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Darkstar Pirates


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I'm looking for a group of about six people including myself to join this. If you are into science-fiction, romance, and action then this would be a good one for you to join. Here is the set up.


Lezs Jacobs grew up in a wealthy family. He grew up as spoiled as you could possibly be. In school he was an over achiever. He always had the top score in every class and he participated in four sports a year. His dream was to follow in his brothers footsteps and take off into space to become a bounty hunter.

Every week Lezs would receive a message form his older brother. His brother would tell him exciting stories about how he captured wanted pirates. One time he took down a pirate that had warrents for his arrest in twelve different galexies. The pirates name was Yojimbo Hakasina. He was wanted for 90 counts of armed robbery, the smuggling of illeagle drugs and weapons, and over thirty murders. Lezs's brother nearly lost Yojimbo, but was lucky enough to catch him in the end after a ten minute chase on foot. Unfortunaty his girlfriend was almost killed in the process. This kept him out of the game for several months but soon returned to bag more enemies.

Unfortunatly Lezs's brother mad e the mistake of revealing to Yojimbo who he was. When Lezs's loving parents left on a diplomatic assignment their ship was attacked by Yojimbo, who had recently escaped from custody. Yojimbo took no prisoners and slaughtered everyone on the ship.

When Lezs learned the news he went into a state of shock. He locked himself up in his room for several days. During that time a demon was growing inside of his head. He was seperating himself from the world. He wanted to find the man responsible for what happend. Then one night a message for his brother told him exactly what he wanted to know.

Later he snuck out of the house while it was pitch black. Driven by hatred and the need for revenge he snuck into a military base. his goal was to steal any ship that was docked there so that he could search for Yojimbo and get his revenge. He broke the necks of two soldiers and stole their weapons in order to more easily get to a ship. He mowed down anyone that got in his way and finally took anm experimental ship that was made for a crew of six. This ship was called the "Darkstar".

After escaping with the ship in his possesion he then began his search, but now he was branded as a pirate by the athorities. Over the next several years he would make connectons, gather supplies and data, and finally find Yojimbo. In a bloodly onslaught that caust him an eye and his right arm, both replaced by mechanic implants. He now had his revenge but also had accounts of murder hanging over his head. He would now be hunted to the end of his days.

After a few years of traveling and avoiding capture he landed on one planet that he needed to do buisness on. There were no hotels or any other kind of building that he could spend the night in so he was forced to sleep in a tent for the one night he would be spending there. To his fortune he was barged in by a girl that has panting heavily. She asked him to hide her from strange men who were after her. With some of his humanity returned to him from the years after he killed Yojimbo he hid her from the men.

The girl didn't act her age, which was probably close to his, and she seemed to be suffering from memory loss. She couldn't remeber much before the point in which she was running for the men. Lezs took her aboard the Darkstar and registered her in the computer as a crew member. Lezs, from that point on, would work her like a dog. He treated her liek a slave but she seemed to enjoy doing everything that he told her to do.


Here is what I need.

Weapon: (1 only)

Of coarse I need someone to play the girl that Lazs picked up on the planet otherwise enter whoever you like. Remember on Five can join because I'm playing as well.

Name: Lezs Jacobs

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Weapon: AK47

Appearence: Long black hair that flows down between his shoulderblades and curls at the end. His face comes down into a point and one eye is green while the fake one is brown. Body is in perfect physical form and his right arm is completly metalic because of his implant. He normally hides himself under a dark blue overcoat and normally has boots on that come up to his knees. He keeps his gun straped to a holster on his back.

Backround/Bio: Read story above.
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[i][color=lightpink]Im going to try to do the girl that asked for help.

Name: Lucrezia Hyde

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Weapon: ~none~

Appearence: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=23[/url]

Background/Bio: All she can remember is running away from these strange men that were chasing her. She never found out why they were looking for her in the first place, not even knowing why they wanted her. She hated where she woke up at. Being glad when Lezs hid her from the men and took her in. She loved doing things for Lezs.[/color][/i]
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Age: 21


Weapons:duel handguns(does that count as one weopon, if not alternate weopon is an M60 that straps on back)

Description: Slightly messed up short brown hair. Has an almost hispanic apearance. weres a large array of clothing. Is acrobatic and lean. About 5'11" in height.

Background/Bio Joined a group of theifs when his parents were killed. The theives were eventually caught and only Tenera escaped.Tenera joined a group of smugglers when he hid them from police. Rose to led the smuggler when he saved them all from pirates.Once again tragedy struck, the ship crashed and only Tenera surveived. He has been hiding from the athorities on the planet ever since.
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Name: Serena Megumi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Weapon: dartgun and poisonus darts.

Appearence: Serena has long curly brown hair that hangs freely in each individual curl. Her eyes are a bright green. She wears a leather vest that laces up the front and black shorts. She wears leather boots that lace up to her knees and a cloak that most of the time hides her body.

Backround/Bio: Serena enjoyed tourturing people with her poisons until she found a heart and decided to stop and use them for good. Her father who liked to do this also was ashamed of his daughters weakness to others feelings and disowned her. now she spends her life fighting within herself between her family's barbarism and her love for others.
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Name: Etarip Drows (eh-ta-rip) (dr-rows)

Age: 15

Gender: Female (unless you want me to be a male)

Weapon: twin daggers

Appearence: [see attatchment]

Backround/Bio: When Etarip was about four through seven, her family was one of the wealthiest families around. They owned a huge mansion and had at least five parties a month, to which only other wealthy families could attend. Etarip hated her life. All she would do was wake up, act dainty, smile and curtsy and let people compliment on how well behaved she was at the parties, and then go to sleep. She didn't have any friends since the only other children she came in cotact with were those on the rare occasions that one of the guests had to bring their child or they couldn't come to the party. And the children Etarip came in contact with, she didn't even talk to. They were like her; they acted fancy and well-raised, but inside they felt like they were in a crowded room screaming at the top of their lungs, but no one would look up. Day after day of this finally drove Etarip mad. At age 7 Etarip and her mother and father were sitting at breakfast, her mother nibbling eggs and her father reading the paper. Her father stated that pirates had invaded town. To this her mother said she hoped they wouldn't attack them because she didn't want to have to run in high heels or trip and soil her dress. This just made Etarip blow, she stood up so quickly her chair flew backward and shattered the sliding glass door that lead to the backyard. She started screaming at her parents about everything and ran to her room where she shut and locked the door.

That night, staring out her window at the backyard, Etarip saw the pirates coming. She quickly fumbled with the locks until they were open and went to warn her parents. But, when she reached for the handle to their room, the knob was already turning. Etarip ran down the stairs to the kitchen and took two knives from their holders, then she hid behind the counter, waiting. The pirates left shortly after, figuring they had stollen everything worth stealing. But Etarip decided to stay in her hiding spot until morning. In the morning, she went to her parents' room to find their necks had been slit; they were dead. She ran from the house and found work for a blacksmith. She made herself two daggers.

By age fifteen, Etarip had all but mastered her weapon's skill. She was practicing on the dock, when she saw a ship coming into the dock. She hid until who seemed to be the captain got off and went to explore the town. Etarip decided it wasn't the captain that had killed her parents, so she decided to tag along. She got into the ship and rested in her favorite spot; under the stairs leading to the wheel of the boat (the one they use to steer the boat). When the captain discovered her there, she asked if she could become part of his crew and he said yes so she became part of the crew on the "Darkstar".
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I ove all of your characters and I will allow all the weapons that you have selected. In case this changes your weapon choice keep in mind that this does take place in the future. The only reason that Lezs has the AK47 is because he is a fan of older modles and was a collector before he became a pirate on the run (I guess I should have mentioned that before).

Now all we need is for one more person to join and we can begin.
If you have any friends that you think would be intersted in joining then please tell them though I was hoping that a friend of mine would join but I guess it is her loss.
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Name:Irvine Drake
Appearance:Shoulderlength blonde hair, and sky blue eyes. Wears baggy jeans, a white shirt, and a brown, shinlength trench coat. He is a tall (6'1), skinny, and attractive man.
Personality:Irvine is a deep, poetic person who is really hard to get to shut up. He is a loner, skateboarding all over the streets day by day. He isn't stupid, and most people consider him to just be weird.
Background:Irvine ran away from home when he was 15, because he wanted to try to avoid any responsibilty whatsoever. Since then, he's just been alone on the streets, pickpocketing people for money to make a living.
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