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RPG Stardust Carnival!WHOOOOOO!!!!


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I'm starting a carnival,we'll have games and stuff,sign up here for your own booth,which you can sell stuff,ok??you can sell food,games,or other stuff,get how it works??everybody starts out with a certain amount of money and we'll see who could make and spend the most,get it??
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sweet,here's the rules,oh,and I'm gonna have an ice cream stand

1.Everybody starts out with 1000 dollars

2.You must keep trck of how much you spend and make with your stand,and must put your updated tatals in each post,also,please keep track of your inventory of stuff you bought,and post it also

3.You must buy something!

4.Who ever has the most stuff they bought and/or the most money wins!!!!!
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hmmmm...i will be try the dunking game....since no one volenterred i guess forte is gettin wet!

Krillin Lines up his shot and throws it completly missing and hits forte right in the face, forte then falls in the water!

Krillim:hey i guess that means i win, krillin takes a prize.

Items in possesion:
Dragonballz Outfit
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we gotta keep track of wat we got... our prizes and such... maybe we shouldn't officially open this thing until we get organized...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by safer cloud [/i]
[B]I gonna have a big food both!Sushi,hamburgers,noodles!!Every food you could dream of! [/B][/QUOTE]

well, dat puts me outta business.... ok, i'm gonna open up a game,sorta like jeapordy... only street-wise! if you answer 3 questions right, you get a big doll (ne kinda doll in the world!), if you answer 5 questions right, u get a ticket dat gets you free stuff in ne of the booths!! 2 bux to play! now, i'm gonna have to come up with some questions.... o yea... I'M OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!
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I don't have a booth really i just walk around and sell HUGE DBZ Plushies and Digimon.

Dragonball Z:
Vegeta: $15

(Rika is being shipped at the moment but when they come in she will be $13)
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it looks as if we have things up and ready!! have fun all you "couples!"

AND YOU GUYS HAVE TO PAY!!! or buy tickets!! THESE ARE NOT FREE! unless you get 5 questions right in me booth!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by \¤~NoodleZ~¤/ [/i]
[B]Me and my date Gold_Angewomen don't have to pay because we both have boothes in the fair carnival whatever it is [/B][/QUOTE]

Our date? I thought I got back from the date days ago... *sigh* Sure, then. Whatever.

Okay, I've finally decided!!!! My booth will sell pictures of any DBZ, Digimon, or Pokemon Character!!! You request a pic of a character, I find a good one somewheres on the internet, and post them for you as an attachment!!! Good idea, no? :D

1 pic: $3

2 pics: $5

3 pics: $7

4 pics: $10

any more than 4: We'll work out an agreement. :D

PS- I will find Escaflowne and videogame pics too! :D :D :D

PPS- I might decide to open another booth later... :)
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