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Afterwar 21XX : Ruins of a former World


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[COLOR=Blue]In the year 2030, a World Wide Nuclear War broke out amongts many countries, each 'side' losing ground as the onther fought for what they thought was right. Of course it all ended in tragedy with billions dead, and the World a Post Nuclear Wasteland. Many years after the war, the remaning Nations formed a new, combined nation and sought to preserve peace, with an iron fisted Government. Everything is of top technology, buildings, weapons, computers, vehicles, everything. What is left of the former world are ruins and caverns of old buildings, bases and such, these which held many [COLOR=Green]'Artifacts'[/COLOR] of the former world, many were worth alot. Of this new Government sprang organizations that wanted these [COLOR=Green]'Artifacts'[/COLOR]. Hunters, Mercenaries, Assassins, Soldiers, Commandos. All sorts of different people scoured these ruins, finding these 'Artifacts' for thier employers. What many didn't know was that there were creatures of all sorts romaing the ruins and attacking all that disturb the sanctitiy of the place. Some wanted the ruins blasted into oblivion, wiped fom the face of the Earth, but because of the [COLOR=Green]'Artifact'[/COLOR] values and the previous War, that was near impossible. So, on these employers went seeking people to explore these ruins to find these [COLOR=Green]'Artifacts'[/COLOR].
While many Hunters continued to bring back [COLOR=Green]'Artifacts'[/COLOR] and many continued to die, this became the new 'Military' profession. 'Groups' became a common thing, of people of different skills uniting to search out these [COLOR=Green]'Artifacts'[/COLOR] and, of course, get paid. An 'Artifact-Merc', if you will. Scientist have been led to believe that there is more than the creatures down there and one such Scientist by the name of Dr. Kurt Krowe has put together a crack team of Artifact-Mercs. for this purpose. To seek out [COLOR=Green]'Artifacts'[/COLOR], Eliminate all creatures and other Artifact-Mercs who get in thier way, and to find out the secret of the Creatures. It may take days, months, years to figure out the true nature of the Creatures, but at least these guys are getting paid for what they do best. Dr. Kurt Krowe is cheif scientist for The Seekers of Lost Cause. This crack team of Artifact-Mercs.[/COLOR]

As you can see, there was no rating in the title which would hopefully lead you people to beleive that there will be very little curse words. A 'damn' would be okay once in a while. Maybe some [B]SPARINGLY[/B] 'shits', but absolutely, under no cicumstances will there be an 'F-Bomb'. This is a [B]NON[/B]-Sexual RPG, kissing is okay...As long as it doesn't lead to other things. Lastly, keep the blood spatter and gut letting to a minimum.)[/I]

[B]Name:[/B] {Well, duh!}
[B]Age:[/B] {You know the drill...Nothing too young, nothing too old}
[B]Gender:[/B] {Need I specify?}
[B]Specialty:[/B] {Sabers (Beam), Guns, Hammers, Fists}
[B]Weapon(s):[/B] {It needs to be in basis with your specialty}
[B]Appearance:[/B] {Pictures are fine by me. If you cant find a picture make your description good.}
[B]Bio:[/B] {Easy enough. Make it blend with the back story}[/COLOR]

And in the famous words of my beauftiful wife..''Have at it..''
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[b]Name:[/b] Gavin O'Conner

[b]Age:[/b] 32

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Specialty:[/b] Guns

[b]Weapons:[/b] Twin blaster pistols that he is able to use simultaneously with great ease and perfection. They are silver, and very compact.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www.toddlockwood.com/After_det.jpg[/img]

[b]Bio:[/b] After leaving school at 19 (he was held back a year), he instantly joined a group of Commandos. (That is where he learned to use his duel pistols with such ease.) While in this group they went on several trips to find "Artifacts." Most of the time though, they would come back empty handed. Constantly they would be attacked by the creatures that lurked about, and they would barely escape with their lives.

When they did manage to find "Artifacts" they proved to be not as valuable as they could or should be.

After eleven years of working with the group of Commandos, Gavin gave it up. He had accumulated enough money to just sit back and let life go the way it wanted to. But he soon found this life to be boring, and having quit the Commandos he was unable to go back, and the other jobs did not seem appropriate to him.

Then one day Dr. Kurt Krowe approached him with a proposition, to join his team of Artifact-Mercs. The good doctor explained that he wanted Gavin for his skill with his guns, and his experience against the creatures. Gavin was unsure at first, but soon warmed up to the idea. He had indeed missed the action, and his trigger fingers itched constantly. Perhaps soon he would get to excercise them.

So I didn't have to sleep on it..
~Edit Again~ Heh, stupid typos.
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Name: John Allon

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Specialty: Sword

Weapons: Broadsword and if that fails he carries a Desert Eagle for something to fall back on.

Appearance: I couldnt get a picture:(
He is average height..but he looks short, he has brown hair dyed with blonde in it, often looks dirty. His face is not clean shaven and he has whiskers jabbing out of his chin and around his lips and his cheeks. He has very bulky legs, but I would not call them fat. And he has ripped muscles(you can see the lines alot)
I hope that description is good enough:D

Bio: John is now 27, he never went to school because both of his parents were involved in a fatal car accident and he was left alone, untill an elderly couple took him in and did not make him go to school. He was taught the way of the sword by one of the two elders, the elderly man, and he is now excellent with the broadsword and hits nearly any target in his range. He was given the elderly mans desert eagle as a present when he turned eighteen and he has used it ever since. The elderly man died when John was at the age of 22 and at that point the elderly woman was in hospital...so John left after giving her a goodbye, and he managed to get a place to stay and food to eat.

He joined a group of bounty hunters that were looking for hidden artifacts that were worth a fortune...when he was with these people he improved on his broadsword, but most of all his deasert eagle. He is now a good shot with the gun because of these bounty hunters, and sometimes it is needed when he is fighting the creatures that lurk around what is left of the land.

Phew...hopefully thats good enough ;)
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Name: Clyde Ashford
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Specialty: Guns
Weapon(s): dual .45 Silverballer handguns, custom-made.
Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/guy/2-4.htm]Go Here. At times he also wears a brown trench coat.[/URL]

Bio: He lived a normal life and had a good education when he was child. The only really sad thing that happened in is life was that his mother died when he was at a young age. His father was a famous Artifact-Merc who now runs a small weapons shop and Clyde wanted to follow him in his footsteps. His father taught him in gunmanship and once he finished school he joined a group of Artifact-Mercs, and his father gave Clyde his dual handguns as a gift and custom-made it for him. By the time he reached 26 he heard that Dr. Kurt Krowe was looking for a bunch of Artifact-Mercs and he left his group to join.
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NAme: Chris Williams

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Specialty: Fists

Weapon: None

Appereance: [url]http://www.planetdreamcast.com/residentevil/images/pages/interviews/chris1.jpg[/url]

Bio: Chris grew up in a weathy family and had everything he could want in life. But he did not want to get everything the easy way, he'd rather do it like everyone else...work hard and get rewarded. After finishing his schooling, Chris left home and left all the treasures behind him with it. Chris moved next to a Artifact-Merc who tought him some fighting techniques, they became very close friends. When the Artifact-Merc dies chris took over his shop, a year later he recieved news about a man named Dr. Kurt Krowe looking for artifact-Mercs to find special items. Chrise closed the shop and decided to help the Dr. in his search.

~Hope this is an ok profile to join up
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Name: Anna Rodriquez
Age: 23

Gender: Female

Specialty: Swords

Weapon(s): Kitana, blade that is three feet long with a 9 inch hilt. The hilt is wrapped in red leather and the sheath of the sword is red with black markings with the creators name. The sword is very sharp and is a double sided blade with which she must be carful with for it may cut her as well.

Appearance: [IMG]http://img.actressarchives.com/micheller/tn_mr250.jpg[/IMG] Stands at about 5'7 inches.

Bio: Born in Post War America to a hispanic family, she grew up in cautious times. Her family wished for her to be well skilled and strong and so had her trained in martial arts where she picked up the skill of using the kitana. But since majority of the population was scattered they had her mpved to a city where she would be well cared for, well trained and safe from the creatures that were close to her hometown.

At the age of 19 she left the place that she was sent and headed back home. To her dsmay her father who had been an 'Artifact' hunter had been killed by one of the creatures.
Wanting revenge and wanting to take her father place, she decided to also become a artifact hunter. For three years she has been successful in her hunts and has had her own team to lead for the last year. She is ruthless when it comes to these creatures and is a well sought after hunter.

She recently heard the works of Dr. Kurt Krowe and decided to join.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][b]Name: Mark Ashley

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Specialty: Fists(Dirty fighting)

Weapons: A long knife concealed in his rags which he uses to stab his victims. Also, an old pistol which almost always backfires, so he uses it as a blunt weapon.

Appearance: Living on the streets, Mark has not had a shower for years, and a decent meal for months. His black hair and beard is long and greasy, and the only thing left on his little arms is muscle. His hands are calloused and dirty. He scavenges dumpsters for clothes, and all he has found are old, torn up shirts, green khakis which were once tan, and tattered gloves. He has no shoes, leaving his feet bruised and blistered.

Bio: Mark has never known a home. He was raised in the streets of Istanbul, where his family had lived ever since the terrible days when senseless destruction ran rampant. Lucky his family was, suffering no mutations from the radiation. Mark was taught to prey on the weak and un-guarded. He forgot that rule one day, and was cast out of the city for attacking a police-officer. During those days, Mark roamed from village to village, taking whatever he needed. A short while ago, Mark felt the urge for more, and stupidly attacked a heavily armed man. By some miracle, Mark won the struggle and took everything from the body. Most he sold, but some, like his gun, Mark kept. Also a letter, adressed to the dead man. It ready something about Artifact-Mercenaries being called on by a Doctor of some kind. As we speak, Mark is a stow-away on a transport, speeding to the destination marked in the letter.[/b]

OOC: Hopefully this is going to be good. The only other RP of yours' that I joined and actually got started was Lore, which was actually my first post. Ah, the good ole days.[/size]
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[B]Name:[/B] Ethan Babak

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Specialty:[/B] Sabers

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] Twin curved sabers, emitting a green aura, that heats the blade up to extreme degrees to burn through enemies or objects.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://www.gamemadang.co.kr/main/special/forestian/fencer.jpg[/url]

[B]Bio:[/B] Ethan lived around 'Artifact Mercs' while growing up, his father was one, he learned the ways of combat with more conventional weaponry. When he went on his first 'Artifact' hunt his group encountered creatures. Zombies with mechanical components set in their rotting flesh, robot like contraptions bent on destruction, Ethan saw it all. His sword was no use in combat, it coudn't cut a thing and broke soon after the skirmish started. He stood in wait watching the fighting, ducking and dodging creatures. He found two curved like swords emitting a green aura, and began to weild them as though they were his own, they cut through the flesh and steel of the monsters with ease. Ethan came to terms that conventional sabers would be ineffective in his later travels so he took the blades. Many years after his first hunt, Ethan a little older and a little wiser, he was confronted by Dr. Kurt Krowe and offered a position in the Seekers of Lost Cause, the Docters newly formed group of 'Artifact Mercs.' Ethan joined the Docters cause after hearing about the plan to find out the source and reason for the creatures. Besides, he was going to get paid to do what he already knew how to do.
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Alright, I need maybe 1 or 2 more sign-ups. If they dont come by Monday, I'll start this RPG up. So far everyone is in, good sign-ups everyone. I just ask that you remain active in the RPG when it is put out in the Adventure Arena. Please keep the personal chit chat to PMs. Thanks, and thanks for signing up!
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