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Sign Up Race through Kanouyate


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there is a small amount of civilization, a once vacant town, in the middle of the desert. The Kanouyate. This desert is so vast, if you had travled to the town in the center, you wouldn't have the energy, supplies, nor will power to return to the lush forests surounding the desert.

A young girl, dressed in black leather, lept off her stalion and walked over to a near pub window. She posted a poster onto the window. It read as follows.


[b]Race across the desert and back[/b]
^ A race on horse back across
^ the desert back to the forests surounding it. You must
^ bring back a full branch of leaves from the forests. The Race will
^ be held for 3 weeks and begin in two days. The prize for the first 5
^ contestants, will be
^ $3,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo
^ [SIZE=1] Fare warning to you all. This event will kill some of you.[/SIZE]

So we have a story base line. heh heh...I need 5 people to sign up....excluding myself ^.^ Okay...heres what I need:






[B]Wepons/Suplies:[/B] [hand held. like in a book bag you can carry]

[B]Other Suplies:[/B] [suplies caried on horeback. IE food suplies, watter suplies, anything slung across saddle]

^.^ I say again....I need 5 more people and I'll but up my signup later. ^.^
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Ah, a Dog-eat-dog race. How exciting ^_^

Name: Makiyu Aranta

age: 26

Gender: Male

Bio: Makiyu traveled along the plains. Searching for challenges. Physical and Mental. Whne he saw the sign. He immediatly jumped and goes ran off to register. Besides, the 3 quadrillion* dollars would go nicely ~_^.

Apearence: Red headband, a black mask, emerald green eyes, red shirt, denim jeans, brown shoes, and a small build.

Wepons/Suplies: A gun. (can't afford to die ^_^)

Other Suplies: Food supply (both horse and human), a canteen, back pack, shovel, sleeping bag, map, and compass.

*= I'm not sure if thats the value. I need to refer back to my math notebook.

If I need to eliminate some items, let me know.
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yes I'm offering a large sum of money...I just typed in a three then a bunch of zeros.....^^ okay here mine...after I get mine up we only need three more! and theres a reason that there are 6 people needed when only 5 can win...::evil grin:: smoeones gotta loose something...^^

Name: Mitzo Kuchana [prefers Kuchana]

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Bio: Owner of the Kanouyate Race and owner of most of the land around the town. Started the Race out of shear bordum.

Aperance: Tall. Black long coat, length to her ankles. Black kneehigh boots. Black leather pants. And a white tanktop. Blue spikey hair. Pale complexion. Red bandana tied around a hole in her coat.

Hand held suplies: 3 inch wide sword, pair of .45s, cigerets and lighter.

Hevy suplies: Sleeping bag, water cantiens, horse grains, bow and Arrow set.
also! I've edited the poster in my first post!! lol...^^ not too much but I thought it would be more interseting.

and..there are 18 o's........so that would be...like...3,ooo,ooo,ooo ² [three billion to the second power]
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Good idea Runy... time to eat my dust XD

Name: Milo Drendy (most people call him Drendy, just because it's a fun word..)

Age: 18

Gender: male

Bio: Got to the desert from a bi-plane crash a long time ago.. the driver died, but he found his way to the town. Anyway, he's very adventurous and likes the idea of the challenge. So off he goes...

Appearance: Deep blue eyes, and rust colored hair, he wears an old dusty jacket that covers most of his upper-body for sun protection. Under that he wears a short sleeved, white shirt, dirty blue jeans, and a cap with all the letters faded out, except that he drew on "Eat Dust" in sloppy letters.

Hand-held supplies: A small switch-blade and a lighter, just in case he needs it.

Large Supplies: Rations, water, a small mat for sleeping, and a rifle that was salvaged from the plane all those years ago.

Horse: He named her Kenya and she's jet black. Oh ya.. :smoke:
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lol...You joined fire pheonix! w00t w00t! This is gunna be good now! okay...so far we have:

G/S/B Master--Makiyu Aranta

Iggy--Kenzy Mayakuma

FirePeonix--Milo Drendy

Arunue--Mitzo Kuchana
all our names begin with M........-.-....

okay! we have for and we only need 2 more! okay! If no one signes up then we can do with 4 ^^
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This sounds like fun! Is this taken from that movie that's coming out?
[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]
Name: Mimi Rodgers

Age: 18

Bio: Living on the outskirts of town most of her life, Mimi has had it hard to come by. Her parents died transporting her to the city, hoping that there she would have a better life than they could possibly have out in the desert. She goes around doing odd jobs in order to earn money for herself, and to stay alive. While doing an odd job, she came across a sign rewarding a large sum just for someone to cross the desert and come back.

Mimi traveled the city looking for an able bodied horse, and she found one just sitting in a stable. Mimi "gratiously took" the horse, and has now signed up for the race, willing to do anything for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Appearence: Around 5'8", with brown hair that is pulled up into a pony tail, and deep blue eyes. Short shorts, and a loose fitting shirt. She is farely skinny (remember food is hard to come by for her) but very atheltic. The odd jobs she often has to do has made her both physically and mentally strong.

Hand held supplies: A small rock that is in the shape of a dagger, that she has edged to make very sharp.

Horse packets: Luckly enough there are some provisions inside the saddle bags, but not much. A water canteen, some horse grains, and one small sack of dried food.

I hope that's ok![/COLOR][/FONT]
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awsome! I started this yesterday and we only need one more person! W00T! heh heh....okay! as soon as we get one more person I'll start it up! let me say you'r all going to be verry disapointed with my firts post :naughty:

Edit: Okay...I asked someone to sign up and I haven't gotten a reply yet...if they say yes...then they're going to post they're bio here...then post on the thread...if they say no...then we'll countinue...but i'm going to start it...so we might have another person coming in...^^ lol...So I guess I'll start it!
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