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Final Fantasy- The evil within (Rated T for teens)

G/S/B Master

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[COLOR=royalblue][SIZE=1][i] The world of Gaia, the plains filled with fiends and history. Summoners gather around to gather the fayth/spirits to defeat the evil in the dark realm. Only 1 summoner and her/his guardians can defeat the evil within. The adventure may be brutal but it is rewarded with honor, respect, and friendship, but it may teach a thing or too. [/i]

How it will work: I'll PM you with decisions to make during the story. Like:

You are now currently in ????, here's the things limited to you.

-Join up with ??? at the bar.

-enter a tourny

- or do what ever you want

THis maybe necessary to advance in the storyline. But if the people are all about advancing in the storyline, then it's fine, but I advise to put some fillers in to make it more realistic. I will consult some players about events coming up so that they don't get frustrated.


Your Post sample- give me a post from one of your RPGs, it helps if you gave me the title. THis'll also help me decide who's in and who's not.

If you're a first timer, then you could do a decent bio with at least some work in it.



BirthPlace: (can be any city you wish to make. Add a description about the city/town/village. I may use it in the RPG.)

Side: (good or evil. We need a baddy >_<. But if you're going to be a bad guy, then I'll PM you if you're in.)


Job: (like warrior, mage, summoner, gunner ect. ect.)

Who are you guarding: (if a summoner signed up, then you can sign up as his guardian, only for people that aren't summoners, you could also be a guadian for a bad guy, but only if someone signed up as one XD)


Summon: only 1 (this is only for summoners)
Summon Description: (only for summoners)

Character Description:

Character Abilities: up to 5 (like blizzard, armor break, anything thats not godlike, include description for every ability. Only 2 custom abilities)

Bio: (I will be putting restriction on this, if it's not a decent bio, bye bye. But, don't kill yourself doing this. It'll be easy getting in through, as long it's not just 4 sentences)

Remember, be active, and this RPG will be a success. [/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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Name:Ace Wallace


BirthPlace: Razzaria, a beautiful city where there are tournaments.
Side: (bad

Job: (summoner.)

Who are you guarding: (I am not guarding no one people guard me
Summon: black dragon)
Summon Description:The dragon is black with slivery hair and grey horns and massive wings. With huge talons for tearing people apart

Character Description:see pic

Character Abilities: heal- is the abilty to heal his comrades, fire-abilty to burn eniemes, blizzard-abilty to freeze eniemes

Bio: He is a dark being that is has a crazy past, He use to be a hit guitarist until he was betrayed by his brother. He was then sent to hell where he was in guage as the defeater of demons. So he return to world to bring chaos to everyone

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[COLOR=darkblue][b]Name:[/b]Kari Sanai
[b]BirthPlace:[/b]Riverside-a beautiful small village by the river. It's a peaceful sort and there are a few other summoners and mages there.
[b]Weapon:[/b]Glaive(It works like a Staff too but it has a weapon on top just in case.) and a shukusen, It's a heavy fan(The old type). It has sapphire blue silk on thin, elegantly pierced steel ribs. They're dull at the base with razor-sharp ends. She keeps it tucked in her obi. It proves to be a good weapon.

[b]Summon Description:[/b]A large, winged, silver dragon with patches of light blue. It has the Element of Water, Ice and Snow. at the end of it's claws are deadly sharp talons for piercing.

[b]Character Description:[/b]Kari has shoulder length, chocolate brown hair and vibrant emerald eyes. She wears a blue kimono type robe with a scarlet obi, where she keeps her shukusen. Sometimes she wears a white shirt with a blue tunic over it and navy blue breeches.
[b]Character Abilities:[/b]
[b]Teleport:[/b]She can concentrate and she'll disappear and re-appear wherever she likes.
[b]Blizzaga:[/b]A strong Ice attack.
[b]Firaga:[/b]A strong Fire attack.
[b]Thundaga:[/b]A strong thunder attack.
[b]Angel's Tears:[/b]It heals who she wants and brings those who are dead to live at the same time(Like the Summon Phoenix.)
She also has powers with water.She can control and manipulate it.
[b]Bio:[/b]Kari grew up to a single mother after her father was killed before she was born. Her mother was a healer in the small village of Riverside. Kari at the time had no idea of powers and played and laughed without a care in the world with her friends in the village. They would splash happily in the river as parents watched over them.

One day when she was 9 she accidently made a tidal wave because they were splashing water at each other. From then on, her mother began to train her in her magic skills. Her mother did a test to see what powers she had. As it was evident, she had control over water in any form but she could summon too. Her mother taught her with simple spells and magics, as she grew older her powers developed further. She soon mastered her teleportation and element attacks as well as a healing spell. It was time to summon. Her mother started with getting her to summon small creatures, then bigger and bigger.

Finally, 2 years ago, when she was 16, her mother let her create her own, personal summon for her own use. That was when Dragoon was born. Kari worked on it for weeks until she decided it was good. Then came the hard part. She had to summon it, and not just once or twice. She had to summon dragoon continuously until it was natural and she didn't have to stress herself out to summon him. Soon Dragoon was mastered. Sometime in the future she hoped to develop an evolved Dragoon.

Then she heard about the evil. Places were becoming corrupted, the mages and summoners put up barriers from the evil around Riverside.She decided to help defeat the evil by becoming the summoner to collect the fayth/spirits and banish the evil from the land.Kari set out, looking for helpers and guardians to help with the upcoming quest.[/COLOR]
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Tonberry owns you.

Anyway, here's a sample from one of my older FF RP's called Final Fantasy, Death Awaits:
I woke up on the floor. I was covered in green liquid, on the dark floor. This wasn't the place I was before, or, at least I thought it wasn't the same place. It seemed, rundown, now.

When I got up from the floor, I saw three little boys standing in front of me, gawking for some reason. Before i could say anything, the kids scream and run.

"AHH THE WINGED DEMON OF DEATH, RUN!!!!" Winged demon? Wait a minute..

I reach toward my back and feel some wierd buldge. Then I realized my hand was frozen. What the hell is going on? I go over to a broken mirror and I see myself. Bright lightblue wings stretched out and emotionless eyes. Something happened, that I didn't know about. Then I turned around and everything came back to me. I saw the pod i broke out of, the Time Capsules. It was that General Tsin that locked me in there, but if that was the case, then what year was this? I found my chain and dual sickles(one sickle on each end) still in my side pouch. So then, I went outside, and almost fainted at the sight of this world....[/color]

Now for me signup:

Name: Gerret
Age: 20(assumed)
Birthplace: N/A, found near the Tonberry cave
Side: Good
Gender: Male
Class: Summoner
Weapon: a tonberry knife

Summon: Giant Tonberry
Description: a...Giant...Tonberry oo;

Character Description: Gerret has silver hair down to his shoulders. He wears a brown hooded tunic, much like a tonberry. He carries around a lantern, and his knife. He basicly the human version of a tonberry, although, there's something wierd inside his tunic on his back...

Abilities: stealth: His entire person changes to the background like a chameleon. Can last up to 15 mins.
Judgement hand: everyones stats turn exactly the same as the weakest person fighting.

Bio: There's nothing available about his parents or his childhood. Everyone just saw a 20 year old man, living near the tonberries. Unknown to everyone his that he lived with the tonberries. They showed him the spirit of their old leader Konberry. They taught him how to use his spirit in the form of a summon.

It was soon that he left the Tonberries and headed to the nearest tavern with only his tunic, a lamp, and a knife...

The bio's small but I think you get the idea. Tonberry owns you.
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Guest Heezay
G/S/B, I was in Kingdom of Spirits with you. It was my 1st RPG, and I don't know what happened to it, so I can't get you a post sample.

Name: Duke Totem

Age: 18

Birthplace: Hale, a desert town.

Side: Good

Gender: Male

Job: Warrior( can we change jobs?)

Who are you guarding: Soon WILL guard Kari Sanai

Weapon: Sword

Character Description: Black braided hair, a white T-shirt, and black jeans. He is about 6'1.

Character Abilites:

Fire Blade: Self- explanatory.

Zero Slash: Duke's sword is surrounded with ice energy.

Flurry: Duke slices his sword as much as he can within a period of time.

Thunderbolt: Sword is surrounded with lightining.

Bio: Duke was a athlete in his own timeline, but then he was transported into the world of Gaia. In his own time, he was well known for his skills in a wide variety of sports. He was also a skilled sowrdsman.
His mother died when he was still young, so he was an only child. He went to a boarding school, and excelled in his classes, as well as Athletics, and swordsmanship. An accident in his timeline, which Duke can't remember yet,
sent him to Gaia. This is what just happened to him when the RPG starts. ( I know, too short, but I'll come up with more.)

OT: Final Fantasy X-2 IS THE BOMB.
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Lmao, this is going to be sucessful at this rate. I'm going to put up my character, people can still sign in. You can only change if you're willing to be the changed job forever. jro13 and crusader, be sure to write longer post then at Kingdom of Spirits.

Name: Makiyu Orantue

Age: 24

BirthPlace: Maikan

Side: 19

Gender: Male

Job: Warrior (I may change this during the RPG)

Who are you guarding: Kari Sanai

Weapon: Long sword (just a long normal sword with a small curve to the end)

Character Description: 5'8 with blue eyes and pale skin with brown hair. Black shirt with a long red jacket that reaches to his feet. HIdden behind the jacket is his weapon attached to his belt. Black boots and gloves to match. He also have his red scar between his eyes.

Character Abilities:

Bushido Dragon- A small dragon made out of flames wraps around the sword, he aims at the enemy and the dragon rises up into the air to enlargen himself, then crashes onto the earth to inflict major damage to one enemy.

Thundaga Sword- Red electricity envolopes the sword

Firaga Sword- A huge flames covers his sword

Blizzara Sword- A blue mist covers his sword, when it comes into contact to the enemy, they freeze up.

Aid- prepares an assault to the enemy with a comrade

Bio: Makiyu was born in Maikan where he grew up and eventually trained at the age of 6 with a wooden sword. Soon the sword got bigger and the material to train with got harder until it reached 4'8 and made from pure metal. He had great education, but fighting was his true calling. He had less then 3 friends to play around with when he was young, but Makiyu didn't knew his strength, so when poking his friends, it often hurted them and soon deserted young Makiyu.

During his training, his rival ran up to him to duel him. Makiyu obviously accepted and his battle began. When the 2 owner's sword clashed, dark clouds were brewing and a rain poured through. But the 2 still kept his fighting going until suddenly a colemn of light appeared above the 2 warriors. The rain stopped pouring on the battlefield, but kept raining around it. Makiyu looked up at the sky, his rival took the chance and slashed him between the eyes and made a deep cut. After the slash, he black out and the last thing he saw was blood splurting out.......

WHen he woke up, he was near a river......

I will have much mroe details about the bio in my first post. THe rpg will start soon, so sign ups are still accepted....
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[color=blue][size=1]Just like Crusader, I was in Kingdom of Spirits, too. Not sure quite what happened to it... and if that isn't good enough for you, I'll send you a post sample via PM.

Name: Nikkie Yukishiro

Age: 17

Birth Place: Liroe

Side: Good

Gender: Female

Job: Warrior

Who Are You Guarding: Ace Wallace (but not at the beginning)

Weapon: Double-sided broad sword with a Dragon Carved handle

Character Description: See attachment except with out the ferret.

Character Abilities:

[b]Dragon Summoning[/b]- A large dragon of a random element is summoned from her sword after a short chant. It can't be hurt, seeing as how it is merely the essence of an element brought into a dragon form. It lasts for random intervals, depending on her energy, endurance, and strength at the time.

[b]Element Break[/b]- She can use different elemental attacks with her sword, such as Fire, Watera, Blizzaga, etc. She can also cause status problems with her sword.

[b]Cure[/b]- Able to recover health during or outside of battle.

[b]Copy Cat[/b]- She mimics the attacks of her opponent in a different fashion with her sword. Depending on how much energy she has, the attack could do more than usual, or less.

Bio: In her hometown of Liroe, Nikkie was a lot more advanced than those in her school. She was pushed forward four years, making her an outcast in the views of many people. The one friend she made was killed in what seemed like an accident when Nikkie was only 12. This sent her into a state of shock, grief, and hatred. No one could get her to say a word. Her parents eventually gave up and left her alone.

Everyone else thought her friend's death was merely an accident, but Nikkie knew it was an attack towards her. They had gone for Nikkie, but somehow gotten her friend. Determined to get revenge, she ran away from home a year later. She trained in secrecy and taught herself how to fight, steal, and kill. She remained in Liroe until she was 15, when she finally got revenge for her friend.

Now, she travels on her own, still using her self-taught techniques to fight and kill, along with steal what she needed to stay alive. She distrusts everyone she meets. The one thing that reminds her of her 'home' is a small picture of her at the age of 10 with her friend. This she shows no one, nor does she talk about it.

That's it, so tell me if I'm in, 'kay? Later.[/color][/size]
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I was in Kingdom of Spirits too.

Name: Sare Sanai
Age: 16
Birthplace: Riverside
Side: Good
Gender: Female
Job: Warrior
Who Are You Guarding: Kari Sanai
Weapon: Dirk, whip, hand-held bombs

Character Description: Sare is 5'4", has short brown hair, and black eyes. She wears a navy blue kimono with short sleeves and which she's cut short to about mid-thigh, and has a thin gray obi. She also has gray shorts underneath that come to two inches beneath the kimono, and a long-sleeve gray shirt underneath the kimono also. Her dirk and whip are suspended on light chains connected under her obi, and the bombs (home-made) are on gray bands diagnally across her chest.

Character Abilities:

Shadow Dance: Sare is able to move so quickly that you can only see her shadow flitting with her. Usually she uses this attack at night, but in the day she will use this so that she can distract her enemy with the constanly flitting shadow.

Berserk: This is usually only initiated when people she is closely connected to are in grave danger (usually close to death). However, she must have a very close relationship with them. She will attack any foes, and if she can't differ, which when the berserker gets worse does happen, she will attack anything that has a weapon. She doesn't stop until all foes are dead, leaving only corpses in her wake.

Bio: Sare's mother died in child-birth, and thus she was raised by her father. At first he was reluctant in teaching and training her in weaponry and combat, but after she was constantly getting beat up by older children, he decided to teach her. She specializes more in hand-to-hand combat with her dirk, but for longer distances she has her whip handy. From her own experimentation she learned how to make her bombs, which explode on contact, but are strong enough to resist time and hard travel.
Sare is the step-sister of Kari Sanai. After Kari turned 17 and Sare turned 15, Kari's mother and Sare's father married. At first Sare was very uncomfortable in the unfamiliar situation - she had never experienced a mother or sister before. However, soon enough the love and companionship offered by the Sanais was enough to win Sare over, and she is very attached to Kari.
However, shortly after her 16th birthday, and just before Kari left for the quest, Sare's father ordered her to stop her weapons training. He wasn't even aware that she made bombs. In a rage, Sare separated all relations from her father, even changing her last name to Sanai, and not speaking at all to her father. When Kari left, Sare left with her, refusing to stay at home, and threatening to kill herself if Kari tried to hold her back. Thus, Sare travels with Kari to try to protect her as best she can. Although she knows she's not yet mastered her weapons, she can beat most opponents.
Her berserker side was discovered as a child, when her father was badly beaten by some drunks. When he came home, she saw her father, and flew into a rage, running out to find the men who beat her father. Her father ran after her, stopping her before she killed someone. He was able to calm her, after she ran herself into an exhausted and fevered sleep. As for Shadow Dance, she discovered and honed this ability by herself for five years after always running and hiding from bullies. Sare has no magic abilities whatsoever.
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[SIZE=1]HEY!!! So far there's only [b]one[/b] bad guy?! Where's the fun in [b]that[/b]? I'm glad I saw this before it started (lmao, just kidding *shifty eyes*)

[color=green][b]Name:[/b] Rhox Nantuko

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]BirthPlace:[/b] Ghitu, City of the Forests. The city is mainly in the treetops of the southern parts of Naka (an old forest with stupidly tall trees), and stretches out to the rim of Fernbrake (a humongous lake in the middle of a crater. The Naka forest climbs over the rim of the crater and down about 1/4 of the way into it. Naka forest starts about a mile from the edge of the crater.)

[b]Side:[/b] Bad

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Job:[/b] Mage-Warrior (can I be like a warrior that knows one or two Mage spells?)

[b]Who are you guarding:[/b] Ace Wallace

[b]Weapon:[/b] [URL=http://www.fantasy-swords.com/swords/images/UC1239.JPG]Kilgorin[/URL]

[b]Character Description:[/b] *attachment* My character is the guy on the far right (the one with brown hair. In other words, Squall *from FF8 if you didn't know*). He wears the exact same things, except without the thongs (shoe-type thongs, not what you sick-minded peeps were thinking of *lol*)

[b]Character Abilities:[/b] Drain - drains HP (you should all know it anyway)
Flare - does non-elemental damage (and it's not overly strong like in most FF games)
Armour Break - pierces through defences and lowers defence
Mental Break - pierces through defences and lowers magic defence

[b]Bio:[/b] He doesn't know where he was born, or who his parents were, and he doesn't really care anyway.
He found himself living in a small hut on the edge of Naka and Fernbrake one day (when he was about 10) and can't really remember anything before that.
The old people who lived in the hut raised him for a while, but soon got sick and tired of his attitude, so they kicked him out.
One day he came across a particularly old mangled creepy tree, while wandering through the Naka.
Embedded in it's roots was a, somewhat rusty, old sword.
He took it to the blacksmith out on the far side of Fernbrake, and the poor bugger got so scared when he saw the sword that he had a heart attack. Rhox stepped over the new corpse and decided to fix up the old piece of scrap metal himself. He was around 13 years old.
By the age of 15, Rhox had learnt how to use two warrior techniques, and decided to go find someone to try them out on.
He found a Mage, who was about 20, looked nearly 40, and acted as if he were only 14.
Long story short, Rhox lost.
The Mage decided to teach Rhox to learn how to cast magic, but didn't actually teach him any abilities.
Until he was 17, Rhox spent most of his time fighting the monsters native to Naka forest, and teaching himself how to cast magic attacks.
Just before his 18th birthday, Rhox decided to find something to do with his life. Namely annoy people and stop them from achieving their goals by defeating them mercilessly.
Rhox saw that a new Summoner was just finishing his training. His name was Ace Wallace, and he lived in the city of Razzaria.
Rhox trekked for a year, until he finally arrived at the city.
He is meeting Ace today (first day in the RPG).
So there's my sign up. And below is my sample post from the RPG: The Dragon Clans of Varv (the first RPG I started)

[color=darkred]"Kyru spun around at top speed, the bladed barb at the end of his whip-like hair hitting his opponent in the face.
He flipped over the enemy, making sure to hit him in the chest with the barb. He spun around again, this time hitting the dizzied man in the back of the head.
Kyru grabbed hold of the man around the jaw and pulled his head around with expert ease, snapping the man's neck.
'Maybe you shouldn't have gotten involved with the Demons. Then they wouldn't have sent for the best bountyhunter around just to get rid of a pathetic piece of filth such as yourself. I have to go get my reward. So if you'll excuse me.' Kyru said to the now dead body.
'Incubuzzard!' he called at the top of his voice. The skies darkened all of a sudden. Plants wilted into hiding places, trying to get away from the darkness.
'Boy am I glad the Demons chose to leave you black dragons as you are. You'd all be dead otherwise,' Kyru mused.
The huge dragon landed next to the dead body and sniffed it. With a flick of it's head, it gobbled the dead man up.
Satisfied, Kyru climbed onto the shrouded dragon's back.
'C'mon old friend, let's go get us this reward, and find out why we had to waste our time on that piece of bull.....dung' "[/color]
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