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Rayne was sitting alone, as usual,away from the others. This class trip was boring... he didn't know why he was even going. This kind of stuff just wasn't his thing.He had the opportunity to kill another, and make quite a bit of money, but he passed it up, and then he went on this dumb trip. He wished he was home, in his room.He was alone, as always, nothing could change that.


"Hm?" Another boy was in frnt of him, sking something. "What's with that tattoo?"

Rayne pulls the colar of his uniform closed. "It is someting i chose not to talk abut."

"Fine.. be grumpy."

Rayne is left alone, and eeryone begins to fall asleep."how.....wierd........" he mutters, before becomeing unconcious.

When Rayne awakes, everyone else is already awake. Some girls are scared, and tears are welling in their eyes. Rayne already knows...........something is up......

He feels around his neck. There is a colar.......

"Attend, class. May i have your attention?"

Everyone sits up straight, looking at the chubby man. "I am yousef kammon, your new teacher."

The man looks around, at all of the class, and smiles. "Very attentiv. Very good class. Attentive children are always better prepared for things."

"Class, you have been selectd to play in out little contest, and some of you will not play. Some will hide, and some, to use the vernaculiar, will 'get off on it'

So it began....... this contest... the program..................

Rayne was now running through the trees, runnung away, running with another classmate. Noriko was fast, she was on the track team. They wer running from the russians, trying to get away to safty. but, the russuians were persistant, chasing them like wolves. but, this was not good. Noriko's pack was light, but had a weapon of some kibd...

Rayne opened up his own bag, to discover his own gun, and some grenagdes, Rayne tossed on at the russians, and ducked. There ws a loud explosion, and he grabbed Noriko again and began to run again. The bandages around hiss head were comeing off, and they suddenly blew away. Noriko screams, seeing Raynes unusual ears

"You're not hman!" she cries, running away from him.

Rayne turns,and runs, running was after al, how his profession worked. He ran back to the nearby playground, and then he jumped into a hollow pengin. he sat there, catching his breath

[i] what to do now....[/i] he thought.........
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Raskilnikov leaned up against a tree trying to find reason behind this current maddness. He wanted to know how unlucky he could possible be.....first he transfers to a new school in the middle of his senior year, now he's stuck on a damnedable island. He could easily rest where he was, his current class had picked out by a Russian one. He easily ran away, knowing all of the old russian hunting tricks taught to him by his grandfather. He wasn't much concerned for the rest of his class however, he had only attended their school for a few weeks when this trip went haywire.

A young girl from his class dashed by, along with one of the boys. Strange he could have sworn he had seen strange ears. Almost immediatly after some of the Russians passed. Two however noticed him, taking only a second glance the spoke to him in Russian. Telling him that their prey was on the run, urging with him to join. He simply shook his head no. They muttered coward under thier breath and moved on.

Raskilnikov: That was simple enough! HAHAHAHA! Now if I can find some classmates.....Oh ****! I wonder if they'll think I'm a Russian too?
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Rayne had given up on trying to find Noriko, she was too far away, or else she was hideing. He drops her bag, leaving it for whoever to find. His own backpack and tyhe bag he had been given when this damn contest started was not heavy, but he did have two weapons his gun, and another grenade. but, he only had so many clips of ammo at his disposal.he had lost the russians..... but that wasn't a good thing.

He pondered what to do next, and he decided to go find anoither classmate.

He scoreed this small wood, untill he found the russian transfer student. Thge boy was surprised to see Rayne's dog like ears, but said nothing. A wise decision.

"You, russian boy!" Rayne says in rapid russian. "you mind some company????? I need to get somewhere....."

The russian is silent, apparently he doesn't like freaks. "you stareing at my ears????" Asks rayne, a hollow look on his face. His eyes were that weird red color, and he plays with his hair. Rayne's sleeve of his uniform slips down as he plays with his hair, revealing burn scars on his wrist and stretching up his arm. "I am Rayne......And you??"

"You trust me???" asks the boy, and rayne shakes his head. "No. I am opting for hope,"rayne grimly replies. He is disapponted that the russian does not know more abouty him, but he kept his own mysterious past a secret.It wasn't like he really knew old old he really was any way...............

It was true he dis not remember much, or how he woke up after being captured, but he was quite formidable.

There is a rustleing noise. A girl comes barging into the clearing, and her uniform is another color, showing she is from another nation. Rayne is tempted to shoot her, and end her plight, but she falls, and she stuggles to get up.Her raspy breathing shows she has been running, but she tries to plead for her life in french.

Rayne hestiates, memories of a blonde woman .. a woman who looked like this girl before him. His eeyes are wide open, and he shakes. He can't grasp his gun properly, and it is beyond him to hold it steady. He breathes in short, rapid breaths,shaky breaths. He lowers the gun, and he shakes his head, as the girl crawls away into the bushes, thanking Rayne for spareing her.

Rayne sits down, and pulls a watch from his backpack, the onlt thing he had in there besides that was some food and some ammo clips. The watch wa very old, and the face was of two women, wrapped in cloths and holding swords. He opens the watch, and a light melody played in the backround

"Who am I????" he asks aloud."Why did i have to be woken up???Who was my parents...........whjy was i born? and what was i born for?????"

Rayjne stands up, the russian boy was stareing at hi strangely. "I have no past....... and no future. on one on this island does. Thge winners will be shipped away..... to some hell hole. No person after going through this is going to be certifiably sane. I how ever, am different."

Rayne walks away, but the russian seem lke he does not want to follow. "Are you comeing? it is a better chance to stay alive if we are together."
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((OOC: Um, did you say you'd tell us what weapons we were to use?))

Raskilnikov had barely heard what the fellow student had whispered under his breath. If fact he hadn't really cared. He was thinking about the reason behind this guy not killing that french girl. He had already heard of this boy's reputation. No doubt he had his reasons.

"Yes, I'll accompany you, and as for the fact that we'll never go back to our normal lives, I happen to agree... I've read about this 'Program' before, terrible atrocities during it coused it's cancelation. It seems as though some private investors got it running again. Tell me what do you propose to do? You see I'll help us stay out of the Russians clutches, but as for the other nations......I can't promise I'll be able to predidct their movements."

"Fine by me....lets keep moving, as I said I have to get somewhere."
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yeah, i did. But, we can pick up weapons of dead contestants too. I think i'll give you some lame weapon for now, but you will have to pick up a waepon from a dead person.

""we must get going. This place is not safe."

The boy nodds, and rummages through his bag the program instituters gave him.

"What the hell........?????" he says, and pulls out a wooden boomerang "whjat the hell is this used for???"

"Here." Rayne hands over a gun. "I had two. Now you have one as well."

The boy is suspicious. "how did you have two???"

Rayne's hollow eyes look deep into the russian boy's. "You will not tell anyone???"

"Is there anyone around to tell???"

Rayne closes his eyes. "No, i suppose there isn't."

Rayne picks up his backpack and his program bag. "I am an assasin for hire. I had my own weapon hidden in my school bag."

"you are full of surprises......."

"I am also over a hundred years old."

The boy laughs. "you're lying.not serious."

Rayne looks him in the eyes. "I am seroius and you know it. I was put in cryosleep for years."

"Well, that's in the past, and it is just that, the past. I don't care about it."

"Then let's go."

Rayne and the russian boy walk through the tres, and eventually come to some houses. There is a broken window in one, It is obvious some one is hideing in it. The russian spots this as well, but Rayne does not care. HE only wants to find some one whom he can team up with. He did not feel klike dying, buy if he did, it could not be helped.

"Russian, you are a skilled hunter, correct??"

"Yeah, and i have a name."

"I know that."

Rayne stopps, and darts into a construction site.

He runs up the stairs, as quiet as can be. There is the sound of a ullet fired, and his uniform is knicked. He does not care. The russian follows, but can not keep up.

RTayne is standing above him, tracking the russian's movements, keeping an eye on him, and he sees he is walking into a trap. Rayne does nothing untill the russian is bebt over, pinned down. In three shots, all of the men around him are dead. Rayner is kicked, and sails over an edge, only to land on his feet and shoot the above men, whom jumped to get rayne. They are dead before they hit the ground.

The russian watches from a distance, watching Rayne's deadly tango of death. All of the attackers are soon dead, and rayne is holding onto a tie, the body is suspended in above rafters. RAyne drops down, and looks int o his hand.

"It would seem...........that killing..is something i could do so easily........" Raynes's eyes are begining to water.

"And yet........." A tear drops down his face. "And yet...why do i feel no regret for what i have done????"
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Mya runs as fast as she can to get away from the danger." Oh yes this the best school to go too. Your brother would want you to go here he said." She said to her self as she ran. She hide behind a tree and waited for the danger to pass. Mya hears some people talking in french. She could olny make out a little bit of what they were saying." We have to keep moving..well get the girl later" one man said.

The rest of what they were saying was unkown to her. " I should have paid attention in french class." She thought to her self as the voices became distance." They must have left." She wispered to her self and she checked if the coast was clear to run. Not noticing three of the French had stayed behind. She got up slowly and kept moving now keeping low as to not be seened but it was to late they already found her. She runs as tears fill her eyes. One of the french contestants grabed her by her arm. She blacked out for a second and then kicked the boy in the stomach making him fall to the ground.

When she came back to. She noticed that she was about to be captured again.She jumped over the boys crumbled body and headed deeper in to the trees. She came to a group of houses and noticed the dead men and then Rayne and Raskilnikov. " Uh, just run from the french." She said puting her arms up to show she wasn't an enemy.
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Rayne stares at the girl, but says nothing. He looks around, and picks up weapons and bags belonging to these poor contestants. Helloks over all than he picked up after he piles it all in a small pile iun the middle of the three.

"Crossbows...mk43...............barrettas.........colts.......egyptian weapons......solviet weapons..........thes are weapons older than i am."

"Yeah, i've never seen weapons this old." remarks the russian boy. "These are all antiques. It makes me wonder what else we are up against."

"No doubt, they are newer weapons, and more powerful. like this little beauty.." Rayne poulls out a taser, one meant to kill targets. It was shaped to look like a gun, but it has a funny end on it, like a typical taser. "This will come in handy."

"how???" asks the new girl. "It is just a taser!!!!!"

"you have no expertise with weapons. I am a master of all wepons from the twentyith century. But this sis something new to me."

Rayne points the taser at a tree, and fires. It The tree explodes in a cloud of dust and slinters. Rayne stumbles back, sitting hard on hios backside. "wow......." is asll he can manage.
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Mya puts down her hands and moves in a little closer. Mya turnned and looked at the burnning tree. She shakes her head and moves torwards the boys and the wepons." Their gonna come here faster now." She said adjusting her straps on her back pack.

" Maybe you should get rid of that." Raskilnikov said." I would perfer to take it with me... not that it would make a differance after this." She said looking back at the burnning tree and then looks back at Rayne. She notices his ears and just stares for a second." What you looking at." Rayne said and then went back to examining the wepons. Mya just looked at Raskilnikov and then decided to forget it happened. " The teacher will die if we get out of this." She said angrily.

Mya looks at the wepons in the other contestants bags. " Whoa and to think I olny brought a cd player." She climed in a tree. Hidden by the trees shade and watched for when other forces would come to attack them.
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Raskilnikov noticed the girls confused expression. Rayne's ears were a bit.... odd. He didn't much care though, more important things were taking place. He sat down in front of the weapons looking them over carefully. He settled his eyes on the soviet weapons. Weapons he knew small amount about fronm his Grandfather Mitka.

"If you don't mind, I'll be taking these weapons *pointing to the soviets* I happen to know a few of these well enough."

" Fine by me...... there is plenty to go around."

Raskilnikov scooped up a AK-47 and slung it across his back. The other pistols he stuck in his waist coat and smaller ones up his sleeves.

"Well........... nothing like having a piece of 'Mother Russia' here to comfort me.*looking up at the girl* Tell me, what is you name? I am Raskilnikov, or just call me Rodya my familiar name."
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Mya turned her head to look at Radya." The names Mya nice to meet you." She said looking to see if any one had seen the burnned tree yet."No so far no one seems to have seen it yet." She said to her self jumping out the tree. Mya moved to one of the dead russian's Bags and pulls out a hand gun. " Can you even use that." Radya asked her while she puts the gun in her bag. " No, But I sure as hell can learn." She walks around looking at the other wepons. She came across a set of eygptian guns. " This looks familiar." She picks up the wepons and puts them in her bag as well.

" So were on this place with out no means of escape." She said looking at a gun that was way to big for her to carry." Yes, thats pretty much it." Radya responeded and there was a long silence. " Nothing we can do now but fight I guess." She said to her self and then went back to her spot in the tree. She noticed some strange movement from far away and jumps out the tree. " I think some ones coming." She said very alert.
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Azumi sighed her face was dripping with blood and sweat. The group of people were still talking. Azumi cocked her head around and grumbled.

Azumi-I don't know why Master Kapwhan wanted me to come to Japan. What was wrong with Korea.

Stumbling for footing in the tree she still watched the group when a small arrow flew by her hair. Azumi's footing slipped when she hit the ground the group had thier wepaons at her face.

Azumi- If your gonna kill me do it, Otherwise I have to find my classmates.

Rayne stood experssionless and pointed at her asking his question with force.

Rayne- and that class is?

Azumi still on the ground looked up at the group and grumbled. Glaring at the people who would decide her death.


Rayne walked up to her and Azumi bent her head as if expecting a blow but was shocked at the hand that helped her up.

Azumi dusted off her Dojo uniform and looked at Rayne's ears. She touched them and then stepped back.

Azumi-Sorry, really sorry, had to know.

Rayne-Know what?

Azumi looked at him not smiling. But her face showed that she felt like smiling.

Azumi-If they were real...May I join your group?

Rayne shrugged his shoulders and looked at her face.

Rayne-Yeah (Thinking) Something about this girl is familair...But what?
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Rayne was miffed that the girl had touched his ears, and with oput warning. But, he was silent.

"Rayne......" Rodya starts, but seems hesitant. "Are you.....by any chance...um...part Russian???????"

"I do not know. I know nothing of my family. I was an amnesiac before i was put in cryo sleep. you know."

The girls all stare and galk at Rayne. "How old are you??" asks Azumi.

Rayne's vacant expression falters. "I do not know for sure. But.......i was around in the 1980's." He becomes sullen. "Why do yuou wish to know?"
There is something in his voice that makes them all apprenhensive. "Oh...oh!!!! nothing!nothing!!!! just curious!"

"I understand that yuou are all from different places, correct???" Rayne's dark mood was obvious. He aims suddenly upwards, and shoots off the remainder of the ammo in his gun. Three boys not much older than they were fall to the ground with a hard thud. blood ozzes from their wounds.

"Come, let's go. I have no time for idle banter."

The others follow, shocked at his coldness. They walk for a mile, when they come to a small pond. Rayneasks if they all want to bathe, but the girls are unwanting to srip down infront of the boys.

"We are no perverts. Please, after you bathe, you will feel a lot better. You two must have gone through a lot."

"We will go over there," Rodya remarks, pointing to a clump of bushes.

The boys depart, and begin to strip, not looking at each other. But Rayne glances at his newfound comrade, and admires his muscles. Rayne was by no means unmuscular either, but the russian was seemingly built for power. Rayne was as fit as could be, but no where near as muscular as him. Rayne looks away, slightly embarrassed about his peek at his comrade. He walks behind anoither bush, and begins to fully undress, taking off his undershirt and his pants. He leaves on a pair of underwear, because they were black, and no one would see through them to his mkost private areas. He could only hope the girls were going to leave on tyheir bra and panties, but the russian was all macho. Rayne was nervous, because he was showing off so much fleach, and withy that scars. He slid into th water, which was pleaseantly warm. He sat in the water deep enough to where his neck was just above the water line.

Eventually, the others too got in, and they were amazed that Rayne's words rang true.But they time came when they were all clean, and had to get out. Rayne was the first to motion that everyone cover their eyes. "I am weariung some clothes.... it is just something else."

"Like what????" asks Rodya. "Come on, what are you hiding????" Rodya picks Rayne up, amazed at how light he was. They all saw Rayne's terrible scars, the ones he accuired fighting in the past. The girls all gasped, and Rodya was a little vacant. "PUT ME DOWN!!!!!!!!!" Rayne yells, and fights to be put back on the ground. "THIS IS NOT DIGNIFIED!!!!!!!" The russian puts Rayne down, And Rayne takes off behind a bush, to change. He is ticked, but he shown none of his emotions.

[i] why is it i am always picked on when i'm not interested in petty ambitions????[/i] Rayne sighs. He knew the others meant well, but he just wasn't in the mood to deal with people. He wasn't very good at it either...

The others dress, and Rayne waits for them. He sighs, and takes out the ancient watch. The simple melody plays, bringing a sense of uneasiness, and a feeling of saddness and despair. Yet, he wonders why he is here, and why he was actively participateing with other people. Itr just wasn't his style, and thinking of suck things wasn't like him at all either.

"Hey... that's a pretty watch.... and it plays such a pretty melody....." Azumi walks up, and looks at Rayne's hand. "I've seen one of those somewhere...."

Rayne draws in a shapr breath, but other than that, does not react. "These...are common....." he says, lying through his teeth, though he did not know why. "There are lots of them around."

Rayne wondered why he was with these people, and the thoughts that went through his head were pleasant, and of freindships......
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After Rodya was dressed he scooped up his chosen weapons and began to stretch......he had been very tense all moring and he felt this would be the calm before the storm.

"So.......What is the game plan? Are we to go down in a shower of blazing bullets or hide like dogs? If you don't mind the expression heh."

"I'm not to sure myself.......we should explore this place more throughly. There has got to be a way off this island....or at least a control center."

"Good, I'd rather not take out more innocent students."
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Rayne is silent, wondering what he could do. "Rodya, you remember what That damn teacher said...... he said that if we tried to swim to land, we would be used to target practice. And if we try to take off these colars, we get a dose of explosively leathal death.. and i am not one for death."

Rodya nods. "I agree."

"You're a weirdo." pipes Mya.

"I beleive you're the strange one." Rayne retorts.

"I don't want to hear that from you, dog boy."

"what ever. Let's go." Rayne begins moving, and he starts tp watch the ground closely. Blood droplets are sprinkled along the ground, and Rayne takes a deep breath.

"Some one is injured...."
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Azumi casually walked behind Rayne her face modest. She had not been given a weapon but she was okay with that. Her attacks were dangerous enough. She tried to keep quiet though she had been meaning to ask Rayne many things. Rodya was still being hardcore leading the group and the others were following timidly behind him. Azumi fell behind for a brief second. In a brief moment she ran to Rayne and tackeled him. Rayne annoyed the Azumi would do so turned around angerly.

Rayne-WTF did you do that for?

Azumi's face was stern as she pointed to the arrow that was embedded in the ground where Rayne has previously standing.

Azumi- It's Only one person..But they have been hiding...I know not where they are or I would have attacked now.

Rayne opened his eyes Azumi was not like the others she had training. Azumi looked at Rayne beside him and noticed a cut on his cheek. She touched his cheek breifly and pulled her hand back after wiping the small wound.

Azumi- I don't know why I saved you...so don't ask me.

Azumi then walked off confused and agravated at herself.
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"Goddammit!" Syn yelled as a few more rounds whizzed by his head. Running through the dense forest was hard enough, but having a trio of whacked-out Russian students armed with firearms made it that much more difficult. To top it all off, he was only armed with a reverse-blade katana. "THIS TRIP SUCKS!" He screamed as a nearby tree branch spilntered after been shot. Is nabbing that guy Kammon and the ten million dollar bounty really worth this? About that time the shooting stopped, they were out of ammo. "Sorry kids, playtime's over." He said as he reversed direction and charged the Russians. He drew his blade and within moments, the Russian class was minus three more students. Bloody, partially exhausted, and sorrowful for having ended three innocent lives, Syn continued on hoping to find anyone from the Japanese class that he could recognise. Though, seeing as how he transferred to Japan from America only two weeks before, he was quite simply screwed. Then, he heard talking.

"C'mon, one more time. Please?" Azumi asked to Rayne.

"For the last time, NO!"

Syn followed the sounds, and saw them. Rayne, Azumi, Mya, and Rodya.

"Thank the Goddesses."
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After Syn burst into the picture, and things calmed down, the girls turned their attention on Rayne,. specifically, his strange ears.

"Rayne......." Mya starts, edging closer. "There's something I've wanted to do for a long time......"

Mya gets closer. "I saw you changing in the boy's locker room a month ago...." Rayne is taken aback, and he picks up his gun, and startsa taking it apart. "All I see from your beginnings of a questoipn is that you are a pervert. What is your question?"

Mys reaches out and touches his ears. "Stop that!!!!!!"

"Come on....... let me touch them..."



Rayne was annoyed, and he replied, yet again, "NO!"

"Come on, i just want to touch them...."



Mya smiles. "Let me see them."


The girls all crouwd around him, overwhelming him."Go away!"

The girls are giggleing, not letting him be.

Azumi was touching his ears, yet again, as were the other girls. "GOD DAMNIT!!!!!! LEAVE MY EARS ALONE!"

Rayne crawls out from under them, and scales a tree. He sits there, and sees syn smirking.

"Hmph..." Rayne snorts, before jumping down. "there's something over there...." he starts, and slows down. His gun was already together again, and ready to fire.

"Rayne, don't go alone!" Azumi starts, but Syn smiles." Don't worry about him. Truth is, he might surprise you. "

Rodya nodds. "I Know what you mean, he's quite famous on the Russian underground. I teamed up with his 'cause he's got quite a reputation. He's more cut throat than anyone here, and it's smarter to side with him, rather than against him. Not that i can't take him, but if you threaten him, he gets vicious in ways I even i don't like to think about."

"Rayne has disappeared, but he comes back. "It is alright, just a rabbit. But, there is evidence that people are here, i found a campsite."
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Mya closed her eyes and went in to a short daze. "What the hell are you doing now." Rayne watched her out the corner of his eyes. She snaped out of it and seemed to be more timid than before." Nothing I just need to get some thing...Oh yah forget anything I said before this moment." She reached in to her bag and pulled out a small bottle." This is bad." She looked at the bottle." What?" Azumi asked seeing Mya looked destrubed by some thing.

" I'm out of medication...I need it. I thought I had the bottle full when I left this morning."She looked in her bag again. " What are you addicted or some thing." Rayne said still a little mad about the ear thing. " No stupid!"She got a little attitude. "I have a split personality problem. It only happens when I get in bad situations. Thats probably why I only remeber half of what happened today.Hopefully it won't be to much of a problem "
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After hearing of Mya's "condition," Syn cautiously backs away. "Relax, it's not like I'm going to rape or kill you in your sleep, Syn." Mya said, still having a bit of an attitude.

"Why am I [I]not[/I] feeling reassured?" Syn playfully quipped. "But seriously, what other nations are participating this year? I already know the Russians are in it."

"Well, obviously we Japanese are in it." Azumi added.

"I believe my question was what [i]other[/i] nations were in this. We already know we're in it." Syn said.

"You don't need to get an attitude Syn. She was just making a point. Getting back to your question, I know I saw French students not too long ago." Mya said.

Rayne stands up. "Instead of asking who's in it, why don't we just focus on the task at hand. In other words, LIVING."

"Well, this has gone downhill quickly. How about a subject change? Please?" Rodya said.
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Rodya sat down, rather depressed at the groups disfuntionality. He laid back against a tree as the rest of the group continued to argue.

"Hey!.......THAT'S ENOUGH!"

The startled students stopped and looked at Rodya's direction.

"We are going to die if you guys keep this up. They will sneak up aon us and bam....all dead. I know this becuase its a favorite of Russians. Sit in wait for the prey to become too occupied to notice anything."

"We never spotted a soul anywhere near hear." Mya retorted rather angered.

"That's because they wouldn't WANT to be seen. Did you ever think of that?"

"Its no doubt possible they could have avoided detection. I think we should follow Rodya's lead and find a different, more securable camp for a while. Just until we figure out what we are going to do." Rayne said with a nod.

"Right........." was heard form the whole group. They began packing up and were moving off in a matter of minutes.
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"this is bad," remarks Rayne, crouching. He runs his fingers along the ground. Scuff marks and bullet holes littler this area.

Rayne looks up at his comrades. "We are in a distanced part of this island, which means there is something around here that no one should know about......" Rayne loos around, and sees a faunt gow moving under the street, he sees it through a vent in the street.

"Come on, there's some one below us..."
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"Now wait just one friggen' minute. How the hell do we know if they're from our class or not?!" Syn asked, slightly panicked.

"We pray." Rayne replied in his cool, unemotional voice. That sent a chill through Syn's spine.

"Never took you as the religious type, Rayne." Mya added.

"I'm not." Rayne shot back.

Slowly, the comrades creep towards the street where the other "contestants" have stopped.
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"They ar fools... stopping in the open like that..." Rayne remarks. He ducks down low to the ground, and rushes to the area where those people were.

But, they are gone. "Hm?"

Rayne sees the light beaneathe the street, shining out from the sewers, which were dry. Rayne yanks up a man hole cover, before jumping into the sewer. He quickly moves. leaveing his classmates far behaind, disappearing into the darkness as they jump down as well, calling for him to stop.

A shot rings out, and blood spatters. Rayne sees a girls slump to the ground, missing a large portion of her brain. Rayne moves on, cautious, ever cautious......
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Mya let out a deep breath and then looked at the gun in her hand and then at the girls bloody body on the ground. She didn't see her coming at first she just came out of no where. " That could have been one of our classmates." Syn said calmly looking at Mya. She just shook her head." No this is an egyptian student." Mya had a personality change again." So I guess Egypts here as well." Auzumi looked at Mya." We should catch up with Reyne." Rodya said moving a head. Mya looked at the girls body. She notices she had been shot more than once. it seemed strange to her that she olny heard one shot fired.

She dismissed the thought and moved on with the others. " So where do we find Reyne?" Mya put the gun away . " You not in a bad mood all of a sudden." Syn said sarcasticly. She just glared at him for a second." like hell I am, I just figured it would be best to dismiss it no reson in throwing a fit now. " Rodya comes up to a man hole with the top pulled off ." My guess is he's down there." They come closer to the hole.
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"Honestly, I"m not one for the dark, cramped,and disgusting. But seeing as how I'm very bored and feel like carving a few people like the thanksgiving turkey....." Syn pauses mid-sentence.

"God, what now?" Mya asked, becoming very annoyed.

"I shoundn't have said turkey." Syn replies in a weak voice. A moment later Syn's stomach makes it's presence known with a deep groan. "Hun...gry..." Syn then collapses with a thud.

"You're worthless, you know that?" Azumi scolds.

"You try not eating for a few days, then we'll talk." Syn shoots back, slowly struggling to his feet. "Besides, we need to find Rayne before he steals all the kills."

"I thought that we weren't going to play their game." Rodya added. "If we hunt them down, then we're no better than the ones we kill."

".....huh? Sorry, musta zoned out or something..." Syn said before getting cut off by the sounds of ricocheting gunfire. "Oh crap. Well, so much for the Egyptians."

Syn descends into the manhole first, followed by the rest of the group.

"WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU PEOPLE?!?!" Rayne screamed. "While the four of you were up there screwing around, I had to kill all of those bastards alone! Not that I cared or anything."

"Sorry, I kinda collapsed from hunger. My bad." Syn said.
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