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[color=#707875][font=tahoma]Well it seems that all of my banners [All [b]two[/b] of them] have been dreived from video games. The first was based on [b]Star Wars: Jedi Outcast[/b] and here is the second, based on the cult games series [b]Worms[/b]

I've been playing Worms games since they came out and some of my fondest gaming memories have been therein ranging from tossing the devastatingly powerful [i]Banana Bomb[/i] at a group of unsuspecting victims to using the ever popular Grenades to get at an enemy dug into a hole.

Well this one is based on the Homing Missile that has appeared in a lot of versions of the games if not all. Instead of going for flashy designs this has been kepted to simple black and white with the words [b]Bombin'[/b] attached to the end. I like this banner as ait suits my new avatar which I got from another site.

So here it is....[/color][/font]
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O_o :: downloaded *738* times and no comment?!?
lol... oh, how these boards can be cruel at times.. laf..

I like it.. heh.. the gradiant layout in the BG is pretty cool.. and I really like the rocket..

I would prolly omit *or change* the "Bombin'" as it sticks out like a soar thumb and kinda doesnt do the banner any justice.. also, I would think about puttin a border around it.. doesnt have to be black of course.. maybe, even like a sketchy looking gray border...

heh.. all in all, I like.. good job.. ^_^
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[size=1]Every time someone loads the banner in his signature, it counts as a download. :toothy: The thread itself only has twenty-some views.

The sig tag is okay. I'd add a border (a red or black line around it?) and find a slightly more interesting font to use. Other than that, I like it. The pencil image over the gradient is kinda a cool effect, heh.[/size]
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[color=#707875][font=tahoma]Thanks for the tips guys but I don't actually have a clue how to add a decent border and have just recently learned that my Trial Version of PSP 7.2 has expired and I cen't reinstall it so even if I wanted to change the banner I wouldn't be able.

Intereseting how it's gone this long and nobody posted for ages, and yes even if it is just the amount of time the banner in my sig that's still quite a few downloads.[/color][/font]
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