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Writing Poems that I made up. Nobody likes them.

Farto the Magic

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This poem is untitled and will remain so until I figure one out. If you're reading this, I'd be much obliged if you would send me some feedback. E-mail, PM, or post. Anything is good. You don't even have to like the poem. Thank you for your time.

In my life, there's two worlds.
One full of violence and pain,
rejection and anger,
the other full of excitement and joy.

Today, the worlds showed me my true light.
In one world, I am not fit enough or charismatic enough,
in the other, I am not smart enough.
Rejection is my life.

Those who speak to me hurt me.
They only talk when they want a dancing bear.
Some entertaining thing.
The women cringe,
the guys laugh.

The select few who like me for who I am are considered outcasts.
They are treated like dogs, I am too.
They are expected to speak when spoken to.
No one appreciates them.
No one appreciates me.

When will people wise up?
When will they realize that there aren't different types of people?
They think no one has feelings.
They think I am here for their amusement.
They need to learn that there is only one kind of person.
That kind is people.
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[SIZE=1][B]*Ignores spam that only takes one second for a Mod to delete*

The title caught my eye, heh, so I post here, anyways, nice poem, I really enjoyed reading it. It needs some work, but I still like it, good job on it! It had a meaning, and I liked it, I hope you have more, because to be honest, I loved reading it.[/SIZE][/B]
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