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Neutral Milk Hotel


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Has anyone here heard of this band? I'm really fond of their CD "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea". I also have "On Avery Island", but I prefer the first one stated.

I tend to have a hard time describing music, but their music sounds like a mixture of folk and rock. Not only do I like the sound of this band, but the lyrics are also quite good.

They have a website ( [url]http://www.neutralmilkhotel.net[/url] ), but unfortunately I don't think they have any sound clips. If you would like to hear some samples (which I recommend you do) head on over to [url]www.amazon.com[/url] .
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I borrowed one of their CD's from a friend, I think it was the Aeroplane one. I though it was OK, I liked it a little better after a couple of listens. It was definitely a little too folk, sort of christian rockish?

Basically I wouldn't buy it myself because of the guy's voice. I wasn't really a big fan, especially on the first few songs of that particular CD.

overall 5 out of 10 I'd give it (not that you asked)
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^^^ That is simply excellent.

I'm incredibly surprised that they were even mentioned here, yet alone getting some responses heh. You already beat out my old Butthole Surfers and The Soundtrack of Our Lives threads, and they're both more popular than these guys.

Anyway, they're a great band. I don't give them as much time or credit as I should, I'll admit. I don't really think the "Christian" moniker applies, though... it's just folksy rock, really. There are other genres thrown in from time to time.
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