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Well, all my banner threads die, so PLEASE! Try to keep this one going. I know I'm not great at banners, but I want to improve.







Well, that's all I can do for now. Tell me what you think ^_^.
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It's great that you want to improve. Here are some tips:

1. If it's at all possible, try to avoid stretching or distorting the stock images. Banners are much more attractive when everything seems to be in proportion. Rather than attempting to include the entire original picture in your banner, crop it--or at least reduce the resolution so that it ends up being smaller.

2. I like the fact that you try to make creative borders, so keep up the good work.

3. Anti-alias or blur your text. The fonts that you've been using appear very jagged, and this distracts the viewer's attention from the actual banner. This is especially true of your recent AMG banner; the rough-edged words simply don't look right against such a soft, pretty background.

Just remember--the more banners you make, the better you'll get.

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Okay, before I go to the actuall rating, I would like to ask what programs you have at your hand.
A banner strongly relies on the program. If you use MSpaint, than you should really get something like Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop...

I have this feeling that you [i]are[/i] using MSpaint, but I will rate your banners all as one.
Since these are paint banners and you cant do much with it, these are not that bad.

Try to make the borders never more than one pixel thick. They'll look a lot better already. And well you crop some pictures, which does not really look nice.

Conclusion: Get a better program ^_^;;

[size=1]my excuses if you take me too harsh[/size][/color]
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