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Tikal and Knuckles banner

Dragon Fou Lu

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ok.....this another sonic banner i've made.

the difference this time is 2 things..

1) i used Knuckles and Tikal because they're both echidnas, so i thought it would work well. also the fact that they are both linked somehow with the Master Emerald also played a big part.

2) i would like a few comments on this banner please, the last 2 i've posted up everyone just looked at it and didn't tell me what they thought of it (so it gave me the feeling that my work isn't good enough). i don't think i'm asking too much for just a little support or critism :(

anyway here's the banner.

[b]Edit:[/b] it seems that this thread is going to end up like the others :(
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[COLOR=darkblue]I love it.

It's plain but it has a sort of effect.Maybe you could add something in there that would take up the space a little, the gap between Knuckles and Tikal is quite big.

I like the contrast of the 2 Echidnas and how they are related.

I might ask you to make me another banner some time.

The banner's cool and I love the color blue with them.

I still think you should put something in the space between them....Chaos Emerald maybe....I dunno....just my suggestions.

Good job anyways.
Keep doing what you're doing.
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well i was originally going to put in Metal Sonic and the master emerald for some reason but i decided to cut it out.
and the reason i didn't put text on it is because i didn't really know what i wanted the banner to say :(
however i have edited the banner a little (not much, i just put in a new pic) but hopefully it should fill in the gap in the middle :)

thanks for the comments :)
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Yeah, the first banner has a nice, clear impact. I'm not so sure about adding the emerald - it adds a cluttered weightiness to the foot of the banner somehow. It suits Knuckles' action line perfectly, but the way it contrasts with Tikal's spines' forward lean is a bit clashy - that's why it seems cluttered. Maybe you could think of a short sample of text to include, shrink the emerald and lay the text over it somewhere. I'd want to keep the space from the first banner and use it like you do in your green signature banner - I think that's very successful.

Well done with what you've done so far - nice placid blue! ^_^
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