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[SIZE=1]Seems like everytime people see an RPG made by me they ignore it... what's wrong with me?


"My name is Cesto, Cesto Le'Danthe. I am neither living nor dead. I am the Master of Magic, the Dragon Master, I am the one who could simply click my fingers and create a universe, were as it took others longer. I've always been interesting in Earth, but I couldn't do one thing: I couldn't create the entertainment I wanted. I knew everything that went on in the minds of the warriors I created, it was never a thrill. I cannot have what you have, I can't make that. So what do I do then? I don't want too just take over earth and make warriors fight, were is the thrill in that? No, I'm Cesto, and Cesto only likes to fight warriors who show the courage to come forth. So... who shall I bring to my Fort on the island of doom? In the middle of the sea, were there is no escape from my wrath? Were I can unleash monsters at me will? I'll invite, you. You, and a few others, too show me what you have got. If you defeat me, you win. But how will you find me in an Island that is invisable to everyone, unless they are one it? Simple. Work as a team with the other warriors. My Island cannot be seen, unless you have been on it, it cannot be touched, unless you have been on it. My Island is as big at America, or whatever you call it. How will you find me? Well, how ever you do it, you better hurry. Find my Fort, face me, defeat me, win the knowledge that your planet is safe. Are you ready to face...

Cesto's Fort?[/B][/SIZE]

[I]The story really is, you've been choosen to fight on an Island, were Cesto, the most powerful man known is about to take over earth. You and the other fighters have to find him, before he picks you off one by one. It's like trying to live on an Island knowing no day is safe. This is set in the normal world, but when on the Island everything changes. I will allow bad guys on Cesto's side, but NO ONE can play Cesto, not even me. Cesto is a character I created years ago, and his power is amazing, so yeah, I'll be the only one who makes announcments about Cesto, NO ONE ELSE can control him, but you can be his right hand man, ect.[/I]

[SIZE=1]Sign-Up goes as:

[B]Nick Name:[/B] A nickname
[B]Side:[/B] Cesto's or Earth's?
[B]Fighting Styles:[/B] What fighting styles you know
[B]Weapons:[/B] NO GUNS
[B]Nationality:[/B] Where you character is from
[B]Signature Move:[/B] A move only your character knows
[B]Special Power:[/B] Nothing huge, massive or big, just something related to fighting, like you character can fight with the soul of an animal or something


[B]Name:[/B] Robin Writhe

[B]Nick Name:[/B] Robin Mask (Known as The Robin Of England in the UK)

[B]Age:[/B] Unknown, people think he's around 25.

[B]Side:[/B] Earth's

[B]Fighting Styles:[/B] Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu and Kick Boxing

[B]Weapons:[/B] [URL=http://www.indygear.com/props/images/Swords.jpg]Twin Swords[/URL]

[B]Nationality:[/B] Full English

[B]Signature Move:[/B] Robin's Bird - This attack is amazing, and very powerful. Robin throws his foe into the the air, and jumps higher than them. He falls down with his foe, but lands on his oppnent backwards, sending a jolt of power through his foe and sometime cracking the ground with such force.

[B]Special Power:[/B] The reason he's called Robin, because he can jump extremely high, run very fast and has the most amazing techniques, not to mention his strength and power.

[URL=http://yajima.pekori.to/2nd/ex/1016/4.jpg]The guy with the Mask on[/URL]
[URL=http://yajima.pekori.to/2nd/ex/1113/3.jpg]Blue masked guy[/URL]
[URL=http://yajima.pekori.to/2nd/ex/1211/1.gif]Without his coat on[/URL]
[URL=http://yajima.pekori.to/2nd/ex/724/7242.gif]Stood over a guy[/URL]

[B]Bio:[/B] Son of a Tae Kwon Do legend, Robin had always lived in England. His first technique and fighting was Tae Kwon Do, and he had the hang of that. He didn't fight a lot when he was almost in collage, he wanted to work hard. Whenever he asked his father for help on something, his father was always busy. Robin was sick of it. He ran off, and was never heard from again. The truth was, he left England.

When he returned, no one knew him, and the rumor is he changed his name to Robin, and that now he wore a mask because of what happened to his face. The rumors were wrong, but right aswell. Robin never told anyone why he wore a mask, he couldn't. In England, he learnt how to Wrestle. This was where his power came from, his strength, and the all amazing Robin's Bird. By that time, he had his own Legend, as the Robin of England. His fame led him to an old Kick Boxing master, and Robin was told to complete his skills, he needed to learn more, so, Robin did.

Years after that, Robin had mastered Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling, Kick Boxing and Jujistsu. He was smart, but he could never go back to what he was before the all famous Robin of England. He hated himself too, when he found out about Cesto. If only he was another person, and not the son of a Legend.[/B][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=blue] T_T I shall join thee RPGs (Same thing seems to happen to all of Jokopoko's RPGs too)
[b]Name[/b]: Greg Sanders
[b]Age[/b]: 24
[b]Nick Name[/b]: Scout
[b]Side[/b]: Earth
[b]Fighting Styles[/b]: Street Fighting, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, Fencing, Yoga (not really a fighting stlye :sweat: )
[b]Weapons[/b]: A pair of Katars
[b]Nationality[/b]: E's Scottish! (Scotland)
[b]Signature Move[/b]: Spin Cycle: Basicly, once Greg (scout) catches his foe off guard he begins to rapidly attack with punches, kicks, and a slash or two with his katars in a circling patern. He can continue the attack until the opponet escapes from the attack or fights through it.
[b]Special Power[/b]: Greg got the nick name Scout because of his certain animal like abilities. He has amazing smelling, hearing, and balance and he can run silenly through any kind of terrain.
[b]Description[/b]: [img]http://users.bigpond.com/mcdermott/eric/events/globeseric1.jpg[/img] As his clothes he wears a black t-shirt that says "I didn't lose my mind, I sold it on ebay" and loose blue jeans. He also has a dark green tranch coat that goes down to his calfes. He wears normal tennis shoes and has black gloves (he's very casual as you can see).
[b]Bio[/b]: Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Greg was born into a poor family and lived on the streets with his father and older sister. He had a reputation for beeing a care free happy kind of guy who could beat the crap out of anyone because he had amazing skills in street fighting. Though, he was a bit of a trouble maker, he never hurt anyone who didn't really deserve it, most of the time, people picked fights with him. When Greg was 12, he got into a fight with a 15 year-old boy who was harrassing his sister. After beating the snot out of the kid, a man who had seen him fight offered Greg to be trained under his "Master" in Edinburgh, Greg's father erdged him to go, saying that he should make his life better, so, Greg soon left with the man and was soon training as a student under the eyes of William Trenor, a master in many different kinds of fighting styles. Greg had soon mastered his fencing classes and was on his way to the top in Jeet Kune Do and Filipino kali. The only thing Greg was always lectured about was his immature and wild personality. Hoping to settle him down a bit, Master Trenor put him into a yoga class, though it helped him control himself more in battle, Greg remained the same. On returning to Glasgow when he turned 22, he discovered that his father had died from illness and his sister wasn't fairing too well either. He fought in local tournaments to ern money and did a right nice job at it. Over a few more years he heard of this Cesto guy and decided to find this island of his... [/size][/color]
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(this is my first rpg)

name-Kwey Akuni (female)
nickname-match stick
fighting styles-dark magic
weapons-magic & magnetic pull
special moves-flaming eagle-a strong blast of cold blue fire wipeing out everything within 100 feet
description-for her encredible strength for so young. she able to call on all fire- cold or normal. she is short tempered and always wearing clothes way too skimpy for her age. she would be the equivilent of a earth goth. black and fame red hair. orange eyes. she has no family and beats on all who do.
bio-born from the flames of the sun. she is picked on often but attacks the teaser. she bit some one at the age of 3(months old!) she has never taken well to people but does have a pheonix named Quenkch. quenkch is her only freind and compfort. she gets even madder if You call him a pet than if you tease her. she would wrather die than see him in chains.
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Name: Rannos
Age: 23
Nick Name: Tempest
Side: Earth
Fighting Styles: Tae-kwon-Do, a side bodied fencing style, and a full-body broadsword fighting style.
Weapons: Has a rapier at his side, and a broadsword slung across his back.
Nationality: Lichtenstein
Signature Move: Wind Slasher: He throws his rapier so fast that it appears to be the wind going into (Or through) someone's body
Special Power: He can control weather, a little bit, as his nick name implies. He can sometimes create a quick blast of wind to knock a foe off balance, and the wind always seems to be blowing in just a way as to foil any projectiles shot at him by blowing them off course.
Description: Is 6 feet tall, muscular but not so much to appear slow. He has black hair, and eyes that appear to be blue all through his eye-no white. He has a plain, black T-Shirt with a red over shirt that has black flames on it. Wears a black trench coat.
Bio: He grew up in the tiny country od Lichtenstein, generally staying out of the way. When he was 10, his parents took him to America where they believed that he would have a better future there. He learned fencing in highschool and also learned about medievil styles of fighting. He took Tae-Kwon-Do since the age of 12, and is now a 3rd dan black belt. He got a job teaching fencing and currently resides in Iowa. When he heard of Cesto, he figured that he should go to make sure that whoever else decides to doesn't fail. Also, throughput his life he has always seemed to subtly influence the weather. Once, in Florida, he got pissed off by a bully there and an unexpected hurricane came out of nowhere, and tore apart the bully's home. From then on, all his friends called him Tempest.
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Name: Damian

Age: 18

Side: Earth

Fighting Styles: None. He fights his own way.

Weapons: Two metal poles, which he carries strapped to his back.

Nationality: American

Signature Move: He makes his opponent see him coming from multiple directions. while his opponent is distracted by these fake images, he comes in from behind and attacks, smashing his poles into his opponent's skull.

Special Power: He can create illusions of various things, including fake copies of himself. The number of illusions that he can maintain at once depends on the size of the illusions.

Description: A little over six feet tall. He has short, black hair, and brown eyes. There's hardly any fat on him, but this isn't because he doesn't eat much. It's because of the way he's forced to live.

Bio: Damian is one of those people who always get the worst of everything. His life started well enough, but then his parents were killed when the house burned down. This happened when he was 13.
He went to an orphanage to live, but that turned out to be a mistake. He chose one of those that looks nice until you live there. The whole place was horrible. Nobody ever cleaned anything, the adults all seemed to hate everyone living there, and the only way you could survive was to be tougher than those around you. After spending a year there, Damian chose the only other option: he ran away.
Damian didn't want to live in another orphanage, so he turned to life on the streets. His time in the orphanage had toughened him up considerably, and that was probably the only reason he survived his first year on the streets. He wouldn't have lived for much longer than that if he hadn't discovered that he could do something that others couldn't. When he realized that he could make people see things that weren't there, he worked on mastering that ability. He has, and it's the only reason he's still alive. When he learned about Cesto, he decided to find the island and do whatever he had to, basically just because. He knows that he'll probably die, and he doesn't care. After all, it's not like he has anything to live for.
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I'm inns! well I wants teh be! :D

Name: Kyle Matt
Age: 26
Nick Name: Grey Wolf (Indian name)
Side: Earth
Fighting Styles: War Dance (A Combination of Ninjitsu, Shaolin, and military brawling)

Weapons: Twin Tomohawks, A long bonehandled dagger, A longsword decorated with eagle feathers on the hilt.

Nationality: Native/American

Signature Move: Deathstrike- Curls up like a wolf does before it lunges, and slashes for the throat. Easy to predict, but lethal if target is caught off-guard.

Special Power: Totem- Kyle Calls upon his guardian spirit, the wolf, to strengthen him, His speed and reflexes increase to that of a wolfs

Description: Stands at 6' even, with a lean, yet muscular build. His skin is darker thanks to his native american blood, And his hair runs shoulder length, and is a dark grey color. His eyes and face almost resemble that of a wolves when looked at directly.
He wears heavy buffalo skins on each leg, a leather vest, beaded with traditional native amercan designs, along with a Dark Blue headband. Two large Tomohawks hang from a loose fitting belt, along with a traditionally decorated sword.

Bio: Kyle grew up on the Salish rezervation in Montana. He lived with his grandmother, who taught him as much as she could about their peoples cultur and language, while his grandfather taught him how to hunt, and use traditional weapons, and how to make them.
Eventually they signed him up for a self defense class, so he could protect himself from some of the more violent of racists. He was taught Ninjitsu and Shaolin, and some of the finer points of fighting, Like gripping someone by the hair and smashing their face and nuts.
He was also instructed in Swordsmanship in the class, not because they thought he'd need to know how to use a sword, but because he'd have to use something [I]like[/I] a sword.

After he graduated High school he joined the marines, where he served for 6 years before he was booted from service, for the Involuntary manslaughter of an officer, who had tried to kill him for being an Indian in the core. He moved back to Montana, living in the wild, Keeping his skills sharp, and following his peoples traditions.

Hope that works for ya's
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[SIZE=1][B]Okay, you are all in. I thought people had left this... well it's the last time I give up on an RPG when it just started! Right, Sign-Up's are still open, but the RPG can start. Anyone feel free to join this, and the adventure will start.[/SIZE][/B]
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