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Battle of the gods: Post Olympus


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Diana wasn't sure why, but she always seemed to save her homework until she was nearly ready for bed. She opened her math book and began to struggle through logarithms. Within moments, she far too frustrated to get anywhere in her assignment. It was 11:58 pm. As long as she were asleep by 3, she'd be able to function as well as usual at school the next day. Diana tossed the math book aside and delved into her literature book.
"Medea,"she thought to herself while trying to answer the study questions over the play, "Now there's a strong woman, but what's with this ending? Like the gods would actually send a chariot for her!"
Suddenly the clock struck midnight and there was a flash of blinding light. Diana's arms shot up reflexively to shield her eyes from the piercing brilliance. Slowly, she lowered arms and gazed curiously in the direction the light had come from. The sight which met her arms was a strange one. A tall, imposing woman dressed in a Greek toga and sandals stood before. A thin circlet with a cresent pendant crowned her head and a large, dangerous-looking hunting knife rested in a sheath on her belt. On her back, she wore a quiver of arrows accompanied by large, beautifully engraved bow resting on her right shoulder. Her eyes were steely gray, like Diana's, gave the impression of a hidden loneliness and, somehow, reminded one of the full moon. Her complexion was pale, almost translucent, as though the woman never let sunlight warm her skin. Thick brown hair was pulled back into a simple, practical braid, so similar to Diana's own hair that she absent mindedly pulled her hand back to touch her own braid. The woman appeared at first glance to be youthful, but she held an air of centuries of experience and knowledge.
Finally, Diana found her voice and whispered hoarsely, "Who are you, and what are you doing in my bedroom?"
"Diana Torrens," the strange woman replied in a cool, lilting voice that held in it the engery of a sprinting deer or a soaring eagle, "I have come to instruct you in your duties as a Daughter of Olympus."
Diana's eyes widened in shock. It was only moments before she began shrieking, "What are you?!?! Some sort of freakish Amazon?! I don't what you're talking about, but you're trespassing on private property, and you had better leave right now!"
The woman glared down on Diana, her wrath now incited, "I am no simple Amazon! I am Artemis, the Goddess of the Night! And you, foolish mortal girl, have no ability to remove me from your humble dwelling."
Artemis gazed around herself in disgust. After the destruction of Mount Olympus, nothing else met the glory of her former home.
Diana cringed back in chair, utterly terrified. She had never been in a situation as bizarre as this. Though she prided herself in being able to handle her own problems, a tempermental Greek goddess encroaching on the sanctuary of her room was more than she could handle.
"What's going on here?" she whispered.
Artemis' features softened, "You were chosen 18 years ago, while in your mother's womb, to carry on my position in the world of mortal men. I shall guide you in your duties, but only you will be able to see and hear me."
Diana stared back at the woman, dumbfounded.
"I must be dreaming," she thought to herself.
She closed her eyes tightly and pinched her arm. Cautiously, Diana opened her eyes again only to find Artemis looking at her as though she was completely mad.
Diana decided to herself, "Well, it's not a dream..."

OOC: Okay...so I cheated and used the post from Recruitmen...sorry. My b**** sister is spazzing b/c she wants to use the computer. I'll post again ASAP!
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"Mitsu Takata," the principal's voice called out. Mitsu looked up from her slouched position across two office chairs. She sat up and brushed some hair out of her eyes. The principal opened his office door and sat down behind his desk. Mitsu walked in, her shoes tapping against the floor tiles. She had treaded this room before, and knew it well.
"Miss Takata, I am terribly disappointed in you," the principal said, his hands folded up and on his chin. "This is the third time this week and the ninth time this month you've been in this office."
"Yes Mr. Shitamoto, I know," Mitsu replied dully. She fingered some coins in her pocket as she spoke.
"This cannot continue. You randomly bully and beat up people just because-"
"Just becasue they've harmed my friends!" Mitsu yelled, standing up and slamming a fist on Mr. Shitamoto's desk. "They're punks, sir, who don't know the first thing about respect! Guys who get straight Ds on their report cards and have never once passed a test without three tries! They're exactly the kind of idiots that would-"
"ENOUGH TAKATA! I am sick and tired of your complaints! You have no right to be judging others who are just like you!"
"Just...like me? Just like me? Old man, are you kidding? Those morons are near me at all! At least I can past tests. And without me, Shitamoto, this school wouldn't be one of the highest ranking schools in the country, and you know it!"
The principal sighed. "Mitsu, there is absolutly no reasoning with you. Go. Leave." He waved his hand towards the door.
"What? I'm off the hook that easily?"
"Just go Miss Takata! Before I really try and punish you."
Mitsu mumbled random swear words under her breath as she closed Mr. Shitamoto's door.
"Stupid no good old people...think they know everything..." Mitsu continued mumbling as she opened her locker. It was the end of the school day and nobody was there...nobody, that is, except the faculty.
She opened a side door to the school and jumped off the steps, sending her belt ends flying all over the place. Mitsu sighed and began her journey home. Luckily her parents were working late again, so news of her meeting with the principal wouldn't be heard, thanks to the delete button on their answering machine.
"It's nothing new. They work late all the time."

Mitsu dumped her backpack on the floor and went to the kitchen for a soda. As she cracked open the can and drank, a voice called out.
"Mitsu Takata."
Mitsu stopped, almost choking. "What the...who the hell are you?"
There wasn't a response.
Ooh, dum dum dum....I just remembered that the "mentors" could only meet with their chosen one at midnight..oops. ^^;
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Rei was walking down the streets late at night, as was her habit when she was bored.
[I]What to do....What to do...Should I go look for a fight? That always makes me feel better![/I] *she laughs for a second* [I]Maybe I'll just go home...It's 11:30 anyways...All my favorite bars are closed.[/I]

Then Rei turned the street corner, and then she felt as if someone was following her. She whirled around to find that noone was there. She shook it off and went into the 3rd apartment building on the left side of this dark and damp street.

"Ah! It's good to be home! Although I've done nothing but drink today...I seriously need to get a job....I'm going to have to stop drinking to get the bills paid soon!" *shudder*

So she went to the fridge to get something to eat, finding that nothing was there. "O well."
Then she went to sit on her run-down couch to catch something on tv but she fell asleep. Rei awoke to a tall, muscular woman, wearing greek-style clothing, calling her name.
"Rei....Rei Kotosuwa...I need to speak with you." said the woman
"Who the H**L are you??" Rei spat at her.
"I am Phoebe. I was one of the original Titans and I am a Moon Goddess."
"I must be dreaming!"
"This is no dream Rei. I have chosen you to carry my place here in this world. I will help and guide you along the way. You are the only one who can hear or see me. There are others who also have been chosen by other gods or goddesses. I suggest that you find them and speak with them, They'll also help you on your own personal quest."
"What do you mean? I'm not on any [I]PERSONAL[/I] quests!"
"Oh yes you are. I know that you long for your family....or should I say seek vengeance?"
"How do you know that??"
"I just do. Let me help you and I will bless you with veangence. Will you let me?"
"I guess so. Come to think of it, I never went to college...but I have no money!"
"I'll let you get into college. I'll make sure you won't pay for a dime, ONLY IF you accept that you are chosen by me."
"Ok ok I accept it. So do I get any cool powers?"
"You'll see."
Then the woman disappeared.
"Wait! I still have more questions!!"
It didn't help.
"Wow! 'Chosen to take Phoebe's place' hmm? This might be interesting..."
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Mistu was sprawled across a couch in the den, her algebra book on the floor with a pencil on top of it. The can of soda had multiplied to seven more, all laying on the ground beside the algebra book.
"Mitsu Takata....Mit...su...."
Mitsu woke up at the voice. "What the...hey! It's you again! Mind telling me who the hell you are?" She looked at her watch. 11:58.
"Sheesh...I slept a long time..."
The clock ticked on to 11:59. Mistu sat on the couch, wating.
"Ding! Midnight."
Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the den. Mistu covered her eyes, with enough room to see what the thing was. Out of the light came a woman, dressed in a Greek style toga. She had leather sandels tied up to her knee, and bore a sheild on her right arm. A dagger hung from her belt on her left hip, while a sword clinked on the right. The woman had dark hair in a ponytail and piercing black eyes. Her face was smooth yet firm with an appearance of agressiveness.
"Who the...what the..." Mitsu was lost. She was sure she had woken up, but this was way too much. It had to be a dream.
Suddenly finding her courage, she yelled at the figure. "Who or what in the name of hell are you?"
The woman smiled, then laughed. "If you wish to act this way, I won't tell you."
"...Huh? Uh...lady, just answer the question."
The woman smiled again, than walked up to Mitsu. She held out an arm, grabbed Mitsu's shirt, and picked up the teenager with no effort.
"Do you know yet, mortal?"
"Um, no. You grab my shirt and hold me up...that's nice. But, uh...I have to go to the bathroom. Soda does this to me, you know."
The woman stared blankly at Mitsu. "Mortals...clever in their ways, yet the first to die..."
"And WHY do you keep calling me a mortal! Sure I'll die later, but still! I'm no different than you!"
The woman put Mitsu down. "Are you so sure about that?"
With this chance, Mistu ran as fast as she could out of the den. She found the bathroom and slammed the door.
"Do you think you can get away from me this easily Mitsu?"
"Do you MIND lady?"
A minute later Mitsu walked out, ready to take on the woman who appearaed from the light.
"Sit down," the woman said. Mistu sat on the couch and shoved her algebra book out of the way with her foot.
"I am Athena, the Goddess of War, although I trust you know that already?"
Mistu nodded. "Yeah. We're studying Greek mythology in history class."
"Mythology? Pah, no. I am as real as you, silly mortal."
"Cut to the chase, will ya? I have a test to study for?"
Athena looked at her strangely. "You say that in hope of making me go away. I know you well, Mitsu, better than you think. I know you don't need to study. You were prepared for this five years ago."
Mitsu blinked. [i]Wow, she does know me better than I thought.[/i]
"Of course I do! But, as you wish, I will...'cut to the chase'. 18 years ago, you and several others were chosen to carry out my place on Olympus. Before you were born, still in your mother's womb. I am here to instruct you on your duties."
"What the...Athena, I know about you and all, but..." Mistu pinched herself while squeezing her eyes shut. When she opened them again, Athena still stood there. So she tried again, this time punching herself. Nothing.
She tried again for a third time, this time intending to punch herself in the head. As the blow was about to impact, Athena topped the teen with a wave of her hand.
"Stop. I am real, alright?"
Mitsu opened her eyes. "O-okay."
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Ryowa went "home" straight after school, only to find his foster parents making him a cake, and wishing him a happy seventeeth birthday.

Ryowa sighed, he thought of his parents and when they used to take him to his favorite arcade "Gamezone" and gave him enough coins so he could play his favorite game "Battle of the Gods" all day long. Ryowa went upstairs and turned of his stereo so he could listen to Slipknot. He fell asleep listening to it and had the weirdest dream of his life.

In his dream, there was a field. He saw this beatiful girl sitting there picking flowers. But out of nowhere the ground ripped open and out flew two black stallions carrying a carriage with a man standing in it going to the girl. He picked the girl up and carried her into the hole that ripped open. The ground combined back together and everything seemed normal again.

Ryowa knew what this was. That man was Hades and the girl was Persephone.

All of a sudden the ground split open under Ryowa and he fell deep into the hole. He hit the ground hard. He looked around but he saw nothing but darkness and a ring of light from the hole. He stoop up.

"...what the hell. Im supposed to be dead after a fall like that" Ryowa said.

" Ah, my sons first word after eight years." a voice out of nowhere said.

" Who is that?!?" Ryowa shouted

Suddenly Ryowas father walked out of the darkness followed by his mother.

"It..can't...be! Mom! Dad! It's really you!" Ryowas said with tears forming in his eyes.

"I don't think so, Ryowa! But I can help you get them back!" said Ryowas father.

Suddenly a fire started to rise brightening the darkness. Ryowas father started to change as did his mother. Then man he saw in the carriage started to morhp from his father and his mother changed into the girl he saw in the fields only now she was wearing a black toga with a sharp looking black throne. Slaves with burn marks and scars started to apear from the walls two form behind Ryowa walked passed him giving the man a throne and a staff.

" Ryowa, I am Hades, God of the Underworld" said the man.

"And, what the hell do you want with me?"said Ryowa

"I want to aid me, and I will make sure that you will be with your parents forever"said Hades

Ryowa though for a moment. "This is one hell of a dream" he tought.

"I will help you"said Ryowa

"Splendid"said Hades"Now Farewell" he shouted out as he walked into the darkness.

"Wait what do you want me to do?!?!"shouted Ryowa.

"You will know as soon as I need your aid"said Hades disappearing into the darkness.

Ryowa woke up, sweating. He saw it was morning and time for school.
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OOC: um...technicality, not really important...it can't Ryowa's 17th birthday unless he was in the womb for 12 months...no biggie...

Diana stared in shock at the beautiful woman before her.
"Alright," she breathed to herself, "so this isn't a dream...What now?"
"You begin instruction of course!" Artemis replied impatiently.
Diana gulped. She had never been a very good student, and the idea of taking lessons from a formiddible woman armed with a bow and arrows did not sound like fun.
"It will not be anything more than your mortal mind and body can handle," Artemis continued rolling her eyes.
Diana inhaled as though preparing to dive into deep, dangerous waters.
"Alright," she agreed, standing up, "Bring it on!"
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