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The Legend of Zelda: Awakening of A New Evil


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[color=red]Hello! Hello! Hello it's me Maximillion404 and this is going to be my second RPG. Technically this RPG belongs to me and JoyKaiba. We put our creative minds together for something good instead of evil. This is basicly a Legend of Zelda RPG (duh) and it's takes place right after Ganondorf was destroyed.

The Story:
"Where am I," Link's voice echo through his mind. He opened his eyes to discover that he was surrounded by water. A shining female figure appeared before Link.
"A New evil has awaken," the figure said, "it is like none you have seen before. You alone will not be enough. You must seek help or Hyrule as we know it will be destroyed." Link blinked as the shining figure disappeared. Could this be a dream or is this reality?

Sorry there's not much to the story, but strangely my sister and I can't seem to put this into words. Anyhow, here's the character info we need:

Race: (the female pirates :can't think of their names at the moment:, Elves, Zoras, Gorons, Lost Children :like the bad guy in Majora's Mask: or Duke Shrubs)
Main Weapon: (can be any thing includeing magic powers)
Other Weapons: (can be any thing includeing magic powers)
Good or Evil:

Here's mine and my sister will post her's soon:

Name: Link

Age: starts out as a 10 year old, but travels through time to become a 17 year old (sound familiar ^_^)

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Description: [url]http://sniper.mysitespace.com/linkchar1.jpg[/url]

Bio: Link was raised in the forest by a different group of Elves that never grow up called Koriki. He was believed to be one of them until he left the forest. He's known as the "Hero of Time" across all of Hyrule. He has fought many monsters and rescued many people. He's the only one, along with the sages, that knows about how he traveled through time to save Hyrule from a dark age.

Main Weapon: The Master Sword

Other Weapons: all of his weapons from the game (not to say I'll use them all)

Good or Evil: Good (but of course)

Alright people, I'm not very good at names, so if you know the names of the races, feel free to put them down. I also need to know who the main bad guy is. You can make him/her up, just tell me somewhere that you're the main bad guy or person (whatever). If you have any questions PM me or JoyKaiba, ok.[/color]
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[color=purple]Tah-dah! Here I am, the co-writer of this RPG!

Name: Lilly

Age: starts out as a 10 year old, but travels through time to become a 17 year old

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Description: Lilly looks alot like Princess Zelda, but her hair is only shoulder length. She wears a green tanktop with brown trimings, green shorts with brown trimings, knee high brown boots, brown fingerless gloves that comes up to her elbow, and gold triforce earrings.

Bio: Lilly is Link's long lost twin sister. She decides to find Link after hearing that she had a twin brother and where he was supposedly living. After meeting back up with Link, she gets drug into a adventure. She's not the type who would start a fight, but she'll certainly finish it. Lilly has a attitude problem and a big mouth. She starts fights without relizeing it though. She's very skilled swordsmen.

Main Weapon: The Master Sword (long story)

Other Weapons: the same ones as Link except they're different colors

Good or Evil: Good[/color]
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hmm...the question is good or evil? *ponders in her mind for and hour* okies I'll be good girl!

Name: Aerin
Age: around 13
Gender: Female
Race: a female pirate as you call them
Description: She has long red hair, usually in a ponytail and purplish eyes. She wears white pants and a white tanktop (come on! You know what they look like!)
Bio: She got exiled from the pirate clan for disobedience and helping the enemy (which was actually an innocent bistander) So after that, she decided to help people instead of hurt them. She some how manages to hang out with Link and Lilly. She still uses the 'fighting style' that the pirates use and the same wepon.
Main Weapon: Two curved sword. Look if you played the game you'd know what it looks like, but I dunno what it's called!
Other Weapons: A hookshot, and she's got what seems like a warehouse full of potions. She also has the ability to disappear using a deku nut!
Good or Evil: I s'pose good
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I guess i'll join this.

[b]Name:[/b] zeo
[b]Age:[/b] 15
[b]Gender:[/b] male
[b]Race:[/b] elves
[b]Description:[/b] green eyes, black hair, boots, gauntlets, red tunic, purple pants, blue cloak
[b]Bio:[/b] Zeo does alot of traveling. He travels to search of a purpose in his life and to gain skills. Zeo likes to play his flute alor because it helps calm him and becuase it's been in his family for years. He normaly makes friends easily so he'll do what he can to help others. He perfers to use magic becuase when ever he uses his other weapons he goes over board and kills his opponent.
[b]Main Weapon:[/b] ogre with sword blades
[b]Other Weapons:[/b] staff, mostly thunder magic, spell given off by his flute, sais, bows and arrows
[b]Good or Evil:[/b] good
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Guest ChaosTwilighter
Name: Tyrael
Age: 13
Gender: male
Race: Zora
Description:Most of the time hes wearing a white claok but with it off he has crystal blue skin(or scales w/e) and long razor sharp zora fin coming out of his arms. The only clothes he wears are white pants that are water proof and a purple dew drop shaped gem on a necklace.
Bio:Tyrael, who has become fed up with the zora life, has sent out on a mission to explore the whole world and anywhere else. He has desided that any evil that he can find is a great traget to kill. Hes very hot-headed ande has a thing about hating elves.
Main Weapon: His black crystal sword is his main weapon
Other Weapons: His fins that he can shoot like a bow or arrow, water magic, some dark magic and (only underwater) a sonic blast.
Good or Evil: good
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Race: (male)
Description:he looks like link but he is tall and has a long sword
Bio:he is link's long lost brother he was captured with zelda but escaped
Main Weapon: (long sword)
Other Weapons: (axe)
Good or Evil: good
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Well, you people, Lone is here to save u guys...the pirates are called Gerudo's...that's not how u spell it though

Race: Zora
Description:Tall, uh, blue, wears only a long dragon vest(most Zora's don't wear anything :blush: )And, you know, the fins the head fin...thingy.
Bio:Miriki was abused as a child and her dojo was burned down, and her master assasinated. Now she is in search of a new master.
Main Weapon: Katana
Other Weapons: Knub-chucks and a dagger incrested with her dojo's insignia.
Good or Evil: good of corse!
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Race: Elves
Description:Short red hair,black eyes,red pants,black shirt,black warrior boots,and a fire gem that protects her from the heat and burnes of fire.
Bio:Raised near a volcano in the village of elves that were said to have power over fire.One tragic day though the volcano erupted killing all in the village exept her.She moarned of her lost village and questioned the volcano why it had not killed her too.The volcano answered that she was the true fire master and only she could tame the flames.It then blessed her with her fire sword, flame gloves and Staff of Inferno.Tara did not question this great power and exepted it with great honor,for she was the Flame Master.
Main Weapon: Fire sword(leaves an never fading burn that countions to burn like it did when it was placed on the skin only one cure mystic water and only Tara knows wear it can be found).
Other Weapons: Flame Glves(allow her to shot fireballs amd fireblast out of the plams of her hands.
Staff of Inferno(lets her control the flow of lava and summon it from the ground and some other things too).
Good or Evil: Evil but does some good deeds every now and then but does them in secert.
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Name: §ol Cresent. "Unknown why he oicked his name."
Age: Unknown.
Gender: Male.
Race: Half Elf/ Half Human.
Apperance: Draped in a thick red and black cloak "as in the line in the story un folds, so shall my apperance be come known."
Bio: Past is unknown even to him but he seems to hate all liveing things for an obscure reason.
Main Weapon: He uses stealth and a pair of Siccor Katars hiden under his cloak.
Other Weapons: Throwing stars and a katana as well as a koudouchi.
Good or Evil: obvisley Evil ("Duh")
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Name: (not yet known, she hasn't figured it out herself, constant memory loss :sweat: )
Age: 12
Gender: female
Race: Elf
Description: She wears the Hero's Clothes (The WindWaker) for no reason whatsoever, but she dyed it purple and put a white skull on the bottem left side, the only thing differnt is she tossed the hat out the window and out to sea. her hair is blond with dyed purple tips. her eyes are an odd shade of purple-pink.
Bio: He family died before she was 2, she only survived due to some power that protected her. she has spent her life up to this point trying to figure out what protected her and not her family.
Main Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Other Weapons: a Sword, and a power that is the oposit of the triforce, it attacts evil not repels it.
Good or Evil: ??? both/mystery, she helps both sides to her advantige.
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Name: Kanto Sankon
Race: Hylian
Description:Tall, black hair in a little ponytail. Black tunic and black knee length shorts. Brown hiking boots(the only things that are not black on him) and deep red eyes
Bio:Born in a land outside of Hyrule, Kanto had learned the ways of the sword and magic to survive. Ever since his parents were killed while Ganondorf ruled, he vowed to kill Ganondorf.
Main Weapon: Marasame and Maramasa
Other Weapons: Masamune and various elemental spells.
Good or Evil: Unknown...
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