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Sign Up Star over the Dark Soul: Heaven and Hell Chronicals [mature]


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[COLOR=firebrick]"My kingdom is not from this world" ~John 18:32[/COLOR]

[color=blue]In yet another alternate reality, the forces of Heaven and Hell are all too prominent among the mortal Earth. The Angels, messengers and warriors of God, the Demons, warriors of Lucifer. And, the Half-Dragons, ancients of the mortal Earth.

For millenia, the forces of God and Lucifer have clashed in mighty, aweful wars, and only in the past five centuries have the nuetral Half-Dragons entered the fray, allying themselves with either side. While the majority fight for Heaven along side the Angels, a rebellious few have joined Hell's army under Lucifer.

Now you must choose your path, for the future of the Universe.
((hey Annie, this sounds like your kind of RPG!! I'd love it if you joined!))

Race: Angel, Demon, or Half-Dragon.

Name: Creative, and slightly archaic if possible.

Gender: Generaly only for Half-Dragons since Angels and Demons usualy don't have genders.. but you could bend the rules in that aspect.

Age: A very long number.

Appearnce: Angels should be heavenly looking, Demons should be appropriatly gruesome, and Half-Dragons are like humans with dragon wings and the occasional scale or two. (also, name the color of your dragon wings)

Side: God or Lucifer

Persona/Mannerisms: what your character is like, and some habits he/she/angel/demon might have.

Weapons: kind of archaic and no "samurai swords" or throwing knives, and definately no guns. Think like long-swords and maces.

BIO: should only be a few sentences long, because the average celestial/demonic/draconic being has a pretty generic background. But if you wanna make it complex...

Other: nothing required here, just for if you wanna say something more.


Here's mine...

Race: Half-Dragon

Name: Delnoreth

Gender: male

Age: 2,058

Appearance: 6''3', blonde hair that turns black in the darkness. one green, one blue eye. Stocky frame and slender fingers, light-red wings and a few scales covering his left arm.

Side: God

Persona/Mannerisms: Good natured, thoughtful, and passionate, though he is sometimes lost in deep thought. A habbit of tapping his foot on the ground(when he's not flying)to the beat of his clan's battle march, wich is seldom used in a real fight.

Weapons: A long-sword sheathed on his back, and a smaller one at his waist.

BIO: Like all Half-Dragons, he was raised as a warrior and trained for airiel combat. He turned to God when the Demons began to get unruly, and were beggining to infest Half-Dragon territory. After his first incounter with a feminen angel, he was smitten with them and always finds himself losing a conversation when around them. He fights mainly in the northern regions above the heavy vail of clouds.

Other: can't think of anything for this part...

Alright guys/girls, post away!!
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Ahh, yes. I have just the character..

Name~ [/b]Artemus

[b]Race~[/b] Renegade Angel

[b]Age~[/b] Undetermined (documents on this angel have been striken from history)

[b]Gender~[/b]Angels are not equipped with certain "parts", but Artemus is in the form of a male.

[b]Appearance~[/b] [url]http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/guy/2-9.htm[/url] *Additions: He wears a pair of black leather guantlets with silver flexible but unimaginably strong metal. He wears a torso fitting armor, made of the same metal on his guantlets. His wings are silky, but they serve Artemus as a shield.*

[b]Personality/Mannerism~[/b] Calm, relaxed, collected, and mysterious. Artemus has a habit of flicking his left wrist, this makes his opponents nervous(seeing as how the Chain of Decadence is on his left arm). He chuckles at his opponent for no apparent reason, making the opponent even more nervous.

[b]Side~[/b] Artemus has no side at the moment. He was supposedly cast out of Heaven for defying God, but he will not lower himself into taking sides with Satan. Undecided is the answer.


[b][u]Blade of Purity[/b][/u]- The blade is made of diamond and is 4 feet long. Unbreakable, stronger than steel, sharper than the tip of a metal sword, cuts through anything as if the object were a stick of butter. The handle is silver. The sword is heavy, but Artemus wields the blade with graceful ease. When Artemus is not using the sword he has it sheathed between his wings. The blades purity radiates intense heat and light, scorching the opponent with every slash.

[b][u]Chain of Decadence[/b][/u]- Thin and 15 feet in length and is wrapped around his left arm and continues to wrap around half of his upper body. The chain seems to have a life of its own. When he is in battle, the energy forces the chain to unravel from his body but stays attatched to his wrist. When Artemus ensnares his opponent, the chain constricts and begins to suck the life out of its victim. The body begins to decay, rather than burn from the constriction, within seconds of being ensnared.

[b][u]Shield of Silk[/b][/u]- Artemus's wings are covered in a mystical oil, giving the feathers a silky texture. The oil is an extract of Heaven's Rose, a rose that graces the vines covering the Pearly Gates. The oil is a strong defense against magic of good or evil. Whenever Artemus folds his wings around his body, a shield of wings blocks magic spells and attacks.


[b][u]God's Justice[/b][/u]- This is Artemus's spiteful attack. He names it "God's Justice" out of mockery. Used with the Blade of Purity, Artemus channels all of his energy into the blade and it starts to resognate with heat, electricity, and pure light. If Artemus strikes the opponent when the blade is charged, the victim will be engulfed with white flames and insinerated into oblivion.

[b][u]Plangency[/b][/u]- This is used by Artemus's body itself and creates a very loud, resounding field of energy. Artemus draws upon energies from around him into his body and forms an impenetrable aura, protecting him from any attack. Mind you that this takes energy, so it will last but a few moments. This gives him enough time to think out his next motion of attack.

[b][u]Retention[/b][/u]- This is used by the Chain of Decadence. The chain wraps around the opponent and renders the opponent from performing a magical spell/attack.

[b]Biography~[/b] There is no real record of Artemus's history. Everything about him was striken from existence. There are, however, rumors as to why he is non-exsistent. Most say that he was an angel of God and defied the almighty. In doing this, Artemus was sent to Earth as a punishment and was denied entrance into Heaven and declared a renegade. [/color][/size]
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[size=1][b]Race:[/b] Angel

[b]Name:[/b] Tilion

[b]Age:[/b] Unknown(As of now. How old would Angels be?)

[b]Gender:[/b] Tilion is in the form of a male.

[b]Appearence:[/b] Tilion is an Angel of great beauty. His handsome face is thin, giving no thought to indulgence of any kind. His nose is small, lips thin, but eyes of great light, as if all the brilliance of heaven in encased within. His blonde hair is long and in intricate braids, which cascades down his back from his strong, golden helmet, which is by far more dazzling than the most noble and rich mortal king. His silver armor is etched with complex designs written in green. The most notable is two leaves on his breastplate falling toward his torso. His armor stops halfway down his thigh, surrendering to spirals of grass weaving that lead down to his sandals. His wings, very large and with some of the same weaving of his sandals, fold out into a span far more brilliant than any eagle.

[b]Side:[/b] God

[b]Persona:[/b] Chilvaric.(Is that even a proper word?) He does nothing for himself, but serves God, blind to reason. His Honor doesn't let him fail his task.


[u]Long Bow of Light[/u][/b]
A very large Long Bow carried on Tilion's back. He carries no quiver, for when he pulls the string back, an arrow of holy might appears, ready to pierce Tilion's unholy enemy.

[u][b]Sword of Truth[/b][/u]
The Sword of Truth is a elegant longsword, used with the Shield of Chivalry. It's length is 5 feet, and is light to the touch. The blade cannot be broken, and was made to guide Tilion to only kill those whom have committed the ultimant sin.

[u][b]Shield of Chivalry[/b][/u]
The Shield that Tilion uses with his sword is one of the strongest metal, made in the forge of heaven. It can withstand any attack, whether it be a demon's, a mortal's, or even a fellow angels'.

[b]Biography:[/b] Tilion is the huntsman of the angels. He hunts down those souls who have turned towards satan, or he hunts the demons themselves.[/size]

I'n not very happy with my weapons descriptions, but they'll serve their purpose.

OOC: FirePheonix, I finally figured out where I put Pheonix of the Fire. It took me a while.
And you almost kicked me out of the same adventure where I gave you the Pheonix of the Fire idea.
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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^
_Race: Dark Angel

Name: Legnakrad (leg-na-crad)

Gender: Female

Age: 5,398

Appearnce: She has a black, silk gown with a blood red flame design comming up from the bottom, and blood red silk around the hem (bottom of the gown) and the collar. She has a red cresent (sp?) moon shaped mark on her forehead, and her black hair falls over her shoulders, her bangs curving (like this: ( ) ) around the cresent moon mark. Her wings are black lined with red.

Side: Lucifer

Persona/Mannerisms: She is quiet and mostly does what others tell her to do. Legnakrad often spends her time in solitude except when there's a fight, then she fights it and she fights it well. It's as if she's a whole different person when she fights.

Weapons: She has twin maces that she can make appear in her hands when she wants them. Legnakrad is quite skilled with them and has never lost a battle.

Abilities: [b]Spell of Sacrafice:[/b] This is an extremely powerful spell. It allows the spellcaster (the one who casted the spell) to dissolve his or her body, release his or her soul and take the souls of all they choose. But, it is called sacrafice because the spellcaster gives up his or her own life to cast it.

BIO: Legnakrad can hardly remember her old life. All she remembers is that she was (and still is) a spellcaster. Other things she can remember are flashes of her parents, brothers, and the angry mob the night the towns people killed her family. But she didn't really care.

Another thing she remembers is when she was going from town to town, killing and stealing, she was stopped by a elderly woman. This woman casted the [b]Spell of Sacrafice[/b] in order to kill Legnakrad. Legnakrad spent her free time (in Hell) from then on teaching herself the spell until she knew it.

Other: She is secretly in cahoots with GOD (only through prayer) and holds the answer, she knows the one weakness of Heaven that could lead to Lucifer's vitory.
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Er... dark angel... well, I suppose that's OK, since that is essentialy what Lucifer/devil/satan is, then ya. But uhh, we are in need of some Demons or at least on more Half-Dragon. And don't forget wings people... all the races here have wings. Er, I know Annie and Rad included that, I'm just saying it for future joiners.. wich there hopefully will be a few of.

As for the age of angels and demons, just make it anywhere from 1,000years to 10,000years.

And remember this...

[FONT=courier gothic]It is an easy task to sin, and turn to the Devil, but it is more likely for Lucifer himself to repent than for a sinner to change his ways.[/FONT]
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[i][color=lightpink][b]Race:[/b] Demon


[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Age:[/b] 2,579 [looks 15]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url]http://www.geocities.com/rozenkreuz_chick/nymphanie.html[/url] Her wings are black and metal, having to get them redone from a horrible battle that caused her to almost loose her wings. She is 5' tall.

[b]Side:[/b] Lucifer

[b]Persona/Manners[/b] She isn't the lightest with her manners. She is very vulgar with her language. She takes on the guys in fights alot over stuff that is senceless. She feels like she was ment to stand along with the guys. If she is frustrated she will bite on her bottem lip, or mess with her wings when she is bored.

[b]Weapons[/b] A long-sword that she has killed many angels with. She carries it at her side or slung over her shoulder, training as often as she can with it, gaining her skills.

[b]Biography:[/b] She grew up with 2 older brothers, always getting in fights with them toughening her up some. She felt like she was suppost to be with the guys and fighting, not like the girls who were only for pleasure. When she found out about the war against God and the angels, she joined it immeaditly, wanting her joy in it. She always loved being in fights, getting joy out of it.[/color][/i]
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Race: Demon
Name: Iscariot
Gender: Male
Age: 3,396

He is all black with red eyes and fur. His wings are also black.

Side: Lucifer

Persona/Mannerisms: At first he seems calm, silent, and serious but he is is easily aggravated and enjoys to kill anything that moves, except for his own race. He won't kill them but put them into a near-death if they anger him.

Weapons: His own fists, claws, horns, tail, wings and feet. Basically, his own body.

Bio: A demon that has fought and killed humans and angels all his life. He is constantly training himself to become stronger.
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[color=green]Hope I'm not too late...

Here's mine...

Race: Half-Dragon

Name: Gamaliel

Gender: Female

Age: 1856

Appearance: Lovely, though strong. Long brown hair and green eyes that match her wings. She wears a black tunic beneath a form fitting metal breast plate, green leggings and black boots which contain a matching pair of daggers, just for emergency

Side: Lucifer

Persona/Mannerisms: Quiet about her alligiance, she is a spy for the darker side of the war. The innocence and youth of her looks work in her favor. She is manipulative and treacherous

Weapons: A broad sword and a crossbow, both well used, though she'd never tell what she used them on.

BIO: Gam is young by the standards of the warriors in this fray, but learned to fight in the way all her race did. Taught from birth to be a warrior, she is fierce when needed. Her parents were mysteriously killed on a mission from god about 150 years ago. It was Gam, though no one supspect this. She is a high ranking official in Satan's army and got there through sneeky treacherous means.

Other: can't think of anything for this part...
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Very good... I think I said that in my last post... oh well. Nice job. I'll see if I can get it started tonight... it's kinda late where I am, so, if not, I'll try and get it up tomorrow! Thanks to everyone for joining!

"Reality is what I say it is... my reality encompasses yours, therefore mine is broader. I need not prove that my reality is stronger than yours. I am the artist. I am the reality bender, I will use my skills to bend others reality to mine." ~Herrin Law
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Guest Free4enternal
[B]The devil is decieveing all you. Jesus is waiting for you to believe and come to him, Jesus loves you very much, he died for you on the cross so you can have everlasting life and he willingly took everyone's punishment {hell fire} so that you wouldn't be separate from him. The punishment has already been paid for you. Just repent of your sins and ask Jesus to Come in your heart and to save you and you will be set free for enternity!!! :animesmil [/B]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange]Thank you, [b]Free4enternal[/b], but this is not the place for posts of this nature. Also, please do not revive threads that have not been posted in for a long time. this thread was last posted in almost four years ago, anyone who would have originally read it more than likely is not interested in reading it again.

[b]Thread Locked[/b]
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