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The Gaurdians of the elements

Guest ChaosTwilighter

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Guest ChaosTwilighter

Story: In all the elemental villages the elders are dying. The have called upon 7 Kids(us) to their side. Each of the seven elders(Wind,Water,Fire,Earth,Night and Day) have given the kids each the weapon of the elements and told them to all meet the other "gaurdians" of the other elements in the city of Leck Hevan, which is conventently only 10 miles from each village, and that there they shall have to learn the secrets of their elements and gaurdian beasts and will have to band together to defet a new evils. As the elders die the weapon glow a brighter version of the same color they were orgionally and the hold starts to change into the form of their guardians

P.s. Sorry its not much but it'll get better as the story goses on ^.^

Register info:
Age: (Anything above 10 plz)
Element: (One per element)
Race: (Vampire,Human,Elf,Lizard-man/dragon-man,demon and angel)
Normal Discription:
Gaurdian Discription: (The difference is that this one has new clothes and stuff)
Gaurdian spirt:

My info:
Name: Tyrael
Sex: Male
Age:appears to be 15 but really is unknown
Element: Night
Normal Discription: Tyrael is normally dressed in a blackt-shirt and pants. His wings are midnight blue and look like an egael's wings. his skin his almost shining white and his eyes are a deep dark black.
Gaurdian Discription: A blue and black armor with the same color wings. His arms appear to have a white ghost, a skeleton face and hands that connect to a long whip-like tail, climbing up them and ending on the knuckles.
Bio: Tyrael has been outcasted for most of his life and has been living on the ouscrits of town and the only resent calling back to the village for him was when the elder called him.
Gaurdian Spirt: A Skeleton ghost(look at Gaurdian Discription)
Weapon: A odd skeleton hilted knife thats made out of a black crystal.

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[color=teal]Hello! This sounds interesting!

Name: Karen

Sex: Female

Age: about 16


Race: Vampire

Normal Discription: Karen has waist length red hair and redish-green eyes. She wears a black shirt with flames on it and red pants.

Gaurdian Discription: Karen gets red armor that looks like a little like Rose's armor in the Legend of Dragoon. Her armor create flame wings when she needs them. Her one arm as a red dragon wrapped around it insted of armor.

Bio: Karen is an outcast. She doesn't have many friends and she only has a mother. Her father diappeared without a trace. Karen was going to give up until she is called to the village. She doesn't understand how she becomes the Gaurdian of Fire. She thinks she's not worthy enough to be anything. She's a great fighter despite her lack in confidence in herself.

Gaurdian spirt: A red dragon

Weapon: A sword that used to belong to her father. She also uses her bare fist and fangs sometimes.

OOC: I hope this is Ok. If there's something wrong, PM me about it, OK.[/color]
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Name: Kaze
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Element: Wind
Race: Human (or is she?)
Normal Discription: She is tall for her age, with dark purple eyes and dark purple hair with glints of silver, she wears a dress that goes down to her knees in the back and is a bit shorter in the front. she wears dark purple shoes that are tied together with black ribbons.
Gaurdian Discription: she is taller now, her dress is now ocean blue with gold rimming, her shoes become lighter, to a light purple and the ribbons turn from black to gold. her hair goes to a silver streaked with soft blues, her eyes lighten to a normal purple. white feathery wings apear on her back
Bio: not much is knows about her except that she is 12, and will never age again. the only other thing they know about her is she fell from the sky and crashed and shattered the Temple of Wind.
Gaurdian spirt: Tenshi, a small shadow that it is impossible to figure out what it is or rather was.
Weapon: she has a mage staff; it is a long silver staff with inscriptions on the sides at the top there is a floating glass spiral with a pink glass heart in the center. she also has a sword that has a tendency to make things blow up for no reason.

i hope this is ok.
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(OCC: I hope you let me in this!)

Name: Minako, people normally call her Mina

Gender: Female

Age: she looks 16 but they really don't know

Element: Water

Race: Elf

Normal Description: Mina has long blond, a little wavy, hair that she ties in two braids down the sides and has two streaks of black surrounding her face. (see pic) That's how she normally looks. She has Green eyes with blue specs in them.

Guardian Description: She get's this long, silvery-white dress that seems to flow...like water! Her eyes go to sliver and her hair loses the black and goes a brilliant blonde, as it get's to almost as long as her dress.

Bio: Mina is a pretty cheerful person who makes friends easily. She's pretty bouncy and can be quite ditzy sometimes, but when her friends are in danger, watch out! Her past is hazy...She was orphaned, quite young but won't tell anyone who her parents are or how they died. Rumor has it is that her parents are ROYALTY and they were brutally murdered...but that's just a rumor. ;) Mina will also never age, since she's an elf.

Gaurdian Spirit: Natsumi...see Guardian Description for how she looks.

Weapon: Mina can call Tsunamis or anything that has water to do whatever she wishes. She also has this brilliant white beam she can call on in battle, but it drains all her energy and she faints after she uses it.

***This RPG sounds cool, so pm me when you start it, ok?***
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I know a perfect character for this RPG!!

I just noticed. There are only six elements listed. What's the seventh?

[color=green][u]Name:[/u] Nettle
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Age:[/u] 15
[u]Elememt:[/u] Earth
[u]Race:[/u] Elf
[u]Normal Description:[/u] Nettle is about 5 feet tall. She has long, straight, pale green and silver hair, sea green eyes, and long ears that stick out at the sides of her head. She wears a knee-length light green dress with a blue waistband and short sleeves.
[u]Guardian Description:[/u] Same as normal, except she wears a long, faded green dress with long sleeves, light blue strappy sandals, and a ring on her left ring finger with a green gem on it shaped like a butterfly. She also wears a necklace that contains her guardian spirit.
[u]Guardian Spirit:[/u] A green forest pixie named Sumetre.
[u]Weapon:[/u] Her main weapon is a magic sword that can shoot beams and stuff from it. (You'll see in the RPG.) Her ring and guardian spirit can sort of be used as "weapons".[/color]

I hope Nettle's included!
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[size=1][color=chocolate]Okay...I swear I did read it but I guess my eyes decieved me. Sorry for my mistake.

[b]Name:[/b] Liela (pronounced lee-la *short a sound*)
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 11
[b]Element:[/b] Day
[b]Race:[/b] Angel
[b]Normal Description:[/b] Dark brown hair to her shoulders with gold tints. Gray eyes and tan skin. Black T-shirt with black pants.
[b]Guardian Description:[/b] Long, white pants with a short white dress covering the top of the pants. Hair is fancy bun (same color) and dark green eyes. On her dress there is a white emerald on the center where her chest is. She has a orchid in her bun to make look fancy. Also, like any other angel, white wings.
[b]Guardian Spirit:[/b] A Soul Catcher (a long white snake with a dragon type head that's light blue who carries souls)
[b]Bio:[/b] Leila doesn't like to show her real angel form often because she doesn't like to express herself much. Since Leila grew up alone, she doesn't like to socialize much. She doesn't smile often either.
[b]Weapon:[/b] A golden colored Staff that has a yellow ball of light above it's end. This ball of light stands for the sun. The yellow ball can shoot beams from it, and gets energy from the sun to keep the ball of light alive. The staff itself is also a weapon for hitting people with.

Hope this works![/size][/color]
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