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RPG Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Island [PG 13+ mild cursing, violence, and dark persona]


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy][I]The tropical breeze was the first thing that greeted Ryan as he exited the Honolulu airport, sighing he thought that Kaiba was either obsessed with Hawaii or it was just the fact that Battle Cruise had been held just a mile off shore from the island and Kaiba felt the need to finish this for the books. Either way Ryan was glad to be back in Hawaii. As he scanned the area he was in Ryan noticed a large black limo pulling up in front of him. Once the car came to a halt the door in front of Ryan opened and out stepped Kaiba himself, his usual white trenchcoat billowed to one side in the breeze and his eyes looked dead serious but his smile gave him away as he stuck his hand out which was recieved by Ryan.[/I]

"Great to see you Ryan. I trust your flight was good??" [I]Ryan nodded. The $10,000.00 that he had won in his last tournament. He'd managed to restrain himself from spending all of the money and managed to buy himself First Class tickets.[/I]

"Did you fly here as well Kaiba?" [I]Kaiba shook his head as he pointed off in the direction of the harbor, following his hand Ryan nearly fell over. There dwarfing all the other ships was the ship that was the location of Battle Cruise.[/I]

"Dear god Kaiba! Don't you think you over did it a bit?" [I]Kaiba shook his head and motioned towards the open door. Ryan slid in first as Kaiba followed him in and shut door behind him. Looking in the seat across from Ryan was Yugi, he was grinning as he brandished a pack of cards.[/I]

"This is the new pack of cards that Kaiba made. Yes, I said Kaiba, he bought Industrial Illusions. This set is only availible for this tournament and won't be released to the public until next year. The winner of this tournament will get the some 100,000 packs that are on Kaiba's ship. Anyways, I was thinking we could open it and split up the cards. Ryan will you do the honors?" [I]Nodding Ryan delicately opened the pack and sifted through the five cards until his gaze fell upon a single card it was Angelic Cathedral.[/I]

"Mine!" [I]Both Yugi and Kaiba jumped back a little and nodded as Ryan stuffed the card into his briefcase of cards. After doing that Kaiba took his laptop and turned it on the small table that stood in the center of the cab, on the screen were names of contestants in the tournament. Kaiba brought up the picture of a person who had a slight smirk on his face.[/I]

"Take this boy out" [I]Kaiba said as he slumped back into the seat.[/I]

"He runs the cheapest Exodia deck, the Gearfried+Elma+RML combo." [I]Yugi said venomously as he looked at the other cards.[/I]

"Speaking of this pack I'm going to take this card, Sword Within The Stone" [I]Yugi held the trap card up but Ryan wasn't paying attention, he was already calculating on how he would ruin this boy's Exodia deck. Kaiba then showed that he was taking the Tundra dragon and the Destruction Of Heaven and Earth card for Mokuba and Ryan could take the Gold Armor Dragon for Aidian since he was participating in the tournament as well, tucking that card along with his Angelic Cathedral in his case he grinned happily, he would finally get to duel seriously with a lot of great competition.

As the limo came to a stop at the beach Kaiba opened the door and stepped out with Ryan and now Yami Yugi following behind him as they walked onto the stage and took their seats as Kaiba walked up to the microphones and started his speech.[/I]

"Welcome to Battle Island duelists. Now I'd like to go over a few of the rules. Firstly this tournament will be taking place in this area of the island mainly in this city, I have gotten permission to allow Pearl Harbor as part of the tournament area too so go wild in choosing your spots for dueling. Also, during each duel you will start off with 4000 Life Points. Also the rumors are true a new booster pack has been released for this tournament only and won't be released to the public for two years so you get to have a glimpse of all the cards and also on the subject of the cards, I have already restricted cards in this set due to their power. Okay one more final thing, the person to bea both me and Yugi will recieve 100,000 packs of the new set and a one million dollar prize bonous as well. You need seven locator cards to get to finals, also to attain packs of cards you will need to win your duels and show the new locator card to the card pack dealers in the hotel. Also if you lose all of your locator cards you will be left in the hotel. And now with that over, BATTLE ISLAND BEGIN!!!" [I]With that everyone dispersed and some just started dueling right there in front of the stage, Yugi and Ryan stood up from their seats. Ryan waved to Kaiba and Yugi and wandered off to find a duel.

As he wandered down the beach Ryan noticed a person with a Gearfried out and Royal Magic Librarian on the field. It was that kid Kaiba and Yugi had warned him about, but Ryan didn't want to run off the best competition just yet, he'd get him later on. Walking past the duel he noticed a kid wearing a necklace with a small space shuttle on it and bright blonde hair, he was staring up at the sky with a look of amazement and wonder.[/I]

"Say kid, you wanna duel?" [I]Ryan asked as he hefted up his duel disk, the kid nodded and slid his deck and disk on, the machines clicked and bleeped up the 4000 LP and Ryan grinned as his first Battle Island duel began.[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=2][FONT=Garamond]As Spike exited the airport to descend on the island, he noticed how extravagant everything was. He smirked, Kaiba had outdone himself. He felt the nice breeze lift up his long, leather duster and felt more exicted than he had ever been before. When he had left his home, he had left a note explaining where he would be and when he would return.

So, looking at his watch he noticed it was a quarter until 12 P.M., which was when the tournament was set to begin. He picked up the slow, lolling pace he had been walking with and got to the announcement site. Kaiba walked up to deliver announcement 15 minutes later.

"Welcome to Battle Island duelists. Now I'd like to go over a few of the rules. Firstly this tournament will be taking place in this area of the island mainly in this city, I have gotten permission to allow Pearl Harbor as part of the tournament area too so go wild in choosing your spots for dueling. Also, during each duel you will start off with 4000 Life Points. Also the rumors are true a new booster pack has been released for this tournament only and won't be released to the public for two years so you get to have a glimpse of all the cards and also on the subject of the cards, I have already restricted cards in this set due to their power. Okay one more final thing, the person to bea both me and Yugi will recieve 100,000 packs of the new set and a one million dollar prize bonous as well. You need seven locator cards to get to finals, also to attain packs of cards you will need to win your duels and show the new locator card to the card pack dealers in the hotel. Also if you lose all of your locator cards you will be left in the hotel. And now with that over, BATTLE ISLAND BEGIN!!!"

With that, Spike slowly picked out his deck and Duel Disk, strapping his Royal Blue deck case onto his belt, and putting the duel disk onto his slightly tanned left arm.
He saw Ryan Braxton off in the distance, reckognizing him instantly, but decided to wait until later for the challenge he was going to issue.

Looking hard, Spike saw two kids, none looking older than 15, and saw that they had already eliminated two kids from the tournament. Sensing some competition, he walked up to the first one, a kid with fair brown hair in a Neo-ish wannabe outfit.

"I challenge you to a duel." Spike lowly muttered.

The kid scoffed at the platinum haired challenger saying "Who says you are good enough?" Looking directly into his eyes Spike anserwed "Fine, I will take the both of you on and if I win then I take both of your locator cards. That proof enough for you, or are you scared?"

The pair looked at each other as if saying is he crazy? And then the other boy, who had been quiet the entire time said "Alright, if you think you can win alone who are we to stop you?" And the duel started, life points at 4000 and projectors running.

"You'll get no courteousness from me I am going first!" said Spike. And with rthat the duel began.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Matt stepped out into the various trees, holding his deck and his new sword on his back. The blade, which was unsheathed, glistened in the sun. He walked through the dense trees as he found a perfect dueling spot, a big area which had no terrain advantage for him or his opponent. As always, he shuffled his deck and sat down against a tree, waiting for his next worthless opponent.

"I think this place will be a sinch. By what I heard, people here use theme based decks. This is to easy..."

As he sat there talking, someone heard him from afar...
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[I][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]Ryan had to grin. This kid had some guts and determination. Ryan guessed this just by the look the kid gave him. As he drew his cards Ryan decided to let the kid go first, he didn't want to make the kid already think that he couldn't beat Ryan. Glancing over his hand again he had a Sapphire Dragon, Marshmallon, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Pot Of Greed.[/I]

"Kid, you can go first." [I]Obviously Ryan had offended the boy by calling him kid because his look went from determination to arrogance.[/I]

"You'll regret calling me kid. I summon Shining Angel into defense mode and end my turn." [I]Restraining a chuckle Ryan drew his next card which was Breaker The Magical Warrior, a perfect card to get the job done.[/I]

"I summon Breaker The Magical Warrior into attack mode and since he was sucessfully Normal Summoned his ATK now goes up to 1900. Breaker attack his Shining Angel!" [I]The red armor-clad knight shot forwards and brought its sword down upon the angel which shattered int a thousand pixelated pieces, but for some reason the kid was laughing.[/I]

"Thanks, you just now allowed me to summon forth my ultimate weapon!! You must either be stupid or you forgot Shining Angel's effect. When it is destroyed in battle I may search my deck for a Light type monster with an ATK of 1400 or less, and this monster has a zero attack power.. HAHAHA!!" [I]Gritting his teeth a little he wondered if the kid was insane or if he wasn't bluffing. His question was answered when holographic steam started to hiss and shoot out of the ground from behind the boy. After a few minutes of this a large cylinder shaped thing shot out of the ground and took to the sky.[/I]

"Meet Satellite Cannon! My most powerful Light type monster!!! I hope you enjoy losing your first duel Ryan Braxton." [I]Ryan clamped down harder on his teeth in annoyance, this kid obviously forgot his Satellite Cannon's major weakness, if Ryan were to get a level 8 or higher monster onto his field this brat's cannon would be history.[/I]

"Kid, I've got three words for you."

"Oh yeah, and what would those be?"

"heh. Blue Eyes White Dragon." [I]It seemed to click with this kid that he was dealing with a major dragon deck user and he obviously had the most powerful dragons in his deck. Course a lot of these dense duelists only knew about those, he hadn't used Apophis at any of the tournaments except one and that was his last tournament which was only broadcasted in North America. So most of the North American duelists knew he had an Egyptian God card but other duelists around the world didn't.

Calmly darwing his next card he had to chuckle slightly, it was a BEWD right on cue.[/I]

"Okay, first I'll play Pot Of Greed," [I]The two cards were Marshmallon and Heavy Storm.[/I] "Then I'll set this monster face down in defense mode and end my turn."

[I]The kid took drew his card and then glanced back up towards the sky but this time it was towards his Satellite Cannon. Glancing back down the kid smirked.[/I]

"I summon Injection Fairy Lily and I then place one card face down, and end my turn." [I]Ryan knew that he could beat this kid easily if he wanted to right now, he just had to summon his Blue Eyes, but first he needed to attend to drawing his card. The next card was something of a shock. It was his Egyptian God Card, Apophis God Of All Dragons. Grinning rather widely he decided to use that one but he'd need a way to get a third monster out onto the field and also destroy that Injection Fairy Lily, she posed just of much a threat as that Satellite Cannon.[/I]

"I'll set this monster face down and switch Breaker to Defense mode and end my turn." [I]He knew it was risky and he could very well get screwed over by this but he knew that as soon as he blew away that Cannon this kid would just power up his Injection Fairy and blast him away with that.[/I]

"I activate my trap card, Soloem Wishes." [I]Ryan now really wanted to gag on his throat, this kid had some sort of pysco burner deck.[/I]

"Oh and now that I drew a card I gain 500 life points and I now summon my all powerful Don Zaloog. Now the time has come for this, Satellite Cannon! Fire round one at his face down card!!!!!!!" [I]An immense laser beam sperated the clouds and fired directly at Ryan's face down Marshmallon. As the dust cleared Ryan could see the kid's face going from that of utter glee to that of utter anger.[/I]

"Heh, I guess you're familiar with Marshmallon's effect right? He stays on the field and since he was attacked while face down, you went from a healthy 4500 to 3500. Rather funny if I do say so myself." [I]The kid muttered a few curse words and motioned for Ryan to take his turn. Drawing his next card which was D.D. Warrior Lady, Ryan started laughing at this. The kid hadn't scratched him and forgot about his Fairy Lily to blast away his breaker.[/I]

"Kid, its been a good duel, but now you are going to lose. I sacrafice Breaker The Magical Warrior and both my Marshmallons for this. Apophis the God Of All Dragons!!" [I]Obviously this kid knew what was coming and it all dawned on him, he'd signed his death wish when he challenged Ryan to a duel. The clouds darkened and the wind started to howl and then an immense pillar of light shot out of the ground and into the clouds, as it did so a massive dragon, with its wings covering its entire body landed gently as could be and then it flared its wings out and caused massive gusts of dust to be kicked up.[/I]

"Now let's see, Apophis is level 12 and your Satellite Cannon has a zero ATK strength at the moment. This is the end for you. Apophis! Take flight and destroy his Satellite Cannon!!!" [I]Looking skyward the massive blue dragon's gold eyes flickered with interest and as they did so the dragon took to the sky and within a few minutes was lost to Ryan's sight, but the destruction of the Cannon was obvious when the clouds comepletly disappated and a brilliant light could be seen. Also it was evident when the kid's life points dropped to zero.[/I]

"I'll be taking your locator card thank you." [I]Ryan said as he took the kid's card and walked towards a booster pack vendor. Obviously his new deck was as good as it could be.[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]

Cards from booster pack:

Holy Crucifixion
Pitch Black Raven
Holy Angelic Priestess
Everlasting Paleontologists
Steadfast Dragon
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[color=navy]Kou was infuriated by what the kid had to say. [/color][color=darkorange]"[/color][color=red]Some kid with a sword that he probly bought at Party Fair thinks that he's better than everybody else here because he couldn't focus on a theme! I'll show him, but first, I've got to modify my deck." [/color]
[color=navy]Kou pulled out his side deck and swapped a Kuriboh out for one of his favorite, all-powerful cards. [/color][color=red]"Lets see his unfocused behind get around this..." [/color][color=navy]He inserted his deck back into his dueldisk and took long quick strides toward the kid with the short brown hair and weird sword. [/color][color=red]"Hey kid! Lets duel!"[/color]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=2][FONT=Garamond]To start things off Spike went first and drew his six cards. They were Mirror Force, Torential Tribute, Cyber Jar, DDWL, Spirit Reaper, and Graceful Charity.

"I activate Graceful Charity, allowing me to draw three cards and discard any two I want." As Spike said this, with a large flourish of his arms he drew and discarded Cyber Jar and DDWL. "I set one monster facedown and one magic/trap card."

The original challenger, or as I labeled him, jabbering idiot, took his turn. "I summon Harpies Brother in attack mode!" He yelled "and one card in magic/trap zone."

The second parner went and summoned Sapphire Dragon and motioned to atack. As I flipped up Spirit Reaper. "Meet Spirit Reaper, he is an indestructible monster. He cannot die by any attack."

As I took my turn, I looked at the card I had drawn, it was Witch of the Black Forest. Now all I was missing to defeat the idiots was one card. So, I mearly set another magic/trap and ended my turn.

Now it was jabbers turn. He drew and started laughing like a movie villain. He said "I play Raigeki on your Spirit Reaper, he dies now correct? I thought so." he said as Spirirt Reaper burst into a thousand tiny pixels. He then summoned a Gagagigo and attacked. Spike said "Wrong idea friend, remember my facedown cards, meet one of them Mirror Force!"

He silently ended his turn and the silent kid started. He summoned a Gemini Elf and I activated Torrential Tribute. He simply watched as all of his monsters were washed away by a giant tidal wave. He motioned to end his turn and I drew.

I had drawn Pot of Gredd. I played it exclaiming it's effect loudly. I saw I had drwan the final piece to the puzzle. I had drawn Chaos Emperor Dragon and Ring of Destruction. I set Ring and Special Summoned Emperor Dragon exclaiming "Here is the end!" I summoned Witch and attacked with both to the arrogant jerk,expelling him from the duel.

I ended my turn and it was time for the silent man to go. He looked at me funny and set a monster. Then a magic/trap and ended.

I took my turn and drew MST and played it revealing his own Mirror Force. I activated the boom effect of CED doing a total of 2700 damage and searched by Witcheds effect for Yata and attacked him. I ended and he realized it was over. With an angry look on both of their faces they threw the cards at me and ran. I was very happy, realizing now I was really involved and closer to the finals.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Okay Pack 1
Dimension Cannon
Sword Within the Stone
Chaos General
Destruction of Heaven and Earth
Sword of Power Excalibur

Pack 2
Twin Reversed Worlds
Knight of the East
Forseer of Demise
Giant Crayfish
Steadfast Dragon
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OOC: I meant to add this in my first post. To get to the finals you need at least 10 locator cards.

[I][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]After having left the beach Ryan wandered around the hotel's potanical garden, then past the pool, and finally he found himself in the local park. It was a calm and quiet park, save for the occasional duel that was occuring. Ryan noticed a lot of people were going for Hand Disruption decks or some sort of other deck that had mutated into a hybrid theme. As he neared the park square he wondered what his folks were doing at home and if his little brother was messing with his cards that he'd left at home. Shrugging as he sat down and pulled his briefcase up to his lap he knew that his brother wouldn't, not if he wanted Ryan to keep giving him some of the best cards in the game.

As he sifted through the pack he'd just won Ryan noticed a Magic Card that caught his attention. As he read the effect he grinned, now he would definetly have a reason for using Shinato and Zeraato. He pulled his side deck out, ditched two of his Gemini Elves and swapped in his new magic card and monster. As he did so he thought about it and then pulled his main deck out of his deck case and pulled out a Spear Dragon and swapped it for his new mosnter, which was Holy Angelic Priestess, and he then took out one of his Marshmallong Glasses and put in his new Magic Card which was Holy Crucifixion. But now came the time to do something he didn't want to do and that was to make room for Shinato and Zeraato. Looking through his deck again he swapped out one Lord of Dragons for Shinato, and then he dropped a Flute Of Summoning Dragon for the ritual, as he did so he also dumped a Sapphire Dragon for Zeraato. The cards he took out of his main deck he put into his Side Deck.

Just as Ryan finished he noticed someone was standing over him. He looked up and noticed a girl with bright pink hair. She had on a mini skirt, form fitting top without sleeves, and on her left arm was a duel disk.[/I]

"You wanna duel bub?" [I]At first Ryan was a little shocked, but as he realized she was talking to him he merely nodded and the two of them headed towards the center of the square, as they did a small group started to surround them.

Shuffling his deck Ryan glanced over and noticed the girl had finished shuffling her deck and was tapping her foot lightly with impatience. Ryan quickly finished shuffling his deck and nodded to the girl who then slapped her deck into the duel disk, Ryan followed suit and the life point meter bleeped with a healthy 4000 Life Points.[/I]

"All right, I let the lady go first oh and we're dueling for one locator card." [I]Ryan said as he gestured to the girl who then put on a dead serious look on her face, her green eyes turning into deep green abysses.[/I]

"For my first move I summon the mighty Reflect Bounder," [I]An immense red machine with hundreds of mirrors appeared in front of the girl.[/I] "Just try to beat that."

[I]Grinning Ryan skimmed over his hand which was Holy Angelic Priestess, Magic Cylinder, Sapphire Dragon, Archangle Zeraato, D.D. Warrior Lady, and his sixth card was Shinato's Ark. [/I]

"All right, I'll summon forth my Holy Angelic Priestess in Attack Mode!!! I now end my turn by setting this card face down." [I]A young girl in silken robes holding a beaded necklace appeared. The pink haired girl was obviously not impressed and merely laughed at Ryan's move.[/I]

"I play the Iron Cage Of Nightmares Magic Card and then I summon my Executioner Makyura in attack mode! Take your move and make it quick so I can wipe the floor with you." [I]Ryan about toppled over from her words, this girl obviously had some issues with men. Drawing his next card Ryan about fell over with excitement, he'd drawn Holy Crucifixion, all he needed was to get Shinato and play the ritual card.[/I]

"I now summon Sapphire Dragon into attack mode! I now end my turn since I can't attack for another turn." [I]The girl merely chuckled as she drew her next card.[/I]

"Oh, this is too perfect, I now sacrafice my Executioner Makyura and Reflect Bounder for my Sanga of the Thunder! You're dead next turn." [I]Thunder bolts scattered across the sky and finally one struck the ground and out of that bolt a large massive being appeared. At first it looked like a giant machine but as Ryan looked closer he saw a large Japanese symbol on its head. Gritting his teeth Ryan prayed that his next card was a good one, he closed his eyes and drew his card. Pulling the card up to his face he opened his eyes slowly and then they widened in a rather happy glee, it was Marshmallon.[/I]

"I'll set this little gem face down and end my turn, and since that's done with your Iron Cage is gone." [I]As if on cue the cage disappated, but the girl chuckled rather happily.[/I]

"I play the magic card Graceful Charity and draw three cards," [I]As she skimmed over her card Ryan started to wonder what this girl was up to. Then it dawned on Ryan, this girl was running a Gate Guardian deck! While Ryan took the time to ponder this the girl cleared her throat and snapped Ryan back to reality.[/I]

"I discard Suijin and Kazijen to my graveyard and then I play the Magic Cards Monster Reborn and Premature Burial and bring back those monsters into attack mode!! Now let's see how you like this!!" [I]While the girl spoke these words the three monsters started to meld and within a few seconds an immense shadow appeared over Ryan's three monsters.[/I]

"Say hello to my Gate Guardian! Your chances are slim to none on winning this duel!!"[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=#503F86]"Smells like duelling." Aidian mused, slotting his newly-refined Deck into his Duel Disk system.

The beach was buzzing with activity. Holographic monsters appeared everywhere, all facing hordes of other monsters with menacing looks, behind them were anxious-looking duelists keeping close eyes on their Life Points as if they were about to jump into the sea at any minute. And with Duel Monsters, you never knew what kind of virtual reality graphics Kaiba had installed. Maybe there'd be something new, inventive and incredibly pointless that had been added on, like a drinks holder.

Aidian shook his head. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he was nervous. He only thought that stupidly when he was filled with adrenaline, and dueling gave him one of the biggest highs he could think of.

He leapt down the stairs to the sandy beach and ran towards where the bulk of the duelists were standing.[/COLOR]
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[I][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]Gritting his teeth Ryan looked upwards at the monstrosity that was the Gate Guardian. The massive creature stood over his Dragon, Priestess, and Marshmallon. Obviously things would not go well if she landed a hit on his Dragon or his Priestess.[/I]

"All right, Gate Guardian attack his face down card!!!" [I]The massive monster began to charge up an immense ball of pure energy which was then fired off in the direction of Ryan's face down card. The card was flipped up to reveal Marshmallon, the girl obviously had no idea what she'd just done, that was until the dust cleared.[/I]

"How the hell is that monster still standing?! I destroyed it with Gate Guardian!! It should be dead.. Wait a second, my life points!!" [I]The girl started to groan in anger at the fact that she'd been so stupid as to throw her Gate Guardian's attack at a Marshmallon.[/I]

"I guess you just figured out Marshmallon's effect. Anyways its my move!" [I]Ryan said bravely as he drew his next card cautiously, it was D.D. Warrior Lady, something he didn't want at the moment but she could prove useful.[/I]

"Okay, I'll set this monster face down and switch my Dragon and Priestess to defense mode and I end my turn." [I]The girl smirked again but at that moment Ryan wasn't paying attention to her. Instead he had switched his attention to a boy that had black clothes on and red hair on.[/I]

"Aidian?! Is that you?!" [I]The red-haired boy perked up and shoved his way to the front of the crowd.[/I]

"Ryan!?! Its good to see you! I saw the massive crowd and wanted to see what it was all about. How did you let her get a Gate Guardian out??" [I]Ryan gave a "Don't even ask about it" look and Aidian nodded, understanding.[/I]

"Ahem, boys. I'm just about to finish you off. So get back here so I can!" [I]Ryan glared at the obnoxious girl and walked back over. Obviously the girl had just drawn something interesting. Ryan could guess this because of the look the girl had on her face.[/I]

"I'll just save this card for later. But for now I'll have Gate Guardian attack your Dragon." [I]Another ball of energy was fired off from the monster and this time it blew away his dragon. Wincing Ryan was glad he'd thrown his monsters into defense mode. It was his move and he couldn't bare to think what he might draw. He solomenly drew his card and about gagged on his tounge he'd drawn forth his trump card.[/I]

"Well little missy, you've had me on the ropes ever since you played Gate Guardian but it ends now!!! I sacrafice Marshmallon, D.D. Warrior Lady, and Holy Angelic Priestess for this!! Apophis God Of Dragons!!!" [I]The three monsters leapt into the sky and their bodies turned into balls of pure light which then took to the sky and were lost to the clouds, but after a few minutes holographic lightning streaked across the sky and the ground began to shake as a large pentegram appeared on the ground and at that same time a pillar of light shot down from the skies and connected with the pentagram. The attention of the crowd was turned skyward as someone yelled about a massive dragon coming from the sky, Aidian didn't really need to look skyward because he knew that Ryan needed to use Apophis at this point in the game, it was extremely crucial.

Apophis landed with a soft thud as the light receeded, its wings were furled and its eyes flickered with blood lust as it glared at the massive creature that was Gate Guardian.[/I]

"My Egyptian God card now has an attack of 7700 since my Sapphire Dragon is in the graveyard, I'd like to see you attempt to make a scractch on my life points now!" [I]There was some murmuring about how great of a move Ryan had pulled but some were saying that the girl was the one with the skill, managing to get Gate Guardian out so fast. Merely ignoring what some were saying Ryan was debating wether he should just end the duel now or toy with the brat.[/I]

"I'll end my turn for now." [I]This brought some gasps from people, everyone knew Ryan could end this duel right now and just finish her off with an attack the next turn, but he didn't. Taking opprotunity of this the girl drew her next card and smirked.[/I]

"Fool! I now play the magic card Soul Release and remove your Sapphire Dragon from the game and that takes your god card back down to 7500! I then sacrafice my Gate Guardian for this! Great Maju Garzett!!" [I]The large monster disappeared in a flash and in its place was a monster that looked like a skeleton but it wasn't exactly like that.[/I]

"Ha, it has 0 ... WHAT?!!"" [I]As soon as Ryan had begun to gloat the monster went from being a pipsqueak to the size of Apophis.[/I]

"You forget, Garzett's attack is double the original attack of the monster that was sacraficed for it. THat means my monster is on the same level as you!! Garzett, attack his god card!!" [I]Ryan knew he was about to lose his god card, just then it dawned on him, his trap card he'd set so long ago.[/I]

"Not so fast! I activate my Trap Card!! Magic Cylinders!! You lose!" [I]The girl gritted her teeth as her life points dropped clear down to zero in one hit. After the duel was over Ryan claimed his second Locator card and was about to go claim his new pack of cards when he remembered Aidian.[/I]

"Aidian! I forgot, this is yours." [I]Ryan brought his briefcase up and took out the Golden Armor Dragon he'd put aside for Aidian. With a pleased look Aidian stuck his hand out.[/I]

"Its great to see you. I'd heard about how well you were dominating the North American division with ease." [I]Ryan blushed slightly but nodded as the two neared the card vendor. Holding up his new locator card the vendor took a pack out of his case and tossed it towards Ryan who caught it with ease. He tore the pack open. His five cards were:

Tundra Dragon
Star Flare Phoenix
Sanctuary of Holy Light
Ancient Staff of a great Wizard (which was a super rare)
Holy Seraphim Angel of Light

Ryan was rather pleased with these cards and gently placed them in an empty card slot in his briefcase. As soon as he finished two large brutes sauntered over towards him and Aidian. They both had duel disks on and rather smug looks, one of them, which looked like a pig held his disk up.[/I]

"We challenge you two to a tag-team duel. Meet us at Pearl Harbor unless your afraid." [I]Ryan and Aidian nodded as the two jerks hustled off towards the harbor. A few minutes later Ryan and Aidian followed them.[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=2][FONT=Garamond]Spike was walking around after defeating the pair of idiots at the park and decided to get his deck out and work on it under the very tree he had won his first duel if the tournament under.

As he sat down he heard someone call his name and looked up, he could barely make out the person under the rays of the sun. "I challenge you to a duel!" the voice said. "Alright, I accept, now step out of the light so I can see who I've been challenged by." As the person came forward he heard a Duel Disk start up and when he could see the challenger he reckognized the blue hair.

"Weevil Underwood, you have got guts to challenge me." Spike said to the notorious bug user, who was well-known to cheat to win. "Now, that the pretense is done, can we begin your defeat?" Weevil said in his shrill, child-like voice.

"Sure, if you're in a hurry to lose, who am I to stop you?" As soon as he was done talking, Spike fired up his disk and took a battle stance next to the tree.

"I'll go first and set a monster face down." Weevil said "your turn." I drew my starting hand and began to laugh, I had drawn almost all of my favorite combo in my hand. I had drawn Strike Ninja, The Cheerful Coffin, Raigeki, 2 D.D. Scouting Machines, and Mystical Space Typhoon.

"I will play The Cheerful Coffin, allowing me to discard two cards in my hand", Spike said. "And now that's done, I summon Strike Ninja, and play Raigeki, destroying your facedown monster." Your Turn."

Weevil drew a card and laughed he activated his face down card D.N.A. Surgery and summoned Pinch Hopper. He also set down two cards and ended his turn quietly. I knew what he was up to, he planned to use Insect Barrier and D.N.A. Surgery to make me wait until he summoended his Ultimate Great Moth. I drew (Yata Garasu) and played MST on his Surgery. "I think not" said Weevil "I play Imperial Order." And with that my card was stopped. I ended my turn.

He drew and laughed activating Solemn Wishes "I will only pay 200 life for Imperial Order to stay on the field" He sacrificed Pinch Hopper to Summon Insect Princes. "I bet you thought I only used my Moth and Queen eh? Well you were right, I used Princess to kill my Hopper so I could summon My Queen as well. Staring down the two monster was more than a little intimidating with only my Ninja.

"Now!" Weevil said "Attack Princess and destroy his ninja!" I discarded my two planes to remove him and have them be returned, but I had forgotten that they came in attak mode! Weevil was flabbergasted, but realized they were in attack mode and laughed as he picked them off with his Princess then Queen.

As he continued his turn, I saw nothing to do as he revived his Princess and let the Queen hatch an egg. "He said, now I have my perfect combination! my princess will grow stronger as she destroys your monsters and my queen has eggs hatching to keep attacking, there is nothing you can do!! And he was right, I saw nothing I could do, and everything depended on my next draw... [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy][I]As Ryan and Aidian proceeded down the sidewalk that led from the park to Pearl Harbor, Ryan skimmed through his deck again just to be sure he had what he needed/wanted in his main deck. After what seemed like only a short walk the duo arrived at Pearl Harbor's main gates. Once they were through Ryan was in awe. The view of the ocean was breath taking and the breeze was wonderful right at this spot.[/I]

"Ryan, do you think these guys could have set some sort of booby trap or something?" [I]Aidian asked a little unsure, shrugging Ryan walked on ahead towards the two hulking figures. Ryan had the same kind of suspicion that Aidian had about these two. Closing the gap, the two large figures turned around with sinister grins plastered on their ugly faces. The one that resembled a pig held his disk up.[/I]

"Okay. You two are here, that's good. Now our fun can begin." [I]With that the two figure's duel disks switched on and activated. Ryan and Aidian followed suit. Drawing his first hand Ryan was rather impressed. He had Archangel Zeraato, Shinato, Shinato's Ark, D.D. Warrior Lady, and Sapphire Dragon. His sixth card was Holy Crucifixion.[/I]

"I'll play the magic card Shinato's Ark and offer my Sapphire Dragon and D.D. Warrior Lady to bring forth Shinato, King Of Higher Plane! But that's not it, I set one card face down and end my turn." [I]Aidian drew his next card and grinned as he looked over towards Ryan.[/I]

"All right boys, get ready for this! I summon forth my Reflect Bounder in attack mode and then set one card face down and end my turn." [I]The pig looking boy took his turn, as he did a rather disgusting grin slid across his face[/I]

"Hahaha!! I summon my Melkid the Four-Faced beast in defense mode and then I set two cards face down and end my turn." [I]Ryan looked at this kid rather oddly, something just wasn't right about this. He'd summoned a weak monster and....Then it hit him, he had a Masked Beast Death Guardius! Looking over at Aidian he whispered what he'd just remembered. Aidian's eyes widened and then they became slits, he then muttered that Death Guardius was nothing but a mere kitten compared to the power in both their decks. Nodding Ryan returned his focus to the duel. It was the next boy's turn.[/I]

"I summon my Goblin Attack Force in attack mode and end my turn." [I]Ryan smirked as he drew his next card was Marshmallon.[/I]

"Okay first off I'll activate my face down card which is Holy Crucifixion, this car allows me to sacrafice my Shinato for this! My Archangel Zeraato!!" [I]A large cross appeared behind Shinato and as it did Shinato turned into a ball of light which receeded with Archangel Zeraato standing in its place. The masked angel's wings were folded over its torso at the moment but it had a firm grip on its sword.[/I]

"Zeraato! Destroy his Melkid with your Angelic Sword Slash!!" [I]As soon as Ryan had finished his sentence the angel's wings flared open revealing a pure white body underneath the wings. Unsheathing its sword Zeraato rockted towards the Four Faced beast and destroyed it in an instant.[/I]

"Now I set one monster face down and end my turn." [I]Aidian nodded and took his turn.[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[color=teal]OOC: Sorry I haven't posted yet! ^_^;

Amber stummbled onto the island. The bright sunlight was blinding her. Her brother had just shoved her, so there wasn't much she could do. Amber turned around and glared at her brother. Her brother, Andrew, had a big grin on his face. Amber crossed her arms and snorted.

"What do you think you're doing Andrew," Amber asked calmly. Andrew crossed his arms. His Duel Disk almost blinded Amber. Amber huffed and looked off into the distance.She suddenly turned bright red. A tall blonde was in her sights. Andrew peeked over her shoulder.

"I hope you're not checking out that bloke over there," Andrew said with a grin, "I would have to tell Josh." Amber turned around. Her long blonde hair was at her sides and her purple eyes had flames in them. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Andrew's face.

"Well," Amber said as she turned her back to her brother, "Josh isn't here." Andrew shook his head. Amber quickly ran in the direction of the blonde. Andrew slowly followed her.

When Amber reached her destanation, she noticed the blonde was Joey Wheeler. She turned even redded until she noticed his Duel Disk. Andrew came up behind her as a frown crossed her face.

"He's a duelist," Amber said with a huff, "and a good one." A grin crossed Andrew's face. He started walking toward Joey. Amber tried to grab his pantleg, but missed. She fell face first in the sand.

"Well then," Andrew said with a smirk, "I'm going to challenge him to a duel!" Another frown crossed Amber's face. Her brother was going to make a fool of himself.

OOC: My real brother is going to join this as Andrew. BTW, my character forms a huge crush on Joey if that's ok. ^_^;[/color]
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Matt decided to check out who had been talking. He seen two people who resembled each other, and a top notch duelist named Joey, from school.
"Hey Joey! Over here!"
"Hmmm? Oh, hey Matt. Hows life been treatin' ya?"
"Fine. You got an invitation also?"
"Yup. I'm gonna win this!"
"Not I beat you first."

Matt and Joey talked as a girl and boy walked up to them. One of them had a Duel Disk on.

"Hey you! Your Joey Wheeler right?"
"Yeah! Whats it to ya?"
"Lets duel right now!"

The boy pulled out his deck and got ready as Joey got hid Duel Disk ready.

"Hey! I'm in on this too!" Matt said.
"Its two on two okay?" Joey said back.
"Not if I join. Then it will be a team duel." The girl said.
"All right. Lets duel!"

OOC: the two people joey and i are dueling is Andrew and Amber kay?
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[color=navy]Kou breathed a sigh of relief as Matthew walked off to meet up with Joey. He viewed Matt as a rival, but the two were still on friendly terms. [/color]
[color=red]"Time to get down to business!" [color=navy]Kou[/color] [/color][color=navy]yelled to his opponent. The guy was a huge hulking creature; he wore a strange cloak and cowl that covered his face, but not his hair. His hair covered the top of his head like a mushroom cap, and his mask did nothing to cover his huge, horselike teeth. [/color][color=indigo]"Foolish mortal!" [/color][color=navy]the kid said while brandishing his sword, [/color][color=indigo]"[/color][color=indigo]You will be destroyed by the flagship monster of mine and my brother's deck!"[/color]
[color=navy]Kou rolled his eyes in response to the melodrama and drew his first five cards. [/color][color=red][i]Kuriboh, Cyber Jar, Gemini Elf, Kaiser Glider, and Imperial order. Not bad. [/i][color=navy]His next card was Emperor Dragon[/color][/color]
[color=red]"I will set a facedown card and place this facedown in defense mode." [/color][color=navy]Kou's adversary set a single monster and ended his turn. [/color]
[color=red]" I activate Cyber Jar! You know the drill, don't you?[/color]
[color=navy]Kou drew another Gemini Elf, all of his Luster Dragons, and Breaker the Magic Warrior.[/color]
[color=red]"You'll never last if my luck keeps up like this,"[/color][color=navy] Kou told his opponent as he summoned all of his monsters. [/color]
[color=indigo]"I was just about to tell you the same thing! I reveal Executioner Makyura, and I activate Metal Reflect Slime by way of the Executioner's effect![/color]
[color=navy]A ball of liquid metal with spiky protrusions appered in defense mode on the other side of the field. It was a metal slime token, and it had a defense of 3000. [/color][color=indigo]"I now sacrafice the Melkid and other Excecutioner that your Cyber Jar so kindly placed on the field to summon my Masked Beast Des Guardius, and another Slime token. I then play Spiritualism to return your facedown card to your hand. Now I activate Curse of the Masked Beast to bring it to the field! [/color][color=navy]Two Giant Orcs disappered from his hand as one of the strongest cards in the game entered the field. [/color]
[color=indigo]"Quiver before your doom! I won't attack because there is nothing at all that you can do! Hahahahahahaha!!"[/color]
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[SIZE=1][I][COLOR=Navy]Ryan watched as Aidian took his turn and grinned at the card he'd drawn. [/I]

"All right, I summon forth my Archfiend Soldier in attack mode and I now have Reflect Bounder attack your life points directly!!" [I]The red machine fired off a blast of energy at the pig-faced boy which caused his life points to drop to 2300. Looking rather irked the boy that Aidian had just attacked drew his card and smirked rather happily[/I]

"I place one card face down, then I activate my Magic Card Devil's Sanctuary!! This gives me a Metal Devil Token as a Special Summon. I now also summon to the field Drillago!!!" [I]A large metal token that changed into a minor demon looking thing appeared first and then a machine that was covered in drills appeared next to it. Ryan had no idea about the token but he knew about the Drillago's effect.[/I]

"Now my Drillago! Attack angel boy's life points directly!!!!" [I]Ryan gritted his teeth as his life points dropped to 2400. A few more hits like that could cost him the duel. The other boy grinned as he drew his card.[/I]

"I summon forth the Strike Ninja in attack mode! Take that!!" [I]A ninja with a long black scarf, black clothes, and a gold shaped star on his face as a mask appeared, but the boy wasn't done.[/I]

"I now play the magic card Graceful Charity and discard two of my Vorse Raiders to my graveyard, enjoy." [I]Ryan gritted his teeth as he drew his next card it was D.D. Warrior Lady.[/I]

"I summon forth my D.D. Warrior Lady in attack mode and I attack your Drillago, it may cost me 100 life points but I want that thing removed from the game. Next I have Zeraato attack your Strike Ninja!!!" [I]Zeraato flared its wings, pointed the tip of his sword towards the Strike Ninja which seemed to mock the Angel as it shot forwards, but the attack missed the ninja.[/I]

"What the hell?!" [I]Ryan yelled in surprise as the boy started laughing.[/I]

"Hahahah!! You couldn't hit my Ninja because of his ability. If I remove two DARK type monsters from my graveyard I can remove Strike Ninja from play for the turn...Oh crap." [I]Upon annoucning this the boy realized that he'd just screwed himself over because of the fact that Zeraato could attack him directly, which it did taking his life points down to 1200.[/I]

"Heheh.. I knew you would do that with your stupid ninja so I had Zeraato go for you. I dare you to try that stupid stunt again and see how fun it is when I smack you down with Apophis." [I]The brat put on a face of anger/determination as Aidian took his turn.[/I]

"I summon forth my Magician Of Black Chaos in attack mode!!" [I]A large circle with runes embedded in it appeared and a portal to what appeared to be another dimension appeared and out of that circle the Magician of Black Chaos flew out with its staff at the ready for attacking.[/I]

"I now have my monster attack your Devil Token!!!" [I]The Magician aimed its staff at the token and a blast of dark energy tore across the distance and connected with the Token. Unfortunately, the token remained and Aidian's life points dropped to 1200.[/I]

"Whoa!! What the heck?! It sent my attack back at me!?" [I]Ryan was still thinking of what the heck exactly was the extent of this token's power, he needed to figure it out quickly otherwise he and Aidian could lose the duel.[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=red][B][I]"This might be a mistake on your behalf," Andrew said with a grin, "Me and my sister know how to work as a team." Matt and Joey looked at each other as Andrew and Amber drew their cards.

"I would like to know your names," Joey said as he drew five cards. Andrew looked at Amber. Amber spread her cards out and looked over at Andrew. She let out a sigh.

"My name's Amber," Amber said as she slightly turned bright red, "and this is my brother Andrew." Joey nodded and Matt let out a sigh. Matt seemed to not care.

"Lets go," Andrew said as he started laying down cards, "I play this card in face down defence mode and these two cards. Your turn Joey." Joey nodded and looked at Amber. Amber swallowed hard and watched Joey.

"Ok," Joey said as he layed two cards down, "I play Rocket Warrior in attack mode and one card face down." Amber swallowed hard. It was her turn next. She had some good cards. She had to think of a good stratagy.[/I][/B][/color]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]"Dude, you sure have a flair for the melodramatic..."[color=navy] Kou told his hideously corny opponent. Kou drew a Lord of D. on his next turn. [/color][color=red]"I'll sacrifice Gemini Elf for this card, in defense mode. Next, I'll remove one counter from Breaker to destroy one of your tokens. Then I'll place this card facedown, switch all my cards into defense and end my turn." [/color][/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red][color=red][i]Perfect! [/i][/color][color=navy]Kou thought to himself. [/color][color=red][i]I'm safe from any magic cards that he'll play, and when he destroys Kaiser Glider, I'll be able to take out one of his stupid masked cards. [/i][/color][/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=indigo]"I play Graceful Charity to refresh my hand!"[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]"I think not! Your hand will remain as stagnant as the stench wafting off of you! Reveal Imperial Order!"[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]Kou must have hit a nerve with that remark, because his opponent straightened up, turning from an overacting loser to a somewhat more serious threat. [color=indigo]"You'll pay for your impudence, useless wretch! Masked Beasts! Attack his Magic Warrior and his facedown card![/color][/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]A huge smile crossed Kou's face as he realized the stupid thing that his opponent had done. [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]"You destroyed Kaiser Glider you fool! Return Des Guardius to your hand!"[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=indigo]Grrrr, blast you! You'll pay for that![/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]"With what, I cut your number of monsters in half without even doing anything. Are you trying to defeat yourself?[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#ff0000][i]I love to watch them squirm, [/i][color=navy]Kou thought to himself as he drew his card. It was Pot of Greed. [/color][color=red]I'll choose not to pay the lifepoint cost, and destroy Imperial Order. I now play Pot of Greed. [/color][color=navy]He got Magic Cylinder, and Witch of the Black Forest. Kou's grin got even wider than before. [/color][color=red]I'll place this monster in defense mode, and plave this card facedown. Your turn."[/color][/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=indigo][color=navy]Mask boy drew a card. [/color]"Attack my Masked Beast! Wipe away his new defense!"[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]I think not. You activated my Magic Cylinder trap card.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]The Masked Beast dashed straight into the the cylinder and came out of the other side in front of its master. It hit him, making a most satisfying thump noise when it did so. Control shifted back to Kou as his opponent rubbed on the dent in his mask. He drew Jinzo, but it was irrelevant, as he was about to end his opponent anyway. [color=#ff0000]"Allow me to finish the job that you started on defeating yourself. I remove Kaiser Glider and Breaker the Magic Warrior from play to summon Chaos Emperor Dragon! I then pay 1000 of my lifepoints, which you never touched by the way, to activate his effect! I don't even need to Yata-lock you, you're finished! [/color][color=navy]The resulting explosion from CED destroying itself enveloped the field. When the smoke cleared, Kou saw his opponent running into the distance, trailing broken pieces of his mask. [/color][color=red]"Quiver before that!" [/color][color=navy]he yelled after him. Kou picked up his locater card, along with a few other cards that his unknown opponent had dropped. [/color][color=red]"Time for me to get my new booster,"[/color][color=navy] Kou said to himself.[/color][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]The Wandering Scientist[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]System Failure[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Hell's Final Level[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Keeper Of The Underworld[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=2][FONT=Garamond]Weevil continued his turn and said "Well, I don't like paying life points, so I will discard Imperial Order so you might have a chance. Though it isn't likely!" And as he said this he started laughing in his annoying, nasal voice.

As I took my turn, everything felt helpless. I truly felt that, for once, I would lose in a major tournament and never get to duel Kaiba.

I took a sweeping look around the field and centered my vision. I saw the Queen and Princess on Weevil's field and got an idea, I had 2 cards in my deck that could crush his strategy, all I needed to do was draw one of them.

I drew my card and saw it was exactly what I needed, Painful Choice. "Weevil, I have drawn the card that will spell doom for you! I activate Painful Choice." And with that, I needed to select the right cards for my strategy to work. I took out my deck and began picking the five cards.

The cards I chose were risky but hopefully Weevil hadn't memorized effects. I chose two DD. Warrior Lady, Cyber Jar, Spirit Reaper, and Waboku. Weevil opined on his decision. He said "I don't want you protected by Waboku or Spirit Reaper, and I know what Cyber Jar would do, so I give you one of your ladies."

H must not of realized what he'd done. Because now I could remove one monster from play. "So," I declared in a loud voice "I don't see any way out of this as all I can do is set one card and end my turn."

As Weevil drew, he scowled, obviously not getting what he wanted. "I will have my Princess attack your face down card." I laughed, revelaing my Lady. "Weevil, do you remember this card? Well, it's about to stop your strategy. D.D. Warrior Lady can remov an attacking monster from play, like it's doing to your Princess right now."

We both took a look at the field to see both monsters disntegrating into an open spatial rift. "Hey Weevil, now that your monsters gone are you sure you wanna attack with that Queen? Because I guarantee that I will render it useless next turn if you do!" Weevil looked around frantically and decided not to attack. "I am not taking your advice but I will keep my options open."

I drew a card (Heavy Storm) and played it. "Now I summon Yata Garasu, with an attack of 200, it may be weak but can destroy one of your Queen's eggs. Matter of fact the only one she has!" I ordered it to attack and it destroyed the egg. I ended my turn and as Weevil began to draw, I stopped him and told him of Yata's effect. As he looked at his hand he realized he had to end his turn.

I began my turn, drawing Jinzo. I realized I still had Strike Ninja on my field. So, I used his effect, bringing back the Scout Planes, and sacrificed one for Jinzo. I attacked his Quuen and had one plane attack directly.

Weevil drew and played a face down monster and ended his turn. I drew ( Chaos Soldier) and was overjoyed at my luck. I had drawn the card needed to end this duel. "Weevil, it has been a good duel, but it is now over. I remove one D.D.Warior Lady and my Spirit Reaper, to summon Chaos Soldier Messenger of the Beginning and summon Yata Garasu once more. I use my Soldier's ability to remove that card from play and attack with Jinzo, Strike Ninja, D.D. Scout Plane and Yata-Garasu."

As soon as the attacks were finished the disks de-activated and I walked over to where Weevil was, looking shocked.

"It was a good game Weevil, but hand over two locator cards please." As I said this he grudingly did so muttering "I'll be back for these Spike, believe me!" And he took off in a huff. All I could do was smirk and walk off to find a drink, that match had given me the biggest dry mouth case I'd ever had.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[INDENT]It had been too long since he had first heard of the game Duel Monsters, and now here he was one of the top duelists of his class. This tournament was to be his foothold in to the rest of his destiny. It was Jon who was to be the known as teh most powerful Wheeler in the game, and it was high time Joey learned it. With deck on hand Jon was ready to begin his dueling. The island was buzzing with the excitment of the new duelists arriving for the tournament. Jon had missed the introduction speech by Kaiba, but he didn't care, those narssisitic fools bored the hell out of him, besides, he already knew the new changes from the internet and used the extra time to prepare his strategies. After only a couple of minutes on the island, Jon saw exactly who he was looking for. Unfortunately Joey was ingaged in a double duel, and even if Jon had waited 'til after the duel, he knew Joey would be slightly strained. Jon wanted Joey in his prime, that way there would be no excuses when he defeated him. While Jon was watching the duel, Yugi approached him ready to meet the new duelist. [/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]If it is a duel you are looking for, then you came to the wrong man. I am after Joey and you will have to wait.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Don't worry Jon, I have no interest in battling you yet. I have decided to save the better duelists for last. I just came to welcome you and let you know what an honor it is to be dueling in this tournament with you.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]How did you know my name, I was unaware I told you Yugi.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Your name is better than you might expect. Yet you are still not as famous as Joey is.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]You just had to rub it in didn't you. Fine then Yugi, with that note, I leave you, in search of my first duel. Good bye until it is time for us to duel.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Good Luck Jon. I can't wait for our duel.[/COLOR]
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OOC: I added in two Rocket Warriors to my deck.
[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][I]Ryan's anger was seething at the two opposing boys. Their strength seemed insurpassable to Aidian's and his own. The Devil Token that was in play was obviously very dangerous but yet something didn't seem right about it. Ryan's question was soon answered when the boy's Life Points dropped to 1300.[/I]

"Due to Devil Sanctuary's effect I must pay 1000 life points as an upkeep for my token. I think its rather good though since I can wipe you two out without even lifting a finger, so go ahead angel boy and summon your big scary Apophis. You'll just screw yourself.."

"Enough you pin headed redneck! How about I show you what true fear is when I run you and your sorry deck into the ground with my god card!!!!!!" [I]Ryan said in such a manor that Aidian looked like he was about to back away in fear. Smirking though Ryan knew that he'd have to wait awhile before Apophis would rise and win them the duel. It was still pig-face boy's turn and he looked obviously happy.[/I]

"I summon Melkid the Four-Faced Beast in attack mode and then I play this! Nightmare Steelcage!!" [I]Ryan was a little put out by this move but it didn't matter, he'd have the card out of his way soon. The other boy drew his card and smirked as well.[/I]

"I now summon Injection Fairy Lily in attack mode and set one card face down and end my turn." [I]Ryan drew his card with a rather angered look on his face. The card was his Rocket Warrior.[/I]

"I summon Rocket Warrior into attack mode and that gives me three monsters. You fools have just one more round to beg for mercy, for once I release Apophis from my deck there's no telling what may happen in the end!!" [I] Aidian glanced over at Ryan with a look that warned him not to be too cocky. Cautiously drawing his card Aidian nodded and then grinned.[/I]

"I've just drawn one of the strongest cards in my deck! Now prepare for this!! I remove my Archfiend Soldier and Reflect Bounder to Special Summon my Chaos Soldier-Messenger Of Creation!!!" [I]At this a soldier that appeared to be the Black Luster Soldier appeared but it had a more confident look on its face.[/I]

"I now activate my monster's special ability and remove your stupid Injection Fairy Lily from the field so that I dont' have anything to really worry about. I then end my turn by placing one card face down." [I]The pig faced boy took his turn, his face then turned into one of pure ugliness.[/I]

I offer my partner's Strike Ninja and my Melkid for this!! MASKED BEAST DEATH GUARDIUS!!!" [I]Ryan now felt his stomach falling head long into his feet and just staying there as he found himself staring down one really sinister looking monster.[/I]

"I now end my turn." [I]The other boy drew his next card and snickered with happiness[/I]

"I summon my Goblin Attack Force in attack mode and end my turn!!" [I]Ryan closed his eyes and quietly hopped that he had Apophis as his next card. Slowly opening his eyes Ryan about wanted to gag, he hadn't drawn Apophis, in fact he'd only drawn another Marshmallon.[/I]

"I'll play this card face down and end my turn." [I]Aidian drew his card and smiled slightly at what he drew.[/I]

" I play the magic card Cost Down and discard Helping Robo for Combat and sacrafice Ryan's Rocket Warrior for Dark Magician!! I now activate Chaos Soldier's effect and remove your stupid Masked Beast from play! Meaning you don't even get its darn effect! I now end my turn meaning that your stupid Cage is no more!" [I]At this the cage disappeared with a holographic hiss and the piggy boy looked at his token, Ryan then realized he'd payed another 1000 for the token leaving him with only 300 life points.[/I]

" I can no longer use my Devil Token meaning its destroyed. But I do play this! Slate Warrior in attack mode!!" [I]A large monster with a yellow torso and blue face appeared but it still looked pitiful to the large force Ryan and Aidian had mounted against the two boys. The other boy took his turn and placed one monster face down and then it was Ryan's turn, his card was what he'd been waiting for, Apophis.[/I]

"All right you fools! I sacrafice both of my Marshmallons and Aidian's Dark Magician for this! Apophis The God Of Dragons in attack mode!! Arise my great beast!!!!!!" [I]The similar pentagram appeared and Apophis landed with a massive thud on the pier and let out a massive roar at the two boys who nearly seemed to piss their pants. [/I]

"Now my beast! Attack piggy boy's Slate Warrior! Now Zeraato wipe out the other's Goblin Attack force!!" [I]The pig faced boy fell down to his knees in anguish as his life points dropped to zero and the other's dropped to a measly amount. Aidian soon finished him off with his Chaos Soldier and Magician.

After gathering their one locator card from the boys Ryan and Aidian walked off towards the card vendor. Grabbing his pack Ryan tore into it and was surprised with what he got.

Queen Of The Blue Rose
Cherry Blossom Ninja-Ultra Rare
Chains Of A Demon
Crazed Goldfish
The Wandering Scientist

Being rather pleased Ryan slid the cards into his briefcase and looked at Aidian who had just slid his cards into his case as well.[/I]

"Well, shall we go get something to eat??" [I]Aidian nodded as the two walked off towards a small cafe by the hotel.[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=teal][B][I]Amber was starting to sweat and she didn't know why. She was pertty much a pro at this game, yet she was nervous beyond nervous. She looked at the cards in her hand. Andrew looked over at her.

"This and this would work," Amber thought to herself as she pulled up two cards. Matt seemed to me getting impatcient. He crossed his arms and started tapping his foot. A sweat drop appeared at the side of Amber's face.

"Sometime today," Matt said as he glared at Amber. Amber let out a sigh and finished pulling up the cards.

"I play this face down," Amber said as she placed a card into her magic/trap slots, "and I play Cat's Ear Tribe in face up attack mode. Your turn Matt." Matt looked as he was about to laugh. Amber grinned. If Matt attacked, she would activate her Sword of Deep-Seated. This would power her tribe up and Matt would lose his monster to the tribe's effect. Matt looked at his hand completely unaware.[/I][/B][/color]
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Matt looked at his hand. He had Sakuretsu Armor, Nobleman of Extermination, Pot of Greed, Mystical Elf, Gemini Elf.
"I play Pot of Greed to draw two cards from my deck."
The cards were Gagagigo and Dark Hole.
"I'll set one card face down in the magic and trap zone. I'll then play Nobleman of Extermination on the left card on Andrews field, sending it out of play. You know the effects, I might think. I'll then summon Gemini Elf in attack mode. I end my turn."
Matt looked at Andrew, seeing hatred for getting rid of one of his cards. Andrews turn was next, so Matt had to be prepared.

OOC: uhhhh....Maximillion404, you can't put attack monsters in face down position. Only in defense. Attack is face up only except by a cards effect.
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OOC: Marcus, please improve your posting quality. I'm growing very sick and tired of reading 6-10 lines of text.
[SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy][I]As Ryan and Aidian entered the cafe Ryan could feel his stomach growling in protest. He'd been dueling on an empty stomach for this long, and his stomach was too pleased with him. Sliding into a booth, Aidian and Ryan looked around the medium-lit room. Obviously this was the best place to get some trades and buys. An old man with hair that reminded Ryan of Yugi was sitting at a table next to the windows and was selling some cards to some of the duelists and some kids as well.

Plopping his briefacse on the table Ryan thew in the combination with ease and opened the case quickly. Skimming over the cards Ryan smirked a little before he noticed Aidian was looking at him rather puzzled.[/I]

"Heheh...No worries, I'm just grinning over all the major stuff I brought. I especially am pleased with the cards that are in this set, especially this Cherry Blossom Ninja."

[I]Glancing back up Ryan noticed a young man sauntering over towards their table. A duel disk on his tanned arm. As he neared the table Ryan realized that the boy was in fact a former opponent he'd gone against in Battle Cruise. Jason, the Exodia deck user.[/I]

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Ryan Braxton from Battle Cruise. I heard you got a rather powerful card in that deck of yours. Well as you can guess I use Exodia still, but not in the sense that I use Exodia to win, that's used by another person. Anyways, Ryan Braxton! I challenge you to a duel!!" [I]Still intently focused on the cards in his deck Ryan turned slightly with his eyes half closed and a dreamy grin on his face.[/I]

"First, I eat. Then I shall duel you" [I]Jason nodded slightly and returned to the bar stool and ordered some food as well.

After eating his burger and fries Ryan picked up his briefcase and tapped Jason on the shoulder who then followed him out to the beach.[/I]

"All right Ryan! Prepare to lose to my ultimate deck!!" [I]Ryan chuckled slightly and placed his deck into his duel disk which then triggered the disk to flip around and connect and bring up the life point counter which bleeped to a healthy 4000. Ryan had lost sight of Aidian who must still be in the cafe or who had slid out to duel some more, but that didn't worry Ryan. Aidian was a big boy and could fend for himself.[/I]

"All right Ryan, I start off by playing the magic card Foolish Burial and I discard my Left Arm Of The Forbidden One into my graveyard and then I summon Reflect Bounder in attack mode! Its your turn." [I]Ryan drew his cards and glanced over his hand which consisted of Rocket Warrior, Sapphire Dragon, Lord Of Dragons, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Pot of Greed. His sixth card was D.D. Warrior Lady.[/I]

"All right Jason! I summon forth my Sapphire Dragon in attack mode and end my turn!" [I]Watching cautiously Ryan waited for Jason to make his next move.[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=red][B][I]Andrew grumpled at his card being lost. He was planing something with that. He had to think of something fast. Him and Amber had the same playing stratagy, so Amber probbly had the same face down card as he did. He looked over at his sister as he drew a card. She nodded slightly.

"I turn my face down monster into face up attack mode to reveal my Cat's Ear Tribe," Andrew said with a grin, "and I activate my sister's facedown card. That'll end my turn." Joey and Matt looked at each other as The Sword of Deep-Seated revealed on Amber's side of the field. Andrew grinned again as his tribe's power reached 700. It may have seemed weak, but Joey would be in for a surprise if he attacked.

"Awright," Joey said with a slight grin, "I lay another card face down and play Tiny Guardian in attack mode. Now Rocket Wariorr, ATTACK!" Andrew grinned as Rocket Wariorr came in for an attack. The impact made smoke fly everywhere.

"You've done it now," Andrew laughed. Joey shielded his eyes as the smoke cleared. To his and Matt's surprise, the tribe of three kittens were still alive. They were hugging each other, but they were still standing. Another strange thing was that Joey's Rocket Wariorr was gone and his Lifepoints had dropped to 7500. He had lost 500 Lifepoints.

"Hey," Joey said as he put a fist up, "dat's not fair. What happened to my Lifepoints and Rocket Wariorr." Andrew started with a soft laugh, but went into full out evil laughter. Joey put his fist down and looked at Andrew. Andrew stopped laughing and raised an eyebrow.

"Why don't I let my sister exsplain that since her turn is next," Andrew said as he looked at Amber. Amber nodded and looked at Joey. Joey was rubbing the back of his head with a confused look. Amber had to make this short and painless.[/I][/B][/color]
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[color=teal][B][I]OOC: I added a Card Destruction and a Harpie's Feather Duster to my deck, ^_^

"Alright," Amber said as she drew a card, "our Cat's Ear Tribes have a special effect." Joey looked over at Amber. His confused look was gone and he was crossing his arms. Amber didn't like where this was going. Joey looked not all to pleased.

"Well," Joey said with his arms crossed, "I can see dat." Amber shook her head and looked at the cards in her hand. She had a really good hand. She had the perfect plan. She had to finish exsplaining though.

"Whenever a monster attacks one of our Cat's Ear Tribes," Amber said with a grin, "the attacking monster's attack power drops to 200. Since my brother had his tribe powered up to 700, you lost the diffrence of 500 when your Rocket Wariorr hit home. I would of used Rocket Wariorr's special effect if I were you." Amber winked at Joey after she was done talking. Joey turned bright red and Andrew and Matt rolled their eyes.

"Yeah," Joey said with a slight blush, "I shoud've used Rocket Wariorr's special effect." Matt gave Amber a really evil glare. She was gaining control over Joey's thought patterns, even though that probbly wasn't hard. She could tell him to do something he didn't want to do.

"Now that that's over with, "Amber said as she picked a card up, "I use my last Sword of Deep-Seated to power up my Cat's Ear Tribe to 700. I also play Harpie's Feather Duster to wipe out all of your trap and magic cards. I lay this card face down, I play The All-Seeing White Tiger, and I play Card Destruction. If you guys had any plans with the cards in your hands, kiss them goodbye." Everyone in the duel discarded their hands and drew five new cards. Amber only hoped that her plan would work as Matt took his turn. She would have to activate her Shift card if Matt attacked her All-Seeing White Tiger.[/I][/B][/color]
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