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RPG Zoids: Eve's Return


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[size=1]It has been 100 years sense Van Freiheit, Zeke, and friends discovered Zoids Eve and destroyed the Legendary Death Saurer and Death Stinger. Most of those who lived on Planet Zi at that time are now dead and the story of Zoids Eve and the legendary zoids is becoming just a legend.
Although most people don't believe in what happened, some chaos still carries on between the Helic Republic and Gylos Empire, there for the Gardian Force, a group of zoid pilots from both the Empire and Republic who keep the peace, are still in business.
Right now, there are currently 4 members of the Gardian Force. Two teams with two pilots on each team. Tales have been told of the first ever Gardian Force and they hope to be just as great as they were. Peace is hard to have, but it always come eventually.

Lately, strange and misterious events have been happening around the Republic and Empire. Old ruins are being robbed, yet nothing importantseems to be taken and zoids from both the Empire and Republic are being stolen, the crime sceen always looks like the zoid walked out itself. Plus, wild zoids have attacked inocent people for no apparant reason. Rumors of a group planing to destroy both the Empire, Republic, and possibly the whole planet have started up. Now, both teams of the gardian force have been sent out to investigate Mt. Iselina, where the suspected culprets are supposably hiding out. The Gardian force expected it to be no big deal, just go up the foggy mountain and arrest a few bums, but they discovered a bit more then they thought they would.

Two bandits, both very strong zoid pilots were waiting for them to come, before the GF could search out the secret base, the two escaped and the base was self destructed, luckly, everyone in the GF was ok. The only trace of any evidance they found was a stone tablet. What they could make out of it, a young lady floating with zoids around her, and ancient marking that were disiffered as saying "Zoid Eve". Now, the gardian force has set of to discover what zoid eve is and to still keep peace with in the Empire and Republic.[/size]
[center]Ok, the following made it to the RPG
[color=darkblue]T man[/color]
[color=green]Black Phoenix[/color]
[color=royalblue]Mage of Asgard[/color]
[color=orange]KKC (no duh)[/color]
[color=red]Inuyasha Deamon[/color][/center]
Remember the rules, post in your colors and have a good time.
Right now, the GF is split into two groups.
Cay and Phelan (Me and Phoenix) and Naomi and Kazumi (GD and MOA). You are making your way to the gardian force base to recieve your next mission on the bandits. Along the way Ohkami will attack my group and Inuyasha will attack GD's group. Evil/bandits are allowed to use different zoids because... they are evil and stuff... but the one in the sign-up in your main one. Ok, here it goes.
[b][size=1][color=orange]Cay glanced over at the Gunsniper that was trotting along slightly infront of her and the Slash Liger. She smiled slightly and then looked down and opened up a com link to the Gunsniper.
"How's it goin'?" She asked the pilot with a smile. Phelan, the gunsniper pilot and member of the Gardian Force (GF) smiled and gave her the thumbs up.
"Good, we will be arriving at the base in less than an hour, that is, if we arn't interfeared with any interuptions." He chuckled slightly and then closed the link. Cay smiled as she glanced out of the Slash liger and spotted 2 small zoids, organoids flying threw the sky side by side. Cay then thought back to when they incountered the attack at Mt. Iselina. Alot of odd things had been happening lately. I mean, who had ever heard of zoids being robbed from military bases without any evidence that someone had broken in? Oh, well. They would tell them what would come next when they arrived at the base.

Cay spotted something from the corner of and turned to see a small village only a few minuets from where they were now. She opened the comlink to Phelan once again.
"Hey, lets take a quick water break. Im sure Flash and Widow would like to rest for just a minuet."
Phelan made a disappointed face of wanting to arrive at the base before Naomi and Kazumi. They had made a small bet on who would get their first. he made a smile and then nodded.
"Ok, ok, but lets make it quick." He said. "Black Widow! Were heading to the village for a break, be sure to follow us!" He called up to the organoid. He replied with a roar and they then piloted the zoids towards the village. [/b][/size][/color]

OOC: Ohkami, act like your a civilian and then attack us when we least expect it. ;)
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[color=darkblue]Jake had been riding in shadow scout for a couple of hours while review over his text books on ancient zoidians.

"How long till we reach the base zeeker" jake asked looking up from his books.

Zeekers answer started scrolling across a screen showing that it would be about and hour before they'ld reach the base at the rate they were going at. Jake nodded as he went back to reading his book. As he read one of the scanners went off. He pushed a button and a view of two zoids along with some organoids were close by.

"Let's follow them for abit zeeker. We'ld be early if we kept going so let's follow them for a bit to blow some time" jake said putting the book away.

Zeeker agreed as they followed the zoids but at a far distance.[/color]
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[color=royalblue]Naomi and Kazumi were in their Zoids and were moving slowly towards the base. "Hey Naomi! Can we take a break? We've been riding for hours" he smiled on the screen. Naomi was the only person he was really open to.

"Sure, i guess so" she said smiling back and opening the cockpit of the Zoid. Kazumi jumped out of his Zoid and landed next to Rain.

"Hey Rain. You wanted to stop too?" he smiled and petted her on the head. He assumed it was a she because of her soft voice. She let out a soft growl.

"So what do you want to do, Kazumi?" she asked him smiling.

He pulled out some food from the side bag he purchased in the previous town they visited "I have apples, water, and some bread." he said smiling "Do you want some?"

"Okay, thanks Kazumi" she smiled and took an apple and a bottle of water, then started to eat.

Naomi was the onyl person Kazumi was open to. He smiled once in a while around her and was nice. To most others, he shut them out and was cold. Occassionally he was nice if Naomi was around.... SOMETIMES[/color]
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[color=red]Mogris scanning for the GF with Lupus notice that they where near Mika. He open a com link, "Mika the GF is near your postion, Im coming in with lupus to attack. Act like a civilain, i doubt they know what your zoid look like. On my singal draw there attention then I will dive bomb them from behind."

"I seen them on my Infra-red scanner. Moving in postion," Mika replied.

Mogris takes lupus to a lower alitude. "I moving in too. I will becoming from the east," with that said i moved lower and started to turn around when he noticed the base and some other zoids off in the distance.

"Mika we have a base over here about a hour away so i will pick you up after the attack. Also there is some more GF zoids about 45 minutes away. So lets be careful and don't waste any anmo."

"It seems that there stopping to rest and get some water what a perfect time to attack."
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[COLOR=deeppink]Naomi and Kazumi sat down eating in silence. In deed, they have been riding for hours and Naomi was tired but she did want to make it back to the base before Cay and Phelan did.

"Let`s hurry up and finish eating. I don`t want Cay and Phelan to beat us to the base." she yelled over to Kazumi.

"All right. Let`s stay for 15 more minutes, my body is stiff from being crammed up in that zoid for all those hours." Kazumi said.

"Okay." Naomi answered back.

She looked up into the sky, staring at the sun. Looking at the Sun started to make her sleepy. She began to drift off into a deep sleep when someone splashed water on her face. She opened her eyes and saw Kage, her organoid standing over her with a bottle of water in it`s hand.

"Hey, what`s the big idea?!"Yelled Naomi

"You have been sleep for at least an hour. I sent Kage to wake you up."Laughed Kazumi

"I see. We better get going, we have wasted enough time and we are going to be late." said Naomi.

Kazumi and Naomi began packing up the supplies they were using for their rest stop. Afterward, they climbed into their zoids and began to leave the area.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=green]Phelan hopped down from the Gunsniper's cockpit and and stretched his arms and legs. As he started to arch his back he was stopped by the popping of his spine. "Not really built for comfort, are they," Cay asked. "Apparently not. Especially for people with long legs," was Phelan's responce.

Phelan reached over to a small panel built into the zoid's head and pulled out a pair of small ration packets. He tossed one to Cay and removed the cap from his. In truth the "packets" were really just tubes of food paste, but out here they still counted as a meal. Cay looked at her's and smirked. "Pot roast? They really expect me to believe that?"

"Probably not. They were just giving you an idea in case you were really hungry enough to want to taste it." That comment got a chuckle from Cay as she too tried eating from the ration, without letting the real taste bother her.[/COLOR]
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[B]Mika moved in towards the group of Zoid pilots that had stopped by a village.They got out and started to get water.Mika smirked.It would be too easy.

Mika approached in Shadow.Kai was merged with Shadow currently.Mika padded across and the pilots caught sight of her.Mika stopped and jumped out of the cockpit.Kai emerged from Shadow and flapped next to her.

"Hello Friends!Can I stop and rest with you?"Mika said acting kind.

They accepted and Mika sat beside them.Kai perched next to her.Mika talked to Kai in a different language and he opened his mouth and it sounded like nothing.Really,a high pitched sound was released but it's too high for a human to hear.

The sound appeared on Mogris' scanner screen as a blip that echoed out.Like an earthquake sign.It was their sign for Mogris to attack.

Mika was bending down and getting some water when Lupus came charging forwards.The pilots immediately got up and entered their zoids.To continue the act Mika followed and Kai fused with Shadow.

"Everyone watch out!!!"Mika called through her comlink.

Mogris shot at the group,not hitting anyone but it brought up a lot of sand and clouded the area.Mika and Mogris started to attack the group,hoping the cloud of dust and sand would be enough to hide them.But just incase.Mika pushed the little black button in her cockpit,activating Stealth mode.Mika faded away and disappeared.Although Mogris still knew where she was.[/B]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Jake saw the peole get attacked. He started up the scanner systems and moved into a better sniper possion.

"Zeeker start rotating through the scanner systems and see if you can find the zoid that dissapered" jake said.

Zeeker beeped a reply as jake move the dark scout. He piloted it to a group of rocks that would give him some cover. Once in place he started targeting with his sniper rivel. He fired at the storm sworder who was fireing at them. He hit it in the wing and it started going down.

"Have you found that blade liger yet" jake asked.

Zeeker replied and gave the best postion that it could of the blade liger on a screen.

"O.k zeeker. Start working on a new scanner system so we can see the zoid easier if we have to fight them again later" jake said

Zeeker replied as jake started fireing at the location zeeker gave him[/COLOR]
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A blip appeared on the screen of Kazumi's Blade Liger. It was Phelan . "Help we're being attacked!" he said quickly and the screen disappeared. "Dammit!" yelled Kazumi and he opened up a com link to Naomi "They're being attacked. Did Cay give you coordinates!?" he said quickly.

"Yeah! Here they are!" she screnned them to Kazumi and they charged off to the location, arriving there soon enough.

"Rain, fuse with my Blade Liger!" he said and they were both surrounded in huge bubbles. Rain floated on top of the blade liger and fused. Kage fused with her Lightning Psaichs (sp?).

As they were about to dash in for help, Mogris pulled up and his organoid fused with the Storm Sworder. He headed them off and was ready to attack.

"No! Cay and Phelan are in trouble!" Kazumi yelled and smirked "Let's get this over with buddy!"
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OOC: Mogris has a Storm Sworder.

IC: [size=1][color=orange]"Ok Flash, lets go! Mobolize!" Cay yelled to the gold organoid and it fused with the Slash Liger, increasing it's speed, power, and manuverability.
The Sand was starting to clear up. Cay saw some shots hit some where near the area where that girl first attacked, but they hit nothing. [i]Where did those come from[/i] Cay thought. She ignored it and began to look for the blade liger. She saw Kazumi and Naomi coming at them from a distance, Phelan and her would just have to make due till they arrived. The Storm Sworder had recovered from some kind of attack.
Black Widow had just fused with the gunsniper and Phelan opened up a link.
"I'll get the StormSworder, you go after that Blade Liger." He said. Cay nodded her head and then turned on the zoid scanner to try and see where the modified Blade liger was. It seems its stelth was helped out. The raidar couldn't detect the zoid.

The Slash Liger was suddenly shot at from the North where she guessed the blade Liger was.
"Here we go!" Cay yelled to Flash. She pushed down on the controls and the blades on both the face and back thrusted out to the sides. Cay then pushed down again and the single booster turned on and they started running for the spot where the attack had come from.
"Search for foot prints!" Cay yelled up to Flash who replied with a roar. Cay used the Shot cannon and blew up more dust and sand, looking to see any signs of a zoid. She could see the out lines of one and turned the back blades to face it. Cay pressed the button on the side of the controls and the 30 mm guns shot at the form of the zoid. [/size][/color]
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Mogris swoops down at the gunsniper, firing the 40mm cannons. Missing the gunsniper with it blades to through up sand. He turns around using his cross-spectrum scoop shoots a volly of MP=01 ASM at the gunsniper hitting it. "I hit the gunsniper in the leg an back so it can run that fast and is unable to keep sturdy come in and finish it. I will get the Slash liger." Mogris said to Mika.

"I'm on it keep the slash liger back it fused with a organiod." Mika replyed. She run at the gunsniper with and the beam cannons come out of the boosters. She fires a berage, mostly missing but get a direct hit on it leg knocking it over. Mean while Mogris flys at the slash liger with his blades out. Flying close to the ground at the liger. The liger jumps cutting the wing and breaking off the rght and middle blade of the storm sworder. "Damn he hit me good i can bearly keep it steady and there buddies are almost here. We need to retreat." He flys over to the blade liger and grapes it and takes off.
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[COLOR=green]"You're not getting away that easily," Phelan growled as he targeted the escaping Storm Sworder, and completely ignoring the Blade Liger for the moment. The missile racks' covers opened and unleashed a total of eight small missiles. With the damaged done to it by Cay's zoid, the Storm Sworder was too unbalanced to avoid the missiles. Three warheads smashed into the right engine on the flying zoid's back, in responsed the flame flickered and went out. Two more damaged the tail, while the last three missed completely.

Phelan paid for his revenge as the Liger's impact cannons slammed into the side of his Gunsniper. To buy himself some time Phelan activated the zoid's boosters and landed next to Cay's Slash Liger. "You alright over there, Phelan?" Cay's voice barely registered in Phelan's ears as he set about scanning the ground around him for the Blade Liger's footfalls.

"Phelan, can you hear me?" It was Cay again, trying to get Phelan to answer. "Yeah," Phelan replied, "just trying to find that stealth zoid." As he spoke a series of blips appeared on his cockpit screen. "Found it. Aim for this area." Phelan relayed the info to Cay and at the same time activated his large gatling guns. The missile pods on the Gunsniper's back hinged down to each side and the gatling guns between them opened fire. A few sparks were seen in the area as the shells hit their target.
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[color=royalblue] "Thanks for takin it out Phelan!" he yelled and charged in with the Blade Liger "Phelan, relay me the coordinates!" he yelled over a com link. Phelan barely heard him but forwarded the coordinates to Kazumi's zoid. They flashed across the screen and Kazumi dashed in unprepared "Rain, you ready?" he yelled, smirking. Rain let out a growl as he charged in. The 11 red blades swung out all at once and he yelled "11 BLADE STRIKE!" Rain let out a fierce growl and they hit something, something sharp. A blade flew off of the invisible target and dug straight into the sand. Kazumi's Zoid landed and sparks flew from the right side. "Dammit, she hit me with that blade before I sliced it off!" the Blade Liger paused and Mika relayed a message to Mogris.

"I'll be there to get you in a minute, I damaged that Blade Liger enough to keep it immoblilized for a few minutes..." she said and darted over, stopping the fall of the Storm Sworder, makeing the claws catch onto the Blade Liger. They both turned invisible and darted off into the distance, unseen.

"Damn! That damaged Rain really bad!" he said and opened the cockpit "I can't beleive I let them get away!" he had a tendency to blame himself for things.[/color]
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[B]Mika smirked through the vidcom.

"Nice work there Mogris."she said.
"Not too bad yourself."he replied as he flew above Shadow.
"But it was close...They almost got us...."Mika said.
"Yeah....We'll figure it out at base."
"That group's pretty tough...We'll have to be careful with them in the future."Mika said as she piloted Shadow into a fast trot.
"We'll try to get some more prototypes of systems to use in battle."Mogris said swooping low.
"Better test 'em before we go into battle with them."

They took of the Stealth mode and jetted off to their home base to discuss more plans of action.[/B]
Sorry if it's a bit short.
I haven't been able to get on much.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Jake looked on as they're opponents left and dissapered. He looked down at the people he had help fight.

"We might as well introduce our selfs" jake said.

Zeeker replied as they jumped over the rocks they were hiding begind. We walked over to the pilots as they got out. Shadow scout lowered it's head to let jake get out.

"Well I guess i'll be working with you four" jake said as he got out.

"I guess so. Thanks for the help during the battle" one of them said.

"You're welcome and i'm jake and this is my partner zeeker. Just call him shadow scout because he doesn't like any one else calling him zeeker except me" jake said smilling as he put out his hand.

"I'll try to remember that and i'm cay" cay said as she shook his hand.

She went around and introduced the others.

"So what do you think they wanted" phelan asked.

"Who realy knows. We'll probaply find out later" jake said as he walked to shadow scout and got back in the cockpit.[/COLOR]
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[color=deeppink]"We better head back to the base now." said Naomi. "Are you comming with us Jake?"

"I guess so." He said.

The gang left the area and headed for the base. They were upset that they lost the battle. They traveled in silence for awhile. Naomi opened her comlink and talked with Kazumi.

"Hey, Kazumi...you okay?" she asked.

"No. It`s all my fault that we lost the battle." He answered.

"Don`t beat yourself up about that battle. It wasn`t your fault. She said. "Hey Cay, how much longer till we reach the base?"

"Not much longer, we`re almost there." answered Cay.

"Okay."said Naomi.

She closed her comlink and looked outside. She saw the base up ahead. She then decided to go to sleep until they arrived there.[/color]
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Mogris and Mika reached there new base in some runes about 6800km from the GF base. "We need to prepare are selfs, I notices a nice shadow scout near by that fired upon us. 2:5 odds in favor of them." Mogris said looking at his battered zoid. "damn it going to take a week to fix lupus."

"At least it wasn't destory. Besides you did do ton of damage to that gunsniper." Mika Replied, "Well you can use the Gunsniper that we have stolen. It accurate enough where we can hit them with out them even knowing it is us."

"They can track us back to here if there isn't strong winds or we use a route that doesn't leave that mainy tracks."

"Well lets start fixing our zoids, and then lets get some rest."

"Im going to explore these ruins, This use to be a military base about two and half centuries ago. May be we can find some lost knowledge about zoids." Mogris finished while getting off a blue create of anmunitions' and walked down a dark corridor. Then seeing a door thats cracked open. "What is this?" he thought as he entered seeing a pod with something in it. He walked upto a wooden desk and a book sat there coverd with dust and no title. "What type of book is this?" He started to walk back reading the book, not noticing where his is going. Then he looks up and notices that he doesn't know where he is. Looking around he see something move up ahead. "Guysacks, crap and i don't know where im at." He truns around and start to run being chased by the guysacks. Going throgh a narrow door. The guysacks get stuck in the small door way. "Well that should hold them for a while." He found his way back to the hanger that they setup a base in. "Well I found this book but it doesn't make sence and some guysacks about five of them gaurding a place in these ruins."
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[B]Mika looked up as Mogris re-entered the room.He alerted her about a possible 5 Guysacks in the Ruins.Under his arm was an old book.Mika stared at it.

"If the Guysacks breech the area you left then I'll destroy.But for now...Check out what the book's about.I'm gonna fix Shadow.If I got time I'll polish Lupus up a bit."Mika said as she returned to taking care of her zoid.Kai flew around the ruins and screeched.

"Go see if you can find anyone or anything in the Ruins.If you find any items,bring them back.Now go!"Mika said as Kai flew out the doorway that led further into the old ruins.

Mika fixed a few dents and scratches on Shadow and checked that everything was working properly and well.Mika walked over to Lupus and examined the damage.It was pretty bad.One of the wings had a large crack in it,the body had scratches and dents all over and there were some other problems.

"You really bashed Lupus in this one eh Mogris?"
"Yeah...I know...."he replied,not really paying attention because he was reading the book.

They heard a screech and Kai came flying into the room.Mika talked to the Organoid bird and warned Mogris that the Guysacks had made it through and were headed their way.Mika jumped into Shadow and Kai merged with it.

"We'll be back soon."Mika said as she piloted Shadow forwards.Mika piloted through the ruins before coming face to face with the group of 5 guysacks.Mika flicked out Shadow's blades and ran past each of the guysacks.They fell apart.Mika grabbed the parts and brought them back with her to the hangar.

"All taken care of."Mika said as she exited,Kai flew out and flew off into the ruins again.

Mika checked out the guysack parts.Some could come in handy.She looked at the 70mm Cannon that she had taken from the tip of it's tail.Mika had gotten 4.The last Guysacks' tail was destroyed.

Mika mouted the 70mm Cannon to the underbelly of Shadow.

She got to fixing Lupus.She yawned as she welded,buffed and fixed.It was a tiring job.

Kai came back once more and told Mika about an Abandoned Zoid in the ruins.Mika decided to check it out so she got back into Shadow and followed Kai as he led them deep into the ruins.When they arrived Mika got out.She walked up to it and checked it out.
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[COLOR=green]"Sonova....," the half cuss echoed through the repair bay, losing more of the anger with each echo. Phelan was the source of the uproar, and the damage to his Zoid was the catalyst that set it in motion. Every noise in the bay was suddenly silinced as the techs looked up.

Wires hung from the side of the scout zoid's right side, what was left of it, and the servomotor in the left ankle was completely shot. This was part of the reason that the trip back to the base had taken longer then normal. Since that time Phelan had found the time to start working on repairs between shifts and meetings. Despite having been at it for nearly an hour he was still angry about being ambushed.

Phelan sat on the edge of the Gunsniper's right hip and poked his head back into the hole on the side of the torso. At the same time a voice called up to him. "Is it really that bad in there," Naomi shouted over the noice of the bay. "Yeah, unfortunately," Phelan pounded his fist against the armor around the hole, "I never should have let myself be destracted by revenge on that Storm Sworder. I left myself open to the Liger. I just hope I can fix this."[/COLOR]
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OOC: Sorry, I'v been gone for the last few days, Im glad everyone kept going though ^^

IC: [size=1][color=orange]Cay couldn't help but smile at the ranting Phelan. The Slash Liger was standing next to it as she made some repairs as well. They wern't as bad as the Gunsniper, but the blade had taken a bit of a beating. Cay attatched a wire together in the out thrust front blade area and then leaped down to the floor and opened a pannel on the back of the Liger's front right leg and attatched one more wire. That would help the zoid heal itself over some time. Cay looked up at Phelan who was fixing up some wires. She was about to ask if he wanted some help, but had a feeling that he wouldn't want any.

The meeting they had when they arrived was there next mission to explore some ruins where they think they could find some answers about this "Zoid Eve" they had heard about. [/color][/size]
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[B]Mika grinned as she looked at it carefully.It was hard to see because the room was dark.As her eyes became acustomed to the dark,Mika realised what the abandoned Zoid was.It was a Storm Sworder.It was a blood red color and looked like it had some special parts attached to it.Mika studied it and climbed up to the cockpit.Mika pushed the open button and got in.She coughed as clouds of dust came from the seat as she sat.

"Kai!!"Mika called to the Organoid bird that was flying around.Kai merged with the newly found Storm Sworder and it became like new.It shone and the controls worked and the dust and everything was repaired.(Like when Zeke fixed Shield Liger)Mika got out and got back into Shadow.

"Come on Kai let's go!"Mika said as she piloted Shadow back to the hangar.Secretly,Kai was piloting the Storm Sworder.

Soon they arrived back at the hangar.Mogris looked up and he grinned as he saw the blood red Storm Sworder.

"Where'd you get that?It looks like it just came out of the Zoid Factory!"Mogris commented.
"It was abandoned in the Ruins.Kai found it and he fixeed it up so it's usable."Mika said proudly."I've decided to call it Skye."she said as he walked up to it.Kai exited and screeched happily.

Mika started to get to work on Skye.She added a Stealth Button,faster boosters,and added Air-to-Air/Surface missiles from a Pteras and a 70mm Cannon from one of the Guysacks she'd destroyed.Mika looked Skye over and decided it was enough for now.

"You done with that book yet?"Mika asked as she walked over to him.[/b]
[b]OOC:[/B]Hope you don't mind me having another Zoid.You said we could have 2 right?
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OOC: SOrry, ive been gone for a while! But im back now! ^^

[color=royalblue]Kazumi stayed silent at the side of his Blade Liger. "Dammit.... I can't beleive that we got so much damage, Rain" he said looking at his organoid that was hovering at his side. He took a small tool and sparked in the cockpit, underneath his seat. "There. That should be fine now. The radar is good..." he checked the Liger's systems on small holo-screens. "Everything looks god. Now let's work on the blades, Rain" he said and Rain picked Kazumi up in her chest, flying them over to the side of the Zoid. "Damn, all of the shield energy I put in here was depleted. That was a strong Blade Liger. Now I think we have a rival" he said to Rain, grinning. He started to work on the Blades and a young boy came up to the Zoid.

"Hey, mister! Are you Kazumi?" he said in an innocent little voice.

"Yeah, I'm Kazumi. What's it to 'ya?" he replied with a solemn look on his face. He was only open to Naomi... as I mentioned earlier.

"We have a new upgrade for your Liger!" he said dropping a box on the floor. Rain flew down and picked it up. It was a new E-Shield upgrade.

"Ha! Nice! This'll be great for facing that Bandit's Blade Liger!" he said smiling slightly, and Rain flew them up to the cockpit. He immediately started to install it over the current E-Shield's system. Naomi walked over.

"Hey, Kazumi! Why don't you take a break so we can get somethin to eat?" she yelled up to him smiling.

"Sure, hold on, okay?" he said jumping down "Rain, you can take a break too. Thanks!" he yelled and him and Naomi walked into the cafeteria. "Damn, most of the food here makes me sick..." he said holding his stomach. Then he smiled. "My treat!"[/color]
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[color=deeppink]The two got some food and sat at a table to eat. While eating, they talked.

"How are the repairs on your zoid going?" asked Naomi

"Pretty well. I got a new upgrade for my blade liger." answered Kazumi.

"That`s great! I added Dual laser repeaters on top of my lightning saix`s head." said Naomi.

As the two of them talked, Cay and Phelan walked in. They grabbed some food and sat at the table with Naomi and Kazumi.

"You guys don`t mind if we join you, do you?" asked Cay

"No we don`t mind." answered Naomi.

"What do you guys think about our next mission?" asked Phelan

"I think it`s kind of strange. What exactly is "Zoid Eve?" asked Naomi.

"That`s what we must find out." said Cay.

The group continued to discuss the "Zoid Eve" and eat their lunch.[/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Jake walked into the room where the tablet that was found is kept. He looked around and found it on a table. He took out a note book and started translating the text on it. As he wrote one of the workers in the base came into the room.

"I'm general zeo agarz. I'm told your the murk that was hired to help translate the text on the tablet" zeo said walking up to him.

"Ya, I'm jake. What can I do for you" jake asked as he put the note book back.

"How much of the text have you translated and from what you know what is zoid eve" zeo asked.

"I've gotten most of the text translated but there are some symbols I don't understand and as for what zoid eve is, I don't know. From the reports i've seen and the things i've read it suggests that zoid eve is a great power source. But as for what it truly is I don't know" jake said as he turned around.

"Well, thanks for your help jake. Best of luck on your next mission and if you find any thing else I want you to report it as fast as you can" zeo said.

Jake just nodded as he left. He took out his note book as he got into the hallway. He flipped it open and started reading through what he had translated as he started to the cafeteria.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=green]Phelan thought for a moment about Zoid Eve and chimed into the conversation after remembering something. "I think I have heard of Zoid Eve before. I have only heard rumors in the past, but they all seem to have some common factors." Naomi looked up. What type of 'common factors?'" "Well, for starters they claim that in the past, nearly a century ago, someone actually found it hidden in a mountain. Also, they claim that Zoid Eve somehow relates to the existance of zoids and even organids. I have no idea if the rumors have any truth to them, but they are similar enough to suggest possible truths, much like urban legends."

The group continued to discuss the issue, and slowly left one by one as they finished eating. Phelan wandered back into the repair bay to check on his Gunsniper. By now the automatic healing/repair systems had fixed the foot and were slowly closing the hole in the torso. From the cockpit Phelan checked the progress and got an idea of how long the rest of the reapirs would take. As he shut down the systems his elbow hit the consol and jarred lose a photo, which fluttered to the floor of the zoid's head.

Phelan picked the photo up and stared at it, and the look of amusement he had before was covered by a mask of sadness. The face in the photo belonged to a young woman, who appered to be in her late teens. By any standards she was beutiful, though her dark blue eyes displayed a dangerous side that her face hid. Contrasting her eyes was the shoulder lenght midnight black hair that had been dyed blue just above he eyes. [i]Don't worry, I haven't given up yet. I will fi--[/i] Phelan's thought was cut off by the sound of a tech shouting somewhere in the repair bay. Returning to reality, Phelan taped the picture back on the consol and exited the zoid.

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