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What happened!?!

Wild Freedom

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Man what happed to everyone I used to know on here ya know Devon, Mega Saijin Brolly, Lil hell4it, man I miss those guys. I dont know yall and Adam still hasnt fixed my post date and number. Ive been here scince march and had alot more posts than this! I liked this forum but it has changed alot! What happed to the last generation of the Otaku Boards users? You are all very missed! Believe that!:confused: :( :confused:
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Guest Master O Beans
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by BabyGirl [/i]

[color=deeppink]I believe Brolly is now AJ2K1 4 Life...though I could be incorrect. Lil Hell is still here as well...[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

Ah yes, you response has been proven correct.
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