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Sign Up The Winged Ones (to be safe, I'd say this will be at least PG-13)


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[I]In the Ancient times, there were four classes of beings that lived amidst the heavens and the earth.
The Highest were the Gods, seven in number, each ruling over an elemental force.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, were the Low Ones. The Low Ones were subserveint beings that worked so that the other races did not have to.
Above the Low Ones, were Man and the Beasts. These are the beings we know to be real.
Finally, in a some-what combination of God and Man, were the Winged Ones. There were several kinds of Winged Ones, and they were power above man. They served the Gods as warriors, champions, and the powerful forces beneath their Highest stature. This is how it was for many eons.
Until the revolution.
The Low Ones revolted against their 'masters'. Though weaker than the Winged Ones and the Gods, their numbers and how close they were to the inner-workings of the cosmos made them a powerful force to be reckoned with.
Alongside those advantages, they also had alliances in the forms of Winged Ones and Man.
With these powerful allies, they threatened to remove the Gods from their thrones.
However, the Low Ones were defeated, but the Winged Ones were nearly rendered extinct in the conflict. So the living ones mixed their blood with those of man, to keep the powers flowing.
Meanwhile, the Low Ones continued to stew in rage against the Gods and Winged Ones, planning their next strike for supremacy.
This is that battle.[/I]

Here's what you, the players, need to do.
You will all be playing as Winged Ones, or, part Winged Ones rather. You could possibly be a pure blood, but you must PM me some sign of worthiness for the power of a pure-blood.
The types of Winged Ones are...
Angels, Dark Angels, Demon, Broken Wings, Steel Wings, Phoenix Wings, Dragon Wings, and Faery Wings. The best way to pick your wings is to go to my myOtaku account, find the Quiz result saying 'You are Dark Angelic', and take that quiz. However, you don't have to pick that wing-type, it's just easier to play considering it's based on you. Also, Demons are allways sided with the Low Ones, while Angels and Faeries are never sided with them. The others run the gambit.

The Form-
Wing Race:
Signature Move: Each person has a signature move that corresponds to their wing-type. A Demon may have an attack like 'Hell-Fire', while an Angel could use 'Halo Rings'.
Appearance: Pictures acceptable, but not the Quiz answer pictures.
Ruling God: The God that governs you. There are seven, which I shall explain now.

Insiadre, the Fire King-Rules over the powers of flame, heat, smoke, and all that burns and causes heat. Likely Wings to worship him are Phoenix, Dragon, and Demon
Akiata, the Water Queen-Rules over water, mist, rain, and all liquids. Likely Wings to worship her are Faery and Angel
Traarak, the Earth King-Rules over earth, stone, and all that resides in the earth. Likely Wings to worship him are Faery, Steel, and Broken
Oksiana, the Lady of Wind-Rules over the sky, air, and winds. Likely Wings to worship her are Faery, Angel, and Phoenix
Iluminata, the Queen of Light-Rules over the stars, the sun, and life, and all else that falls in the domain of light. Likely Wins to worship her are Angel, Faery, Steel, Phoenix, Broken, and Dark Angel
Obsiatum, the Dark King-Rules over shadow, death, and night. Likely Wings to worship him are Dark Angel, Demon, Steel, Broken, and Dragon
Caraoto, the Mystery One-Rules over all else that none claims, the ruler of Chaos. All Wings can follow them.

Here's mine.

Name: Dario Amarata Dante
Wing Race: Dark Angel
Gender: Male
Weapon: A slender obsidian Long-Sword
Signature Move: Carnal Maelstrom-Dario summons up a massive whirlwind that, mysteriously, causes lashes like from a bull whip on those it hits (inspired by the Second Circle of Dante's Hell, where the Lustful are eternally whiped around in a great whirlwind while being lashed by demons).
Appearance: Dario is 5'10" and fairly slim. His face is a bit pale, but seems paler due to his jet-black hair, extremely dark eyes, and preferance for black clothing. He always wears his (shock and alarm) black leather Duster, often over a black shirt and black pants. He dresses casually, yet always seems to look extremely good, and gives of an air of sexuality.
Bio: Dario has lived a simple, upper-middle class life, knowing pleasure but not riches. He's always been well off, and currently owns a large flat in (don't know, somewhere away from lots of people but still nice to live in). He technically lives alone, with no roommate, but is rarely with out company. Upon realizing his past, lineage, and duty to the Gods, he has decided to stop the Low Ones, as long as it doesn't destract him from his more enjoyed past-times.
Personality: Dario is cocky, sarcastic, and cold. He knows very well how sexy he is and uses that to full advantage, seducing any he can, and living just for pleasure. He is usually smirking, and has perfected the 'eyebrow-raise' in all it's forms. Also, he's bisexual (even though I'm not).
Ruling God: Obsiatum
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][b][u][i]Sign Up:[/u][/b][/i]

[b]Name:[/b] Kenmei

[b]Wing Race:[/b] Fairy

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Weapon:[/b] Scythe

[b]Signature Move:[/b] Chaos Wave
- Creates sound waves with her voice, ringing out so loudly. That all the ground within a 3 mile radius will quake. Causing the ground to come rise up over 10 feet.

[b]Appearance:[/b] She?s 4?11? and weighs 98 lbs. Has pale white skin, blood red eyes, and short black hair. Of which goes down 3 inches past her shoulders, also has long shaggy bangs. Often times wears a long black skirt, stretched down to her knees, it has a slit going up the front side. Lined with a split white cross. On her upper body she wears a tight black long sleeve over shirt, it?s long sleeves end with white cuffing. The right sleeve has one white cross with a red gem at the breaking point. Wears white stockings and black ankle boots, and two silver ankle bracelets that have the name ?Caraoto? engraved. Also wears on her wrist two silver bracelets on her left hand. One which reads, ?Love? and the other says ?Chaos Rings.?

[b]Bio:[/b] Having lived for over 300 years, Kenmei had first lived freely as a messenger as chaos. Destroying things as she went along, she found this as a great joy to her-self. And could not get enough of the screams that would arise when destroying villages.

But after some time of wandering, she found her self in love with a human. Sadly, he was involved with the revolution. And so she could not be as most in love were. After a few years though, he soon tied. Now, she no longer felt the need to fight anymore. Not wanting to go on fighting, she hid her self away as a human. Seemingly to those she once knew she had given up her fallowing of Caraoto. Secretly, Kenmei still prays to Caratoto when alone, and will leave to go and destroy land, towns, forest, etc. To make sure she never loses her faith. Yet, she?s still sick of fighting.

Kenmei has lived secretly among humans as a priest. Often times found in the chapel, she?ll preach every now and then to those passing bye. Years after years though, she?ll disappear for sometime and wander around the world.

[b]Personality:[/b] Rather quite, and aloof. But is still smart enough to keep her moth shut when the time is right. Very intelligent, yet at times Kenmei can seem insane.

[b]Ruling God:[/b] Caraoto[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[u]EDIT: Changed my bio![/u]

[b]Name[/b]: William Trenor

[b]Wing Race[/b]: Phoenix

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Weapon[/b]: A double bladed glaive (crimson)

[b]Signature Move[/b]: Fire Phoenix - He creates a large phoenix made of fire that he can control. It can shoot blasts of fire at an ememy and use it's firey body to attack. It can also use it's wings to send fiery gusts of wind.

[b]Appearance[/b]: Tsuni stands at 5'6'' (the short guy) and has short, browish blonde hair (Look at the pic to get a main idea). He has one dark green eye (right) and one orange eye (left). He wears a black shirt with a dark forest green jacket (opened) over it. Running up the side of the jacket are blue flames. He wears blue jeans and has bindings around his wrists.
He is quite sexy because small guys always look good. Around his neck hangs a polished black stone with a flame in the center of it. He wears normal tennis shoes as well, he rarely dresses up for anything.

[b]Bio[/b]: William has been an orphan for most of his life. He was found unconsious in an old alley and was taken to the local orphanage where he was never claimed as anyones child. He couldn't remember anything, so, he gave himself the name William Trenor.
When he turned 7 he was adopted by an older man (48 isn't THAT old though) who raised him. He took foil fencing lessons, tae kwon do, and karate so that he could prtect himself not wanting to lose his memory and be left in some alley again, plus, it was fun!
When turning 17, the old man died from lung cancer and William inherited everything he owned. Wanting to have more fun in life, he packed his bags and headed to New York City, he then went off to college where he was able to have the most fun ever! He got a small job at a coffee shop on campus and has been in college for about 3 years (making him 22). William goes to alot of parties, but doesn't get into too mcuh trouble and usually is able to stay away from physical (sexual) contact.

[b]Personality[/b]: Very out going and wild kind of guy. He goofs off a lot and loves to have fun. Nothing really bothers him though he can get disturbed by other people at times. He has a bit of a drinking addiction, but it isn't really serious (favorite drink is malt wiskey). He cares for most people and doesn't like to see those below him bullied around and such. It's really hard to bring out anger in this guy, he is able to stay cool in most situations. He is loyal and will never go back on promises. He fears just about nothing because to him dying will just have more fun to come.

[b]Ruling God[/b]: Oksiana [/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Chimé "Chi" Iteki
[B]Wing Race:[/B] Dragon Wings
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Weapon:[/B] Flame Sword. See attachment.
[B]Signature Move:[/B] Dragon Element: She can call a dragon spirit to attack that's made of a certain element. Later on she'll learn how to combine them into a strong one but it makes her faint after use.
[B]Appearance:[/B] Chi has long, flowing chocolate brown hair that ends around the middle of her back. Her eyes are a piercing emerald. The wings that sprout from her back are a glittering sapphire blue. Sometimes she can sprout out in sapphire scales but she turns back. She usually wears a black, button up shirt with a flame embroided on the bottom right of the buttons and a blue dragon on the left hand side of the buttons, she wears black pants to match and black sneakers. Around her neck is a silver chain with a small crystal/glass sphere that has a spark of power inside it. The spark is usually read but corresponds with her emotions.
[B]Bio:[/B] Chi used to be a happy girl. She'd wear blue everywhere as she loved the sky as she flew through it. That was until the Revolution and her parents were killed. From that day, her life took a deep plunge. She was no longer happy and friendly, she became a depressant. She took her mother's favourite pendant and out it around her neck, she never takes it off. It's one of her reminders, the other, her father's Leaf Blade. She changed her clothes and donned her clothes of black that she had made especially with reasons for all of it. The blackness, for her sadness, the dragon, a reminder of her inheritance and of what she is, and fire, for life, that she not suffer the same death as her parents, so her fire won't go out.

Chi left and went down to earth to live among the people. Insiadre wasn't happy but couldn't get Chi to change her mind, she had become arrogant and stubborn. Insiadre gave up and let her live on earth but surveyed her carefully from above.
[B]Personality:[/B] Chi is a cold person, she keeps her emotions to herself and doesn't open to many people. Now and again, if you get close enough to her, she'll let you in slowly. Though she gets angry when anyone she cares for gets hurt. She's stubborn and sticks to her rights and beliefs and is quite arrogant. Her beauty is deadly and her intelligence, creativity and power are things people underestimate about her. Her cold side doesn't let her accept jokes which makes her overserious about things, making people try to get her to brighten up. But as I said before, she's the guardian type and is protective over people she cares for.
[B]Ruling God:[/B] Insiadre[/COLOR]
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[size=1][b]Name: [/b]Lucifer[/size]

[size=1][b]Wing Race: [/b]Angel[/size]

[size=1][b]Gender: [/b]Male[/size]

[size=1][b]Weapon:[/b] Click [url=http://ew2.lysator.liu.se/loth/k/r/kriswkord/tarubethelfwood.jpg][u]here[/u][/url].[/size]

[size=1][b]Signature Move:[/b] Angelic Beam[/size]
[size=1]-Lucifer pulls the halo surrounding his sword and grasps it in his hand. He opints his palm flat at the target and the halo starts to spin in front of his palm. It then sends a white and yellow beam at the enemy/target.[/size]

[size=1][b]Appearance:[/b] Click [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17265][u]here[/u][/url].[/size]

[size=1][b]Bio: [/b]Lucifer, after losing his family, found out he was only half human, part 'Winged One'. But no one knew this. No one except Iluminata did. It then became Lucifer's job to ensure that war didn't break out between people and to cheer people up when a loved one was lost. Now you may think this seems easy but he had to without being seen by anyone. Knowing this, in case someone did see him, Lucifer hid his wings from all beings. [/size]

[size=1]Now that the revolution has broke out, Lucifer must work to fight, and stop, it.[/size]

[size=1][b]Personality: [/b]Lucifer, being an Angel, is very kind and gentil. He is dead serious and has small magic that enables him to make someone feel better about themselves or get on with life. [/size]

[size=1][b]Ruling God:[/b] Iluminata[/size]
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Hey K.K.C., I like your signiture move ~_^

[COLOR=Blue]Name: Tarikeh (Tay-r-ik-aye)

Wing Type: Phoenix

Gender: male

Weapon: Pole with a curved blade on the end... no other way to describe it.

Sig. Move: Phoenix Blade--A white/translucent beam of pointed "light" emits from his blade, encircling anyone in it's line of fire, scratching, cutting, bruising, and over-all hurting them for as long as it's there.

Appearance: 5'10'' with a slender, but strong build, and dark grey eyes that blend with the whites of his eyes, giving him the impression of blindness, though he isn't. Un-kept, brown hair that comes down over his ears. He wears a dark-green long sleeved shirt, thick to keep him warm, with a soft, durable, grey jacket. Not to mention very dark blue jeans, nearly black. Oh, nearly forgot, his wings are a dull reddish color, and give a false impression of feathures, though it is actualy tough, like hide.

Bio: He had always been the silent, contemplative type, wich lead him to a solitary life in a big city, the name of wich he does not know, and hasen't bothered to find out. Though his personality contridicts this, he has a nack for getting in trouble, made easy to get out of with his natural Winged One abilities. To his relief and enjoyment, Caraoto approved of his staying in this jungle of buildings, with the promise of opportunities for mischief. He often goes to night-clubs, not to drink or dance, but to observe the humans... he finds them fascinating, and the females rather attractive. Despite his convictions of it, he has developed a taste for a certain human drug.

Personality: Silent and contemplative, but loves to cause chaos. Will not do something just because you tell him, there always has to be a reason, even if that reason is just to cause discord. Though he is attracted to wemon, he forces himself to avoid interacting with them, on the chance that they would disrupt his life, though he has no fear of someone discovering his wings.

God: Caraoto[/COLOR]

Hopethat was alright... I can change to how you see fit if it isn't! ^^
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[font=System][b][u]Name[/u][/b]: Wryth[/font]

[font=System][b][u]Wing Race[/u][/b]: Broken[/font]

[font=System][b][u]Gender[/u][/b]: Male[/font]

[font=System][b][u]Weapon[/u][/b]: A twisted spear[/font]

[font=System][b][u]Signature Move[/u][/b]: [i]Pain[/i]-Touches a person's forehead and transmits all his painful thoughts. Usually the victim cannot bare the pain and collapse on the floor.[/font]

[font=System][b][u]Appearance[/u][/b]: Wryth is pale grey in color. Very lanky and about 69 pounds in weight. His bones stretch from under his skin and the ends of his rib cage rip through his skin. You can see his black blood flow through his veins. His hair flows down to his shoulders in silver. His eyes burn an intense blood red. He only wears black leather pants and leather pointy shoes. His torn wings twist in many angles and glow a terrible night black.[/font]

[font=System][b][u]Bio[/u][/b]: Noone remembers why he has fallen from grace, not even he himself. Wryth carries tortured broken memories that destroy him untill the end of his days. He has but one wish to his master Obsiatum: When he finishes the revolution, to set him free...[/font]

[font=System][b][u]Personality[/u][/b]: Tortured, always wrything in pain. Always speaks of pain and misery. While he is very intelligent, he is plagued by sheer darkness, and twists him in a macabre way, only he could bear.[/font]

[font=System][b][u]Ruling God[/u][/b]: Obsiatum[/font]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Scarlet
Wing Race: Phoenix
Gender: Female
Weapon: Gloves with retrakble(sp?) whips.
Signature Move: Flame Control-Allows her to create and control fire.She can make it do what ever she wants and form it into things like a firewall or a body made of fire.
Appearance: [IMG]http://www.angelroms.com/anime/Anime%20Girls/School%20Girl/SchoolGirls-00094.jpg[/IMG]
Bio: Scarlet has lived in riches sence she was born.Both of her parents where high in Insiadre court.She was trained in the art of battle and enjoys fighting.She likes to live the life of solitude and she can be arrgent.She loud but is great at stelth.She meet Tarikeh at a night club and found him attrative.She also felt a special force around him.After she had seen him that one time they kept running into each other even though she never tryed.She likes to hang out at the libary and has a rather large libray at her home.She has many books containing spells and the histroy of the winged ones.
Personality: She likes solitude,but can be fun at times.She is also arrogent when times get rough.She is also very senstive on the inside but on the outside she's tough.
Ruling God: Insiadre, the Fire King
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Very nice, all around. I think I'll start this once I get a Demon Winged One, so we have a bad guy (everyone's good so far!). Just wondering, how many of you took the quiz anyway?
As I said, excellent entries. One comment, though. Many of you didn't seem to understand that you are mixed blood, as in lived as humans and just found out about your powers? I guess I should've made that more clear, and I'm not asking you to change it, I'm just saying for future reference.
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[size=1]I took the quiz, and I actually used the one I got, Angelic. Well anyways, I edited a couple of things in my sign-up so if you would like to re-read it then help yourself. Also, I realized the picture didn't work so I changed how my character looks. Just letting you all know, bye.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]I took the quiz and I got Phoenix.I was kinda thinking I would get that the pic was a little distasteful.I liked the quiz the long descriptions where great.You don't see many quies with long descriptions like that.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name: Aranel LeDanth

Wing Race: Steel

Gender: Male

Weapon: [URL=http://lorelai.com/commissions/comm-sword.jpg]Long Steel Sword[/URL]

Signature Move:
[I]Razor Blade[/I]
Aranel can increase his power, and sometimes even take it past his limit, but his whole body turns into steel while he charges at his foe, hitting them with an extrememly powerful force, but his steel body wears off after that attack. He doesn't always charge, sometimes he can just punch/kick them really hard, but it's normally just charging with extreme speed and force.

[url=http://membres.lycos.fr/psxmen/archangel06grand.jpg]What he looks like with his wings[/url]
That's him WITH his wings, so yeah. The only thing is, his wings are more of a silver colour, almost like they're steel.

Bio: Aranel has always been a loner. He lived alone, and didn't have that many friends. Since he lived alone most of the time, he wasn't bothered about friends. When he was wondering the city one day, he met a run away, a boy named Mike. Aranel wasn't really the type that made friends, but Mike was more than a friend. The two quickly became best friends. Aranel still didn't like making friends too much, though.

After many years he seemed to have a thing for getting into trouble, and he always seemed to find a way out. Aranel was peaceful, though, and he didn't know wh he always got into trouble, it was just him.

Personality: Sometimes he's caring, sometimes he couldn't careless if the world blew up, it just depends on his mood. He can be very strange at some times. Most of the time, he'll never walk away from a fight, but he will if he has too. If people understand him, he will understand them. Aranel likes to pay back the favour, he never likes people doing things for him and he never repays them, and he also likes people paying back his favours.

Ruling God: Iluminata

Sorry it's not much![/SIZE][/B]
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[font=Fixedsys]I also took the quiz and got broken. That was how i found out what I would use. So I took broken, mixed it with an image of Dark Adonis from Disgaea, mixed that with more images of Testament and Zappa from Guilty GearX2, and added torture. Voila, a wierd piece of art :D[/font]
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[B]Name:[/B] Veil Arioso Treble
[B]Wing Race:[/B] Steel
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Weapon:[/B] A slender machete (Michelle Yeoh's fav. weapon in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.)
[B]Signature Move:[/B] [I]Quicksilver[/I] - All she needs is the briefest contact with a person or thing, and then away she'll go, leaving her hidden attack under wraps. It's actually something like mercury poisoning, which she inserts in her touch at times. She can also control the speed of the poisoning, causing it to be swift and almost instantaneous, or slow and subtle. Either way ends in the death of her victim.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://digilander.libero.it/theLastsong/gallery/my_jealous_heart.jpg[/url]
Here's another pic, it shows a better pic of her wings, but..um..well, lets just say it doesn't show anything too bad: [url]http://digilander.libero.it/theLastsong/gallery/a_cry_in_the_night.jpg[/url]

[B]Bio:[/B] Veil has mostly been a loner her whole life, although no one would really be able to notice it. Her mother always struggled to support them both, and was a normal human. Her father, on the other hand, was partly of steel blood also, but just because he was a Winged One didn't make him any better. Although he knew of his lineage, he was bitter and angry because he didn't have any special powers or skills that were evident. Early in his life he turned to alcohol, and by the time that Veil was 14 he had been an alcoholic for many years. He would beat Veil's mother in his drunken rages, and her home life was a living hell.

One day, he turned to Veil, and was about to beat her. His hand swung towards her face, ready to bruise and flatten her, but his hand was stopped. He found himself struggling against his 14-year old daughter, and was unable to get out of her steel grip. She was unbelievably strong, and her gaze was steady and unmoving. That's when he realized that Veil had inherited powers from her mixed blood, and was truly a Winged One. He did more to find out her powers, but secretly, watching her and spying on her, suspicious that she would turn against him. And...envy overtook his heart. As he watched her develop and grow, tuning her power to manipulate metal to her touch, his heart blackened under the dark waste of jealousy. He drank even more, and then one night, when Veil was 15, he beat her mother to an inch of her life.

When Veil came home, there was blood everywhere, and glass covered the floor. The furniture had been torn apart, holes were in the walls, and it was utterly destroyed. And...her mother lay on the floor in the kitchen, almost unrecognizable under all of the blood and mutilation and abuse. She was in excruciating pain, and barely alive. If she survived, the scars would remain there forever, and she would have to be in assisted living. Veil saw the expression in her mother's eyes: utter hopelessness. She hugged her mother, and let her [I]Quicksilver[/I] flow into her mother, erasing all the pain, and agony, and...life. Leaving her mother's body on the floor, Veil left the house and everything in it. Covered in blood, she went to hunt.

To hunt her remaining parent, her disgusting, pathetic, jealous, immoral father. However, she was unable to find him - he had utterly disappeared into the undergrounds of society, his mind broken and twisted, becoming lunatic. Veil walked through the night, searching the city for her father, ready to kill him slowly and painfully. Finally, however, she fainted from exhaustion and stress, collapsing in a closed subway. Low Ones found her, and when she woke, she found herself in their care. They showed her kindness and friendliness, always cheerful, and always welcoming. But they also insinuated their desire to rage against the Gods. They were aware of her powers, her strange talents, and were very knowledgeable, furthering her training. She was, in a strange way, able to relate to these Low Ones, these outcasts of ancient times. Their pains and struggles were her own, their fallen comrades her own dead hopes.

After time, however, after she turned 17, Veil left the Low Ones, opting to go out on her own, and make her own way through the world. Although she's not really as zealous in her opposition of the Gods, she has friends among the Low Ones, and her alleigance, for now, is with them. At this time, Veil lives in a small apartment of her own, which is payed for in part by charitable contacts among the Low Ones. She's currently attending a school for arts, taking classes in welding and metalworks, sometimes using her special talents with manipulating them. As a result, her pieces are extraordinary, and she's begun to sell them, and even gets orders at her young age.

[B]Personality:[/B] You would never know that she has rage and hate built up inside of her, or that she's in any way connected to the Low Ones. Veil is friendly and cheerful, the opposite of most that have Steel Wings. However, if you look closer, she has no close friends, and no true relations with anyone. Her positive demeanor is all a carefully laid, and well-planned act that most never see through. And although many people hang around her, upon questioning them, you will see that none of them really know anything about her at all. She has a special talent with people, keeping her own nature hidden, while being able to put them at ease and examine everything about them.

She is able to fool them into thinking that they know her, while she's really just perusing their own natures. Sometimes, though, people's instincts will give them a chill, but they will dismiss it, thinking that they know that Veil is a "wonderful person." She's friendly, bright, cheerful, talented, artistic, and also subtly mysterious and alluring, and underneath, a dangerous, hidden fire that will burn any who stand in her way.
[B]Ruling God:[/B] Obsiatum
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Here's another person by me.

Name: Paige Myers
Wing Race: Phoenix
Gender: Female
Weapon: Flame Swallow (Staff with blades at either ends)
Signature Move: Flaming Sprial-Paige spins her swallow rapidly and fire shoots from both blades, spiraling around, shooting at the enemy.
Appearance: She has dirty blonde hair that she usually wears in a ponytail, and strange hazel eyes with streaks of reddish-brown. Wears a blue tank top and jeans, over which she wears an orange sweatshirt.
Bio: I'll post it later.
Personality: Paige is very independent and self-assured, normaly, but she is still fragile and the world of the Low Ones and Winged Ones is a very hard transition for her to make.
Ruling God: Iluminata
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