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Inuyasha:Shadered agian


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This is one of my first rpgs I hope it works out:

The Jewel is shadered agian. A year ago Kagome and Inuyasha hide the Jewel in a place they thought was safe. A year later someone unknown found the Jewel and shadered it. Kogome was forced to go back to feudal Japan to decide what to do about the Jewel. If they don't collect the peices Japan and the rest of the world will be doomed. Now in the year 2004 new well portals open beside Kagomes well. A couple of choosen people with many secrets are taken back to feudal times to protect both worlds from the danger that is Kagara's youngest brother. The last of Naroku's children.

okay here's the sign up:

good or evil:

My sign up:
Name: Shakia
Bio: Shes half dog demon she doesn't look it though she's one of the demon's from the mordern period that hides there origin. She is said to be some how related to Inuyasha. One day while being chased by another demon. She jumped in a well near by and was transported to feudal times. She didn't realize where she was and tried to get back to her time but couldn't now she's stuck in feudal Japan and wonders around looking for a way out.
Wepons: Two swords, Ice claw, Ice wave
Good or evil: Good
Appearence: Brown eyes, Black hair, wears a light bule shirt and black pants, has a silver choaker
Gender: Female
I need someone to play some of the main caracters
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[color=teal][b]Name:[/b] Crystal Magome

[b]Age:[/b] about 15

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Bio:[/b] Crystal is from Kagome's time, but she's Inuyasha's half-sister. They share the same father. She stumbled in to a well one day and finally met her brothers. She had always wore a headband until she got into a little fight with Inuyasha. Inuyasha tore the headband off and revealed her ears. Now Crystal helps Inuyasha and she has a major crush on Miroku.

[b]Apperence:[/b] She has really light almost white long hair and misty blue eyes. She wears a purple and black ninja like outfit and keeps her hair in a ponytail.

[b]Weapon(s)/Attack(s):[/b] She has a sword that can control elements, Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, and she also can heal

[b]Bad/Good:[/b] Good[/color]
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Name: Lee
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Bio: Knew InuYasha when they where younger and grew up with him.She moved to the Elder's Castle to live with her father and he trained her.She is good at dession making and enjoyes frendly battles.Dosen't like to fight but will when she has too.
Apperence:Short brown hair,blue eyes,dark brown fur pants and red shirt.She's a wolf demon.
Wepon(s)/Attack(s):A black creasent shaped boomarange that has a hidden blade inside and a normal sword at her hip.
Claws of Blood,Soul Capture(Removes the soul of oppent for a breif period giving her the cance to get away.Gloves with retrackble whips that have sharp points on the ends and can cause deep cuts when whips are not in and also when they are out.
Good/Evil: Good
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OCC: This sounds like fun! Also, I'm going to try to be evil. I've never been evil before so forgive me if it's bad...

Name: Kitsune (or Kit for short)
Age: ?? she looks 18 though..
Bio: Kit is a full-blooded fox demon, quick to temper. She was abandoned at a young age and Naraku saw Kit's potential for power, and adopted her. Thus, she is deeply grateful to Naraku for taking her in and raising her. Kit will fight to the death for Naraku and his children. Kit does believe deep in her heart that she will find her parents again.
Weapon/attacks: Poisonus (sp?) Claws, and a sword. She also has a mega-claw type of attack but she can only use it when she's really mad because it drains her.
Good/Evil: Evil
Appearance: She is very beautiful. She looks like a fit, young woman, except that she has short red fur on most of her body, and she has white on her belly, lower arms, and lower legs. She has a long bushy tail with white on the tip and she can use it to whack somebody if she's mad. Kit has large Yellow eyes with slits for pupils (much like a cat's), and he eyes go dark gold when she get's mad. She also has long dark red hair that she ties in a ponytail. Sometimes she ties it high, and sometimes it's low...Most of the time she ties it high. (Not that it really matters)
Gender: Female

I hope I did alright!
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Name: Duo Sigmoon
Bio:he has a good heart but a black soul. he can not refrane from playing tricks on people and he constantly creates problems and fights/choas/blood baths.
wepon/attacks:Sharp claws, Giant silver sword.
good or evil:Good (most believe he is evil...for his dressings and actions)
Gender: male
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If you want to you can play Kagome or sango minako. I'm starting the rpg now But the sign in is still open for any one who wants to sign in as any main characters or bad guys I would put more good people but were kinda lacking in main characters and Bad caracters right now( sorry if the start was to sudden I'm still kinda new at this)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by shahi [/i]
[B]This is good I just need someone to play some main characters and maybe a guy. We'll hopefully start the RPG tomorrow(No school Thank you snow storm) [/B][/QUOTE]

I will play a guy all I have to do is change the pic and the name of my character and turn all the she's in to he's. :D
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[color=purple] I'll play Miroku too, so that we have at least one orginal character! :D

[b]Name:[/b] Miroku

[b]Age:[/b] around 16-18

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Bio:[/b] Miroku is traveling monk with strange morals. :sounds like a priest I know: He joined up with Inuyasha on his quest for the jewel shards. Later on they discover they share the same enemy, Naraku. Naraku cursed Miroku's family Wind Tunnel in their right hand. Now Miroku is out for revenge on Naraku for what the Wind Tunnels did to his grandfather and father. He wants to break the caurse before the same happens to him.

[b]Apperence:[/b] [url]http://utenti.lycos.it/luce0902/lami_008_miroku.jpg[/url]

[b]Wepon(s)/Attack(s):[/b] His Wind Tunnel and staff

[b]Bad/Good:[/b] Good[/color]
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I'll play another evil character

Name: Naraku
Age:?probably in his 60's or 70's
Gender: male
Bio: Use to be a evil human. Kikyo took care of him when he was hurt and couldn't move. He liked kikyo but couldn't have her because she was with Inuyasha. So one day he gave his body up to a group of demons and Naraku was born. Naraku killed Kikyo and made her pin Inuyasha to a tree for 50 years. he also killed sangos family and put a curse on Miroku and his Family.
Apperence: long Black hair with a spider on his back. he can change forms every now and then.
Wepons/ attacks: He uses a wooden doll that can change in to his form and attack the people he dislikes.
Good/Bad: Bad
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Name: Barako
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Bio: Barako is a young rogue priestess whose mother was in the same order as Kikyo. Barako has developing psychic powers that caused her to be shunned from her villiage and forced to join the priesthood against her will. Barako became agitated and left the order, but still poses as a priestess when she needs to escape a tough situation. Barako is a veteran fighter who can use her powers to direct her weapons at enemies. She can also communicate with ghosts and spirits, as well as see into the minds of demons.
Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, green eyes, attire the same as Kikyo's with exception to black stripes on sleeves.
Weapons/Attacks: Sword, bow and arrow, small knives. Can throw knives and shoot arrows along with psychic powers.
Good/Bad: Good with an attitude
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Hey The main caracter and evil caracter slots are still open
Origanal caracters needed:Inuyasha
Shippo(not really needed)
Kikyo(not really needed)
Any other caracters needed would probably be villains( need someone to play Naraku's new son) gotta go bye
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Name: Kiky
Age: 17
Bio: Kiky is a halfling was raised in the forest and has a vast knowledge of the plants and animals, which heal, and what can be made into valuable poisons. She gets angred easily and has a vicious temper, although she tries to keep it under control.
weapon/attacks: Magic
good or evil: good
Appearence: Long reddish brown hair she usually keeps in a braid, deep purple eyes although they are blind, they neverfail to mezmerise
Gender: Female
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Bio: Koga is the somewhat dim-witted leader of a group called the "Youkai-Wolf Tribe" Kouga is a youkai that has taken human form and leads his pack of wolves.

Koga initially tried to make Kagome "his woman" inorder to use her ability to find the jewel shards to his advantage. However, after the Jewel was reformed, he lost all hope for that to happen.

After losing the jew shards in his legs and arm, Koga has been extremely depressed. As soon as he learned of the reemergance of the shards, he set out to find some. He eventually discovered two, placing one back in each leg, giving him back his blinding speed. Now Koga was faced with a decision, to further persue the shards for his own gains, or help defend the other shards from the forces of Evil.

wepon/attacks: Katana Sword, Super Speed

good or evil: Unknown

Appearence: [IMG]http://www.furinkan.com/iycompanion/characters/characters/koga.jpg[/IMG]

Gender: male
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You guys are all in I won't be here for a while though I'm olny allowed on the computer on weekends now

Question: Outlaw if Miroku's about 18 and his older than Kouga who was what 16 the last time the Jewel shadered how is it that Koga's 23. Shouldn't he be like 17? Sorry if I'm nagging just wondering.
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Name: Murasaki
Age: ? (looks 7 or 8)
Gender: Female
Bio: She is a tenyo (angel maiden) who fell to earth years ago and has since been living alone in the wild. She is a lost soul, to put it simply. She doesn't even know her own name, so she named herself after her favorite color. She has powers of levitation, mind reading and has the power to control people telepathically. She is very lonely, and was forced out of the last villiage she was near because she was kidnapping children to keep her company. She is neither good nor evil, positive or negative. She is chaos incarnate.
Appearance: Long dark hair, empty grey eyes, wears a robe that is white. She has small wings growing out of her back, not nearly big enough to fly with. She has two wings coming out of the top of her head.
Good/Evil: ?
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Well, this seems like a lot of fun, so I'lll join! Hope I don't ruin it!!!

Name: Ankuza

Age: Unkown (appears about 15 or 16)

Bio: She was born in a family of peaceful demons, but the villagers killed them, and from that day on, she swore to eliminate humans from the face of the Earth, she was barely able to escape with her life from the village where she lived; and she decided to escape into a thick forest, there, some monsters found her lying on the ground and the leader of those monsters told them to teach her how to use swords and knives, they teached her and she quickly mastered them and she began to
travel with that group of monsters. Years later, the leader of the monsters asked her to follow him into a foggy forest, and there, the leader of those monsters told her that the only way to rid the world of humans, was to find and bring him the Shikon Jewel, now, she has separated from that group of monsters and has heard the Jewel has returned, and she will stop at nothing to find it and bring it to her leader.

Weapons/attacks: Uses different sword styles and knives, but will transform into her true demon form if needed.

Appearance: [URL=http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?action=get_pic&pic_id=12262] Very long silvery hair, demon marks, scar in her left eye...[/URL]

Good/Evil: EVIL :devil:

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This looks like fun Ill join

Age:Immortal(looks 17-ish)
Bio:She is a vampire/dogdemon with the power to wander in the the daylight. Said to have a relation to the inuyokai clan of the western lands. Once was evil and lurked the shadows.But because of the death of her bestfriend(Akina)she became good and made an oath to avenge her.
Wepon/Attacks: DarknessBlade,sharp claws(mysteriously know the Iron Reaver Soul Stealer move)and power to control the shadows
Apperance:Long knee length silver hair,gray/blue eyes,wears all black,sharp clwas and fangs,has two silver doggy ears on her head

There hope its right[/COLOR]
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Guest BlackDragoon
age-looks about 21 to me, maybe older
bio-inuyasha'a brother. he is mad at his father for giving him a blade that only heals. he is relentless in trying to steal the tetsaiga from inuyaha.
weapons/attacks-i'm not sure of his swords name, but it's kinda like tetsaiga. the sword cannot cut-only heal. he has incredable speed and similar claw attacks to inuyaha
apperence-long, silverish white hair. red face pant. yellow eyes. white fur on right shoulder and spikey silver thing on left.
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