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[color=navy]Oh yeah! I saw that banner before!

The choice of colors is awesome. I love how you have Renamon in her true color and a full body pic and then have head shots of her in different, kind of, transparent colors.

Being the big Renamon fan that I am, I love the way she is positioned in the banner.

Love the banner! Hope to see more work from you![/color]
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As I've already told K.K.C., I absolutely love your Pippin banner. It's cute and funny, and the font looks fantastic. All of the images you used are high-quality and impeccably cropped; my only complaint is that Pippin seems somewhat grim--a picture of him grinning in that kooky way of his might go better a bit with the humorous text.

Great work! ^_^

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Actually, I picked the pictures for the Pippin banner :sweat: But, those were the only clear images I could find... up until now (KKC recently found many pictures). *Hugs Billy Boyd Pic* He's mine!

Anyways, this is awesome! I sort of lost my interest in digimon a while back, but I love this banner, it's so colorful ^^ And I also like the button effect look of it. Good job.

OOooo, the Necro one is very cool, I like the shadings of Black, gray, and white you used in it. Im not really good with quotes (Unless it comes to a Scotish actor), but I'll give it a shot, don't laugh though...... N/m... I can't think of one... *sniffle*

[b]Rating for Digimon: 8.5/10[/b]
[b]Rating for Pippin: 8.8/10[/b]
[b]Rating for Necro: 9/10[/b]
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Those are some great banners. Okay, systematically ...

Digimon banner: that's a great font you've used - it fits in with the stark cartoon outlines and flat colours. The transparent single-colour copies are also a very snazzy touch. The one thing I would say is that the marbled background works nicely enough around her right arm up until the shoulder, and then the yellow swirl comes in and it doesn't look quite so nice. The light grey strip running up from her back also stumped me a bit, but overall it's a fantastic banner.

The Pippin banner: It's so cute! I love the blind effect you've used and the edges you've added around the image in the centre. Great choice of font - it gives the banner real punch (hey, it certainly leapt out at me the first time I came across one of K.K.C.'s posts).

The Necro banner: Beautiful and dark, with just the tiniest touch of Giger smoothness. It's great - you can just spend ages staring at it and notices new things because the darkness simultaneously says so little and says so much. The best thing is that the shapes are completely open to individual interpretation.

As for a quote - well, I've been living out of my great great uncle's Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam for everything life-and-death related, assuming you're going down the necro vein ... how about this (I warn you, these things usually only really have flare as rhyming couplets) -

"One Moment in Annihilation's Waste,
One Moment, of the Well of Life to taste"

Might not be that suitable - only you know the true intention behind the banner.

Anyways, great work!
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Ok. Digimon one: It looks good at first. I don't think it has the great appeal that some banners have, but it looks good all the same. There are some little things though. As Pyrophobic mentioned, the marble swirl looks OK until you reach the creature's yellow fur. Then it just looks poor and shoddy. Also, what is with that big grey strip behind its head? That just looks like you forgot and left something out. Also, some of your cropping around its body leaves something to be desired... I assume you decided to take an easy way out and leave that circle between her arm and body half done? Well you can see the marble through it... with these big white patches around it.... bad move. Also, you could probably crop a bit closer to her boot/feet things. With the alternately coloured heads, I think you should have only used one. Because the blue one's wings go over the green one's face, and looks bad. At least put the green one on top of the blue one.

Pippin one: Very good. It looks sleek, simple, and overall, well done. Your cropping is a hell of a lot better on this one, and the font is beautiful for the theme. I think the grim pictures suit better- why would he be grinning that he isn't getting second breakfast? I know I wouldn't be grinning over missing out on food. I love the plain border you used- it really accentuates the banner in this case. One thing little thing to point out though, which may not be correct. On the first Pippin on the left's head, his hair looks like it comes out too far. It is nigh on impossible to tell, but it looks like that may be background instead of hair for a part of it. Aside from that- good work.

The Death banner: I like this, however I agree that it needs soemthing to balance and counterweight the 'heavy' image on the left. However, the quote you added.... it looks bad. The font for one- in 'something' [note the 'e', you spelt the word wrong] the 'm' looks terrible. It looks like an 'n' until you get closer. You also spelt 'worse' wrong. Yes, worse with an 'e', not a 't'. Another grammar note- it should be a capital 'I' for 'I'll'. The font itself doesn't inspire the fear and darkness that you really seem to be trying to convey. Change font. You can keep the quote if you want, but my suggestion is 'Are you ready?.....'. A good banner, but let down by the quote's spelling and font.

Overall, quite good banners here.
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You're quite welcome Hack Helba. If I feel that a banner thread is good enough to deserve ratings, I'll be harsh on it. Picture me as a slightly friendlier Simon Cowell, but from a different genre ^_^.

lol. Anyhow, down to business- I thought most of your previous banners were quite good, but I was [figuratively] asked to rate so... I did so. I was only being nit-picky.

This banner for Lord Prozen... At first glance it seems quite good. It looks nice, good colour schemes and toning, suitable border. The font is awesome, I love the 'breaking out' from the rest of the banner feel. The background for the banner looks good indeed. I am really impressed by it... and finally I move on to the character face. *screams dramatically* Shock horror. Am I seeing double? Do I need those funky 3-d glasses? No.... I'm not drunk. That just looks horrible. I can not stress how much that double overlay shocks me. I intensely dislike it. Please, I beg of you- remove the overlay. Make it one image. Were it not for that face, I would have to give a 8.5/10. With the face... 6.5/10

Aesthetics: 6.5/10
Technical: 8/10
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