a Blue-Eyes (and hard-to-summon Ritual/Fusion/Effect monsters) can beat it!

In a Light Deck: 8 out of 10
In a Dragon deck: 6.5 out of 10
In a Beatdown deck: 5 out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 (high score goes to its ATK and suicide-survival effect)
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Guest Alucardfire
Well if you don't mind a differring opinion or topic for some people who would like to get a little understanding of what's to come in the game here goes.


With the release of 308 - Sanctuary of the Sky Japanese players won't change the game that much but in control decks a few things will be added and a few classics being booted out. One of these will probably be the removal of one DWG(DD Warrior Girl) from the base archtype and the addition of one Blowback Dragon.

Blowback Dragon(Dark/Mecha/6/2300/1200)
Effect: Flip a coin three times. If the coin lands heads at least 2 times, destroy one card on the field. You many only use this effect once per turn.

Credit to Edo.

This addition makes the total sacrifice monsters in the control archtype to two. Being both Mecha, this leaves an option to put in a Drillago to counter rush decks and a Limiter Removal for maximum potential if you encounter a direct attack situation.

The difference between this an the Revolver Dragon(Mecha/7/2600/2300) is that Blowback is searchable, faster, easier to summon, and has a better effect not just being able to target monsters.

Easily 4.7+/10.

Just as a request from those of us that might depend on Edo's translations to play the Japanese game, heed his request to cease copy and pasting his effects and then not giving him credit. Not only has he explained that on his site constant times, but it is also plagiarism. The is only directed to the Kaiser Glider translation posted by Domon.
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Snodin, K Glider's effect can work for an opponent's monster; it was intended to. THe downside is that if your opponent has no monsters on the field, and you do have one, you're forced to send your own back to your hand.

It's like Man Eater Bug's effect: If you flip him, you *have* to destroy a monster, even if that means you have to have him destroy himself.

Anyway, Blowback Dragon...

Well, Revolver Dragon is extinct, although his illigitimate English son Barrel Dragon still has a lil' kick of life in him. Blowback Dragon is superior to Revolver Dragon in every way but attack.

-Destroy any card on your opponent's side of the field, be it monster, magic or trap
-2300 can beat V-Lord, 1900's, Giant Orc, Heavenly Knight, and
many others.
-No downside to loosing the coin-toss
-Dark-type has lots of support
-Machine-type; can use Limiter Removal and 7 Complete

-50/50 odds
-Can be suicided by GST
-Can be dropped by Jinzo, Hades, Thunder Skull Demon, Black Magician....

Well...ther'es not much to say; this guy's very cool, and probably the most popular card from SitS. For one tribute, you get an amazing ability plus a solid attacker. Not much to say, really. This car'ds powers speak for themselves. It would have been nice to be a little stronger, but if it had been, it'd be totally broken.


Beatdown: 4.3/5- Most Beatdowns run GST, which has the same attack. They also tend to have large amounts of M/T removal. Jinzo remains the best 1-trib attacker.

Machine: 4.7/5- A lot more support for this guy can overcome his only problem. Once again, though, Jinzo reigns.

Dark: 4.5/5- Like Dark needed another kick-arse monster....

Overall: An excellant monster, and a cool-one.
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Okay this is a card I decided its worth talking about right now. We probably all got this card but who knows.


Quick Play Magic Card

Effect: When this card is activated, you cannot summon any monster in the same turn (including Flip Summon and Special Summon). Place 4 ?Sheep Tokens? (Beast-Type/Earth/1 Star/ATK 0/DEF 0) in Defense Position on your side of the field. The tokens cannot be used as a Tribute for a Tribute Summon.

[COLOR=darkblue]Well, the second card of my choice and already I?m going to the animals! *Crickets chirping.* Okay, tough crowd. Anyways, this card was released in the Joey Starter deck, and for a Starter Deck Card I was amazed that it hadn?t been released earlier as a promotional card or something like that. But anyways this card has sooo many ways to become abused and is very noteworthy of burn decks.

If you like burn decks and run three Cannon Soldiers or you have an Unfriendly Amazon in your deck this card is a must have, but these are definitely needed for Cannon Soldier fodder. But for everything good there is a downside, if your opponent has a Tyrant Dragon and a Fairy Meteor Crush equipped, you might as well put your head between your legs and kiss your butt good bye. But yeah, I mean this card can be so well abused in rusher decks too. I mean get out a Jinzo or something and then play Scapegoat and then United We Stand onto Jinzo and you have a monster with a nauseating attack power bonus.

But enough milking the goat, no pun intended. This card has quite a few big drawbacks, first off is the fact that you cannot use the tokens as tributes for higher level monsters, the second drawback is that if you don?t summon a monster before activating this card you?re kinda screwed.

Really I think Scapegoat is a good card, it just is a pain in the butt for most decks. I really suggest most people either don?t use it or if you?re feeling lucky, put it in your sideboard. But if you are running a Cannon Soldier burn deck, then put THREE of these little gems in your deck.

My overall Rating: 3.5/5. The reason is stated above.[/COLOR]
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Scapegoat is a good card (and so is Blowback Dragon, but I really can't comment on it as of yet; we'll have to wait and see how they're going to change it- which they better not- when it comes out in english). But back to Scapegoat:

-Quickplay; can save you from an opponent's army of monsters when you have none on the field
-Cannon Soldier + 4 Goats = 2500 direct damage (counting the C.S.)
-Amazon Archer + 4 Goats = 2400 direct damage
-Keeps Unfriendly Amazon on the field for at least 4 turns without another monster's sacrifice
-Maha Valio + 4 Goats + United We Stand = Maha Valio at 4050 ATK
-One Goat in attack mode + Creature Swap = possible direct damage attack with high-ATK monster

-No tribute summoning means no high-level monsters for at least one turn
-Mad Sword Beast, Spear Dragon, and any other trample monster eat these Goats alive
-Magic Jammer and Shield-Type 8 eat these guys up too

Scapegoat belongs in a deck that can support it. I've tried it many times with Amazon Archer, and the results have been good. However, you can't have too many magic/spell cards unless you don't have enough monsters. My suggestion would be to use it in either a burner deck or a stall deck.

Burn Decks: 7 out of 10
Stall Decks: 7 out of 10
Beatdown Decks: 4 out of 10

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 (Not "Baaaa-d")
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I'll be honest with ya'll; I've never liked this card very much, so my review might be tainted.

Well, there are three uses of Scapegoat that I've seen:

*Burner fodder
*Defensive wall
*Support for other monsters

So, how does it fair in each of these tasks?

Burner fodder: Pretty darn good; 2000+ damage in one turn is not to be taken lightly. A person who pulls three Scapegoats and one of the burners in their opening hand can gain a huge advantage. Assuming you get a Soldier/Archer on the field and the activation of Scapegoat isn't blocked, you'll be able to take a huge hunk out of your opponent's LP.

Defensive Wall: The worst use of Scapegoat. With Airknight and Spear Dragon on the loose, these guys won't buy you the defense you need. My personal favorite equip, Big Bang Shot, also owns these goats. Besides, a single Dark Hole or Regeki can take them out. Stick with Waboku.

On the plus side, Scapegoat is the perfect defense against Goblin Attack Force, who won't do any damage and will go into defensive mode. You can take it out with any monster at that point. Still, that's too situational.

Support: Unfriendly Amazon isn't that good of a card, I'm afraid. Leaving four tokens on the field vulnerable to Trample just to support her for a few turns isn't a very economical use of cards.

Panter Warrior (who we may someday get) isn't much better, but at least he has the option of not attacking. The timing of his effect is also better, allowing you to steal an opponent's monster if you need to.

Still, Dark Elf is beter than both of those cards.

The best use of monster support Scapegoat provides is the ol' United We Stand combo. Massive power boots are always nice. Considering UWS is restricted, it's very situational. Don't try that combo in a beatdown; it's much better to stick UWS in a burner and equip it to a Soldier/Archer. Attack, then destroy the Goats for the win.

Overall, I'd give Scapegoat a 4.5/5 in a Burner deck, but a 2/5 elsewhere.
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Guest Alucardfire
Scapegoat can work in a variety of ways.

Thankfully it is instant magic so it is awesome damage control, especially in the way of a Psycho Shocker. It works well in earth aggro, control, burner, and with Power of Teamwork(UWS).

4.4/5. No doubt an awesome card.
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Guest Alucardfire
Yeah, until the opponent gets MST/HFS/H-Storm/Breaker to counter SoRL. You don't have to worry too much about the Goats as Spear Dragon is a one-shot wonder and Enraged Minotuar isn't out yet ^^;;
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]Okay, well here's my third essay, it was a close tie between Masked Beast, Spell Canceller, and Diffusion Wave Motion.

Anyways, here is the card.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


The Masked Beast
This monster can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Magic Card, "Curse Of The Masked Beast". You must also offer monsters whose total Level Stars equal 8 or more as a Tribute from the field or your hand.

[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]Okay, this card was released as one of the well awaited cards in Labyrinth of Nightmare (Besides Gemini Elf and Magic Cylinder). Anyways, being a Fiend/Dark monster this is a pretty good card, plus with the 3200 ATK, he's not to be taken lightly, the thing though is to get him out quickly, that's probably why you didn't see many of him run in decks except ones which could greatly support it, but Masked Beast soon was kicked out of the spotlight with several cards, Gemini Elf, Magic Cylinder, and several cards from Legacy Of Darkness like Dark Ruler Ha Des, Injection Fairy Lily, Yata Garasu, and several other cards, but in my book I think he's a pretty good card, especially if you want to run a major Fiend Deck, but you probably want to run Ha Des, just to give your deck some protection.

All in all I give him a solid 4/5, he's to good to get a 3.5, but not that great that he deserves a 4.5. Anywho, I'll be doing Breaker in a while.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with Doumon pretty strongly; the Masked Beast is pretty mediocre.

His attack is great, but his low defense is a downside. Why 1800? If it were 300 lower, he could be sought by the witch, but now he's vulnerable to Book of Moon, with no upside.

Second, he's a ritual. Ritual monsters have always been hard to get out, and not very economical. Not easy, either. First, you need the Ritual, and need to hope that it isn't blocked by IO or MJ or SST8. You need to get both of them in your hand, which probably involved one of the ritual searchers (soon to be outdated with the new Manju God), then you need eight level's worth of monsters to bring out a creature that's easily destroyed with no redeeming effect.

The worst part of MB, and most other rituals, is that they drain your hand,l eaving you open to all sorts of potential disasters. Shinto and Zorc have incredible effects that compensate for this weakness, but MB is just pure brute strength. Pure brute strength never wins games.

I'd wait for Des Guardius over this guy, or snag Zorc or Shinto. MB may look cool, but that's all.

The decks MB can go into:

Masked Beast deck: 5/5 Obviously vital to a deck based around him, but the deck wouldn't be very strong.

Beatdown: 2/5 In a deck that doesn't specifically support MB, the odds of summoning him are slim, and when you do, you're open to Hand D and Yata.

Dark Ritual: 4/5 In Dark Crisis, there's a card that serves as the ritual card to any dark elemental ritual monster. (Yet another Dark-element booster...gahh...) I suppose you could throw one of these in with a pair of Zorcs, and he'd be more effective.

Bottom line: Be very careful when playing this monster; there are few ways he can be used effectively.

Looks wicked cool, though. DG is cooler...
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I have a friend who uses Masked Beast in his deck because it's one of his favorite cards, but sadly, he has only been able to summon it once, and even then I was able to defeat him.

Ritual decks can be fun and casual, but in serious duels, they are hard to pull off. Every duelist that runs a ritual deck MUST use 3 of the following cards: Sonic Bird (gets the ritual magic card in your hand) and Senji of A Thousand Hands* (gets the ritual monster in your hand). [*I might have been mistaken with this card; I apologize if I am.] With those cards to worry about, plus all of the anti-magic running around, not to mention the difficulty of getting at least two monsters on the field whose stars equal 8- believe me, it's harder than it looks, unless you're running a harpy deck- it might seem to be too much work for most people.

Now like the previous reviewers said, this guy's only positive factors are that he's Dark, a Fiend, and really strong. If you want to special summon an incredibly big hitter, it'll probably be easier to try running Black Skull Dragon, who's just as powerful but can be summoned by fusing two monsters from your hand, not field. Of course, if you want to run a masked theme deck like Lumous and Umbra, you're welcome to try.

Dark/Fiend Deck: 5 out of 10
Beatdown Deck: 4 out of 10
Casual/Fun Deck: 8 out of 10

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10- Tough on the field, tougher to summon
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Guest Alucardfire
Manju Lord makes it easier to summon rituals when 307 hits but that is a while from Dark Crisis.

Pact of Underworld is an all-rounder ritual magic, that works with all dark elemental ritual monsters so that might also make it easier.

6/10. Slightly above average but I can't stand ritual monsters because of their difficulty to summon and quick depletion of hand.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[COLOR=darkblue]Okay, here's the next card essay that I have been well meaning to get up but have been busy with other things.[/COLOR]


Breaker The Magical Warrior
ATK/1600 DEF/1000

Effect: When this card is successfully Normal Summoned, put 1 Spell Counter on it (max 1). Increase the ATK of this monster by 300 points for each Spell Counter on this card. Also, you can remove 1 Spell Counter from this card to destroy 1 Spell Card of Trap Card on the field

[COLOR=darkblue]Okay, can we say "Ladies and Gentlemen start your drooling!" This card has sooo many possibilities to be abused, I mean first off he has a 1000 Defense meaning Witch Of The Black Forest can search for him. And then there's the wonderful little effect of the Spell Counter, I can say Mystical Space Typhoon that can smack you around. I mean sure most people won't even remove the counter, because a 1600 ATK just doesn't have that much staying power, a 1900 hitter does. But personally I use Breaker as a 1 hit wonder, but if I have a deck for him alone then I'd be sure to use three Pitch Black Power Stones just so he can have some staying power.

My overall rating is a solid 5/5. He's a staple and very necessary for most decks. What I would love to see is a deck totally based around Breaker.

Well for next week I will be doing Gilford The Lightning so be sure to watch for that.[/COLOR]

*Grumble Grumble* Stupid Cardhaus didn't have the English Breaker picture. >_____<
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Well, well, well; Breaker, the second best Spellcaster in the game...

While I would be hesitant to call it a staple (I'm so sick of people yelling "Staple! Staple! staple!" about every good card), he would be a fine addition to any offensive deck. However, as stated above, he's a one-hit wonder; there's no way I'm wasting a slot in my deck for Black Power Stone for one restricted monster.

-1900 attack
-Killer effect
-Yet another incredibly powerful Dark monster --;

-Sooooo close to being Sanganable
-Only gets Counter when normal summoned
-Fairly weak without his counter

If you're running 3 MSTs, 1 HFD and 1 HS, you might not actually need this card. If you simply can't afford to leave any traps on the field, you might wantt his guy. Beatdowns love him. Spellcaster decks love him. Control and Hand-D love him. He is a very versitile monster. Heck, he's even in my uber-Warrior deck.

There is one thing I'm unsure of, though; if Breaker's on the field, and your opponent activates Skill Drain, does Breaker loose his counter?

Anyway, 4.5/5 in any offensive deck. 4/5 in decks that don't rely on attacking.
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I would like to say that Breaker really does have a lot of potential, potential that DeathBug has already pointed out, but I'm very iffy about every monster with spell counters. I'd say that the most powerful spell-counter monster right now is Magical Marionette, who could destroy Breaker with or without a spell counter, and she's just gonna get scarier once people start using the Magical Marionette + Gearfried + Dagger of Butterflies [Eruma] combo within a couple months, but even she has her weaknesses.

To end any and all confusion for those who don't yet know, spell counters do NOT act as anti-Spell/Trap effects. Meaning, if your opponent were to play an MST, you could put a spell counter on your monster like MM, but the MST effect would still work. Therefore, all spell-counter monsters are vulnerable to cards like Mirror Force, Dark Hole and Raigeki. All those power-ups, and then "flop." How sad....

Oh, let me just say that Breaker is thus far the absolute most beautiful Spellcaster to ever grace my eyes!!! I wish Dark Magician looked just as cool as this guy, and I'm sure Yugi will use him eventually.

Beatdown Deck: 9.5 (I wouldn't call him staple, but hey who doesn't want an automatic 1900-attacking level 4 monster?)
Spellcaster/Dark Deck: 10
Burner Deck: 5-7, depending on how you use him
Bonus Points: 10, for looks

Overall: 8 out of 10

(Spell-Counter Monsters in general are getting a 5.5 score for me, cause I think their effects are useful, but very decieving)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DeathBug [/i]
[B]There is one thing I'm unsure of, though; if Breaker's on the field, and your opponent activates Skill Drain, does Breaker loose his counter?[/B][/QUOTE]
[COLOR=#503F86] My guess would be that the Counter stays on, but has no effect whatsoever. It'd be the same as having Spellbinding Circle already active on the field when Jinzo pops up- it's not destroyed, but just stays where it is, unable to do anything.

When I first heard about Breaker, I couldn't see what the fuss was about to be honest. Then I realised that he could be a 1900-hitter from the off and destroy Spell and Trap cards at the cost of 300 ATK Points (which I assume can be regenerated with the use of Apprentice Magician), which makes him very useful indeed.

He is still just a monster, though- albeit a very good-looking one. (He's got nothing on the Chaos Command Magician, though ^_~) A Trap, Spell or Effect monster can still be used to get rid of him in less than no time, and then it's much harder to get the extra 300 ATK back. After he's been used initially, he becomes a rather ordinary monster. Or even after you use his effect to destroy a S/T card (if you have to), he's not so powerful anymore. And since he's restricted to one as well...

I'd probably give him a 4- very useful from the off, not so good if he needs to be revived. I can think of a few Decks that he wouldn't be very useful in, but for most he's pretty good. I'll put him in mine when I can catch him, heh.[/COLOR]
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Level 6
ATK/2400 DEF/1500

Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all Trap Cards cannot be activated. The effects of all face-up Trap Cards are also negated.

[COLOR=darkblue]Well well... Doesn't this guy look familiar?? He should, either you have one and use it in your deck, or you've had one played against you. Either way anyone just has to stare in awe at Jinzo. I mean the guy was released in the 4th set of YGO, and I can't even remember how many people owned with this card. But now he's taken a backstep to other cards, but he still is used a lot.

I digress. Jinzo is one of the major hitter card for most decks, simply because not only the fact that he's lvl 6 and a 2400 ATK, but also because of his effect, but I also need to mention that Witch Of The Black Forest can search for him, so that means getting this bad boy out faster.

Now I know so many people can get confused with Jinzo in so many ways. Let's just clear things up here.

1. Jinzo [b]cannot die by trap hole, Bottomless Trap Hole etc.[/b]

2. Jinzo can be killed by Horn of Heaven, Solomen Judgement, and by battle, as well by Raigeki and Dark Hole, but one really annoying card was a simple common that was released in Legacy Of Darkness; Double Snare.

Okay now back on track. Jinzo has a lot of good qualities, but with the release of K-Glider in english, his bad qualities have now come through more vibrantly. Sadly he has only a 2400 ATK, which K-Glider can sucide run him and live, when he negates all traps, that includes yours, so you really are screwed. Also, if your opponent brings out Summoned Skull or even Dark Ruler Ha Des, you're in deep crap.

Thankfully though, two sets later down the road, we will get an equip card that powers up Jinzo and unlocks your Traps, I might just have to go into discussion about that card later on.

For now I give Jinzo 4.9/5. He's sooo close, but he really has some bad sides to him too.[/COLOR]
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Guest Alucardfire
As for Breaker: 5/5, staple, nuff said, built in Cyclone.

As for Jinzo: 4.8/5. Staple again, Witchable, high atk, quick. Nuff said.
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