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Journey To The End


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[color=blue][size=1]Sorry it took so long to get up. Well, those who signed up already can start posting, and the sign ups are still open to whoever wants to join. Okay, lets get this started!!

Oh, before I get started, all the continents are hooked up by bridges. These bridges are protected by human guards. We all meet on the longest and most protected bridge, Atlantic Bridge. Then, we travel from there towards the north on the most dangerous bridge, North Haven Bridge. If you still don't understand, PM me.

IC: A young girl was slowly driving along the Atlantic Bridge with her stereo on full. The pedestrians all stared as she drived by. She saw traffic ahead and wondered why. Then, suddenely, there was the sound of gunfire.

"Uh-oh. That can't be them, can it," the girl puzzled. She hopped out of her car and stared into the blank sky. Steadily, a shape grew in size as it neared. It was one of the Demon Planes, planes that the terrorist group "Demonic Populace" used to attack towns and bridges during the wars.

She winced as the gunfire snapped a cable, but it was quickly repaired by some troops nearby. In the distance, she heard men calling for cannons. [i]Cannons?! On a bridge?! The idiots!![/i] she thought to herself. The cannons range as the plane decended faster and faster towards the water.

The girl quickly entered her car as ocean water rained down on the bridge from the impact of the plane. The traffic soon lightened and she headed towards the rest stop along the bridge. It was called "The Tropicana". She parked her car in its vast parking lot and walked inside.

"This is where I'm supposed to meet somepeople..." she said to herself. A waiter asked her if she wanted a table. She declined and sat in the waiting room.

OOC: Okay, now either of the two who signed up should walk in soon. Oh, and we'll be given weapons here by the man who's sending us towards the north. But not until everyone's at the rest stop.[/color][/size]
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Strolling down the side of the bridge. Water suddenly came down, as if a cloud burst had started. Stopping Felicia stared up and forwards. Seeing large explosions in the water, forcing it to come up like rain. Starting to run, she stopped a ways off from a trail of powder. Leaving off into another explosion, waiting she looked down to see the water come up. Hearing sounds of cannons, she thought it best to see what kind of cannons had been set off.

Staring as the water came up and came down upon the bridge. Knowing all she needed to. She started to look around from some sort of shelter. Sighting a place will the works marked The Tropicana" atop on a sign. Running to the entrance she opened the door. Somewhat cold.

Walking in Felicia shook her head to the sides. Trying to dry her hair from the water. Of which had still been falling, faintly sounding, out on the bridge. Continuing to walk around she took a seat inside the waiting room. Sitting by another who's hair seemed as though it hadn't been so drenched by the water hailing out side. Taking her book and placing it in her lap, sided by her hands Felicia began to read. But as she did every few seconds she glanced other at the women sitting beside her.

Curiosity getting the best of her, she silently closed her book. Standing up, she bowed quickly to her.

"Excuse me," Felicia said, hesitantly, "But are you Miss. Reveille?"
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[size=1][color=chocolate]I was so eager to start this. Good idea for an RPG Kitty!

Paige walked along the deserted sidewalk, making her way to the rest stop, "The Tropicana." There was a long line of cars from the war going on, and Paige cursed at how the world is screwed.
"Why am I in this world anyway..." she muttered as she walked along the sidewalk. She was a little ways away from the Tropicana rest stop, but didn't care. She didn't own a car; how could she? She had no job, and had no parents. She didn't know any family members...better off alone. She liked it that way too.

Another huge wave came crashing against the bridge, and Paige sighed. [i]Ya...the world is pretty screwed...[/i]
Paige began walking on the sidewalk along the bridge. The sidewalk was deserted because of the constant waves crashing over the bridge, and could wash the pedestrains across the road into the car. Paige didn't care; what was life to live anyway.

Another wave crashed against the bridge, and came tumbling down onto Paige herself. She kept walking like nothing had happened; soaken wet. She cursed and kept walking, and yet another wave came tumbling over. Then another...and many more.

Now Paige was pretty damp, and was very ticked about how her clothes were really wet and it would take a long while before they would dry.
Paige had gone a distance from walking of 5 minutes, and finally reached the rest stop, "The Tropicana." She avoided all of the cars while crossing, and entered the building with an expressionless face. The waiter made his way to her, and frowned at her state.
"Ma'am, are you alright? You are soaken wet!" the waiter said. Paige groaned.
"People like you annoy me. Don't call me ma'am," she told the waiter harshly. The waiter, surprised and rather angry, asked if she would like to sit at a table or go in the waiting room.
"Waiting room..." Paige mumbled.
"Excuse me miss, I couldn't hear you..." the waiter said. Okay, now Paige was pretty ticked right now.
"Don't call me any of those names. If I have to tell you again I'll punch you in your face. I said waiting room!" she told him. The waiter, displeased, pointing to where the waiting room is. Paige gave the waiter a glare before walking into the waiting room; dripping water on the floor while making her way there.
The waiter stared at the puddles she left behind, and glared at them, reminding him of Paige.

Paige walked into the waiting room, and looked around. There were many people, and some were a little wet. Paige felt pretty proud; the most drenched there. Paige looked around, and two girls caught her eye. One had long brown hair and green eyes, and the other had short black hair with brown/red eyes. Paige thought she could only trust them; the other people looked too cheerful for her. Paige took a seat beside the girl with brown/red eyes. She couldn't help but notice her...

Paige, brave, tapped the girl's shoulder. The girl turned around, and looked a little disgusted.
"Are you Felicia Re Elcritian?" Paige asked. The girl nodded, then looked up and down her body.
"Your soaken wet!" she said.
"Don't really care..."
"Who are you?"
"Hey, I'm supposed to meet you here!"
"And I'm supposed to meet you here..." Paige mumbled.
With that, Felicia turned back around and started talking to the other girl. Paige groaned as she started to feel cold, and stared at the wall to occupy herself.
Hope that was good![/size][/color]
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[color=blue][size=1]Reveille looked up at the girl, who looked quite young, and nodded. She quietly noted how the girl was a little drenched, and realized she had to have come by foot.

"Don't have a car? That's a bad idea on these bridges. You usually get wet or trampled by the fleeing pedestrians. So, you're... uh... Felicia or something, right?" Reveille asked her.

Felicia nodded. She sat back down and opened her book. Reveille picked her back pack off the floor and rummaged through it, finally pulling out a small note. It had the place to meet and when with a couple names on it.

She looked around the room, hoping to find a man who was supposedly going to set them on their 'mission'. [i]Still not here...[/i] she thought to herself as she placed the slip of paper back into her bag. She sat the bag on the floor by her feet and looked out the window.

More water fell against it. The sound of cannons and gun shots could be heard, but not many cared. This type of thing had been going on for so long, it was hard not to ignore it. Everyone hated the noise and the death, but they didn't do anything about. And here sit two girls who will soon be sent to do that very thing.

It confused Reveille. She didn't know quite why she had been chosen by her country. She tried to put it out of her mind, but more gunshots came from outside. [i]Stupid terrorists. Why don't they go attack a country. This bridge shouldn't be important enough to be a target,[/i] she thought to herself.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=chocolate]Paige still stared at the wall, bored as ever. Then an idea popped in her head; she almost forgot the fact she had a backpack on her back. Paige rolled her eyes, and took the backpack off of her back. She took out a pencil and 2 pieces of lined paper. She began writing:

[i]The bombs burst through the air,
Landing in the fresh blue water,
The war will never be over.

Watch as the waves will drift over the bridge,
Causing dampness in the people along the sidewalks,
Angering them as they curse and mumble...[/i]

Paige wrote that down on her paper. She thought while she started writing poems and stories; it was just how she wrote. She never planned out what the poem or story will be about, just randomly started.
The girl Felicia turned to the side, the see Paige writing. Her writing was neat, but all of her letters were in a round like shape. One could read the letters, but they were big and curvy. Felicia began reading her poem as she wrote, then looked out of the window.
The poem was exactly true; bombs were bursting through the air, and the waves go over the bridge and the people walking along the sidewalks become angry and mumble.
Felicia sighed. This war was becoming very irritating...
Felicia looked back to Paige's paper. It was the same, and Paige was just staring at her paper, looking as if she was in deep thought. Drops of water from her hair fell onto the paper drop by drop, and made the paper damp. Felicia ignored it, and began reading her book again to occupy herself.

"It's you three!" a man suddenly yelled from the crowd. Paige, Felicia, and Reveille looked up, to see an eager man standing in the crowd, trying to get through. He finally made it through, and stared at the three.
"Hello! I'm Dr. Kazuko! You three must be Reveille, Felicia, and Paige!" Dr. Kazuko said. Reveille looked around, and Dr. Kazuko stared at her dumbly.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
"You said there was a girl name Paige...I don't see her nowhere..." she said.
Paige, annoyed, raised her hand, and Reveille saw it. She leaned over, and yet saw another drenched girl. Except she was quite drenched, and didn't look like the happiest person on the Earth.
"Anyway, are you three ready?" he asked.
"Ready for what?" Paige asked. Except it was a little dark, making the doctor a little shaky.
"Your adventure!!"[/size][/color]
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[color=blue][size=1]OOC: Nice name for the man Inuluvr!


IC: Reveille raised an eyebrow when the doctor said 'adventure'. This was more like a suicide mission. But she was going either way.

"Well," she began, "Now that you're here, what now?" He stared at her blankly. "Reveille, right? You need to be patient. Anyway, I'm here to go over what you have to do AND give you something to help you with you're adventure."

Reveille grew an interest as he talked about giving each of them something. She wasn't paying attention to his talking anymore, but the others did intently. Her mind wandered over several possibilities of what it could be. A book, a map, a weapon, an umbrella. The ideas raced through her head as she stared out the window.

Slowly, her mind returned to her surroundings and the doctor's voice became clearer and clearer to her. "...And make sure you are in range of a radio station. That's how I'll contact you. So-" Reveille interupted him and said, "Wait, you're giving us radios? That's it? How's that gonna help us?!" she asked rudely.

He pulled three radios out of his coat pocket. Then he reached into a bag he had, pulling out three swords, three handguns, and three pocket knives. He handed one of each to the girls. These weapons made other people in the waiting room stare. "Happy now girls?" Reveille blushed and put everything except the sword in her backpack.

"Well now, I'd say you've got plenty to get you started, wouldn't you say? Oh, and Reveille, you'll be driving everyone. You won't be able to bring a car onto North Haven Bridge, though. Cars are to big a target. You'll have to walk," the doctor told them.

Reveille began whining about leaving her new car on the outskirts of North Haven Bridge because it would probably be blown up or stolen or dismantled for parts. She agreed, nonetheless.


OOC: The adventure begins!![/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=chocolate]Heh, thanks.
Paige began very irritated by Reveille's whines, and covered her ears. And yet she still heard the whining! Paige, angry, uncovered her ears and glared at Reveille.
"Would you be quiet already?!?! If your car blows up, oh well. Hijack one from some other guy and BAM there's your new car!!" Paige said. Reveille frowned at Paige, but stayed quiet.
"Anyway..." Dr. Kazuko said. "You start as soon as you like! Now would be preferred!"
Felicia and Reveille nodded, but Paige didn't make any movement.
"All right then, on you go!" Dr. Kazuko said. The 3 girls got up, and walked out of the waiting room, out of where they entered, "The Tropicana." The same waiter was there, and as Paige passed by, he glared at her. Paige just glared back, and the waiter turned the other way in disgust. Reveille and Felicia saw Paige, and looked confused.
"Why was he glaring at you?" Felicia asked.
"Let's just say we didn't have a warm welcome when I walked in the door," Paige said proudly. Reveille and Felicia nodded with confused expressions. They three walked to the car, with Dr. Kazuko behind them.
"I'll be in contact with you any time!" Dr. Kazuko said. Reveille nodded, and got in the driver's seat of the car. Felicia got in the passenger's seat, while Paige sat in the back.
"Bye girls and be as careful as you can!!" Dr. Kazuko said. Reveille and Felicia waved goodbye, while Paige ignored them all and stared out the window at the waves going over the part of the bridge they had gone on.
"Well, we start now!" Reveille said, driving along the road.
"Yeah, we just have to avoid flying bombs and overflowing!!" Felicia said.
Paige still stared out the window, expressionless.
"Yeah. Nice," she said.[/size][/color]
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[color=blue][size=1]Reveille looked across the water as she drove by. It reminded her of her home because she had a huge pool. She remembered being little and jumping in for the first time. She smiled but heard a bunch of complaints from the back of the car. She turned her head to see Paige whining while looking out the window.

[i]Why should I have to bring her? Its not like she wants to go, and I'd be happy to kick her outta my car...[/i] Reveille thought to herself as she continue to drive. After 10 minutes, there seemed to be a traffic jam. Then the shapes from the sky began to decend upon the bridge.

"Great. Just great. More cannons and gunshots. I'm gettin' sick of this," she grumbled loudly. Felicia, being very quiet, suddenly chimed in, "Well, that's why we're going to Central Haven. To stop all this." Reveille merely shrugged as water fell onto the car. It was awfully loud and it came down a lot.

As she put her head out the window momentarily, she saw almost twenty of those planes in the air. She quickly pulled back into the car as lots of water fell onto the car. She grumbled some more and rolled up the window. Now her feet were wet.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=chocolate]Paige looked forward to see the two other girls as quiet as a mouse. All was heard was the waves crash against and over the bridge.
"I came along with you two to go end this war..." Paige said to Reveille and Felicia. They both turned around, stunned at what she said. She didn't expect Paige to say anything but little rude comments.
"All right, but it looks like as if you don't care about the war!" Reveille said. Paige nodded no.
"I actually don't. The war is getting very old, and I can't stand it anymore. I actually travel around and live wherever I please. My parents are dead, and my other family members are probably hiding. I am probably the only one throughout my whole family who actually is brave enough to go through this," Paige said. Reveille nodded, and then turned back around. [i]So I think Paige just acts this way because of the losses of her mom and dad and the fact she knows no one. Kind of sad...not making friends or anything, Reveille thought.[/i]
"Well then, how bout some music?" Felicia asked, pointing to the stereo in Reveille's car.
"Anything but Pop and Opera I am fine with!" Paige said to the two. Felicia turned to a station, and on was Christmas tunes.
"Why are there Christmas tunes on the station?" Paige asked. Reveille shrugged.
"I have no idea...but I can live with it," she said. She began singing along with the song (it happened to be Jingle Bells) and Felicia began singing too. Paige watched the two girls singing, and sighed.
Suddenly, a cannon landed in the water near them, scaring the crap out of the girls.
"WHAT?!?!" Felicia yelled.
"Calm down, it was just a canon. Luckily it didn't hit the bridge..." Paige said. "The joy of swimming, yeah?"
"Don't say that Paige! All we can do is hope for the canon not to hit the bridge, and with all this traffic how are we even going to get up to Central Haven?" Reveille said.
"Well maybe we can avoid all these cars and try not to run into policemen while we're at it!" Paige said. Reveille shrugged, and began making her way through all of the cars. Things were going smooth so far.
"Let's hope we aren't gonna get caught; you know how policemen don't like people going through random lanes for 1 second to get through!" Felicia said.
Just then, Paige saw a police car up ahead.
"Quick, stop it! There's a police car up ahead. Once we get past and the coast is clear, we do it again!" Paige said. Reveille nodded, and stayed in one lane.

Once they had gotten past the police car, they made their move again. This plan was going smoothly, but how long would it last?
The three girls though didn't notice as they were doing their plan, there was a police car they had passed. The policeman, unfortunately, was a drunken police cop who did nothing but wanted to chase people and get beer. Well here was his time.

As the three girls were in the car, the police cop caught up. Paige panicked.
"Um, Reveille?" she asked.
"Yeah Paige?"
"Police...guy...step on it!"
"I'm not allowed to speed!"
"Do anything to get out of this traffic, that's for sure!" Felicia said, joining in. Reveille, doing what Paige said, began going at a faster speed.
"Okay, he's not that close anymore...AH WAVE!!" Paige yelled. Now this wave was humongous (spl?), and could tumble and wash away a car. Oh boy.[/size][/color]
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[color=blue][size=1]"Great, just great. We're being chased by a cop and we're about to be pulled underwater by a huge wave," Reveille said. She patted her car and said, "Good-bye. Okay girls, abandon ship!!"

The others were surprised but Reveille stopped the car and walked out. She began running through the traffic, looking behind to make sure the others got out. They were carefully weaving through traffic as the wave hit the bridge.

Tons of cars were pushed off the edge, but the girls had clung to seperate cables just in time. Reveille held her breath the best she could. She opened one eye to see how Paige and Felicia were holding on. They had their eyes closed and bubbles floating out of their mouths.

[i]This water better shallow fast. I'm runnin' outta air, here!![/i] Reveille thought as she held on tightly to the cable. After 10 seconds, the water shallowed and Reveille began climbing up the cable. She reached the surface and yelled for the others. Shortly, they climbed up their cables and reached the surface as well.

After the water drained and those left on the bridge had regained their composure, everything went back to normal. To lighten the mood, Reveille said, "Well, at least we don't have to worry about that cop. Heh. Aww! My backpack's soaked!!" She had turned around to check on it and found it and everything inside quite damp.

"Crap. Hopefully nothing's damaged," she complained. Felicia looked startled, but she clung to her book in her arms. Paige was annoyed and said, "Great. Now we have to walk. This is gonna take forever." Reveille glanced at Paige and shook her head. She just started walking through the streets. Not many cars were left.

"Hey! Wait for us!" Felicia yelled after her. She looked back at Paige and started off after Reveille.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=indigo]Walking swiftly Felicia caught up to Reveille, and Paige seconds after. On parts of the bridge head, only 5 cars were left. And so pieces back washed clung to the cording of the bridge. Felicia looked over her back and then to Reveille and Paige.

Felicia asked, looking up at Reveille. "How many people do you think got washed out?"

Reveille replied, "I'm thinking almost everyone in a car."

"Why would it matter," Paige commented, "Not like anyone is going to die anytime soon."

"Yes, I suppose your right."

"Don't worry about it," Reveilles cracked a small smile, "They'll be alright."

Nodding, Felicia became silent and started to walk again.

While walking, Felicia began to read her book. The other to looked at her then back ahead of them. The few cars left started to drive again, all past the three walking. The three heard more shoots and cannons, but some how. They had seemed farther behind them. Rather then getting closer of louder, a sharp high toned pitch came wavering through the air. Disappearing, and randomly coming back in un-orderly patterns. Hearing short and almost silent mutters, Felicia looked over at Paige. Closing her book and holding it to her side. She stopped walking.

Reveille looked back over her shoulder, "What's wrong now?" 

"Reveille, Paige...How far dose this bridge go?"

"How are we ment to know?" Paige shook her head.

Shrugging, Reveille continued to walk only a few steps behind Paige and eventually beside her. Running to catch up, Felicia walled behind the two. Beginning to read her book again. Still walking the three still heard the wavering high pitched tone.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1]The further they walked on the bridge, the more cars seemed to appear. It was only natural, since the wave didn't cover the [i]entire[/i] bridge, but merely a big chunk. And the further they got, the more Reveille thought about how this world has almost everything to do with luck.

Where you are at the right or wrong time can decide whether or not you live and the more she thought it the more it angered her. [i]All those around here are simply lucky fools. If they had speed up, they would've been pulled down into the depths of the ocean like those behind us.[/i] she thought to herself.

Felicia continued to open and close her book along the way, and Paige walked faster and faster the further they got. Reveille looked towards the sea, then at the sky, wanting to see something of interest or of hope. Nothing came. Not even the planes of terrorists.

Paige suddenly spoke up, "I think I can see land! We're almost to the end of this stupid thing!" Felicia looked up and Reveille turned her head. Paige smiled and began to run. Reveille started off as well, leaving Felicia to catch up. They began weaving through the cars on the section of the bridge. A couple honked at them and others yelled with their heads out the window of their cars.

After another twenty minutes of running and resting, they walked off the bridge and stood on the sidewalk. "Well, now what?" Paige asked Reveille. Reveille looked around to see a rest stop called the "Beach Side". They walked in and felt an instant breeze.

"Ah... It was hot out there. I'm glad they've got air conditioning!" Reveille thought aloud. Felicia sat down and stuck her head in her book. Paige sat next to her and started asking why she was always reading. Reveille didn't listen. She looked out the window at the vast amount of cars in the parking lot.

[i]It's been a long time since I hotwired a car, but I'm sure I could do it. Heh. Hopefully no one's going too far, 'cause it'll be hard without a car.[/i] Reveille thought as she walked outside and towards a small car. As she looked through the window, there were five seats and it had a stereo along with some bags in the back that had food inside.

She walked back towards the rest stop and motioned for the others to come outside. They went back to the car she had been looking at before and were lucky enough to find the doors unlocked. The others climbed in and 10 seconds later, the car's engine was running and she hopped in and drove off.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=chocolate]"Reveille, I didn't think you had the guts to do it..." Paige said, smiling at Reveille. Reveille turned around and was surprised to see Paige smiling. She smiled back, and shrugged.
"Yeah well I actually have done it before, and it was worth taking this car, right?" she said. Paige nodded, and took a look in one of the bags.
"Yeah there are Hershey's chocolate...hey who would have Hershey's chocolate left in their car when it's like 80 degrees outside?" Paige asked. Reveille shrugged.
"I don't know!" she said.
"But I hope it isn't melted!" Felicia said.
"You got that right...Hershey's rocks!" Paige said as she searched through the bag, looking at all the food. Felicia began reading in her book again, Reveille drove, and Paige excitedly rampaged through the food bag.

Reveille stopped the car. Felicia and Paige looked up.
There on the path they had to go on was a dark forest; crows flew back and forth across the forest, and cricket chirps were heard even when they were inside the car. A lot of crickets then.
"Um, I suppose we have to go through that?" Felicia said.
"Yeah," Reveille said.
"Relax, I used to raise bugs myself," Paige said. "I always had crickets and spiders for companions, you know?"
Reveille and Felicia looked disgusted, but trusted Paige.
"If one jumps on the car, and you people scream, I will run out of the car and smush the cricket. Kay?" Paige said. Reveille started to now feel like as if treated by a baby.
"Well...we'll be all right. Anyway, let's get through this place. Looks so dark though..."
"What time is it anyways?" Felicia asked. Reveille shrugged.
"I don't know maybe look at the CAR!" Reveille said, pointing to the clock installed in the car that read 4:00 P.M. Felicia rubbed the back of her head, then Reveille began driving into the dark forest.[/size][/color]
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Looking out a window...

"25...26...27...28...29..." Felicia said, in a quite voice.

Paige gave her a strange look, "What are you doing?"

"Counting the insects that are getting killed by the car."

"You like to waste your time, don't ya?" Paige stuck a piece of chocolate in her mouth.

Shaking her head Felicia opened her book and be gain to read again. Paige eating her chocolate, and Reveille trying to find a decent radio station to listen to as she drive. After a few minutes went by, both Paige and Felicia were staring out the window.

"Didn't you already pass this spot?" Paige with an annoyed tone, "I swear I've seen that tree before."

"No, I know where I'm going." Reveille responded.

"I'm pretty sure you passed this spot."

Felicia shook her head, again, "Are you sure your going North, Reveille?"

Reveille pointed to one of the windows and pointed out; North, south, east, and west. Winding down her window Felicia looked at the ground. Eyes opening wide she quickly winded it back up.

"Paige, how quick do crickets multiply?"

"Kinda slow...Unless they're killed off by their normal circumstances...Why?"

"Maybe we haven't passed here yet..."

Reveille looked back, "What's up now?"

"Most of the plants out side are totally covered with crickets."

"Go back to reading," Paige said, somewhat relaxed, "There's nothing to worry about. Say wants in the book anyways?"

Flipping through the pages to the back of the book, she held it up so that the others could see. In the few back pages of the book was a map. But it was torn and jagged for the most part. Yet it was still readable/use-able.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=blue][size=1]Reveille was getting annoyed with all the crickets and their chirping. She looked out the window and became very curious. There were thousands of crickets outside. They covered the sides of the road and the trees entirely.

"Uh, Paige? I'm starting to get worried. There are [i]way[/i] to many crickets outside. I mean, look at 'em!!" Reveille said. "What are you two talking about? There aren't that many crickets!!" Paige said to them without looking out the window. "Just look already! You'll see what we mean!" Reveille, annoyed as ever, heard a sudden splat.

"You two are just parranoid. Stop worrying about the bugs," Paige said, her mouth full of chocolate. Reveille turned her head
to look at Paige then away again to see at least ten dead crickets on the windshield, along with their guts. She turned on the windshield wipers and looked towards Felicia and her map.

"Lets see... Yeah, I'm goin' the right way," Reveille assured herself. Felicia looked out the window again and was now a little worried. "Paige, are you sure--" "Yes I'm sure! Stop bugging me," Paige scolded. Felicia kept quiet.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=chocolate]"Paige, I really don't like this place..." Reveille said. Paige shrugged, and ate more chocolate.
"Paige, stop eating the chocolate! I bet you already gained 5 pounds from eating it!!" Felicia said. Paige stopped eating, and stared out the window. Many crickets, much darkness, and yet she felt so happy.
"Well you know what, what time is it now?" Paige asked. Reveille gave her a dumb look, and pointed to the installed clock in the car. 5:00 P.M.; the spent an hour looking around her, squishing crickets along the way.
"If we don't get out of her by 7:30, we're staying here for the night," Paige said. Reveille and Felicia gave her a disgusted look, turning around from their seats.
"Paige, we are not staying here for the night! By the time we wake up, this whole car will be covered with damn crickets!!!" Felicia said. Paige shrugged, and leaned back against the seat.
"Relax, crickets can't get in except from the exhaust pipe. I doubt they will go in there. It'll be too hot for them, even if the car isn't running. About how long the car runs, the exhaust pipe gets more steamy and the crickets will not go in there. Trust me on this," Paige said. Reveille and Felicia slowly, but nodded their heads yes. Then Reveille began driving around, trying to get around.

They had spent another half an hour driving, and now they gave up hope. They WERE lost.
"Paige, you sure you know where to go?" Reveille asked.
"No, not now. Sorry bud, but we're going to have to find a way out of here. The map is useless now; we have no idea where we are. They're aren't random leaves on the map to telling you where you are. Ah I guess we're staying," Paige said. Felicia and Reveille started to panic, and Reveille began driving around again.

Reveille didn't want to stay at all, and she began going faster. Suddenly, she saw some light ahead. It...can't...yes it was! AN exit!
"Paige, we don't have to stay here! I've found a way out!" Reveille said happily. Felicia yelled out a hooray, while Paige mumbled how she doesn't mind about crickets. As Reveille got closer to the exit, a giant spider fell on her windshield. She screamed, and she drove the car out of control.
"Windshield wipers Reveille!" Paige said, staring at the spider. "I think that thing can break through the glass, and it's poisonous! I have studied spiders!"
"Well then press the button for me!!!" Reveille said panicked. Felicia, doing the honors, pressed the button, and the spider went flying off the windshield onto the ground, and was smushed by the car's wheels. Reveille sighed of relief, and turned around to look at Paige.
"It was really poisonous?" she asked. Paige snickered.
"Nah. Just wanted to scare the crap out of yall's," Paige said. Felicia and Reveille frowned, and Reveille later finally made it out of the exit.

There was a large green field with daisies everywhere; amazing for being outside a creepy forest. There was also a stream, with clean water. And surprisingly, there was a building there too. There was a sign, and Paige read it aloud.
"Field Springs. Must be the next rest stop, and I bet there are beds in there too!" Paige said. Reveille, happy, drove to the building. There were no parking spaces or parking a lot, for the building kept with the enviorment around it. Reveille stopped the car beside the building, and then the three got out and entered the building. Inside were 3 beds; hm, a coinsidence. By each bed was a nightstand, with 1 map on each nightstand. Hm, must be a clue.
Reveille, Felicia, and Paige lay down on the bed they chose, and went to sleep not mattering how early it was. They were very tired.[/size][/color]
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[color=blue][size=1]Reveille dreamed about spiders that night. She woke up first, around 5 A.M. She looked at the map, but it was too dark to read. She walked outside and saw the car covered in daisies.

"Okaaaay.... This place is frea-ky. Man, can't wait to get outta here..." Reveille mumbled to herself as she walked back inside. Felicia had woken up by now and had tried reading her book, but it was still too dark. Reveille sat down and realized there was a light on her night stand. She turned it on and looked over the map while waiting for Paige to wake up.[/color][/size]
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[i]Not being able to sleep, Victor put the map in his backpack and headed downstairs to watch the sunset. He pulled out his picture of the American girl and studied it for the one hundredth time.[/i]

"I've just got to find her. I just know she'll know something about my lineage." [i]He thought.

When Victor got downstairs, he noticed that three girls were on the beds that had been set up for some unknown visitors. Two of the girls he didin't recognize, but the third girl, the one looking at something in her hand, was the same person in his picture. He looked at it again to be sure. It was her alright. He walked up to them and bowed.[/i]

"Good morning ladies."

[i]Reveille and Felicia looked up at him, but Paige just snored.[/i]

"I'm sorry for intruding, but I believe that this is you in my picture. Please, can you tell me about my ancestors? What lands did they rule? How many wars did they win? I need to know!"

[i]Victor handed the picture to Reveille.[/i]


[b]OOC: I hope you don't mind if I join you right now.[/b]
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[color=blue][size=1]Reveille was a little confused. She had never met this boy before and now he handed her a picture of herself. She scratched her head and handed it back. She shrugged and said, "Sorry, uh, um-" "Victor! My name's Victor," he answered energetically. "Well, I'm not quite sure I know what you're talking about."

He seemed disappointed. "Sorry Victor. How'd you get a picture of me anyway?" she asked him curiously. Felicia turned away and began reading her book from the light of Reveille's lamp.

OOC: Sorry the post's so short. Geist, I don't quite know where you're headed with this.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=indigo]"What," the boy seemed to be very excited, "But!?!"

Not wanting to listen, she couldn't help it. Felicia just didn't want the conversation to continue at the moment. [i]Not no...Not at this time...[/i]:she though. Suddenly Felicia slammed her book loudly, the tow looked over at her. Getting up she stared at Reveille, and bowed to them both. She stayed looking to the ground as she began to talk, grasping her book.

"Excuse me...I'm sorry, to interrupt." she still didn't look up, "But Reveille, but could I talk to you out side?"

"Yeah, of course," Reveille said, with some relief in her voice, "I'll be right back."

The boy nodded, and the two started to walk out of the room. Felicia walking behind Reveille, glancing back over her shoulder.

"What is it?"

"Did you ever loose some part of your memory?"

"Don't think so...Why?"

"If you ever did happen too..."

The door opened, and Paige stepped out. Yawning she shut the door with a loud slam.

"What's the big idea?" she said, dozily, "You two are loud!"

Felicia nodded, "We'll try to be quieter, you can go back to bed if you wish."

"Nah, I woke up." she said, "Plus there's some guy in there, who is he anyways?"

"We don't know...That's what I came out here to talk to Reveille about." Felicia said, almost in a whisper, "He knows Reveille..."

Paige gave looked over Reveille, and gave her a hard look. But her face soon soften, and came over with a distant look.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Maki was sleeping soundly in a bed when loud voices and a slamming door woke her. She sat up drowzily and looked around. It seemed the voices were coming from outside. She slowly got off the bed and slipped on some sandles.

Opening the door, she stood in the doorway and spoke. Her voice was quiet, but not really shy. "Is there something I may be of help with?"

The girls all turned and stared at her.


OOC: This is the best I could think of.
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[b]OOC: I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this either. I'll PM you about it later.[/b]

[i]Left alone with his own thoughts, Victor tried not to be too upset.[/i]
"I've got to snap out of this. I'm a descendant of kings after all!"
[i]Victor raised himself up to his full height which wasn't very tall. He then looked at the picture in his hand.[/i]
"But...but what if I'm not? Who is this girl, and how would she know about me?"
[i]Victor thought back to when he had first received the picture of the American girl. He was talking to the priest of the church that ran the orphanage he had grown up in.

"And there's absolutely nothing you can tell me about my parents, father?"
Father Matthias leaned forward in his chair and stroked his gray beard.
"No. I'm sorry, Victor, but there's nothing I can tell you."
"But you must know something! Didn't anyone see them bring me here? How did you get the necklace with that family crest on it?"
"There was no one that brought you in, Victor. We just found you in here one day with that necklace in your hand. But this may be of some help to you."
Father Matthias opened a desk drawer and pulled out a torn picture. He handed it to Victor. Victor looked at. It was a picture of a brown-haired girl that was probably a couple of years older than he was.
"Who is she father?"
"I'm not exactly sure. I think her name might be Reveille. She should be able to help you find out more about your past."
"Thank you father. I'm going to start searching for her right away."

And now, heading to the north, Victor had finally found her. But she knew nothing about him. But how could that be possible? Father Matthias had told him she would know. Maybe he had given him the wrong picture. Father Matthias was very old, and he could be a bit forgetful sometimes. Victor looked around the room. The girls were still talking outside. He hoped that after they were finished, they would let him go along with them. If they were heading to the north like he was, that is. He put the picture back into his pocket.[/i]
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[color=blue][size=1]Reveille was startled by this new girl's sudden appearance. In response to the girl's question Reveille said, "Not really. What's your name?" The girl's name was Maki. She was very softspoken, but seemed kind. She didn't stay long. After she told them her name she went back to her room in the building.

Remembering her conversation with Felicia, along with being annoyed and confused, Reveille put her hand on her head and decided to go back inside. But before she stepped in, she turned to look at the others. "How does a person lose part of their memory?" Reveille asked. They didn't respond, so she walked inside.

Victor walked up to her. "Where are you three headed?" he asked her. "To the Central Haven. Why, you plannin' on joining us?" she responded. He nodded. Surprised to find someone who actually [i]wanted[/i] to join them on their trip, she said,

"Well, sure. I don't mind. You might want to ask Paige and Felicia, though. Oh, but don't worry," she reassured him as she saw his dissappointed face, "I'm sure they'll let you come." He brightened up and walked outside to ask them.[/color][/size]
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"AHHHHH!" screamed a voice out the window. Victor rushed over and saw a man in a trench coat laying on the ground.
"Are you okay?" Victor asked the man. No reply. "I'll be right out there! Hold on!" Still no reply. Victor ran outside grabbed the man. He dragged the man into the inn and onto one of the beds. He ran upstairs. After he came back he held a pitcher of cold water in his hands. Victor raised the pitcher and poured the water on the man.
"SCREW YOU!" exclaimed the man on the bed, producing a dagger quickly. He brought the dagger closer to Victor. "Where am I?"
"Field Springs!" replied Victor quickly.
The man lowered his dagger. "What's your name?"
"Victor, and yours?"
"The name's Irvine."
"What was all the screaming about?" the girls asked. They had just walked in.
"This is Irvine," said Victor. "He was unconsious outside. By the way, Irvine, why were you there anyway."
"The damn spiders," said Irvine. "Anyways, do you mind if I sit down?" he asked Victor. "I've been walking north for a while and I'm tired."
"Go ahead," said Victor.
Irvine sat down. "Well while I'm here, why don't you girls tell us your name's?"
"I'm Paige, that's Felicia, and that's Reveille." said the short, young brunette.
"And I'm Maki," said the other girl.
"I'm really hungry," said Paige.
"Here you go," said Irvine, and pulled a chocolate bar out of his pocket and handed to her.
"MMMMM...chocolate," said Paige, and bit into it.
"Don't eat anymore chocolate!" yelled Felicia. "I told you yesterday, you're gonna get fat!"
"You said you were heading north," said Reveille. "So are we."


I hope that's good!
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[COLOR=purple]Wet enough to catch a terminal disease, Alex Mondaval stood in front of the Tropicana rest stop. After years of searching, he had managed to establish a communication link with Dr. Kazuko. They had agreed on meeting here.

Alex: Well, here I am! I hope this Dr. Kazuko helps me go to the North. I hope the description he gave me was accurate.

Inside, he was greeted sourly by a noticeably angry waiter, who refused to help him locate the Doctor.

Alex: [I]It seems that he had a bad time with another customer. Maybe if I treat him nicely...[/I] Hey, my good man. If you help me locate this person, I will pay you well. Also, I'll tell your boss about the excellent service you gave me. So, how about it?

Waiter: *Starting to feel a little better* Okay, I like your offer. I think I saw a guy that looked like your description. Follow me!

After some wrong guesses, Alex finally found the real Dr. Kazuko, who was quite eager to meet him.

Kazuko: So you are the Mr. Mondaval that contacted me a few weeks ago, weren't you?
Alex: Yeah. Pleasure to meet you. I assume you remember what we talked about?
Kazuko: Of course. Let's get a seat. We have much to discuss.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna drag on behind forever. I'll reach you guys pretty soon![/COLOR]
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