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Writing Dragonball Z Fan Fics


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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

[i] Note:[/i]

Just for your information I am a straight guy who only did this for a ex-girlfriend that loved Vegeta. In this story I also introduced myself known as Pope Kyle and all my other friends. All names other than Anime related 'Except Silverwing' are protected by copyright of myself and my friends. Enjoy this fan fic and let me know what you thing about it.

[u]Chapter 1: Discovery[/u]

[i] Vegeta is seen walking around in a carnival in town.[/i]

Vegeta: I am tired of always being second place to Kakarot. First he beats me in a pie eating contest, then he beats me in a burping contest, then a limbo contest, and to make things worse he beats me in a wrestling contest. WHAT! What am I better in than he is?

[i] Vegeta then notices a sign on a building that gives him an Idea and hope.[/i]

Vegeta: That's it! Ahahahahaha Kakarot prepare yourself. I've finally found what I'm better at then you.

[i] Meanwhile not far away Goku and Piccolo walk towards a test your strength booth. [/i]

Man: Step right up sir and test your strength. Just place a Zin into the slot and slam your hammer on the platform and see if you can hit the top and win a prize for you loved ones.

Goku: Sure thing.

Man: (Thinking to himself) Eh eh eh caught another sucker.

[i] Goku places a Zin into the slot and raises the hammer then pauses. He then speaks.[/i]

Goku: You know this reminds me of the time when I had to hit Gregory over the head when I was training with King Kai.

Man: Sir we don't care for life stories. One moment please.

[i] The owner goes behind the curtains and whispers something to the people there.[/i]

Piccolo: Goku he just told those people to raise the weights up to three tons.

Goku: Thanks for the heads up Piccolo.

[i] The owner reamerged from the curtains and said.[/i]

Man: Okay sir the platform is ready for you. Swing away. (Thinking to himself) You'll never make it even close to the middle.

[i] Goku then swings and strikes the platform as hard as he could. The hammer smashed into pieces and the metal piece struck the bell and set off flying into orbit. The owner was in complete shock.[/i]

Man: W..w..w...w..winner.

Goku: I'll take that! (Goku points to a stuffed cat) Here you go Piccolo this is for you.

Piccolo: Why are you giving it to me?

Goku: Because you helped me win this.

[i] Just then Vegeta arrived with a teeshirt on with a logo on it that read 'I'm with Stupid' with the arrow pointing at Goku.[/i]

Vegeta: Kakarot come with me. (He grabs Goku's arm)

Goku: Uhh okay.

[i] As they walked Goku was a little puzzled on where Vegeta was leading him so he asked. [/i]

Goku: So Vegeta. Are you taking me to another contest that I'll beat you terribly in?

Vegeta: Hah wouldn't you like to know.

Goku: Yes I would. What contest is it this time?

Vegeta: It is that! (Points to a sign)

Goku: Man Sex Symbol Contest...... WHAT!
[/font] [/color]
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...I am deeply disturbed.

And somewhat interested.

Although the disturbed part of me is kicking the ever-living sh-- out of my interested side, I will, for the sake of others, ask you to continue.

[strike]God help us all, he's putting up a bad lemon.[/strike]
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......this....is disturbing...
but interesting. There's a war in my head, wether to tape my eyes shut and craw into a corner or watch tv.

Add a little details. There's just not that much info. Also, i could not see Piccolo saying any of that. Piccolo's to quiet. But, still. It's ok.
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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

Note: Okay this chapter and the ones to follow will be a little difficult to follow so I am going to try and explain the background of it. My friends and I: Snyperkat, B.M., Silverwing (Not the T.V. Series bat), and Phil are in this. We have sidekicks.

The sidekicks are as follow: Snyperkat-George (a small man who never speaks)

B.M.-Billy Bob (A teen kid who is the one behind making Microsoft and Bill Gates stole his idea)<--Just a joke mind you.

Silverwing-Pointdexter (An alien from another planet who can turn into human)

and finally me Pope Kyle-P.L.I.T.T.S.Y. (Purple Little Intelligent Thing That Says Yo)
Mind you we were little when we made these sidekicks up.

We also have two arch nemisis who appears in this story. Dr. Gay (A crazed mad scientist who is feminine) And Senior Ding Dong (A spanish assistant to Dr. Gay who always ends up filing his nails and swears in spanish when he does)

Okay sorry for the boring info. I am now wondering myself what we smoked when we thought this up. (shrugs) Anywho I love the responses you two sent. I admit it is scaring but I think you both will enjoy what happens later on. Enjoy all.

Also I was hoping that women would give their thoughts. After all this was made for a girl (Shrugs) Oh well.

[u] Chapter 2[/u]The DBZHA Gang arrives!

Goku: Man Sex Symbol Contest...... WHAT!

[i]Goku was in shock at the challenge made by Vegeta. He never thought Vegeta would go this far. Besides Goku wasn't even sure what a sex symbol was.[/i]

[i]Vegeta began to snicker then laugh. He then looked at Goku and spoke.[/i]

Vegeta: That's right a sex symbol contest. This time Kakarot I WILL win this contest and finally beat you at something.

[i]Goku looked at him a little puzzled then spoke back.[/i]

Goku: Well if it will make you happy Vegeta then sure I'll join it so that I could kick your butt.

[i] Goku then walked up to the women in the booth. She smiled at him and spoke.[/i]

Woman: Hello.

Goku: Hi I'd like to participate in this contest please.

Woman: Sure thing. Name please.

Goku: Goku.

[i]She then took the 3 Zin entry money and turned around and typed something up on a computer and a ding followed.[/i]

Woman: Here you go Goku just place that pin on your left end of your teeshirt. The contest should begin soon. Good luck to you and your friend.


[i] As Vegeat and Goku walked off to the contest the DBZHA gang appear a few minutes later and are deciding on which ride they should take first. [/i]

Pointdexter: So which pathetic and boring human ride are we going to try this time?

B.M: That one! (She points to the Tilt-a-Whirl Everyone except B.M look at Pope Kyle. He looks already notious just looking at it)[Based on a true story]

Pope Kyle: No thanks I think I'll pass.

B.M: Oh come one! (She then grabs and forces Pope Kyle on the ride. Everyone watchs from the sidelines as the ride spun. B.M weas having the time of his life while it looked like P.K. was going to hurl any second.

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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

Note: Okay just to let you know. In this chapter Pointdexter is in love with B.M but she is dumber than a can of latex paint so.....yah I think that says itself ^_^ enjoy!

Chapter 3: What is there between Pointdexter and B.m?

B.M: Oh come one! (She then grabs and forces Pope Kyle on the ride. Everyone watchs from the sidelines as the ride spun. B.M weas having the time of his life while it looked like P.K. was going to hurl any second.

Phil: I wouldn't really want to be B.M right now.

[i] Everyone agrees with his remark as they see Pope Kyle ready to throw up any second. The ride ended at what seemed hours to Pope Kyle but only 50 seconds to B.M. B.m came running of it screaming: More! More! While Pope Kyle came running of it to find the closest Port-A-Potty.[/i]

Pointdexter: B.M Why did you choose Pope Kyle to go on with you instead of anyone else?

B.M: (At the moment she was hyper) Because you silly alien he was the closest.

[i]Pointdexter then walked away disapointed with her answer.[/i]

B.M: What's wrong with him?

[i]The rest of the gang except Pope Kyle looked at her. [/i]

Everyone: You mean you still don't know?

B.M: Know what?

Everyone: Oh B.M

B.M: I bet you Pope Kyle doesn't know! (She said thinking she played a trump card)

[i]Pope Kyle then reapeared from the Port-A-Potty a little more relieved.[/i]

B.M: Right?

Pope Kyle: About what?

B.M: About Pointdexter

Pope Kyle: WHat about him?

[i]Silverwing walks over to Pope Kyle and says it in his ear. Pope Kyle then just smiles.[/i]

Pope Kyle: Oh that! Yah I knew about that a long time before I even joined this gang.


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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

Chapter 4: WHat did B.M. Buy?


[i]Suddenly a figure emerged from Pope Kyle's pocket. It was a small purple creature who came out and screamed a large 'Yoy' at everybody.[/i]

B.M: Why'd you bring that 'thing' with us Pope Kyle?

[i] Pope Kyle looks at B.M with an unhappy look. He then replies with a tone[/i]

Pope Kyle: She isn't a 'thing' Her name is P.I.T.T.S.Y.!

B.M: whatever her name is. Why did you bring it?

Pope Kyle: SHE is my side kick. Why else wouldn't I bring her?

B.M: Whatever P.K. Do what ever you want with it. I don't care.

P.K: SO what should we do now?

B.M: Let's ride the Tilt-A-Whirl again!


B.M: Okay then what else can we possibly do then?

Lady: The contest is about to begin shortly. 8 Tickets are left.

B.M: "We'll take it!" She screamed at the woman who was walking away from them.

S.W: B.M you'd don't even know what they are. We might not even like it.

[i]B.M gets the tickets from the lady and turn towards her friends and shows the tickets to S.W and S.K who both begin to freak out.[/i]

Phil: What is it? (He looks at the tickets and the pupils on his eyes narrow)

[i] The others who were curious what could have caused them to do such a thing checked to see what it was. Then they began to frown. Then Pointdexter came back and saw their faces.[/i]

P.D: Uhh guys? Are you okay? What are we going to do now?

Phil: B.M bought tickets to a sex symbol contest.

Pointdexter: Sex Symbol? What on earth is a sex symbol?

BillyBob: (Disapointed) You'll see.

All George did the entire time stood there and shook his head.

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