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Millenium Hunters [slightly comical]


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[color=firebrick]In the year 2123, a race of strange super-humans, able to take on any form, split away from their reality and colided with ours. They deemed us hostile and quickly tried to assymilate themselves into our culture by morphing into a form familiar to this dimension. Unfortunately for them, the first forms they encountered were in a video store, and all the hundreds of inter-dimensional beings morphed themselves into movie characters, real and cartoon alike. However, this did not stop them from terrorizing and destroying the "hostile" humans. Fortunately for us, a small percentage of the population being born at the time were affected by radiation from the beings cross-over into our world, and adapted super-human abilities. Now, in 2144, those people have been asigned to different parts of the world, all with their own unique abilities, in an attempt to bring down the inter-dimensional threat. Each set of Hunters consists of five of these super-humans. Now, do your job and destroy all the enemies that threaten our reality![/color]

[color=blue]Alright, I need at least five people to make up one group of hunters. If you still want to join after all five spaces are occupied, start another group, but if that extra group is not filled by the time this RPG starts, then it will not be included unless you want to control all four other characters. Also, I will be saving a spot for Viper0529, because this was both of our idea, and I know he will want to join.

Your character should have one very special ability that defines why he/she is a hunter. This should be something more original than just super strength or speed, but still useful. If my character seems a little generic, then tough, this was the original character I made for this RPG and I'm sticking with it.[/color]


Name: a normal human name, nothing like "Gazimon the slayer" or crap like that.

Age: between twenty-one on twenty-three due to the date of the inter-dimensional beings cross into our dimension.

Gender: need I explain it?

Hunter Name: each character should have a name that matches his/her power.

Ability: your special ability.

Personality: what your character is like... duh.

Appearance: I hope I don't need to explain this.

BIO: should be short and sweet, but detailed... whatever.

Secret Crush: oh wait, didn't mean that!

Favored Weapon: what kind of gun does your person like?

OTHER: anything else I should know?

Alright, here's mine then...

[color=red]Name: Jack Senei

Age: 21

Gender: male

Hunter Name: Pyro (no relations to x-men)

Ability: complete resistance to fire, and a naturaly pyro-maniac.

Personality: quirky and fun to be around, but sometimes brain-dead. He doesn't get angry very easily, but holds a grudge.

Appearance: 5''9' dark brown hair and very tan skin. Green eyes, small nose, and over-done facial expressions. Wears the basic hunter uniform under a long, thick cloak that he can carry over 50 grenades in.

BIO: Born in Houston, Texas he quickly found he was flame-resistant. He would often sit on a flame or swallow a match to scare his parents. It was obvious he was hunter material. After going through training, he was stationed in Arkansas, in the "Giant-Slayer" group. (the name is for show). He quickly learned to make all of his clothes fire-resistant after an unfortunate accident. He has a lab in his room where he makes all his own grenades and is always looking for a way to make them more explosive.

Secret Crush: whoops, didn't mean to put this here ((scraches it out))

Favored Weapon: grenade/flame-thrower... either one is good for him.[/color]

Alright, remember that I am holding a spot for Viper, so only three more people in my guys group not including him. Get postin'!!
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Name: Lita Young

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Hunter Name: Aqua

Ability: Can control water and dosen't need to breath when she goes under water.

Personality: Quite and but hides her emotions.She can be a flirt sometimes.

Appearance: Shoulder lenght blue hair, grey eyes, wears skin thight midnight blue leather pants, combat boots, and a baby blue tank top.

BIO: Born in the Flordia Keys and swam every day she noticed that she could stay under water for as long as she wants.She surfs and one day the surf was down so she was playing around andmoved herr hands up thinking rise water rise and just like that the water rose and she was astionished.Her parents moved to Texas and she was devasted because her boyfriend was left in the Keys.She became more quite and soon she meet Jack and they became close friends.

Favored Weapon: Bow and arrows, throwing knives, and three hidden daggers.
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[size=1][color=999999][B]Name:[/B] Ralience (it's basically alliance with an R in the front of it)

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Hunter Name:[/B] Genesis

[B]Ability:[/B] Psychic powers, creation/destruction type, and Yin/Yang.

[U]Yin/Yang:[/U] It's basically Light/Dark type, except that it is stronger and more efficient.

[B]Personality:[/B] Isolated, quiet, and calm are three things she is. But when provoked she is violent, aggressive, and defensive. She fights to the end and never backs down. A true fighter is a man of his word, in this case.....Ralience is no man.

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment..one of my favorite pictures..

[B]BIO:[/B] Her life is a mystery. No one knows of who she is, or what she has done. It was never known. She only knows and does not wish to tell again. A tragic story her life is and no one there to share the pain.

[B]Secret Crush:[/B] we shall soon see....

[B]Favored Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://www.cbswords.com/images/samurai3000ninja.jpg]Twin Blades[/url], Silver Dual Fans, two sais, and basically anything she can get her hands on. Plus herself.

[B]OTHER:[/B] Do not piss her off. She may have intentions of chopping your balls off. She can also talk to animals and her powers include.......that's something you will have to find out.[/size][/color]
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Very very good, both of you. Great Bio from Swordmaster13. Arika, very interesting ability, but I'd appreciate it if you could eexplain what exactly the "yin/yang" ability is supposed to do. Alright, so I need one more person plus Viper when he finaly gets on... then we can start! Yaaaaay!

(for a while, I though this would NEVER get started)
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Name: Patrick Tener

Age: 22

Gender: male

Hunter Name: Thinker

Ability: He can slow down time so that he can evaluate the situation although he can't move faster when time is slowed.

Personality: he is precise and uses as little words as possible. he has many phobias but faces them all head on. he is a very serious person but on rare ocasions shows affection.

Appearance: short brown hair,brown eyes, and moderate tan. about 5"10'. Wears camoflouge pants and shirt, brown boots, and hingerless gloves. Facial expressions seem non existant on his face but every once In a while a slight smile will appear.

BIO: born and raised in Spring, Texas. Once while commuting to Galvoston Bay A truck almost ran him over, everything slowed down and he was ale to see the truck and run out of the way in time. He eventually realised that he can slow down time to think and strategise. He undertook hunter training and seemed to specialise In snipinf from long distances and making precise shots at close range.

Secret Crush*starts typing*oops nevermind*backspaces a couple of times*

Favored Weapon: sniper rifle or assault rifle
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EXCELLENT!! Now if only Viper would get here... alright, so no more joiners unless you want to start your own group and face the consiquences if no-one joins it..lol, with the exception of Viper of course. I'll start it immediately when he joins...
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Name: Duncan Clarke

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Hunter Name: Phase

Ability: Can alter the density on his body, giving him super human strength when at maximum density, and allowing him to phase through solid objects when at a minimum density.

Personality: An ourgoing and funny individual. However, he sometimes doesn't know when enough is enough, and will sometimes go overboard on certain subjects.

Appearance: 6'2", Shaggy brown hair and a woodsman like beard. He has a strong, working build, though not fully riped. As a mountain man, he often wears fur, khaki, jean, and flannel outdoor oriented clothing.

BIO: A mountain man from Colorado who grew up in a small town with two things, a coal mine and a ski/snowboard resort. He discovered his special ability when he phased right through a tree when snowboarding in the backcountry. He quickly developed his ability to the points of intangability and super human strength, being able to apply a force of 10 tons, using them to work in the local mine and support his family.

Secret Crush: Hey, three girls. He'll have one.

Favored Weapon: 12 gauge shot-gun

that makes me the 5th right? besides viper i guess. if u start, ill do my own thing till more start i guess.
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Right, good post. I was gonna say that you are actualy part of a new group if you join now because Viper is going to be the fifth in the first one, but you seem to be aware of that. If you're confused now, then remember that there are only five hunters per group and I'm reserving a spot for Viper. So if more people don't join your group, you'll be controlling the other four that should be in your group. Since Viper still hasn't gotten on, I think I shall call him and tell him to... See ya. Oh, and if other people don't join and you don't feel like controlling five characters, you can still back out. Not to say you should (just messin with your head man). See you guys in a little while I guess...
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Don't worry, Outlaw; you're not alone...
[color=blue][u]Name:[/u] Tara Senna
[u]Age:[/u] 22
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Hunter Name:[/u] Doom
[u]Ability:[/u] She has hypnotic powers and an intimidating/paralyzing gaze. She also fires what she calls "hex blasts", which can do all sorts of awful things...
[u]Personality:[/u] Goth and loner. Tara is antisocial and usually doesn't like to be around people, but she does tend to have a soft side for people who have special powers. She's also quite clever and loves to torment and toy with her enemies.
[u]Appearance:[/u]Tara is about 5 feet tall. She has long, straight black hair and purple eyes with hints of red and magenta. She wears a short black and purple shirt with a skull on it, a black and blue skirt, black boots, and a black and silver belt. She also wears a necklace with a green star on it, which she can't use her hex blasts without. (It glows when she uses them.)
[u]Bio:[/u] Tara was a happy girl when she was five or so, but she grew bitter once most of her family mysteriously died one day. From then on, her personality entirely changed; one can say her heart turned cold. She wasn't evil, though she seemed like it. It was through her hatred of the world that she inherited her abilities.
[u]Secret Crush:[/u] No one. She never gets attracted to guys.
[u]Favored Weapon:[/u] Herself.[/color]
Yeah, Tara is a weird character, but oh well... Hope she's in.
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Alright, I've got some good news and some bad news...

the good news is, Tara is in, and I'm gonna start this thread... the bad news is that Viper cannot get on today... however he has informed me that he will join later, so his character will somehow be introduced in the middle... oh well.

Now, let's go kick some inter-dimensional a**!!
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Ok, Guys, Im here!

Name: Peter Gabbiani

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Hunter Name: Hack a.k.a Umaro

Ability: Doesn't quite know, but he seems very very lucky

Personality: He is fun to be around and is slightly annoying at times. He talks a lot, and it is hard to shut him up. Even though his annoyance may be hard to withstand, he is a valuable asset in combat (lol, sounds like me :) )

Appeaarance: Average height, about 6'1. He usually wears leather and his weapons are slung over his back on dark leather straps. he has spiky black hair and dark green eyes. He has a huge scar on his back, going from the bottom of his neck to the bottom of his back; he claims it was from Harry Potter.

Bio: Peter was born and raised in the city of New York. He spent a lot of time just going to school, doing chores; you know, normal things. His father was a buisness Tycoon, making 'computers'. He later found out it was Viral weapons he was really working on. Peter turned him in and he was later released for reasons unknown to peter, and was forced to leave new york for a foster family at the age of 15. They lived a boring life, so soon he got a motorcycle and just left. He soon was out of money and tried a few jobs, but he always seemed to screw up. He joined the HUNTERS to find a good job, but is thinking about quitting.

Secret Crush: Minnie from DISNEY

Favored Weapons: Sniper, shotgun, and a minigun
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