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Stargate SG-1: A New Team


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A familiar but different scene appears before us. There are long and short corridors. There are cables and wired running along each wall. There is also a large cast monolith with the Stargate's chevron for earth at the top along with a bronze plaque. Col. Rowan Scapefield walks the halls looking for the office of three-star General Nelson Oliver. He finally gives up and asks a man walking, "Can you tell me how to get to Gen. Oliver's office?"

"Sure." he replied, "YOu need to go back the way you came until you reach corridor SL-23.27. Then you head down until you get to SL-27.23.6. It's just before the main atrium."

"Right." He said as if he understood the directions. "Thanks."

"No problem."

The Colonel went until he reached a sign that read "SL-23.27" he continued to walk down that hall until he stopped and thought for a moment. "Did he say SL-23.27.6 or 7?" He was wondering as he looked at a blue sign that said Main Artium. There were no other signs up to that point. Plus, he had never been to general Oliver's actual office. He had only ever come into contact with him in the Briefing Room.

He backtracked and began knocking on every door he came to. Either no one answered or were too busy to bother with him. He finally came to a door and knocked on it and a deep voice from inside called "Come in."

"Hello, General Oliver, sir." He said as he read a handsome nameplate on his desk. As Col. Scapefield shook his hand, it was easy to notice the General's crushing grip.

"Thank you for coming in so soon, Colonel." he motioned to a chair. "Please, take a seat."

"Thank you, sir." He sat down.

"You have been working with the SGC for several years now."

"Yes, sir. The best years of my life, sir." He said in a slightly insolent tone.

"And, as you well know, we are looking for members for our third SG-1 squad."

"Yes, sir." Scapefield responded.

"You have been chosen to lead this new team." Oliver revealed. "You will be the commander of SG-1."

"Sir, with all due respect, why did you pick me?"

"Well, Colonel, you came in top of your class in Tactical Theory, Marksmanship, Tracking, and Battlefield Analysis." Oliver told, "Not to mention your spotless service record. And the fact that you have gone above and beyond the call of duty to get your men out of countless deadly situations."

"Well, thank you, sir."

"Now, we need to get your new team up to speed and get you all started on your first mission."

They both proceeded out of General Oliver's office and into a seemingly endless maze of hallways and corridors. When they finally reached a familiar section of the vast base, Scapefield confidently followed Oliver into the Briefing Room.

Inside sat two American officers. One Air Force, one Navy. Also, ther stood, judging by his clothing, a Tok'ra. And, standing next to him was obviously a Jaffa warrior.

"Colonel Scapefield, let me introduce yo to your new team...[/color][/size][/b]

OOC: Now you can all introduce yourselves. [/size][/b]
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Vincent stood, and shook hands with Scapefield.
"Hello, Colonel. I'm Captain Vincent Thorne, formerly of the U.S. Navy SEALS. It'll be a pleasure serving with you. I'm looking forward to our first trip through the Stargate."
He grinned, and sat back down. This was going to be a challenge alright. Meeting aliens, humans from other planets...
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Jerith stood from his seat the moment the general walked into the briefing room. Raising an eyebrow he watched the new officer who walked in behind the general.

[i]I believe that this is our new commanding officer Karthus[/i] Jerith thought to his symbiote, his mind clearly comveying his opinion of this man, even though his expression did not. A mild chuckle sounded in his head as Karthus responded to his comment.

[i]Appearances can be decieving Jerith, you know that.[/i]
Jerith snorted mentally, deciding to introduce himself to the Colonel. Clasping his hands loosely behind his back he inclined his head in a nod of greeting.

"I am Jerith, my symbiote is Karthus and we will be the liason for the Tok'ra and Earth on your team." Seeing Scapefield's incredulous look Jerith blinked slightly and sighed, letting Karthus take control of his body. The dual tone of his voice sounded through the room.

"The High Council believe that it is in both our people's best interests if Jerith an I are stationed indefinetly at the SGC and I for one agree."
Seating himself at the table once more Karthus clasped his hands before him and rested them on the table
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Mikhael lay back on his cot, boring a hole through the ceiling with his eyes. It had been a long few months of sitting around and doing absolutely nothing while the SGC made excuses.

[i]'We're clearing you for the wormhole'[/i] They said. [i]'We're making a new team.'[/i] They said.

It just went on like that until Mikhael realised he wasn't going anywhere. Obviously the SGC had just accepted him to save face with the Russki's. Nothing new really. He'd been expecting it all along.

The door clicked open and a rough looking SGC MP stood on the threshold.

'Captain Vassikin? Your presence is required in the conference room.'

Mikhael stepped out of his hiding place and out through the door.

'About time ve got this show on ze road.' He muttered darkly, slipping on the camouflaged jacket, complete with SGC logo. 'So what iz going on?'

The MP, that was walking briskly beside him, said, 'the General had commissioned the new SG-1 team leader.'

Mikhael waited for more, but realised there was none. He trotted up the spiral staircase and knocked once on the conference room door.

It opened by itself, revealing that there was no one inside.

'I should have known.' Mikhael grunted.

He settled down into the General's seat at the head of the table, lifting his feet up and resting them on the coasters. A bored expression settled on his face and he stared glumly at the door, as only a Russian could.

Nothing happened for several moments.

Mikhael grunted and played with the little monitor on the desk that displayed the SGC logo.

It wasn't as though he could do anything else.

Mikhael looked up from his work, the MP was now standing inside the room. Obviously he had orders to not let the Russian out of his sight. How flattering.

'So...' Mikhael started. 'What is life like to be working for a capitalist country?'

The MP remained solemn.

'I see. Zey swear you to silence, da?'

'No sir. I was refraining myself from removing the head from your shoulders, with respect, sir.'

Mikhael's eyebrows went up. So, these soldiers had some kick after all. He was surprised really, seeing as he was under the impression that the Airforce generally didn't have soldiers, just pilots.

'Very witty.' Mikhael said, finally. 'I assume you get zat sense of humour from your training, da?'

'No sir, I made it up myself, like your accent.'

Mikhael frowned. He'd opened a can of worms here. Obviously he'd given the soldier an excuse to berate him. It would be so easy to break his neck...but the repurcussions...

A lazy smile crept across Mikhael's face as replayed the image of him headbutting the MP, over and over again...

'Captain Vassikin? I believe you are seated in my chair.'

Mikhael's eyes focused on the General.

'I believe I am, General.'

He stood and magnaminously offered the chair before seating himself opposite a Colonel he didn't know. The MP retreated out of the room, leaving just the three inside.

Mikhael leant back in his chair, placing his arms behind his head and whistling loudly.
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The jaffa stood silently as everyone introduced themselves. He had his arms behind his back and stood there in full Jaffa armor minus the helmet. His eyes scaned the room carefully and then returned to staring right in from of him into space.

"I, Sir, Am Toldorin." That is all the Jaffa said.

This all seemed very strange and different from his normal planet. He has yet to see the surface of this so called Earth and wished to even for a few short minutes. Of course he saw pictures briefly in books and short tapes but nothing of use. The only way to get real usefull information about his surropundings was to look around himself but he knew it was up to the general whether he went outside or not.

He stood there silently for he had nothing more to say.
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Col. Scapefield took a seat near the end of the long table, opposite Vassikin. He was quite insulted by Vassikin's insolent nature. After a brief stare into his eyes, he was distracted by the General's movements. He was passing around several official looking folders. He could see, just by looking, that they were all written in each person's idividual dialect.

When Scapefield looked at his own, he read a background on each of his new charges. It was all pretty standard information. Nothing new. Also inside the folder was a pile of papers describing what their first mission would be.

"We Have recieved intelligence from the Tok'ra..." Oliver looked over toward Karthus/Jerith, "That a previously unknown Goa'uld System Lord named... I'm sorry, Karthus. What did you say he was called?"

"Sekhmet." He told in the voice unique to his species, "We have learned, through several of our undercover operatives, that he has access to a new type of technology allowing him to achieve greater power than ever attained by any previous System Lords."

"So, what kinda technology are we talkin' about here?" Scapefield asked.

"His Jaffa warriors have been equipped with even more powerful Staff weapons and Zatn'kitel energy pistols. The latter now having the ability to kill with only one shot. The former now able to emit constant beams of energy used for several purposes."

"Da?" chimed in Vassikin skeptically. "Like wot?"

Karthus' cold eyes locked onto the Captain and he continued, "Purposes such as cutting, blasting through force fields except those of great power. And the most popular use among his followers is decapitation."

Vassikin heard this and shut up. He wasn't the only one who these words had affected. Captain Thorne and Lieutenant Hernandez both gulped and looked worried. "Well, he couldn't have gotten this powerful with only new staffs and Zats." Scapefield told, "What else does he have up his sleave?"

"Word has been recieved from the Asgard High Council." interjected General Oliver, "that a new ship, operated by Sekh..." he glanced at Jerith/Karthus "met has destroyed eleven of their most powerful attack vessels in a singular attack."

"What are [i]we[/i] supposed to do, sir?" Hernandez asked nervously.

"Well, your mission is to infiltrate and disable. And in the process, gather as much information as possible on the ship's construction." Oliver revealed. "Jerith?"

The host regained control, "All of our operatives that have ever been able to gain access to the ship have been found out. We do not know how he is able to locate us, but I believe that it does not matter for this particular mission."

"Oh, ahnd why noht?" Vassikin asked.

"You, Captain," Oliver showed him his place, "Aren't going undercover." You will be going to the planet PX4-596 where the ship is currently being parked for repairs."

"Excuse me, sir." Col. Scapefield said, "But, if all of the Tok'ra that have been aboard the ship have all been located, how do you know all of this intel is accurate."

Jerith closed his eyes for a moment and Karthus emerged. "The last officer we came into contact with was able to send a limited amount of information back to out base before he was stopped. We were only able to recover a map of the corridors, information on the Jaffa weapons, and, of course, the location of the ship." Jerith surfaced once aagin

"You now know all that we do." Jerith told.

[i]I doubt that[/i] Vassikin thought.

"You all should go to the infirmary for a check-up before you send off." Oliver ordered.

"Sir, when exactly are we leaving?" Scapefield asked.

"1400 hours." the General replied. Col. Scapefield looked at the clock on the wall that read 8:00 a.m..

"Today?" Scapefield looked at him increduously, "Sir?"

"Yes, Colonel, today."

It seemed like only minutes later that they were all in the Embarkation Room. (herein known as the Gate Room)

"Chevron Seven in ecoded and locked." a voice called over a loudspeaker. A pool of standing water rushed forth and receeded back into a glimmering smooth surface. The rippling wormhole was entered by a MALP and THe picture of several Jaffa warriours appeared on a screen in the Control Room. Several flashes of light later, the video feed was cut.

"You know what to do, Colonel." Oliver told as He looked at the last clear image.

"Yes, sir." The new team walked over to the event horizon and Scapefield locked and loaded his weapon. He fired several clips into the wormhole and then, he walked through... [/color][/size][/b]
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[size=1][color=navyblue]DuoMax and Orien_Xel, please lengthen your posts a bit. We'd like to keep up the quality here in the arena, and that means a couple good paragraphs with thought and detail. You might check out Harlequin's sticky at the top of the forum, or PM either myself or one of the other Mods if you need help or have any questions.

Thanks, Arcadia.[/color][/size]
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Jerith unlocked the catch on his zat, a small hiss of release signalling it's readiness for use. Glancing about at the rest of the team he grumbled quietly to himself.

[i]Tell me again why we have to do this Karthus?[/i] The good natured chuckle that followed seemed to indicate that the symbiote, Karthus, had more of a light hearted nature than his host, which was rare even among the Tok'ra.

[i]Fear not my friend as incompetant as they may seem, humans have proven themselves to be remarkably versatile and surprising.[/i]

Sighing Jerith shook his head and stepped through the wromhole. What greeted him was a barrage of weapons fire, small explosions pockmarking the ground around him. Slinging himself to the left n time to avoid a well placed blast Jerith let loose a small volley of zat charges before taking cover behind the DHD.
[i]You were saying...[/i]
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Vincent clicked a clip into his M4A1 Carbine as he ran at the gate. In a few seconds he found himself surrounded by weapons fire. He dodged behind cover, finding himself next to the Tok'ra. He nodded at him as flicked of the safety.
"Some welcoming commitee, huh?"
The Tok'ra looked back at him blankly for a moment, before going back to it's weapon.

"And he's humorless...great." he muttered as he fired a burst of automatic weapons fire at the nearest Jaffa warrior, somewhat gratified to see his target take cover. He looked around, trying to spot some other members of the team. He fired another burst to keep their heads down.
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Toldorin stepped through and meterialized on the other side. No frozen effect or feeling of wanting to through up because he had been through this a million times. He looked around and dodged a blast from a hidden staff weapon. He readied his staff weapon and looked over his shoulder at the nearest Jaffa warrior.

"Hmm" He hummed to himself shortly and aimed his staff weapon and pressed the handle. The large end opened and energy surrounded it and dissapered. He pressed again and it fired. The first shot missed and he pressed again. This time it hit dead on in the chest. The Jaffa warrior was thrown backwards.

"Good shot" He heard but was un aware of which team member had said it. He fired again but this time he fired at another Jaffa who was getting closer. The loud sound of guns and energy blast weapons filled the air.
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OOC: Sorry it took so long for me to post. I wasn't able to get on yesterday.[/size][/b]

IC: The attack upon the Jaffa Guard had left several of the dead on the ground. "Should have kept firing." Scapefield thought to himself as he dodged behind the pedestal on which the Stargate stood. After a few more moments of unceasing fire, the Colonel pulled several grenades from his vest.

Yanking the pins out of the first, he hurled it several meters. "Fire in the hole!" he shouted. Everyone took point and ducked for cover. Eveyone, that is, except Karthus. He obviously did not know what that term meant. The blast however did not hurt him. it only knocked him off his feet.

A resounding "BOOM" echoed off of the high hills of this planet. Once all of SG-1 had reoriented themselves, they continuesed to fire on. Popping guns and darting Zat blasts filled the air until the last of the guard had retreated. "Let's go!" Scapefield commanded as they all picked up their equipment. "Hurry up! We don't have a lot of time here!"

"But, sir." said Hernandez, "They're on the run."

"Yeah, but more'll be here any time now." They all took their orders and moved out. The group ambled across the hard, rocky ground with great difficulty. At one point or another, all of them had gotten a false footing and smaked their shins on the cold stone. Once they had reached the forest, it was mostly clear.

After hiking several miles west of the Gate, they all sat to gain their bearings and figure out where to go next. "Sekhmet will most likely send patrols to the north, east and west of the Gate." told Toldorin.

"Right, so we should head south and keep moving until we get an opportunity to break through one of the patrols for entry into his temple."

"I concurr." agreed Karthus. Jerith appeared.

"We all need to keep moving if we want to stay clear of the other Jaffa."

"Let's go." The group hurriedly gathered their things and trekked on. They had walked for three hjours until they heard the sound of an approaching patrol squad. "Get your zats ready." he whispered to his team.

They all pulled the metallic pistols, which are now standard issue, out of their holsters. After a series of hand signals, Scapefield unlocked his weapon. They all fired at once.

The Jaffa didn't see it coming. A hallf of a minute later, the scuffle was finished. All lay stunned or dead. "Where's the temple?" Scapefield asked one of the Jaffa.

"You will pay dearly for your transgressions against my god." He spat at him. Scapefield fired a second zat bolt, killing him. This was the same for the rest of the patrol. No one would give up any useful information. This was no matter. They would only need to follow another to their destination.

"Stow your belongings in that bush." he motioned to his left, as he began to relieve one of the guards of his armor. Once Scapefield was suited up, he disintegrated that body that lay on the ground. "What are you waiting for people? Suit up."

"Yes, sir." his underlings followed orders.

"Karthus," the Colonel looked over at him, "We need you to go in as a prisoner."

"I understand." he said with a clenched jaw. He was clearly unhappy with this decision.

"All we need to do is say you're a prisoner long enough to get inside." reassured Scapefield, as he saw the attempt on Karthus' part to hide his dissatisfaction.

Wehen the rest of them had donned their guises, they followed the trial until they met another group of Jaffa. There was a mild chatter about where they had found the prisoner and they continued up to the pyramid...[/color][/b][/size]
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Hernandez looked about uncretainly. He didn't like being without at least his usual Berettta. And now all he had was one of the staff weapons the Jaffa carried. Great. Just great.

He looked up towards the pyramid that rose menacingly from the landscape. Going in there seemed like suicide. He mutttered out of the side of mouth to Vincent.

"I don't like this. We're walking right into the middle of the enemy's base.."

"Hey, just shut up and follow orders, okay?"

Eduardo sighed. Great. Just Great.
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[i]Prisoner?! Of all the indignaces, they should be the prisoners not us we...[/i] Jerith's mental rant was silenced by the calming words of his symbiote.

[i]Hush Jerith we must cooperate with the Tauri, it is in the best interests of both of our worlds.[/i] The relationship jerith had with Karthus was a bit of a paradox among the Tok'ra. Normally it would be the symbiote who was arrogant and forward, here it was the host. Karthus tutted silently at his partner and regained control over the host body. [i] I shall remain in control during this assignment, I believe it would be in *our* best interests for survival.[/i] Karthus himself was, however, curious as to how a Tok'ra could act as a prisoner, the Jaffa guards would easily sense him as a symbiote.

[i]I trust these Tauri know what they are doing[/i] Jerith muttered softly.

The pyramid loomed up before them and Karthus tried his best to look like a humble, subdued prisoner as he was led up towards the entrance.
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