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This is only my second banner, so don't be too harsh. I used paint because I am not allowed to download any other programs. (strict parents) >.> Anyways, as the thread title says, this is a sonic banner. Please tell me what you think...

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Sonic!!!!!! *glomps*

*Has been playing Sonic Adventures 2: Battle and loves it*

Not bad for your 2nd banner. The image is clean cut and doesn't look to have low quality. However, there are some things that rub me the wrong way. oO; I think, start with using different fonts. That font seems too plain and the color doesn't seem to fit Sonic that well. Maybe it's cause he's mainly yellow and the font color is like turqoise. oO

I'm unsure how far you can go with paint, however, I do know of people that make banners in paint that you swear looked like they were done in PS. Just keep trying. Try matching colors a bit more. Start simple...sometimes the most beautiful banners are the simplest ones.

Maybe you can convice your parents to download Paint Ship Pro...it's free and it does give your moe oprtions than Paint. ^^;
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