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The Gunfighter;

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Long ago, there was a world called the outskrits. In Outskrits, there was terribles power that erupted in to a wars. this war was dangerous and horrid, which made it a blood fest. Which spilt the world into two.It was the hard times, times that people didnt think they were gonna to live. So an elder named Dr. Vixen created orbs that brought the people to the real world. Which we call earth, where dangers of Aurians were not an issue. As the humans fled in fear to earth, the Aurians planned an attack. They planned to attack at the portal right before the humans came.The attack was a creul and horrid humans were slauther because they didnt have weapons. Only a few humans who use the orbs we were safe, including Dr. Vixen. And altough few humans were safe, the Outskirts were ruled by the Aurians. Who now have the power lay dorminant in this world they call hell.
10000 years later , the real world is in danger because of Dr. Vixen elemantal orbs which have the power to transport people from the outskirts are in the hands of the Aurians. Who are sending armies to the earth. Now everyone is in search of these orbs so they can stop the evil that is coming to earth. The Real world is spilting between two worlds. It is all up to one man and his allies which they call the gunfighters.Who are preparing for war between the vixens.

Travel through Cities:

Razzaria-a huge city full of money,greed,and politics

Vioeian-a small village which is full of fiends

Goilathia: A metroplios which is controlled by demons

Cathrina- a huge village that the jounery begins at

Vex Plains- a plain which is a battle ground where wars between demons and human always take place.

Gunfighters Tower: the united headquarters of the gunfighter

Kingdom of Dreams: a unknown place where magic happens

Races: Androids- Built to guard and is the main defense of the gunfighters

Humans- both offensive and defensive

Demons- they are the main offense in the gunfighters and the humans wrost enemy

Dragonaid- they were gentically mutated to be a serect weapon

techology: gravity cannons, hyper beams, guns, and other mech assault suits

ranks: Leader,captian,generals,and cadets

sign up;

race:can be anything
descripation: pic or detial
side: Auraian/gunfighter

name:Xeo Wallace
weapon:a sword
bio: from a small town that was invaded by demons, and he is a demon hunter where he found his element of elements.
descripation:see attachment
allies: ???
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name:Kyle Stine
gender: male
weapon:duel handguns
bio:Born in Razzaria he was soon orphaned and lived as a street urchen. Through the years he learned to be very affective with guns through crime. He eventually wanted a change of scenery and a break from crime so he moved to Cathrina
descripation:brown eyes and hair, moderate tan, about 5'11" has no coherent clothing style
element: fire
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name: James Starfe
age: 17
gender: male
weapon: [url]http://members.fortunecity.com/butterflysedge/media/image8.jpg[/url]
and a barretta handgun

race: human
bio: "The Lone Wolf" James never stayed in any place for more than a week. His mother left when he was a year old, and his father was a traveling warrior who led him around on all his exploits. When his father died in a brawl, James, who was only seven years old, started wandering around himself.

He got a break in Vioeian, where a band of nomads picked him up and gave him his gunblade. They became the closest thing to a family he had, for an entire year. Then, when they accidentaly wandered into the Vex Plains, they scattered and were slaughtered in crossfire. James manedged to survive, but he wished he hadn't. He became a mercinary to fend for himself at 15
rank: cadet
descripation: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=gundamwing&image=36[/url] (the guy with the gun)
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[color=teal]Ok, I'm going to try this!

Name: Selena Knight

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Weapon: golden .4 colt long barrel gun

Race: Human

Bio: Selena was born in Cathrina. She lived a peaceful live, but she always wanted to fight. She started fights in school and was always in trouble. She learned to control her element after all of the times she was in trouble. Selena meets Xeo and there's instant friendship.

Rank: Captain

Descripation: Selena has waist blonde hair that she usually wears in a braid and blue eyes. She's about six foot. She usually wears a white tanktop, a dark blue,white, and light blue camo vest, a dark blue,white, and light blue camo pants, and black boots.

Element: Light

Allies: Xeo

OOC: I hope this is ok. :sweat:[/color]
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[color=blue][size=1]I'll join!!

Name: Nikkie Nogard

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Weapon: A double sided broad sword. Let me get back to the gun.

Race: Human

Bio: She lived with her aunt and uncle because her parents were always busy. Eventually, they were killed, as were her aunt and uncle, forcing her to live on her own. She learned to stealthily steal what she needed to survive getting her kicked out of several towns. But she stopped in Razzaria for a while, getting lots of money and a nasty reputation. She was invited to join the gunfighters for her abilities of stealth and her mastery of her sword and guns.

Rank: Cadet

Description: She's about 5'9", has long brown hair in a ponytail, and green eyes. She wears a black overcoat over a dark blue t-shirt and blue jeans, and she has sandals on her feet. She keeps her guns hidden in her coat and her sword by her side.

Element: Air

Allies: Hasn't made any yet.

Hope that works!![/color][/size]
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