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Rurouni Kenshin: River of Time


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If you need any info on the characters, go [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?threadid=34946]here[/url].
Let?s get started.
[I]Present Era
8:05 am
Homeroom ? 1st Period Passing Time [/I]

?I still say Kenshin?s cuter.?
?Nope. Sanouske all the way man.?
?You?re pathetic Katana. He?s a rooster head.?
?Yeah? And Kenshin??
??Is a hottie??
?Pathetic Iva. Really.?
The day had begun with the usual debate about which RK guy was cuter. As usual, Katana had taken Sano?s side, Iva (one of her best friends) had taken Kenshin?s. Tani, another one of Katana's best friends, kept out of the fight. She intently read the book in her hands.
?Aoshi. Now that?s a man.?
Katana and Iva turned to look at their last best friend, Ohkami. She stood erect, as if giving a speech.
?Good looking, clean, and handsome. Cute, hot, and good with a sword. And ? hey!?
?Forget it,? said Katana as she made her way towards the main hallway. ?You like to ramble on and on. And besides?I thought Krim was your man.?
?Oh yeah??
Katana laughed as a crowd of sixth graders walked by. One in particular stood out.
[I]The air was gone as the world twisted. All colors were gone, just black and an eerie navy. Something tugged, yet wasn?t strong enough?[/I]
Katana stood in the hallway, frozen. She breathed heavily as cold sweat trickled down her face. She shook her head and brushed the hair out of her eyes. Looking down towards the sixth grade wing, she saw the sixth grader, still walking, yet differently, as if limping.
[I]?It?s nothing?I just imagined it??[/I]
There was another flash of black and navy. Time slowed down as people?s clothing flashed between jeans and robes.
[I]?I?m imagining things?this isn?t happening.?[/I]
The bell rang, a digital reenactment of a real bell. This didn?t matter in Time?s eyes.
Suddenly, Katana?s surroundings were swallowed up in total darkness. She was the only thing living, breathing, in this void.
The black soon shot to white as Katana landed on hard earth. The first thing she heard was a women?s cry.
?Oh my God! Not another one!?
Post how you got to the Meiji era please.
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Guest Zhang_He
Kaz was standing in a corner listening to the three girls aruge wost only thaught of the three main guys, Sano, Ken, and Aoshii.
" I don't care what they say, i still like Shisio." he says mumbling to himself.the bell had rang to go to second period, so he started walking towards his class. Out of know where the lights went out, Kaz, knowing some martial arts went into a battle stance. then realized that the place was getting darker instead of ighter and no longer could he hear the wishpers and cries from the darkened hall of his JR high. Then the place got burning bright and his clothes were changing on their own, soon two Katar were on his hands unsure of how they arrived.
"This isn't good," he says, but it was not his voice that he heard." what am i doing here?" he looks around and there's a dead man on one of the blades of the Katar on his right arm.
" Crap, this is really not good, but these katar are preety cool though."
ooc: hehe i hope this doesn't die,too
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Kit glanced around the classroom, the students were all chating about the latest Kenshin episode, again. Kit loved the series too, but when people yammered on like this, it just got annoying. Quietly he stood and walked out the classroom, there was still time until class started. He opened the door, the lights went dark, the sounds of the students jabbering faded quickly, then a sudden flaring light filled his vision. Looking down his clothes changed to a black outfit, some of it plated with black steel. He landed feet first on a hard dusty road. Ahead of him he saw a man, admiring his Katar, drenched in blood, at his feet lay a dead body. The man looked, surprise overcame the admiration upon seeing Kit standing there.

Kit pulled out his knunchaku "whered I get these?" he wondered. "Crap...this isn't good." he mumbled to himself.
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Guest Zhang_He
" Hey! You over there! where'd you come from?" i yell at the man with knunchaku.
" You from somewhere else,too??" I ask, looking around i see a woman screaming at a person, yelling about anotherone or something.
" Dude this is weird, and how'd this dude die?!" I scream looking at the blood soaked blade and the pool of blood spilling from the body on the ground.
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Amaya sat in the back of the classroom, drawing pictures of Sano all over her notebook. She had to get out of there...
"Mr. Tano? Can I go to the bathroom?" she asked, raising her hand.
"Get a pass."
Amaya got out of that stuffy classroom as fast as she could, with no intent of using the restroom. She wandered around in the hallways, looking for something to do. She turned a corner and found the entire hallway engulfed in darkness.
"What's going on?" She slowly walked toward the shadows, and started to feel light-headed. She felt like she was floating... Then everything flashed a bright white and she felt herself changing somehow.
"Where am I?" she said, looking around. She seemed to be in the middle of a street, but the houses lining the road were old-fashioned. She found herself wearing different clothes and her hair pinned up. She also had a katana on her back and was holding several bloody shuriken (ya know, the star-blade things ninjas use). She stared blankly around, trying to get a clue of what was happening...
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"Owww....." Katana grumbled, picking herself up. The women was screaming.
"Demon!" she yelled. "You...thing of magic! Get away from me!"
"Suit yourself," Katana mumbled, turning around. A piece of cloth touched her chin. Being the type of of person, she inspected.
Her outfit worn just moments ago was gone. Katana now wore baggy brown pants, a white-ish tanktop, and a ripped up cape. Also, a turban type thingie was on her head.
"Awesome..." she muttered, looking at the two blades in their sheaths. She patted them and began to walk.
"Seriously! I don't know how I killed him!"
"Yeah right! He's lying right there on your blade by accident!"
"He [i]was[/i]. ...Until he fell to the ground, I suppose. But that doesn't matter! The thing is, I didn't kill him, okay? Just get theat through your thick head!"
Katana ran over to get a good look at the two. They didn't look too much older than she was.
"Hey you," said the boy accussing the first one. "Yeah you. Shorty."
Thanks for posting guys!
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Looking over at the girl running up to him, he realized he recognized these people from the school. Putting the nunchuks away he said "Aren't you those students that keep talking about Kenshin, back in the Katikasha school?" both the people stopped in their tracks, studying Kit with new interest.
The guy with the Katar looked up in surprise "I know you! your that creepy guy that's always quiet in class! um...what was your name?"

sighing Kit looked down, then back up at the both of them "Kit...my names Kit." The girl smiled for a second then said " My name's Katana." Kit looked at her with his usual, unfeeling stare. The guy with the Katar looked around then said " I'm Kaz, look we should go before someone..."

the shrill sound of whistles echoed through the air. "YOU THREE! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" Several uniformed policemen rounded the corner.
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Odd looks because...I am the name of a weapon? ^^;

"Ah crap!" shouted Katana.
"What do they want with us? We didn't do anything wrong," said Kaz, a look of wonderment on his face.
"...We have swords..." said Kit uneasily.
"...And in the Meiji Era..." continued Katana.
"...They're illegal," finished Kaz. (I just realized all three of those names begin with K..^^; ) The three looked at each other and began to run. The policemen were running too, but because of the fact that they were adults, didn't run as fast as the three (former) students.
"I think - we'll be able - to lose them soon," said Kaz, breathing heavily along with the other two.
"I never realized - how heavy - swords - can be," huffed Katana.
"You three!" one of the policemen yelled, "Stop at once!"
"No way!" Kit shouted back.
"Hey, look!" said Katana. "An alley! Maybe we can lose them!"
"Worth a shot," replied Kaz.
"You come back here!" the police yelled, running past the alley.
"Close," said Kit. "Very close."
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[size=1][color=chocolate]Yuka sighed as she wrote the last sentence for her history class. Yuka hated history class so much, it was boring and she thought it was no use of her life. Yuka dropped her pencil on her desk and smiled to herself.
"No homework for me..." she mumbled to herself so no one could hear her. Yuka looked around the class, and saw everyone was still working. She chuckled to herself. [i]Heh, more homework for them then...only 15 more minutes of the period! Yuka thought to herself.[/i]
Now Yuka was getting a bit bored. She had fifteen more minutes of the period...then suddenly she thought of an idea. Yuka raised her hand, and luckily the teacher was watching the whole class instead of putting grades on the computer. The teacher looked at Yuka.
"What is it Yuka?" the teacher asked calmly and a little quietly, since everyone was still working on their essays. Yuka, wanting to bother everyone, replied with a quite loud and ridiculous voice.
"Can I go to the bathroom?!?!?!?!" The teacher was very displeased with Yuka, but nodded yes. Some students looked around and glared at her for being so loud. Yuka, very proud, stood up and walked out of the classroom into the empty halls.

Yuka stretched as she walked along the halls, passing the bathroom. [i]Like I need to go to the bathroom...just a wandering body I have...Yuka thought.[/i] Then suddenly, Yuka saw darkness in front of her. She was surrounded, and to make sure she wasn't seeing anything, rubbed her eyes. Once she was done, she saw the school hallway she was wandering in. [i]Oh, I was just a little off...that sugar from the 2 Cokes I drank probably did it...[/i] Then suddenly again, she saw darkness again. Nothing but darkness was what she saw.
Yuka now was getting a little sweaty. This had never happened before, and once she drank 6 Cokes in a row! Yuka rubbed her eyes again, but when she opened them, there was still the darkness. Yuka screamed to see if anyone would answer, and yet no answer came. Yuka was now starting to panic. What was happening? Then suddenly she didn't see darkness...she saw a light...then in a quick half second a bright blinding light appeared. Yuka screamed of the light, and once she was done screaming, she opened her eyes to see where she was. It wasn't what she expected.

Yuka was laying on the ground, and it was night. She cursed to herself quietly, and stood up from her laying position. She saw as if it was the Meiji Era in the Rurouni Kenshin series. She had no idea what was going on, and crossed her arms against her chest. Then she realized she was a little taller then before. Yuka looked down to her body, and almost screamed.
"WHY THE HECK AM I WEARING A DRESS?!?!?!" she yelled. She could tell it was purple, and could not miss the white flowers on it. She looked at her feet and on where wooden sandals. What the heck happened? Then she realized her hair wasn't on her shoulder...she touched the back of her head and made her way down her hair. Her hair was in one big braid. What had happened?
Yuka not worrying about her clothing (although rather displeased of the fact she was wearing a dress) decided to walk around. She came across a corner of a building then heard some people gasping for air, hearing like they had just finished running. Yuka looked over the corner of the building, and there standing and gasping where three people. And they were from her Jr. High school, except in an older grade then she was.[/size][/color]
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Kurumi walked down the hallway to class, behind the normal cloud of girls rambling about Kenshin and how he was a supper hottie. Kurumi sighed and looked over to her best guy frined that was walking beside her. He cracked some stupid and sick joke as normal... which made her kick him as normal. They walked in silence down the hallway. As she opened the door to her class, she was greeted by her best friend. "Hey Kurumi! What's up?"
"Nothing really, same old same old, what about you Aya?" She asked in reply.
"Same here." Aya said smiling, she eyed Kilik(the guy friend) and then looked back at Kurumi, "So.... when are you gonna ask him out?"
"I'M NOT GOING TO!" Kurumi roared, her face flaming, "How many time to I need to tell you that? Besides, he doesn't like me anyhow...."
"Sorry, sorry..." Aya apologized while eyeing him again as she took her seat.
After her first class, Kurumi parted from the cloud of girls walking to the next class. She went to her locker to retreve some books. After she slammed her locker shut, she was swollowed bu a navy void. Time was slowing, everything was slowing to a stop. Kurumi dropped her books as she was flung into a time void.
She soon hit the ground hard and found herself on a dusty road. She... was different. Kurumi now had longer hair and her outfit was totally different.... where was she? She now had two hand swords... just like the ones Talim had always had in Soul Calibur Two... Kurumi had always played as Talim.
Kurumi looked herself over...... [i]Awsome![/i] She thought. Now... to find out where she was.....
OOC: Ok! Hope that's alright! ^^
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Yuki sighed as the teacher spoke slowly about math. She figited annoyingly. "Mr. Tokuoka! May I go to my locker? I forgot my math book." She said, hiding her math book in her bookbag. "Hurry up Yuki, this is very important." Yuki quickly ran out of her homeroom and to her locker. She scavenged it for her drawing book where she doodled little Kenshin pictures. Soon she found it and started walking slowly back to the room. Suddenly, she dropped her notebook, and everything went into a complete darkness. "What's happening?" Yuki said to herself. Her clothes were changing, and there was a blinding light. Soon, after floating in the dark abys, she landed on grass. She looked around. To her left, she saw some kids from school, running from the police. "Look there's another one!" A police said. Yuki soon realized what was happening. She was carrying a sword. She was in the meiji era. She started running, heading towards the familiar faces. "Let's head that way!" Yuki panted pointing to the right. "If we're in the Meiji era, that means we're bound to find Kenshin! We've just gotta look!" So they all started running to the left as fast as they could.
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Guest Zhang_He
He saw the new girl and jumped up on to the ledge of the wall and went into a lunging stance about to attack, but stoped looking around he says, " Wow i couldn't jump this high before."

OOC: I know it's short lunch bell rang
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Kit looked as another person from his time appeared, and as Kaz jumped onto the ledge of a building. "If he can do that," he said looking back at the police in wonder " Then can I use these?" in a flash he drew out his Knunchaku, whipping them out like he had practiced all his life. " You guys keep going I'll keep them busy!" he yelled back at the others. Kit swung the knunchuks in a quick arc, slamming them into the side of a policeman's head.
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Guest Zhang_He
" Now that was rude, you ladies keep going we'll have some fun here." he sasy jumping down from the ledge,kicking down one of the policemen.
" You can't have all the fun you know." I tell Kit, standing at the ready and sees more of the police coming, except with guns at the ready.
" This might sting!' Kaz saysjumping to the side hiding behind a wall
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Amaya shook her head vigorously. [I]This isn't happening...[/I] She looked up and saw a frightened policeman running past a group of confused people. [I]Who knows.... Maybe I'm in the Meiji Era... Ha! Yeah right...[/I] She looked at her shuriken. Hm.... She was about to fling one at something when she heard familiar voices. [I]Where have I heard those people before?[/I]
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[size=1][color=chocolate]Yuka was amazed how that boy could jump. Especially how he and that other person started to kick those police men's butts. Yuka stared in amazement at them all, then realized the policemen looked...different. Everything was different here! The buildings...her clothes...I mean who wore these clothes?!?! Yuka sighed, and turned away from the boys.
"I have no use being here, I can do nothing..." she said as she began walking away the other direction. But where to go? She didn't know where she even was in the first place...maybe those people would help...but Yuka wasn't fond of the 7th and 8th graders too much, and did enjoy herself being alone. She couldn't ignore her kimono she hated, then gasped once she looked at the side of her kimono. There were 2 Sai, 1 on each side of her kimono. She pulled them out slowly. When she finally pulled them out, they were so beautiful...but couldn't help wonder...there was blood on her weapons. Why was there blood? How did she get these? Then being mischiveious, (spl?) she turned around and walked back to the corner of the building, still seeing the two fighting the police man. She smirked, and lifted her Sai to her chest.
"Now let's have some fun..." she said, holding up her two Sai, ready to attack the police man to their death.[/size][/color]
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Kurumi looked at the girls, then to the boys. The boys were fighting off a police officer. "Hn, why do they get the fun?" She said... she already knew what was happening. Sh had done research on this stuff, but it had never been proven it could happen. Kurumi then saw a familliar face, one she had seen but never met. She walked over and placed her hand on the sixth graders shoulder. "Hey." She said simply looking down at the girl. The girl mumbled a quick hi and moved her shoulder around uncomfortably, so Kurumi put her hand back down to her side.
Kurumi then realized what she was wearing. [i]AWSOME! This is the coolest outfit I've ever worn! And... and I have blades just like Talim. Sweet![/i] Kurumi thought while looking at herself. Her hair was a different style, as well as longer. She took out her swords and tried some moves she had seen on Soul Calibur Two... she could do them almost perfectly. She took a quick swipe at a tree and it instantly fell over, her swords were very sharp.
Kurumi then looked back to the fight with the boys and the police officer.... the boys were easily winning. Kurumi smiled as the boys laughed, they were abvously enjoying harrassing the poor man.
"We should go." One of the girls said suddenly, "If we are in the Meiji Era, Kenshin is bound to be here. We should find him." Kurumi looked at the one whom had spoken. Kurumi nodded her head and said, "We should split up into groups, about two people per group... but the number is odd, someone will need to go alone. I think I'll do that, I like working alone." She didn't wait for a reply and ran in a direction. Kurumi realized she ran so much faster than before, even though she was one of the most athletic and fast girls in her class, this speed beat what she could normally do.
After awhile she came to a fence, she jumped over it and landed. Where she landed was surrounded by houses. [i]Know I just need to find that dojo![/i] She thought, so she started down a darkening alley.
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Woah, two pages! I'm so happy...*sings the happy song*

Katana watched as the girl ran off. She sighed and looked back at the fight.
"Stop this madness!" one of the police dudes said. "Or you'll be arrested!"
"That is, if you beat us," replied Kaz, who had an oddly evil look on his face. Katana grinned and laughed, her best 'hahaha-I-am-evil-look-at-me' laugh.
"Strange," said a girl.
"Woah! Oh hey....wait a minute..."
The sixth grader in the kimono turned around and looked at the slightly older girl.
"You don't look that familiar...kinda like a guy..."
"I am NOT a guy!" Katana yelled, her voice echoing throughout the Meiji neighborhood. The sixth grader's eyes widened.
"Geez geez, sorry," she mumbled. "I'm Yuka, by the way."
"Funky name."
"I think it's cool."
Yuka shrugged and continued watching the ramaining fight. Kit was easily battling against the last policeman. The other five lay on the ground, dead, they're bodies horribly decapitated.
"This is what you would see," Katana whispered into Yuka's ear, "In the un-cut version of Rurouni Kenshin."
Yuka didn't give a respose. Instead, she watched intently as Kaz's blade killed the last policeman.
"Thank God that's over," Kit said as he and Kaz walked up to the two girls. "It was fun while it lasted, buy really annoying."
Katana grinned. "I know. Dudes like that usually don't pose a threat."
"Where's that other girl?" Kaz wondered, looking around. The only people besides them were the dead police.
"She went out on her own to look for Kenshin," replied Yuka.
"Problem," said Kit suddenly.
"What?" Yuka and Kaz asked in unison.
"Since we - [i]you[/i] guys - killed those policemen, we're gonna be, uh, wanted," said Katana nervously.
"Ah crap," Kaz said, sighing.
"Yeah. How 'bout we move?" said Kit, moving towards the street. The three nodded and followed.
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Amaya walked toward the crowd and found blood splattered all over the ground. [I]Cool...[/I] "Excuse me, what happened here?"
"A few people just arrived and-wait a minute," said an old man. "You've got a sword too! And what about those bloody shuriken in your hand?"
"But I didn't do anyth-"
"GET HER!!!" Amaya found herself being chased by an angry mob faster than she could say Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki ((lol, had to add that)). She would've defended herself, but she was in enough trouble already. She realized that she was running faster than usual, but it still wasn't enough to escape.
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[size=1][color=chocolate]Yuka stretched her arms. She was very, very bored from walking with these "people" she never even knew. She did feel sure young though, which made her feel good.
"So...what are we going to do about the police incident?" Yuka asked. Katana turned around to face her, and shrugged.
"I really have no idea, word might spread around quick, and we will really be on the wanted list!" Katana replied. Yuka sighed and looked down at her kimono.
"I hate this kimono...I hate this kimono..." she repeated over and over, until Kit yelled shut up. Yuka stuck out her tongue and muttered some curse words to occupy herself. Then suddenly, Katana stopped in her tracks.
"Is...is..." she said, pointing forward. Kaz, Kit, and Yuka replied what a million times, until they looked forward and gasped.
"Is...is..." Katana kept on saying.
"Oh for crying out loud it's Sanosuke! Why the hell is he here...by himself? Gosh darnet!!" Yuka blurted out.[/size][/color]
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*laughs like crazy*
[fun post]
"SANOUSKE!" Yuka yelled in Katana's ear. She didn't even flinch.
"Sa-Sa-Sa-Sano-Sano-Sano-Sano-SANOUSKE!!!" Katana yelled, running at top speed to catch up to him. She finally did and jumped, then grabbed his waist with no intention of letting go.
"What the..? Who the hell are you?" Sanouske asked, a look of slight disgust on his face as he looked down at the girl.
"SANO!" Katana yelled even louder, her eyes very big and sparkly. "WOW! It's really you, in the flesh, not anime form!"
Turning around to look at Kit, Kaz, and Yuka, Sanouske asked, "Do you know her? If you do, is she sane?"
Yuka sighed. "Yeah, I guess we do."
"I think she's sane," added Kaz.
"But hyper," finished Kit.
"And what did she mean by [i]anime[/i]?"
"N-nothing!" said Katana suddenly. [i]"Don't want him to know he's not real. But if he's not real then...then what am I clinging on to?
...He smells good."[/i]
"Ah...so you can talk," Sanouske said, looking down at Katana again. He gave her the Sano smile. Katana melted to the ground.
"Ahhhhhhh...." she said in a dreamy voice. Yuka walked up to Katana and slapped her face.
"HELLOOOOOOO! Wake up lover girl!"
"Huh? Wha? What? ...Where's Sano? SANOUSKE?!?!?! WHERE'D YOU GO?"
"Shut up!" Kaz hissed. Katana nodded. In the distance they heard voices.
...."Killed six police swordsmen..."
...."Just children...."
...."Supposivly more..."
"MORE?" came a shocked women's voice. "Haven't they killed enough already? And where did they come from?"
"School," Kit muttered.
[/fun post]
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[color=chocolate][size=1]Oh yeah, fun post!!!

"Okay, we are definitely on the wanted list..." Yuka muttered. Katana sighed, and Kaz shook his head slowly.
"And I don't know your names either..." Yuka said, telling the others. Feeling stupid, the others introduced themselves, and vice versa.
"All right...Katana you are VERY hyper. How much sugar did you have today?" Yuka asked. Katana after became dreamy eyed.
"SUUUUUGGGGGGGAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!" she screamed. Kaz, Kit, and Yuka almost screamed by her reaction, and covered their ears. Unluckily, people nearby had heard them, and began to feel worried. Some started running to where the commotion had been coming from, and the middle schoolers became frantic.
"Okay...wherewegonnahide?!?!" Yuka said quickly. Everyone stared at her, lifting one eyebrow. Yuka shook her head slowly.
"Whhhhheeeerrrreeee aaaaarrrrrreeeee weeeeeee goooonnnnnaaaaa hhhhiiiidddddeeeeee????" she said very slowly. All shrugged, and Yuka sighed.
"Let's...go find an alley or something!!!" Kit yelled. The others nodded. Kit looked around frantically, and pointed to an alley nearby. The others followed Kit's lead, and hid in the alley. The people passed by them, and they all sighed of relief.
"Ok...now I'm hungry..." Kaz said as he heard his stomach grumble a little. Yuka nodded.
"I want pizza!" she said. Katana nodded.
"Yes we know you want sugar!"
"That probably knocked some sense into her..." Yuka said as she stared down at the laying Katana on the ground. She was still smiling greatly, muttering sugar. Yuka, Kaz, and Kit all sweatdropped, giving up on poor Katana.

Katana must have been fun for you![/size][/color]
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Guest Zhang_He
Hehe funny

Slaps his hand on his forehand," How did we get stuck with a sugar feind? I'm gonna walk around for a while if Sano is here then everyone else will be as well. Sano, are we in Kyoto or Tokyo?"
" Kyoto, why? And who are you people?!"
"Kyoto huh? Which way is the Aouia(spl?)?" I ask him, playing with the blade on my Katar, unintionaly(sp) scaring him (not really probabply more like annoying him)
" It's over there blade boy."
" Thanks a bunch rooster boy." i say running in the direction of the building grabbing Kit by the arm," You comin' with me, we're gonna talk to the Oniwaba group."
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OOC: Jeeze, hyper active suger addict, evil people with swords...this is gonna be one heck of a post...:D

Kit yanked his arm free and kept alongside Kaz. "You guys should've run like I said instead, of fighting. Now we're all wanted for the murder of policemen, instead of just one of use wanted for assaulting several policemen."
Kaz grinned at him " Didn't know there was such a heart under that icy exterior."
"It would've been the smart thing to do." as they dashed through the streets, and alleyways, the two picked up on talk of the murder, it had spread like wild fire, the police were now being issued their fire arms, to deal with the young assasins. Kaz grinned all the wider "Makes things kinda interesting, don't ya think?" Kit sighed, choosing to remain silent instead of speaking.
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Amaya had run in circles around the town several times before losing her chasers. She nearly fainted from her lack of breath.
"Man, these people are crazy," she panted. After finally regaining oxygen, she looked around. "Wait a minute.... Is that..... SANO?!?!?!" She started walking quickly over to the spiky-headed Sanosuke. ((She's not obsessed like Katana, she just really likes Sano.))
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