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RPG DBZ, A New Beginning


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Ok guys that joined, time to kick it. And if you wanna join, go to the Sign Up topic with the same title, only it says Sign-ups.


*A man stands alone in the middle of a vast temple, decorated with rows of beutiful stone colums and ancient artwork. His eyes are closed and he seems to be in a state of deep meditation. But out of now where, his peace is disturbed. A group of 4 masked ninjas drop from the ceiling.*

Ninja 1 - Goin Maew, we are here to kill you in the name of the Temple of the Dark Dragon.

Goin - So, Tomo sends more of his minions to fight me. I warn you, I will not show you mercy if you wish to fight me.

Ninja 2 - Folish man, we are the elite Ninjas of the Dark Dragon, you can't beat us by yours.......

*The Ninja does not have time to finish his sentance. He finds Goin's elbow firmly lodged hin hi chest, breaking his rib cage, and sending him flying from the temple.*

Goin - Leave now, or suffer the same fate as your friend.

*The 3 remaining Ninjas all begin to sweat.*

Ninja 1 - You have not seen the last of the Dark Dragon Ninjas. We will return.

*With that the ninjas disappeared into the darkness, leaving Goin in peace.*

Goin - *Sigh* Cowards. Hopefully there will be a better competition at the tournement. I must find a group worthy enough to defeat the aproaching terror.

*Goin takes in a deep breath and returns to his meditation.*
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[COLOR=seagreen][i]And so Valeigh, you will leave your old grandmother Sabirsing....and fight in the tournament... do the Skyfuree family proud! Leigh's grandmother's words echoed through her head....[/i]

Leigh: Grandmother...I will do my best. *teleports away from the cliffs* *reapears behind Goin*

Goin: *turns* And who might you be little girl?

Leigh: :flaming: I'm not little! I'm 15!

Goin: :laugh: My mistake, I'm sorry. What's your name? I'm Goin.

Leigh: My name is Valeigh Skyfuree. But you can call me Leigh. :D

Goin: You do change your aditude quickly.

Leigh: Yeah, it's a family failing...:smirk:[/COLOR]
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Goin - I see. Is it also in the family to develop teleportation at such a young age?

Leigh - :blush: No.....thats just me.

Goin - I see. It is very impressive. I only know of a few ppl who can preform that technique, and all are masters of the martial arts.

Leigh - Not to brag, but I am a very skilled martial artist.

Goin - I see. And what, may I ask, brings you to my temple young one.
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[COLOR=purple]Valeigh: Oh yes. *bows deeply* I was wondering if you would train me, Goin Maew.

Goin: You?

Valeigh: I was sent by my mother, Sabirsing. She said that you could help me improve my martial arts. She has helped me as much as she can, and she also taught me all of the Zoeshow she knew. So...I came to your temple.[/COLOR]
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Craig stands atop a mountain, looking down on the arena, where the Tenchi Budokai will commence in 10 days time!

Craig: My Kensindan style should get me far in this tournament. And with my new flying ability, I should have a great advantage! I will now go to my fathers temple and perfect my skills!

Craig slowly takes off into the air, when he lands agin.

Craig: I think I'll run this time!

Craig sprints off in the direction of the temple!

About an hour later, he arrives at the temple. Craig enters, an old man sits at the far end of the temple. Craig walks up to the old man and bows.

Craig: Master

Master: Yes, my child.

Craig: I wish to continue my training under you, I have only 10 days until the Tenchi Budokai.

Master: You are very near to surpassing my power child, but I will help you. In 10 days, you will be stronger than me.

Craig: Thank you........... grandfather.

Craig's master,(his grandfather) rises from the floor and gets into his battle stance. Craig gets into the exct same battle stance, with his right arm extended infront of him, and his palm tilted up, and his left arm bent at the elbow and tucked behind his back. He stands side on, right side facing forward, and prepares to fight.
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Ok I posted my intro befor you out law and you kinda went off mine, so lets just say that you told leigh that her training will start tomarrow and you went home k?

Kaiyu sits in his room on his 16th birthday looking at a picture of his great great great grandfather King Vegeta.

Kaiyu: One day GrandFather i will wish vack planet vegeta and we can be together, i will then grow as strong as you.

Tallis his mother comes over and lectures her son.

Tallis: Kaiyu let me tell you somthing, it was your great great grandfather who was the strongest, he fought here on earth, remember he was the one who had the bad temper and fought beside the strongest man in the world goku.

kaiyu:wow really???

Lakkow, Kaiyus father comes over and says to his son....

Lakkow:son you will master the techniques of the super saiyan soon enough.

Kaiyu walks over to the tv and turns it on and sits down with a bag of potato chips.

Lakkow: what are you doing boy!!!! you should be training.

the news comes on to announce a special tournament.

Lakkow grabs a bag of chips and sprits to the tv.

Lakkow:alright a tournament!

Tv Reporter:the tournament consists of 8 players who will be very strong.............CHILDREN FOR THE JUNIOR DIVISION AGES 13-20!!


kaiyu:awwww yes!!! my first tournament!!!!

Kaiyu rushes to the phone to call Goin Meaw but the phone rings befor he pickes it up.


Goin: Hey whats up did you here?!

Kaiyu:im on my way, ilkl meet yoo at your house bud.

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Craig stares at his Master, and his master stares back. Craig launches at Master, and starts punches him in the gut! Master is very surprised at Craig's speed! Craig then does a sweep kick, and takes Masters legs from beneath him, but he simply does a back flip and lands on his feet! Master then kicks Craig in the face, and Craig, about to fall, does a cartwheel and lands on his feet! Master then throws a punch at Craig's face, but Craig blocks, and elbows Master in the stomach! Master is knocked back, winded!
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[i] Forte lands near Craig [/i]

Forte: Hello...

[i] Forte bows to Craigs master out of respect... [/i]

Craig: Hey bro... Long time no see

Forte: Yea i was figurin hey lemme go see how my lil bro is doin... So thats why im here!

Craig: Hey thats kewl
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Forte, if you're my brother, then the master you bowed to is your grandfather.
Master: My children, let us continue our training. A three way match would do us all good.

Craig: Cool! Lets do it!

Craig, Forte, and Master get into identical fighting positions. They prepare to fight.
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Goin - Hmmmmmm, I see. Well, before we begin our training, lets see what skills you have now. Attack me.

Leigh - Attack you?

Goin - Yes, I want to see what type of skills you have at this time. Now, attack me.

Leigh - Ok.

*Leigh moves to her fighting stance, staring straight at Goin. Goin gets down in his own fighting stance. He moves his legs wide apart, putting one hand high in the air, while putting the other infront of him.*

Goin - Now, attack me. If you can manage to hit my face, I will train you.

Leigh - Alright.
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siren stands calmly on the edge of the pressipice(sp?),glaive hanging loosely in her hand gazing across the stone pillers to the other side

siren:[I]i am suspended in nothingness, a single flame hangs in the nothingness. this is what i strive to become. it is my goal[/I]

a man stepped foward and tied a black hankerchief around her eyes

man: concentrate.

and with that he pushed her off the ledge

siren dug her glaive into the first colum and used the force of her fall to propel herself to the top of the next column and flipped to the third

man: good. don't depend on your weapon as much though. are you ready??

siren nods slightly, the wind playing with her hair and clothes

man: try to sence my attacks.*a purple ball of energy formed in each of his hands*hiya!!!

with that the man threw the purple ki balls at siren.
she twisted to avoid the first, and knocked away the second.

siren: can't you do better than that??? my father was right... you're nought but a frail old-

the air left siren's lungs with an loud hissing noise. the man knocked her from the colum

siren stopped in mid-air and ripped off the blindfold. her eyes blazed in hatered

siren: that was aginst the rules-

the man interupted her

man: do you really expect me to belive that your enemy will always play by the rules??

siren bowed her head in shame

siren: no master kaijin... i failed... punish me...

supprisling the man laughed. siren's head snapped up..

siren: what are you laughing at??

man: i'm to train you for a tournment... not for war...1 mistake can be forgiven...let's get some grubb...
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[COLOR=seagreen]Leigh: I must warn you though, I'm not the pushover you think I am.

Goin: What makes you think that?

Leigh: I can sense it. Ya hah!

[I]Flipping forward, Leigh swung both hands in a quick one two, which Goin barely blocked. Flipping backwards quickly, Leigh went into a catlike fighting stance again, and watched Goin.[/I]

Leigh: Right. Time for a change...

[i]Feinting to the right, then left suddenly, Leigh brought up the palm of her hand, straight into Goin's nose.[/i]

Goin: Aw D*mn! *nose starts bleeding like a fountain*

Leigh: Sorry. *whispers* Healing Ring....Surround him with your light....

Goin: *nose is healed* Thank you.

Leigh: Yes. *bows* Master. ;)[/COLOR]
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stormy... *shudder*

bak at the house

master kajin: uummfffgofod...

siren: *raises one eyebrow and stops eating* say what?

MK: oh... :blush: sorry... good food... do you like cooking?

siren: it's ok... why??

MK: errr... i was hoping you'd like to cook...

siren: *shruggs and continues to eat*
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Forte charges at Craig, and swings his fist at Craigs face! Craig ducks, and tenses his fist!

Forte: Oh crap

Craig: SHORYUKEN! (yes, a street fighter move)

Craig upper cuts Forte in the chin as he jumps in a spinning motion, sending Forte flying!

Master: Well done Craig, you have really perfected that attack.

Craig: Thank you, but no talk now! RANTETSURUKEN!

Craig's left hand glows a red aura, and is very hot. He has created fire around his hand! He punches the master, sending him sailing across the room! Forte suddenly strikes Craig with a flying kick to the back of the head! Craig does a handstand, and flips over, landing on his feet.
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make that 3, im not really happy with how this story line is going, i was hoping for it to be like the origonal dragonball, where you had friends that wanted to fight in tournaments and wernt serious about fighting and wanted to have fun!:butthead:
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