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OOC: Remember this? I know some of you will, it's an RPG not easy to forget. This RPG was, in my opinion, the Pennicle of my OB experience. Now, I wish to recreate it. I know, it had a good run already, dying at 213 posts, but I had to give it another try, because, of course, I never had the chance to finish it.

PS Feel free to ask any questions!

When the divine tree grew, it was said to bestow 107 species upon the earth. The 105 race was the powerful dragons. These towering winged horreres could strike fear upon anyone who beheld them.

The 106 race was the human race. These peaceful beings lived a quiet existance in harmony with the world.

The 107 race was the formidable winglies. These flying conquerors set out to build great floating cities and gain domination over all living things. In time, their agression enslaved the passive human race with little resistance.

Divided by hatred, the battle for freedom would insue. The humans called upon the help of the mighty dragons. Drawing on their magical forces, the humans became dragoon warriors harnessing the savage power and soul of the dragoon spirit.

The winglies called upon help of their own, conjuring the mighty Verges, the dragon slayers. Their powerful magic and the help of the Verges provide formidable foes for the Dragoons.

The battle deadlocks, both sides suffering from crushing blows and massive casualties. There is no such thing as a civillian, for every creature able takes up arms, in the battle that decides the fate of the world.

This time, is now.

Element: (water, fire, earth, lightning, dark, light, wind)
Side: (Wingly or Human/dragoon)

Here's a pic. of a dragoon:

And here's a pic of a winglie:

I thought it was pretty basic. Humans age like humans. here's one a little more detailed

Name: (What people refer to you as. ex: John Smith)
Age: (human aging. how many years have you been alive? ex. 17)
Description: (What do you look like? what do you usually wear? ex. long black scraggely hair and dark blue eyes. Brown vest and red long sleeve shirt. Black pants and boots. Long sword sheathed on back)

Bio: (what happened in your life? ex. after he ws born, his parents sent him across sea to a military academy in Zimbabwe. he was trained in many arts of combat, and always excelled at the top of his class. Because of his high marks, he graduated at an early age and went on to train by his self, ect.)
Element: (water, fire, earth, lightning, dark, light, wind) (what element do you prefer, or most relate to? ex. water)
Side: (what side of the war are you on? ex. human/dragoon)

See? Here's mine:

Name: Ryden Starfe
Age: 23
Description: Short black spiked hair and brown eyes. Emrald green chestplate with jetting shoulders and large gauntlets with ancient runes engraved into them. Black pants, with three belt looking buckles on one leg. Large green dragoon wings on his back, and a large one sided sword with an emrald green hilt, sheathed on his black double belt. Emrald green steel boots with runes carved into them.

Bio: He was born on the battlefeild, his mother delivering him on a small shelter below one of the winglies' massive floating cities. The dragoon army needed all the soldiers they could get, so Ryden was trained very early. At 15 he was a soldier and fought in the taking over of many of the winglie city takeovers. At 17, he was reported MIA, and belived to be dead. Ryden left the army for a time, traveling the world on his own exploits.

After three years of wandering, a soldier found him resting in a cave, and reported him as alive. He was given brutal lashings for leaving, and was called back into service immediately.

Element: Wind
Side: Human/Dragoon
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[b]Name:[/b] zieg
[b]Age:[/b] about 20
[b]Description:[/b] [URL=http://guidesarchive.ign.com/guides/13238/images/disk4/disk4_05/disk04_050.jpg]zieg[/URL] (this isn't the best of pictures but if I find a better one i'll use it)
[b]Bio:[/b] (not much is known about zieg so i'll just make some of it up) Zied is the dragoon of fire or also known as the red eyed dragoon. He is the leader of dragoons and seeks to defeat the winglies before they can finish there plans for making the god soa's dream of a perfect world a reality. He's a warrior who does what's needed of him and will protect those he cares about.
[b]Side:[/b] Human/dragoon
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Name: Vincent Arrowny
Age: 27
Description: Short black hair, dark blue eyes, wears all black shirt, pants, and boots, with black armor on his shoulders, legs and chest. Also wears gauntlets and has large black dragoon wings on his back. He has a large broadsword strapped onto his back.

Bio: Vincent was a simply a young traveller who until he was 18 found a dragoon who was dying and passed his power onto Vincent. He was aware of the power the dragoons possessed and knew their role in this world. Ever since then he became a rouge travelling the world killing any winglie he found. For years he has done this until he was in a town and a wingly army attacked. He was able to hold his own and prevent the village from being completely destroyed until an army of dragoons appeared and helped fight off the winglies. Since then he decided to join. He has only been in the army for a year. In his free time he his constantly training to become stronger.

Side: Human/dragoon
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[b]Name:[/b] Matthew "Matt" Peragrynn

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[url=http://www.avalancheonline.net/images/LoD/lod9.jpg]Big Version[/url]


[b]Bio:[/b] Matt is a very special Dragoon. He is the only of his kind because he possesses an element unlike anyother. It started when he was only 16, he was enrolled as a Dragoon in the war and became an Earth element. But as he grew older his element grew with him. It then eventually became Nature. He has an older brother and family ehich he never sees because of the war.

[b]Element:[/b] Nature

[b]Side:[/b] Dragoon[/color]

I hope that's okay, with the nature thing.
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Name: Serena Fenrir

Age: 19

Description: About 5'8" athletic built. Long dark hair and blue eyes. Wears usual armor covering her chest and upper legs. Hair is either free flowing of pack in a ponytail.

Bio: Born to a small group of humans, who later became dragoons. Serena did not wish to force herself to become a dragoon. She has had a dragon sidekich since the age of 4 and has loved him as much as a brother. His name, a gorgoes red dragon named Ragnarok. Although he is about 20 years older thanher, she has been the first human, in her family, that he has allowed to come so close to him. The two share a bond so strong that they are able to speak with one another.

Since she reufed to kill Ragnarok, when she got of age to become a dragoon, she was banished from her family's side. She now wanders the area with Ragnarok by her side until the news of her family's destruction reaches her ears.

Element: Water

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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Legend of the Dragoon....amazing, Tyler. I know my character looks like Shana, be warned, she is not Shana here. I'm making MAJOR changes....enjoy..

[u]Name[/u]: Seto Kaiya (first name being Kaiya)

[u]Age[/u]: 22

[u]Description[/u]: [url]http://www.gamecritics.com/feature/artgallery/legendragoon/page02.php[/url]

[u]Bio[/u]: Kaiya was born during a time of a violent war in feudal Japan. It brought along with it Winglies and their terrible dragon forces. The war between the Japanese government and the Winglies lasted several years, until Kaiya was of 7 years. On her 7th birthday, a glimmer of hope arose in the darkness of the Winglies clutch. A searing bolt of lightning parted all of what seemed hopeless, the Winglies horrible dragon force was completely wiped out.

From the burning light rose a beautiful warrior with silver armor. She flowed with striking power through the Winglies and destroyed them with one arrow. The warrior then smiled at Kaiya and walked to her. She asked Kaiya why she was not in shelter with her parents. The truth was, Kaiya's parents had been killed and she had been in hiding for a year. The warrior took pity on Kaiya and took Kaiya away with her.

Years later, at the age of 19, the warrior came across a very powerful Winglie and to Kaiya's dismay, the warrior failed to defeat the Winglie. The warrior returned to Kaiya, near death. Before she died, she gave Kaiya her being and power, the Dragoon Spirit of Lightning. Three years have past, Kaiya has mastered
and harnessed the amazing spirit.

[u]Element[/u]: Lightning

[u]Abilities[/u]: ~[i]Searing Arrow[/i]~ A bolt of electricity is channeled into the head of Kaiya's arrow. Once released, the light and electricity scatters, scorching everything in its path. When the opponent is struck, the voltage from the channeled lightning is absorbed into the body and surges throughout it, causing the opponent to convulse and burn from the inside.

[i]~A Bow's Loyalty[/i]~ The bow calls upon the energy of the surrounding life and environment and spins it into highly charged electricity. Kaiya uses the bow like a staff to ward off her attacker. When she stricks the opponent with the charged bow, they are engulfed by electricity and light that pulls all of the moisture from their body. I don't think I have to tell you the rest...

[i]~Lightning's Warmth[/i]~ When Kaiya and her friends are in need of a little time to recooperate, Kaiya will charge an arrow with electricity and shoot it into the air. The arrow falls to the ground and a bolt of lightning strikes the arrow, lighting up the vicinity with a soothing wave of soft energy to replenish some of the fighter's health. Keep in mind, not all of the health will return, it depends on how much energy the fighter has lost and that Lightning's Warmth only restores some health.

[u]Side[/u]: Human/Dragoon[/color][/size][/b]
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Wow, De-ja-vu. In the origional, there was Hoshi, the Star of Lightning. She also had extrodinary powers gifted from another, but Little Serenity, I think she quit the OB before we had a chance to finish. She went both blind and speechless in the last battle we had...

Anywho, everyone's okay so far, but we need more winglies!
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Guest john rodriguez
Name: Ryusen


Description: Ryusen is 6ft average build, has jet black hair with red streaks in it. Wears tight silver armor.

Bio: Born in the forest of the winglies Ryusen was always taught growing up that dragoons and humans were evil and to hate them. Being secluded from the outside world Ryusen always beleived what ever the elders said to him, but one day after leaving the wingly forest as a child he was attacked by a group of monsters he was saved by a passing warrior, after that he always questioned the elders and even tually left to see the outside world.

Element: water

Side: wingly
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Name: Shiro Uzuki

Age: appears about 18,really over 130 years old

Description: Thick silver hair,cut short and spiked.He wears a normal black shirt with a silver necklace when not in battle.in battle he wears Silver armor with black in it. He wears black pants and boots.

Bio: Shiro grew up as the son of the leader of the winglies.Always dreaming of being a warrior hero,he traned till the brink of his death.He trained on and learned how to summon and control the power of Virages.He now stands on the front lines of The Dragon Campaign,leading an army of winglies.

Element: Dark/lightning(if okay,if not just dark)

Side: Wingly
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[COLOR=teal][b] Name:[/b] Talen

[b] Age:[/b] 27

[b] Description:[/b] Standing at 6? 4? Talen wears a heavy black breastplate, with teal designs running along it, complete with a large black mantle and flowing teal cape. His lower body is protected by a set of equally heavy black plates. The large dragoon wings stemming from Talen?s back glow a dull scarlet until he engages in battle where the flare into a vibrant blood red. Talen?s wears his jet-black hair short and slightly spiked; he has emerald green eyes and accentuated canines.

[b] Bio:[/b] Talen was raised as a dragoon from an early age, specializing in the dark elements he showed immense potential for leader ship, by the age of nineteen he was leading a force of over two thousand men into battle. As time passed Talen?s powers grew, along with the loyalty of his troops. It was not long before the legion that followed Talen were more loyal to him than the race they had sworn to protect.

Eventually Talen began to doubt whether or not the war could be won by simply fighting to the death. After having to deal with Wingly ambassadors throughout the Kraken?s Ravine campaign Talen started to put his hopes into a peaceful resolution. The dragoon forces were not ready for such a radical change and rejected Talen?s ideas. Feeling betrayed and saddened by the naivety of his people Talen defected, taking his legions to the wingly empire.

After being accepted into a confused wingly empire Talen quickly lost what little faith he still had in the other dragoons and became infamous as he sent his brainwashed legions into battle, slaughtering hundreds of his old allies at a time.

Now Talen is one of the highest-ranking members of the wingly army and the only known defector to date. His old forces dwindled down to a mere hundred soldiers, they now form an elite guard for Talen and his fortress centred in a massive wingly city high above the ground, Talen now commands a new force of winglies against the dragoon army?

[b] Element:[/b] Dark

[b] Side:[/b] Wingly[/COLOR]
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hope this isnt started or this recruitment is dead but its worth a try.

Name: Shinenmaru Aoshi
Description: He is about 5'9 and weighs about 210 pounds. His figure is muscular but not so much that his muscles portrude but is muscular. He wears a white polyester like coat that has sky blue flames that come up from the bottom. His hair is black and his eye color is sky blue.

Bio: He was a lonely child growing up. All he did was go to the snowy mountains nearby his home and trained in and with the snow. Doing this did not make him get any people skills and he really did not care. All he cared about what he will do on the battle field as he grew. But one day as he came home from the mountains and saw that both of his parents were killed by rogue winglies. He was still young and did not know what to do. But he was not stupid, he concluded that he should become a dragoon and fight against winglies for the rest of his life.

Setting out on his own deeper into a clutter of mountains years after his parents death he could not find any shelter. But soon enough he found a small hut that belonged to an old woman. That woman took him under her wing and told him stories about how bad winglies may be and that churned the anger inside of Aoshi. He trained and stayed with her for the rest of her life. By then Aoshi was in his early twentys.

While continuing his journey Aoshi decided to leave the mountains and find the nearest brigade of a dragoon army...

Side: Dragoon

Element: Can I be ice?
Remember me? ;)
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Hey, Jubei. No, it's not started, and no, the rec's not dead. I'm going to start it the day after x-mas, friday the 26th. See you then.

Oh, and its okay to have duplicates of the elements. I'm sure there were more than seven dragoons in the dragon campeign. Hey! And thanks to all who joined up.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[SIZE=1][COLOR=teal]Hey Squall! I'm sorry for joining so late but hopefully you will forgive me. ^-^ So do you? J/K I made a few modifications to her but she is basically the same Zo...

Name: Zo

Age: 20

Description: Zo's face could be called beautiful if it was less wheather beaten and a bit cleaner. Framing her face is her short honey-brown hair, which frankly, always looks like it could do with a good brushing. Her eyes are the colors of autumn and have an uncanny way of making whoever is looking at them the feeling that he is under a tree watching autumn leaves falling. Unfortunatly, most never get to experience that feeling or see her face's beauty, nor do they see her body's perfect features except from what they can tell from the bulges and curves that come from under her jet black cloak which she always has buttoned and from her hood she almost never takes off. Across her chest their is a leather strap that holds her double sided axe on her back and in place. At her waist, the strap connects to a leather belt that holds several pouches of contents known only to her and a few others. Finally, her wings are pure white in daylight with the occansional hues of orange, red, and brown. At dusk however her wings turn the color of the night. The druids put a spell on them because they kept giving away their position at night. To finish, Zo does not wear shoes or boots of any kind she prefers to go barefoot.

Bio: When Zo was four, her parents were exiled from winglie civilization for their love of humans. They had both together led a human slave rebellion in one of the winglie's chief cities. The rebellion had failed and they were banished to the forests, taking Zo with them. Only a week later, a group of winglies sharing the idea that banishing them wasn't enough that they had to be killed, attackeed them. And killed Zo's parents in front of her, then left her alone to fend for herself in the forest. But the druids living in the forest took pity on her and took her in and raised her. They taught her their lore and their woodland skills and their magic. Zo was an apt learner and soon became adept in their lore and woodcraft, and also a master of their magic. When she turned sixteen the druids said it was time for her to go off alone and make her own paths. Tearfully she went and traveled north, where she met Ryden, a 20 year old dragoon, who also was wandering. After gaining each other's trust they developed an unusual but wonderful friendship. Together they traveled for years, until a soldier found Ryden in a cave, where he had been resting. Zo, who had been out hunting, returned to find he was gone. With help from a few spells, she learned that he had been taken back into the army and where he was positioned. Deciding that she would be loyal and honor their freindship, Zo has flown to where he was last positioned.

Element: Fire. I noticed there was already a fire person here but since there are four or so dark people, I don't think two fire elements won't hurt.

Side: By now you should know that Zo is a winglie but is on the dragoon slash human side.

I'm sorry for any mistakes in grammer, spelling, puncuation, etc.... This was an extremely hurried sign up. But I think it will do. ^-^ [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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