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Unlucky Number [Mature Audiences Only]


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[color=red][b]Warning:[/b] This RP(G) will contain coarse language, extreme violence, and possibly sexual contact. If you are sensitive to what I just listed, I advise you to stay away.

If you are not signed up to write in this story, do not write in here. If you do, then I will turn you over to a mod. If you want to be in the story, PM me and give me your character. If I approve, then you are welcome to write. If you are a character in the story and wish to withdrawl, please PM me and let me know. Any questions, PM me. Let's keep this on a mature level...I feel I will not have any problems considering all who have signed up.

Have at it...[/color]

[center][color=indigo][b][size=1]Unlucky Number[/center]

"How long have you been running?" a grotesque waiter set down a plate.

She looked up at this disgusting excuse of a man. The little resteraunt sat in the slime of the city. Smoke was the only atmosphere, the music was the bustling of traffic outside and the drunks inside. She drank her coffee, which she gave a thorough investigation upon drinking.

"I'm not running," she blew the steam from the coffee, the only good thing all day.

"You're hiding then," the man leaned on the counter and puffed on his cigarette.

"Would you mind not smoking while I eat?" she set her mug on the counter and narrowed her eyes.

"Sorry, little lady. By the way, what's your name?" he dug his butt into the palm of his callused hand.

"Brody," she shook her head and began to eat her sandwich.

"Brody what?" he persisted.

"Just Brody, and if you continue to ask me further questions, you'll wish you had never asked for my order," Brody continued to eat.

The man raised an eyebrow and left. Brody was relieved, but disgusted with the sandwich. All she could taste was the smoke. She threw her sandwich down and paid. She walked out of the door and onto the busy sidewalk. She sighed and darted her dark eyes around the crowd. Satisfied that she didn't see anyone suspicious, Brody walked into the alley.[/color][/b][/size]
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[color=royalblue][i]Satell sat on the desktop, her hair being stroked ever so slowly by her employer. He was speaking his mind and she was listening with seemingly rapt attention. If she didn't, she'd be dead. She knew that at any time he could take a handful of her hair and yank it backwards, jerk her down on the table, and plant a knife in her chest.

So, she listened. He was instructing her to kill somebody. Somebody that wasn't supposed to be free. She would nod, but there was something stopping her. So instead she turned her head slowly and looked into her employer's eyes. He smiled back with great happiness. Satell would obey him to the death.[/i]

"I'll go."

"Good, I'm so relieved."

[i]His false sincerity irked her to no end. But the thing that made her the most upset was when he leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Slowly, errotically, as if he was seducing her.... ...which was impossible for him. She made no move to stop him, instead she responded like she should, rose her body up to press against his and kiss back. [/i][/color]
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The young lady in the dress walked into his office, looking for Satell. She came to the Secretary's desk and politely asked if he and she were in.

"Yes, ma'am Satell is visiting him right now," she began to buzz her employers office. "May I ask who you are?"

She took off her sunglasses and placed them in her purse," Tell him Trini is here, He'll know who I am."

The secretary reached down and buzzed her boss. While she waited Trini scoped out the building he was working in. Supposedly he was a high rank underworld official, but his front was the owner and operator of small store throughout the city.

The building his office was set in was gorgeous, high vaulted ceiling with a very classical decour.

'He knows his stuff.' She said to herself.

"Ma'am," Trini came back to reality, realising the lady was talking to her, "He'll see you now."

She walked through the doors and saw Satell sitting in a seat in front of his desk.

"Aww, Ms. Trini, how can I help you?" He said standing up to great the lady," I think you know Satell Megalani right."

Trini looked over at Satell who casually looked back with a slight look of relief in her eyes. "I sure do," Trini replied stopping by Satell and shaking her hand. "It's been a long time Satell."

Satell didn't repliy to quickly, she only gave a nod.

"So what can I do you for," the guy said sitting down.

"The numbers got wind of you trying to find Brody also, they've also been looking for her for a while now." She sat down as she began to talk. " They wish to join forces with you. Assigning me another person, and whomever you have chosen, to bring her in."

The man reached into his cabinet nd pulled ot a cigarette, steadlity smoking as Trini continued to talk.

"The only stipulation is they get her first, and she comes in alive."

He leaned back in the chair and blew out a large puff off smoke as she finished her sentence. "Hmmm," he started, "I think we maybe, able to work that out. But if the numbers and I can get her together at one time, I think that'll be even sweeter."

"May I," she said standing up and reaching for the phone. He nodded his head in agreement and dialed the number for her employers, she relayed the message to them and soon hung up.

"They agree to the change, looks like you've got a temporary partnership." She said sitting down once more crossing her legs. "And whom will I be working with?" She asked.

"You'll be with me..." Satell spoke up before her boss could reply. Trini looked at the woman and smiled, seeing how lovely Satell was looking. Although Trini had always had her eyes on woman before, Satell was one of the few who could really make her turn to that life, but she'd never expressed the feeling to Satell, nor would she ever. she would keep thing as professional.

"Well that's a relief," Trini said, smiling at her reply, "You're one of the best he's got."

"Yes, I know."

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[size=1][color=olive][i]Darkness. A faint shaft of light was projected on a lone figure in the darkness, carrying two blades on his left waist. His head was bowed down to some unknown force before him, and his hands were limp at his sides. His entire demeanor was puppet-like, a puppet without an owner. As the shaft of light increased slowly in brightness radiating his entire dark figure, a screen flickered before him, portraying a visage of a man. Two more screens flicked on, likewise two more shadowy figures. The lone figure slowly lifted his head, though the hands stayed limp at his sides.

"You have been informed." said the first figure on the screen in a raspy voice.

"Your mission is termination." said the second in a dull, nauseating voice.

"Failure is not to be." said the third in a shrill voice.

Gen slowly looked up at the screen with quiet eyes, and bowed low to the ground.

"Two more shall be with you." said the second again.

"That is all." said the third.

The screen flickered off, in the opposite order they turned on. Gen jerked awake as if from a dream, then calmly stood up. A small smile formed on his face, then the light dimmed, eventually shrouding him in darkness.[/size][/color][/i]
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[COLOR=royalblue]"Let's go for a walk then. Trini."

[i]Satell's voice was low and detached, almost as if she wasn't acknowleding her presence, much less her deserving of working with her.

Their boss smiled inwardly and watched the door close behind them. As soon as they were gone he pulled open the desk drawer and took out a simple leaf bladed knife. He set it on the table and watched the light play off the sharp edges. He would use it tonight. Unless she followed through.

In the hall, Satell Megelani shivered ever so slightly and kept on moving. Trini didn't notice, and kept up a quiet stream of delightfully simple and uncomplicated conversation. To which she responded automatically, unwilling to betray the truth behind her employment.[/i]

"Yes, it's lovely this time of year."

"So what are you doing here?"

"Just working."

"No reason?"

"None whatsoever."[/COLOR]
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Sorry about my lack of posting, new job is getting in the way a little bit.

[SIZE=1][COLOR=green]Frank Jargon stepped into the dark alleyway from the opposite side of where Brody did.

The two walked towards each other, though they didn't quite know it. Frank did, because he wanted to surprise Brody.

Closer and closer the two drew, Frank could see her, her head was down and she was deep in thought. Frank reached into his coat and grabbed a hold of what he was about to give her.

She looked up as he drew it out and pointed it towards her.

"What is this?" she asked.

"Payment," Frank said as Brody took the envelope from his hand. Brody looked inside and saw several bills. "I figured you might need some cash to help out."

"Thanks Frank," Brody said.

"Not a problem, you hungry? I might be able to hook you up with some decent food?" Frank asked.

"Yeah, that sandwhich from the other place just didn't do it for me."

"You got it," Frank said.[/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]"What are you in the mood for?" Frank stretched his arm.

Brody shrugged and counted the bills. Crisp, fresh, 15 hundred dollars. She smiled, satisfied, folded the envelope and shoved it into the back of her pants. Brody looked up at Frank.

"Well, I could go for some Chinese," she brushed her shirt.

"Sounds good to me," Frank lead the way out of the alley.

They reach a small, tranquel resteraunt. The small waitress showed them to their table in the back. The resteraunt was decorated in earthy colors and black accents. Frank, being the gentleman he is, pulled Brody's chair and waited for her to sit.

"You know I hate that, Frank," she reluctantly sat down.

"Eh, habit I guess," Frank walked around and sat.

The waitress took their orders and left.

"What are you going to do?" Frank broke the silence.

"What do you think?" Brody looked up from her glass of water.

"It's been four months, has he even sent men after you?" Frank sat back.

"Every once in a while. But, they're mere henchmen...the one's I trained," Brody's voice was of hurt and disgust.

"I've been hearing rumors about him gathering a group of assassins to come after you," Frank leaned back in his chair.

"I'm not worried," Brody's voice held more annoyance than concern.

"Of course not, not when you've got me," he smiled.

Brody looked at him and shook her head. Frank was a goof, but deathly serious when it came to fighting. Brody like him for that. She didn't like very many people, but Frank was one of them.

"That's a relief," she smirked.

"Hey now," Frank chuckled at Brody's humor.[/color][/b][/size]
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[color=chocolate]Genevieve always looked inconspicuous as she walked down the street. It was something about the way her back was just slightly hunched over, how she seemed to disappear into her coat, that made you just automatically forgot her face the moment you looked away from it. It had taken her years to perfect her anonymity, but now it proved useful every day of her life.

Her pathetic, broken life.

Gen shook away the self-pity firmly, glancing through the windows she passed out of force of habit. Most women glanced at shop windows to see their reflections, but Gen was never interested in how her hair looked, she was interested in what was going on inside, and how it might affect her.

Outside a small Chinese restaurant, she stopped. Her sharp eyes had caught sight of just the person she'd been looking for: a Ms. Brody Radley. Sitting with someone she didn't quite recognize, though she thought he might look familiar.

She stepped into the warmth of the restaurant with some relief, standing up a little straighter now that she was out of the street. Walking up to Brody's booth, she stood a little apart, not sure if she'd be welcome. She cleared her throat to get their attention.

Brody looked up and smiled. "Gen, hello," she said. "Please, have a seat -- what are you doing in here?"

"I was looking for you," Gen said, her voice a little low. She was used to speaking quietly, never really wanted to be noticed. "I've heard --"

She glanced over at the other man for a second, not sure how much he knew.

Brody merely nodded. "He's all right."

Gen nodded and went on. "The Numbers, they're going to hire assassins. Nothing like what's been sent after you so far ... These people are serious."

The man laughed a little. "I just told her the same thing," he said, sounding friendly. "She refuses to get worried."

Gen just looked at him.

"Why are you so serious all the time?" Brody grinned, trying to get Gen to lighten up a bit. "Have a seat, will you? This is Frank, he's a friend, though sometimes I wonder why I bother keeping him around."

Frank raised his eyebrows at Brody's easy joking, and after a moment, Gen sat.[/color]
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[size=1][color=olive][i]A faint creak of the oak door filled the decrepit church, and Gen stole out into the darkness. He stood still for a moment outside the door, his trench coat fading him into the abyssal background of the door almost immediately. Five minutes he stood before he began moving again. His movements were quick, efficient, and with purpose. But his movements were mechanical, betraying any form of will behind it.

A fluttering shadow stalked through the alleyways, unnatural in that the trenchcoat stayed absolutely still though his figure was moving with speed unexpected from an average human being. The only reminder of his existence during this trip was the occasional, light clinking of his two blades knocking against each other. Eventually the light clinking stopped, and he stood outside the mansion.

An overly large mansion. A slight twinge of irritation came across his face, but it was quickly lost. He sighed slightly, then leapt over the iron gates nimbly as if he was simply stepping over a small hedge. He landed with a quiet clink on the other side then faded into the wall's shadow, letting some time pass quietly. After a set time of five minutes, he twitched lightly and looked up at the hall window on the second floor expectantly. Bingo. There they were. He leapt up lightly onto the veranda near the window, and tapped lightly on the glass, announcing his presence.[/size][/color][/i]
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Although Satell was masking her real motives for working. Trini didn't real seem to interested in those particulars at this moment. And kept the talk simple as they made their way down the city sidewalk.

"So who is this person we're after," Satell asked, obviously moving the conversation off of her.

"To tell you the truth," Trini started, fiddling around in her purse for her car keys, " I dont know the particulars. GOT EM." She snatched the keys out and tossed them in her hand. " All I know is that she somehow got on the numbers bad side, and she's a number too."

She found her car a block down from Satell's boss' office and unlocked the doors for her and Satell.

"So where's this third person at," Satell asked jumping into the passengers seat of Trinis car.

"Not too far....."[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][size=1][i][b]"What all do you know about the numbers hiring assassins? Do you know who they are?"[/b] Brody sat her glass on the table.

[b]"I don't know their names. I just know that they are elite,"[/b] Gen looked at Frank who was staring.

[b]"Frank,"[/b] Brody kicked him underneath the table,[b] "I want to know more about these assassins. I knew this would happen, it was just a matter of time. Gen, I want their names and profiles, do you think you could take care of that?"[/b]

[b]"I am sure I can do that,"[/b] Gen nodded.

[b]"What do you want me to do, Brody?"[/b] Frank raked his fingers through his hair.

[b]"I need you to find a place for us to stay. Somewhere where no one should know about,"[/b] Brody rubbed her hand over her face.

[b]"It shall be done,"[/b] Frank smiled.

Brody gave him and Gen a thankful look and sighed deeply. At this time, the door opened and the sound of heels clicked on the granite floor. Brody looked at the woman who just walked in. The woman spotted Brody, Gen, and Frank and smiled.

[b]"Well, well, well. I didn't expect to find you in a resteraunt,"[/b] the woman walked over and gave Brody a hug.

[b]"Hello to you Terran. I was going to give you a call,"[/b] Brody offered Terran to sit.

[b]"Did you find a place yet?"[/b] Terran sat down between Brody and Gen.

[b]"That's his job,"[/b] Brody pointed to Frank,[b]"His name is Frank, and this is Gen."[/b]

[b]"Nice to meet you both,"[/b] Terran smiled and shook hands with Gen and Frank.

[b]"Terran, I want you to stick with Gen. Help her find anything and everything you two can about these assassins that Roger has sent after me,"[/b] Brody leaned on her elbows.

[b]"Right,"[/b] Terran nodded and looked at Gen.[/color][/size][/i]
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Trini kept riding around trying to collect any clues possible on the whereabouts of the final assassin. Satell was still speaking very little, so Trini kept the music flowing to stimulate her mind the least. She decided to head back to 'The numbers' office.

"Where are we off to know," Satell asked a bit codly, Getting bored with sitting and just riding.

"Well seeing that this isn't getting us anywhere, I gotta do something to get this shit in order." Trini was getting little pissed off not at anyone in particular, ut the anger was beginning to show on her face and in her eyes.

As they waiting momentarily at a stoplight, she quickly unbuttoned and removed her shoes, throwing them in tha back seat.

"Getting undressed in a car with a person present, a bit risky aren't you." Satell seemed to enjoy Trini's bit of frustration.

The light had turned green again and Trini kept along with the flow of traffic.

"Well if you think that was impressive just wait till the next light. Shit better yet..... wait till we park."

As promised, another light came and stopped their car. Trini unzipped her shirt revealing a black lacy push up bra holding her chest in place. Taking the shirt of she tossed it as well in the back seat and reced behind the passenger seat for a new shirt. Trini placed the shirt on, but didn';t have time to straighten it out just yet. Trafiic was moving on. She was only a few blocks to the office building when her cell phone rang.

"Hello," Trini answered. Pausing as the caller gave her the brief message. "Okay thanks," she hung the phone up placed it between her legs and changed their route.

"Who the hell was that."

"We found em, let's hurry." He's present at the company mansion and they have a bit more info on Brody."[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=royalblue]"Going to stay topless?"

"You have a problem with it?"

[i]Her defensive tone almost made Satell laugh out loud, but she controlled the impulse by sheer force of will.[/i]

"Of course not. Do you?"

[i]Trini was about to respond when Satell took off her blazer, revealling a sheer bra, obviously Victoria's Secret in design.[/i]

"Shall we?"


[i]Trini wheeled into the parking lot, tossed the keys to the valet, and the two walked in. The stares of both the butler and the servants were priceless. Two women in bras, holding shirts and jackets over their shoulders. Not every day such a show walked through the doors. The two were led upstairs and to a drawing room. As soon as the doors opened, their employer stood, evident pleasure on his face.[/i]

"Ladies, welcome."



[i]The two gazed over their partner with minimal interest.[/i][/color]
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[size=1][color=olive][i]Gen never turned around. He was looking out the window, his gaze fixed on the large tree situated at the corner of the yard. His ears pricked slightly as the front door opened, his eyelids twitched as the door to the room opened. He closed his eyes slowly as the greetings were exchanged. He opened his eyes as he felt a slight glance skim over him. His eyes closed again.

"Ladies, take a seat."

The sound of two objects being placed on a line of cloth. They sat down.

"This will be your partner Gen..."

He felt another quick glance hit his back again.

"He will be working with you for this job. Apparently, he knows where our target, Brody Radley is."

Gen slowly opened his mouth, his back still facing towards the company.

"She's in London."

He opened his eyes again, then turned around slowly to take a look at his partners. [/size][/color][/i]
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I'm very confused, but will continue with my job.

[SIZE=1][COLOR=green]"Alright, I'm going to go find us a place to stay for a while, good and secure." Frank said as he stood and left the table.

When he stepped outside he noticed there was a slight sprinkle. It didn't really bother him, even though he prefered to work in dry conditions.

He zipped his coat up and started walking, he knew where he was going, he just hoped it was still safe.

Twenty minutes later he was at a place called Maratee's Hotel. The owner, Carl, was a hispanic wannabe.

He walked into the hotel and instantly saw Carl in all his Latin ware.

"Hey! My man! You still got them big cajones?" Carl asked in a terrible accent.

"Yeah, I still got 'em. This place still good?" Frank asked, walking up to Carl.

"What? You in trouble again? How many times do I got ta save your butt?"

"Not me, a friend, a woman." Frank said, figuring giving Brody's name would be bad.

"A woman? Is she nice?"

Frank, knowing that nice meant a different thing shook his head, "I don't know Carl, I have really looked at her like that yet."

"Ah, I see, I see, well yeah, dis place still good, bring her in, and as always, for free, I won't forget you saved my butt more than once." Carl said.

"Thanks man, I'll be back," Frank said as he turned and left.

"Don't be going all Terminator on me!" Carl called to Frank's back. Frank didn't turn, but just lifted his hand and gave Carl the finger.

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[color=indigo][i][size=1]Terran and Gen stood up to leave, as did Brody.

[b]"If you find anything, and I stress anything, call me,"[/b] Brody scribbled her cell number on a napkin and handed it to Gen.

Gen simply nodded and turned to walk out of the restaurant, Terran smiled and nodded, following Gen. The two exit the restaurant. Brody sighed and walked to the cash register, paying for the meal.

[b]Damn you, Frank. This just adds to your tab that I carry..[/b] Brody smirked and left the restaurant.

The rain danced on her face, sitting on her eyelashes. Brody smiled and began to walk down the crowded streets of London. People impolitely ran into Brody, she didn't care. She continued on her way, trying to straighten everything out in her head. She struggled to think of her plan of attack, but the bustling noise of the city began to split her thoughts into several pieces. Brody grunted and rubbed her temples, annoyed.

She leaned against the stone wall of the bridge and stairs over the river. The rain pitter-patters on the stone, Brody's hair begins to stick to her face. Suddenly, jolting Brody out of her thoughts, her cell phone began to ring. Hurriedly, Brody searched her pockets and found her phone.

[b]"Yes,"[/b] Brody held the small phone to one ear and plugged her other.

[b]"Hey Brody, Frank here. I have a place, it's not a Ho Jo, but it is safe and secure. Where are you?"[/b]

[b]"I'm on the bridge just west of the restaurant,''[/b] Brody looked around the crowd of tourists and city folk.

[b]"Gotchya, stay where you're at. I'll be there in a few minutes. Terran and Gen left?"[/b] Frank sounded as if he were getting closer, due to the familiar yelling of the merchant outside of the restaurant.

[b]"Yes, they have my cell. I told them to contact me as soon as they found out anything,"[/b] Brody began to walk a few feet from the bridge and stand on her tip toes, searching for Frank.

[b]"I see. Okay, I'm getting close....And.....Ah ha! I see the bridge."[/b]

Brody spun around and scanned the crowd. She saw Frank looking around, bumping into a few people. She smiled in amusement.

[b]"Over here,"[/b] Brody waved.

Frank turned and spotted Brody. She hung up and walked toward Frank.

[b]"Right, let's get going,"[/b] Frank smiled and started to lead Brody back into the crowd.

The rain began to fall harder, Brody smiled.[/color][/i][/size]
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[COLOR=royalblue]That makes two of us Dmitri.....coulda sworn Gen was with us.
"London....how cotteish."

[i]The employer smiled thinly and drew Satell down into his lap. She relaxed and leaned against his chest, quite comfortable for the moment, even if she would like nothing better than to rip out his vocal cords with her freshly manicured hands.[/i]

"How long will it take to get there?"

"The Concord dear....half the time it would take anyone else."

"I thought it wasn't running."

"It's been modified. Persay. We have use of it."

[i]Gen and Trini were both surprised. But Satell wasn't in the least. Being his .....personal slave...... ...left a lot of room for snooping in sensitive files. Either way she played it off well. Their employer smiled and placed the file on the table top. Tickets, boarding cards, preassigned seating. And their luggage had already been transfered to the airport.[/i]

"You leave for Heathrow in two hours. Get cracking.[/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1] Okay, it looks like I need to clarify...Then Gen that I keep talking about is terra's character Gen, a member of the Relief. [b]If anyone has any questions/problems, please PM me, or get me on AIM.[/b] I will be more than happy to work everything out.

[b]Radaghast[/b] if you see this, you need to post. I will be sending him a PM...And I will delete this after a day or so, that way everyone can see.

So if anyone has any problems/questions, PM me or IM me, I'm online 99% of the time.

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[size=1]OOC: Sorry about that Annie. Thanks for clearing some of that stuff up for me.

[b]Roger left the room where his agents were getting acclimated with each other. He met #3 in the hall. "Walk with me Austin. We need to talk business."

"Yes sir." Austin followed his boss down the hall and into the bathroom. "Sir, may I ask what we're doing in here?"

"You may," Roger answered, entering a stall.

"Well.....what are we doing in here sir?"

"First, grab a stall." Roger waited for the sounds of his protection officer entering the stall to stop. "We are going to talk. We are in the bathroom because I am a busy man, and I have no time to spare." Austin could hear splashing from the other stall. It sounded like it was coming from a height one would gain from standing. [i]He was always homo-phobic[i] he thought.

"I need a base of operations set up in London," Roger continued. "Our informants tell us that they are staying there. We even have a rat in the hotel where Brody is staying. He's slightly annoying, but he gets the job done."

"Who is he, sir?" Austin heard his boss get out of the stall and starting to wash his hands. Austin followed suit.

"That doesn't matter. All I want you to do is get a place as close to this address as you can." Roger gave his man the card with the address after he washed his hands. They left the bathroom. "Don't worry about money, Brian has enough."

Roger gestured for Austin to go and make the preparations. Austin looked down at the card, and looked up just in time to see his boss enter a room with one of his secretaries. "Busy man, huh?"[/b][/size]
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[size=1][color=999999][i]Terran looked around as they left the restraunt. She tapped Gen's shoulder and she turned to look at her face. Terran leaned closer and whispered something into her ear.[/i]

"There is someone who can help us. He won't talk, but...we can get the information out of him. Just be aware, it's downtown, where the bad shit is at. You up for it?" [i]Terran asked as she pulled away from Gen's ear.[/i]

[i]Gen nodded and soon the two left the sidewalk to a car. Terran opened the driver's door and slid in. Gen did the same on the passenger side. She looked to Terran and around the car, it was a nice model.

Terran put the car into ignition and she sped out of the parking spot down the street. The car passed dozens of apartments. Soon, it entered an empty gravel lane that led to warehouse. Music echoed down the dark area. Terran sighed as she stopped the car and turned the engine off. She looked to Gen.[/i]

"You ready?"[/size][/color]
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Trini turned and walked out of the room. She didn't too much say many words but threw her shirt on, leaving it unbuttoned as they left the building.

[I] The concord,[/I] she tried to reason things just bit bit but soon threw the idead out of her head, she didn't too much wanna think on why they wanted to capture this lady so much. Soon the thought of flying got to her head a bit.

She hadn't flown on a plane in a few years. She was a bit skirmish about the whole deal. She shivered a bit as she stepped closer to her car. Satell obviously noticed her body language.

"You okay there,"

Trini nodded her head quickly, trying to calm herself a bit. "Just had a chill run up my bad thats all."

She stood next to the door unlocking the others for Satell and Gen. That's if he chose to ride with them.


Couldnt say too much. But I had to see this thread flourish well at least just a bit longer.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Without a word, Gen got into the back seat, putting his purse on his lap. He looked out the window idly, after shutting the door after him. Trini and Satell got into the front. The engine started and they pulled out, headed for Heathrow through heavy London traffic.[/i]

"Should be fun. I like the Concord."

"Flying wasn't always my thing."

"It'll be over quickly."

"Let's hope so."

[i]Satell smiled reassuringly and looked out the window as well, not necessarily bored, simply existing. She never really did get bored, not while there was a chance to turn oxygen into carbon dioxide.

They weaved through the cars skillfully, evading all stops and whipping through the turnabouts with ease. They pulled through the narrow streets heading up to the airport itself and parked. Once out they headed for the terminal and recieved their tickets with the passwords and necessary IDs. Satell dazzled the personell and had them personally escorted to the gate.[/i]

"How do you-?"

"Feminine charm."

"I'm female..."

"Yes but you don't know exactly how it's done."

"So teach me."

"When we land... ...it'll be safer."[/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1][b]OOC: Dmitri_Dragoon...WHERE ARE YOU? *glares*...Whatever..

"So, who is this guy?"[/b] Brody quickened her pace to match Frank's.

[b]"He's..an old friend. I trust him,"[/b] Frank looked over to reassure Brody.

She gave him a cautious look, [b]"I trust no one. Especially, a man I have never heard of before."[/b]

[b]"Oh c'mon,"[/b] Frank wrapped an arm around Brody's sholder and hugged her,[b] "Live a little Brody."[/b]

She shook her head. The two walked the crowded streets. Frank whistled for a cab. Brody's eyes wandered over the many strange faces. Ever since the assassination four months ago, Brody's been a little paranoid. Frank opened the door to the cab, Brody slipped in. Frank after her, he gave the cabbie the directions and sat back.

Watching the scenery, several questions passed swiftly through Brody's mind. She rubbed her forehead, attempting to sift through all of the information she had. None of it made sense to her. What had she done to make Stefani frame her? She was loyal to him. Who were these assassins, did they know where she was? A nauseating knot developed in the pit of her stomach.

[b]"You okay, Brod?"[/b] Frank's voice snapped Brody to reality.

[b]"Uh, yes. I'm fine. How long?"[/b] Brody leaned her head back onto the seat.

[b]"About five minutes,"[/b] Frank double checked on his watch and nodded.

Brody sighed and turned her head to look out the window. Minutes later, the two arrived at this run-down hotel. Brody skimmed the building, taking in the surroundings of a ill treated swimming pool, broken signs, torn blinds. Frank lead the way down the corridor. He looked around and pushed the door to the room open. Brody slowly stepped in, glancing the despicable room over.

[b]"It will do,"[/b] Brody walked over to the window and pulled the blinds and curtains shut.

[b]"Hola, Frank,"[/b] a scrubby man with a horrid Spanish accent stood in the doorway.

Brody spun around with a gun in hand,[b] "Who is this, Frank?"[/b]

The man put up his hands in defense, fidgeting under Brody's skeptical, crude eyes. He began to sweat in fear of the barrel of the gun that froze in a firm aim between his eyes.[/color][/i][/size]
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