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Catching All Pokemon


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[SIZE=1][B]Not for me because I've done it, twice. But I will agree it becomes harder and harder, it took me ages to find a Latios, which was done is a lucky way.... how did I find it? Luck, total, utter, luck!

It's getting harder and harder, a lot harder than it was on my Red version, but it's not impossible, since on every game (Exsept Gold version beause I cheated once :( ) I caught them all, it took me ages, but since my uncle has the exsect same versions and we trade all the time to win the game, I would say it becomes impossible. If I didn't trade I wouldn't win or catch all the Pokemon.[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=darkblue]I'm strongly assuming that you're talking about the TCG, since you mentioned EX Dragon.

It's not technically impossible to catch them all. You just have to have substantial financial resources, lol.

All you really have to do is shop around. You can find cheap deals everywhere. I know some local card shops have stopped dealing with Pokémon cards, but you can still go to the tournaments and other places for trading and such.

Although it does seem like Wizards comes out with a new expansion every three months (and they probably do, Oo; ), if you're really gung-ho about the game, you'll find a way to catch 'em all. ^_~[/color]
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[color=indigo]Well, if you just want to get one card for each different Pokemon, that probably wouldn't be all that hard (provided you have the money to spend). Getting one of each unique card, however, would be a whole lot more difficult. They do seem to just keep releasing expansion after expansion. I think they're up to four Ruby/Sapphire sets now, and the games haven't even been out in the US for a full year.

Personally, I gave up trying to get every card a long, long time ago. I originally started collecting when only the Base Set and Jungle Set were out. Then they released the Fossil Set, and I thought, "Okay, they've got cards for all 151 Pokemon now; that's it until Gold and Silver are released." Wrong. They came out with the Base Set 2, which was just the Base Set and Jungle Set combined, and I was fine with that. No actual new cards. Then they came out with the Team Rocket Set, and I started getting annoyed. [i]Then[/i] they came out with the Gym Leader and Gym Hero sets, and I pretty much just said "Screw this." When they start making multiple cards for the same Pokemon [i]within the same set,[/i] I think it's getting a little pointless.

That was about the time when I stopped buying the actual cards and just bought Pokemon Trading Card Game for Game Boy. Base Set, Jungle Set, and Fossil Set all available on the one cartridge, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get every card, and you can battle any time you want, regardless of whether or a friend is around. You want another booster pack in the game? Go win a card battle. You want another booster pack of real cards? Drop $3 at a card shop or wherever. I don't know about other people, but I think that second option sounds kind of stupid compared to the first.

Anymore, I pretty much just consider the TCG to be a money sucking marketing gimmick. If Nintendo were to release another TCG Game Boy game, I'd buy that, but there's no way I'm spending $3 per booster pack. I don't have that kind of money.[/color]
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