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[size=1][color=darkblue]Yes, yet another banner thread by me. I havn't really been making a ton of banners lately since I now have a time limit on the internet, so I never have time to find pictures. But last night I made some interesting banners.
My first banner I'm posting is an FLCL banner, as you can tell, I was just really messing around to see what certain things did. So, hey, it's just an odd creation. I've taken a liking to it actually. It's a Momimi(sp?Ihave no idea how to spell it) banner.
Anything on this thread will be up for graps if I don't say I made it for someone. So if you want a banner on here, just PM me and ask for it!
Please rate and comment! ^^ Enjoy![/color][/size]
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Hmm. I don't like this banner as much as some of your others (the one in your signature is really quite fantastic).

1. A high-quality stock image.
2. Clean, attractive cropping.

1. The banner looks both underexposed and oddly tinted; I've seen that picture of Mamimi before, and I personally prefer its original color scheme.
2. The text stands out a bit too much. Remove the bright purple haze, and try using a more attractive, dynamic font.
3. There's no border...... this is easily remedied.

Overall, it's a good effort, and I can tell that you were trying to do something that differed stylistically from your usual work. This is, of course, commendable, and I'd recommend that you retain this penchant for innovation as you go on to create new banners.

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[size=1][color=darkblue]Yes, I agree, I could have done better on the font. But I guess really, I was just playing around and it wasn't meant to look that great. But I shall try and fix the things that are wrong with it soon.
Anyway, here is another banner I made that night. It's not the best, but I was trying some more things out. It's a Golden Sun banner of the boys. Meh, I hope you like it. Please rate and comment! ^^
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I love the GS series, so I know everything about it.^^
That's a nice banner, however, it looks like it was thrown together pretty quickly. The image on the left is really cool and high quality (I rarely find that image so clear).
It looks like you are also blessed with that goddam eraser tool because of the image of Issac on the right.
Overall, like bad, it just looks like more effort could've been put into it. ^_~
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Yeah, the GS banner was thrown together pretty quickly. ^^;; But I thought it was good for a 5-10 minute banner.
I have another I made very recently. It is a Kare Kano banner. I love that series and decided I need to dedicate a banner to it. It's simple, yet sweet. I like it. If anyone wishes to have it, I would be more than happy to give it to you if you ask. I also have a matching avatar to go with it, but am not able to post it at the time.
So enjoy![/color][/size]
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