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Guarders of the Elements[WARNING: May contain violence, gore, and sugestive language]


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[i][color=darkblue]This is my first RPG. Well, here goes nothing!

War. There is not an existing world or species today that has not seen one. But the mightiest one ever seen is perhaps the one that took place on Cardinai (card-n-eye), between the people of the planet, the Cardinals. Not a species was left out of the fight. You see, each race from each direction had one ruler; the one who could control their race's element. Each race had one element: the Mystics of the North, consisting of spellcasters and other fantasy creatures (young and old, child and elder) had the element of Earth. The Men of the East, consisting of humans and what they knew as "normal" creatures, had the element of Wind. The Demons of the South, consisting of demons and other sinister beasts (such as dragons [no offence], and gremlins, ect.), held the element of Fire. And finally, the Elves of the West, consisting of elves and other faerie-like creatures (such as water sprites and pixies), held in their possesion the element of Water.

The war started as a revolt of the citizens of each nation because each race believed they had the superior element and deserved to rule the world of Cardinai and did not believe that their leader was doing right by letting things go on as they were so they took matters into their own hands and went to war. It was a terrible war with much blood-shed and many casualties. The heirs of the rulers were given their element powers after the rulers were killed as the results of the revolt. The heirs, Yunni of the Elves (female), Meena of the Mystics (female), Gamial of the Men (male), and Nafiti of the Demons (male) have inherited their element powers when their parents, the former rulers, were killed. Now that each race realizes that their element has been passed down to children with no heir to pass it on to, each race is trying to get the other's element before the others get theirs. The four heirs have been called to the center of Cardinai, where a castle awaits to protect them. But, to get there, they need to be able to fend for themselves as they can be easily attacked along the way.


Ok, just so there's no confusion:

This took place in the older days when we didn't have guns. There can be more than the four characters, but I would like to have the four characters in some of the earlier sign-ups for this RPG. And, in the RPG, anyone can take the element powers from the heirs if the heirs have just died (as in, that they died within fifteen seconds ago). Also, you can be an heir that came from the other Cardinai world, it's twin with the same name, help set things right. The elements from the other world are: Darkness, held by the Devils of the South. Light, held by the Angels of the North. Death, held by the Death-Eaters of the West (demons who suck the souls from the living. no one from this race is going to intervine with the story, I just listed it for refrence on who was in the west.) And Life, held by the gods of the East. Oh, and you CAN mix races, for all the characters. But I'd prefer if the main characters were purely one race, but you can still mix them.

Now the sign-ups:

Age: (it doesn't matter to me what age you are. Just, if you're a regular mortal, meaning you don't have an extended life like an elf does, try to make it reasonable.)
Gender: (Remember: Water element is held by a female, Fire is held by a male, Wind is held by a male, and Earth is held by a female if you are an heir).
Element/Direction/Race: (direction as in if you are from the north, south, east, or west.)
Special Ability:


PM me with any questions ^_^. I will post my sign-up later.

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Name: Veil
Age: 102
Gender: Female
Element; Direction; Race: Life/Death; West; God/Death-eater

Description: slender figure, 5'6", short, straight black hair, gold eyes, pale smooth skin.

Special Ability: has the ability to heal/give life to others at the cost of health/life from someone else. This comes from her mix of God and Death-eater blood.

Bio: Veil is a half a God from the East, and half a Death-Eater from the West. Her homeworld is the twin world of Cardinai, and when she was born, she was sent to the Elves of the West, who were the only ones who would accept her strange powers and breeding. She's been there her whole life, and has never returned to the other world. She also has not been the Men of the East, who would likely just try to control her for her powers.
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This was honestly your first RPG? I cannot see a thing out of place. Nice job.

Name: Nafiti
Age: looks 24 (easiest way done)
Description: [url]http://www.capcom.com/devilmaycry/images/screench_02.jpg[/url]


Gender: male
Element/Direction/Race: fire/south/demon
Special Ability: Metamorphis into fire-demon state, which is basically fater than his normal state.
Biography: Even as a child he knew what he was ment for, killing. As the prince of demons it was his duty to lead his direction to victory, but he wasn't very duty bound. They killed his father, destroyed his mother, and decapitated his brother. Why should he care where they went? As far as he was concerned, everyone could just go to hell.

No matter his feelings, war still ment fighting for survival, and he became very talented with his large sword. West, North, and East were against him, and he wasn't aided by the south, so he killed them all. In fact, the way he saw it, the more he killed the less chance the scumbag who killed his father would get away from him...

Weapon: An immense blade that reaches from his knees to his head when sheathed on his back. The hilt is a swirl of black and red, curled like a dragon with its mouth wide open like it's devouring the sword. A dark red aura seems to flow around his sword at all times.

What about weapons?
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I'll join!

[color=orange][u]Name:[/u] Maia
[u]Age:[/u] 15
[u]Description:[/u] Maia is about 5'6" tall. She has long, curly, red hair and reddish orange eyes. She wears a long, long-sleeved yellow and white dress in a patchlike pattern. Her wings are golden and birdlike.
[u]Gender:[/u] female
[u]Element/Direction/Race:[/u] Earth/Light, North of both worlds, Siren/Angel
[u]Special Ability:[/u] Helaing powers involving music, and hypnotic powers.
[u]Biography:[/u] Maia was said to be born through a special process of divine intervention, when a wizard from the North met an angel from the other world. From them came two babies: Maia and Katami.

Even though they were twins, Maia and Katami were entirely different elements and races and lived in different parts of the other world. Katami was a devil from the South, and Maia was an angel from the North. Both were spellcasters from the North in the other world. However, Katami, who earned the nickname Kra, had turned evil and looked for Maia for several years... However, their mother put a Unity Spell on them, meaning that Maia would not die until Katami did. This had frustrated Katami, turning her evil. Why did her mother have to be on Maia's side?[/color]
Hope Maia's in!
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[i][color=darkblue]I forgot about weapons, you're right! I guess I just assumed you'd put them in with the "Special Abilities".

OK, all of you are in. Accept jro 13, you have to get your bio soon or you can't be in, ok?

I would really appreciate it if the next few sign-ups were for the other three heirs! Thanx ^_^.
Here's my sign-up:

Name: Yunni

Age: 117

Description: (I'll get a picture on here when my home computer gets fixed. I'm at school now, so the picture isn't on this computer and my home computer is broken, so I'll get it on as soon as I can.)

Gender: Female

Element/Direction/Race: Water/West/Elven

Special Ability: Mastering skill of swordsmanship (including with daggers as that is her weapon). She is good with the bow and arrow and fair with every other weapon. Also, being an Elf, she holds the command of water.

Biography: (Do that when my home computer is fixed. Same deal as with the description. I have a good Biography written out on my home computer.)

And Meena is reserved for foreverinfinity (aka Bethany). So there's just Gamial of the Men (male) left. But I can change it to a female if a girl wants to be that character ^_^.

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Age: Fifteen
Description: Short for her age, about 5'3". her sandy blond hair is short with two longer "bangs" that fall over her eyes that are dyed bright red. Meena wears a headband (which has a spell on it so she can see through illusions and see people who have an invisibility shield) to make sure they don't keep her from seeing.she has blue, almost purple eyes.(all right steph, use that 2 color in the pic, ok?) more details in Pic coming soon
Gender: Female
Element/Direction/Race: Water/East/Mystic
Special Ability:Great with her bow and arrow which is slightly magicked to make the bows fly faster, is able to take the appearance of another living thing, and able to put a small amount of magic into weapons, armor, and sometimes even animals.
Biography:Born to parents who had no sign of the smallest amount of magic, she ran away from home to find someone to help her contain her mystical powers. She met a group of mystics who trained her to control herself, so she would have more energy when she needed to use her magic. The royal family adopted her when they saw she had the powers of a true heir. They figured it would be a good thing to do, scince they had no children and did not want to give the throne to someone they had not raised at least partly themselves. It was a good thing, because just half a year later, the castle was overrun by centuars and her "parents" were killed. Meena was captured and taken to the leader, who wanted her as his wife. She was angered by this and her emotions were let out in a burst of magic and broke the chains on her arms and legs and gave her a chance to run. with nothing but the clothes on her back and her bruises from the recent invasion, she ran faster than ever before. Two days later, she came to a small, roughly set up tent that seemed to be empty, exept for a small amount of water and fruit. She thanked the gods before she ate, drank and slept. She woke up the next morning rested and full, so got ready to continue her journey. Thats when she met Yunni......
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Name: Gamial
Age: 26
Description: [img]http://lorelai.com/artwork/fanart/comm_bander2.jpg[/img]
Gender: Male
Element/Direction/Race: Wind/East/Man
Special Ability: He is a Very skilled swordsman who wields a very powerful sword named Skylin [img]http://www.falseprophecies.com/sword.jpg[/img] and is also very skilled at archery. He is skilled at almost all weapons. And of course he wields the element of wind.
Biography: Gamial had grown up a fierce warrior. Almost all of his free time was spent training with Skylin and sneaking off into battle when his father went to war. Skylin was the oldest of the two heirs of the king so he had grown a huge rivalry with his younger brother, Maklio until very recently his mother, father, and Maklio were killed during the many revolts. Gamial himself had managed to escape. He had fled until he came upon a little town of men. Using a false identity, as a man from a distant land named Suama, he befriended a man named Kamira and they became very close. Almost as if he was his best friend back when all was calm.

Kieko, i know there is something i need to add in my bio. Please tell me and i'll fix it alright? Thank you. Other wise, i hope this is good.
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