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I need O/L game Partners and CD Keys....

I play Halo EVERY night on XBox at 4:13EST after my show ends...
I play AnnihilationX every Monday Wendsday and Friday at the college online at 12:20 to 1:15 between classes.
I play Starcraft online Sporadicly.
I wanna play Dune2000 online, but I need a CD Key.

If you want to look me up just send me a message here or look for me online. I always use this same s/n everywhere I go.

Also... Mods.... I won't feel offended if you beat me with the wanr stick...
This is just about on the line of SPAM...... Sorry. :sweat:
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[color=#707875]Don't worry, I won't do you the honor of beating you with my Admin-Stick. Actually, I think this kind of topic is a good idea. I know that I don't [i]really [/i]like to play online with random people. I prefer to play with people I know.

Although, right now I'm only playing C&C Generals Zero Hour online. So if there are any players interested in that...send a PM my way.

This may actually be a good opportunity to develop a discussion about online gaming for consoles as well. Specifically, what games people play online via their consoles (Xbox Live, PS2 online or GCN online).[/color]
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[color=indigo]I'm interested in playing Mario Kart: Double Dash!! online (go to [url=http://www.warppipe.com]www.warppipe.com[/url] to find out how), but I don't have a broadband adapter for my GCN. I've been thinking of getting one so I could play DD online, but first I'd like to see if there are actually some other people that would be interested in playing online with me. Otherwise it'd just be a waste of money.

So yeah, anyone else out there interested in playing Double Dash online? I almost have enough money to get a broadband adapter right now, so if people are interested, I'll probably buy one once I get the money. (Which shouldn't be long).[/color]
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Guest auranix
I might be getting Frozen Throne soon but right now all I play is ROC (Reign of yada yada) my name is auranix

But sometimes it might be either me or my bro, we have a joint account to rack up the wins :rolleyes:

Anyway... uhh, yah, anyone feel free to message me if they wanna arrange a time we can play arranged team or something...
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I play Multi Theft Auto on GTA Vice City just about every day, but don't really know any others who play it besides Kazuko, so if anyone wants to go to the stunt arena and do some 2-man jumps, or just team up and kill everyone else, contact me on AIM. (just in case anyone doesn't know, its sort of a mod for VC, so if you've got the PC version, you can download MTA for free and go online with it)

When UT2004 comes out over here, I'll definately be on that alot of the time, so I'll let everyone know when I get it.
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