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Captain Tsubasa Art


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[COLOR="#004a6f"]This is picture I drew of Captain Tsubasa. I used to watch this animé when I was growing up in Saudi Arabia. It hasn't been translated into english yet, I used to watch it in Arabic. I wish they would show it here in the west, cause I think it's very appropriate anime for kids, but It's kind of old, but only as old as Dragonball. It's pretty cool, if your a big soccer fan.[/COLOR]
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Hmm, well, that reminds me of...

1.) Digimon
2.) Astro Boy
3.) Digimon
4.) Cyborg 009
5.) Did I mention Digimon?

Well, yes, most anime that are as old as Dragon Ball, for some reason, have that style of animation. Astro Boy, Cyborg 009, Kikaider...well, Kikaider isn't that old, but it has the same style of animation.
METROPOLIS! That's what I was trying to say! ^^;
Anyways, back to the picture, which is why I'm here in the first place: Very cool. Nicely drawn and actually looks like you've drawn it. If you want perfection, the face could use a little bit of work but, other than that, that's one really spiffy pic. Nice work.
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