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  1. [FONT="Trebuchet MS"][COLOR="Green"]One of the guys in my class in high school had a brother die over in Iraq and some people (I'm assuming these Westboro guys) wanted to protest, but they ended up not doing so. That was because some hardcore biker gang was following the funeral procession, intimidating any protesters. Good call on their part too. They were really effective, and patriotic. The protesters ended up going home.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  2. [COLOR="Green"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Go for it. What's the worst that can happen? Should the worst occur, barring death, life goes on. Besides, you like this chick, right? If she likes you back, what more excuse do you need? Thumbs up and all that. Good luck.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  3. [COLOR="Green"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]I'm into the girls...in theory. See, I've always been a really manly man. Not like working out and sports and crap, but I would liken myself to Beowulf minus the sex (but not the combat-oriented nudity...one always fights better when five limbs are at risk). I hit on about every woman I meet, and flirt like a mofo. That, combined with my ability to dance in a way that is "not white guy dancing," and my "rugged good looks" (these are how other people put it) cause many girls to like it, but I just don't like them back. Its sound weird, but I've only had one girlfriend, and she turned out to be a raging lesbian. She was masculine. Girly girls always strike me as making men less manly...significantly. Too many of my friends have gotten girlfriends and been whipped. Girls are cool. I'm attracted to them. I know how to attain one, but I'm just not THAT into them. I like manly women, for no apparent reason. Maybe it was the inherent danger in my ex. She pulled a knife on me before we were even acquainted. Maybe I find danger sexy...[/FONT][/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Dude, this is stupid, but I can predict what song will play next on my MP3 player when its on random. But only if I listen to Queen. I'm serious. I had it going to the point where I was correct with the next song 6 times in a row, then I started trying hard to be right and lost it. But it was creepy...and stupid.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  5. [quote name='ChibiHorsewoman'][color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]My best friend is currently getting on my nerves by never returning phone calls. Especially the important ones! :animeangr so I'll pick choice one just because right now I'm mad at her.. Hmm... would you rather: Spend four years in college trying to get a degree in a feild of your choice only to end up having to pay back your student loans by moonlighting as a rodeo clown? [center]or[/center] Spend four years in college trying to get a degree only to find out that by the time you graduate your knowledge is obsolete so you still have to become a rodeo clown. Either way...you still wind up a clown.[/color][/font][/QUOTE] I'll go with becoming the rodeo clown! I like cows, and I like running, and I...don't like clowns, but I can deal. But I think the first one is better. Would you rather: Get kicked in the balls as a man? or Get kicked in the balls as a man pretending to be a woman?
  6. Alright. I went through something just like this. All I can tell you is: chill. In the long-run, what are the odds that this is going to mean anything substantial to you? If she loves him, then move on, because you'll probably just waste time and sanity on someone who obviously isn't worth it. If you're a kick-*** enough guy, you can find another chick. And I assure you that this won't happen again, because having one girl is time-consuming, much less two. As for your friend. Just find a nice seat and wait for the social explosion...because it sounds like it'll be bigger than a fireworks stand going off...
  7. [quote name='Sara][color=#b0000b]No, you're suggesting that he [i]knock her unconscious[/i'] by giving her a possibly-lethal dose of chloroform.[/color][/quote] [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]Drugs are cool, but necrophilia is icky! If you do well in her class, you two will be on better terms and (god, I want to refrain from saying you'll have chemistry) you will get along better. [QUOTE]P.s. I thought we were planning evil here. What happened?[/QUOTE] I say, as a side-note, we plan an assassination. And...tie the two together somehow. That would be evil, and it would be entwined. Like, maybe we could kill someone (not Bush) who we all hate (honestly, that would get you in trouble). Like, maybe Snuggles, that stupid cuddle-bear...I hate him so much.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  8. [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]Wow, this is my debut on OB. In any case, this is me. [URL=http://dordt.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30185984&op=1&view=all&subj=148300650&id=148301068]*CLICK*[/URL] I can't really complain. I've looked worse. Dang, this was a great day though. Nothing bad happened...not a single thing. [/COLOR][/FONT]
  9. [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]Ha ha ha! This is hilarious! Ask her her sign. No, ask her if you could borrow her panties, because you forgot yours. Or just do well in her class, and spend time there after class...for extra credit.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  10. Hercules: Oh my god! Its another hydra! Only...this one tears up the cutains!!!! RUN!!!
  11. Mr.Cuddles, international man of mystery...
  12. "No, you're supposed to spread your legs more when mooning."
  13. [QUOTE]1. Do You Eat Lunch? If so, how do you usually procure it? 2. What did you eat for lunch today? 3. Do you plan ahead for lunch on further days? 4. Have you ever had a lunch date? How did it go?[/QUOTE] [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]1. Yes. I catch my own. 2. Human children. Lots of them. They taste good with jam. 3. I leave a trail of candy that leads to my house. 4. Yes. She was delicious.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  14. [QUOTE=DeathKnight][/color] [color=crimson] The world can tighten it's grip around your throat at times. It can suffocate and press down on you with it's intense pressure. It can lash at you and whip you, it can do all these things to you but if you have a way through then just keep working on it.[/color][/QUOTE] [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]God, I just got out of that, and its exactly like that. When the world tightens its grip around your throat, you need to fight your way out. Ok, my GPA was abysmal and I was an inch from being kicked from college. So, I tried again, and I was going strongly, except for my genetics class, which seemed to be out for blood. My genetics partner was doing fabulously, but I was slipping. On top of that, this girl that I had a hardcore crush on went aggressively after this guy, who was a serious jerk. My GPA ws slipping, the girl was gone, and I had nowhere to turn. Then, I started going nuts with the studying and ended up sacrificing my non-existent relationship with the girl. I went reclusive and lived off of crackers and cheese for two weeks. I recently learned that I passed all of my classes with a significant enough GPA to get off of the college's ******* list and now I work with the girl, and learned that she didn't succeed at her attempt to date that jerk. So, life seems to be working out alright at this point. I have a job for the summer that pays well, an apartment for next year, and enough people nearby to make the summer fun. Minako, I wish you good luck. Fight through this crap, because there will be an end, though it may not be in sight.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  15. [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]Dude, if I could offer you some advise, I would say this: go to bed on time, and do your homework. If you do your homework, you'll go far. And go to class. I know guys who sit in their rooms until 3 a.m. every day, playing Call of Duty, or whatnot, and they generally don't stick around long. As for going to bed on time, its nice to have energy in the mornings, and throughout the day, as that's generally when things happen. And you want to be there for things.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  16. [QUOTE=Minako]You know what really grinds MY gears? [B]OVERLY. SNUGGLY. COUPLES.[/B] It's SO hard not to be resentful...[/QUOTE] [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]That does suck. Hardcore. Like one of my friends (i'm single too, but I can deal) who just broke up with her boyfriend. She's all depressed, and her roommate constantly prances around their room, overjoyed because she's getting married. "Isn't love wonderful? I just love so-and-so! Ah, I feel like a fairy princess." So, life could be worse...[/COLOR][/FONT]
  17. [quote name='Dragon Warrior][size=1]Haha, I never said I danced alone, mate :'] But if you've got some crazy moves, dancing alone can work too. I remember my school's senior prom, I brought a chair out into the middle of the dance floor and danced seductively on it. Haha, people actually shoved money down my tux. Then my buddies lifted me up in the chair over the crowd. That was such a great night. But I also danced with the ladies, like I said. I had a new girl for every slow dance :) That's how real Prom Crashers do it. Haha. Or something...[/size][/quote] [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]Heck yes! Dancing is polygamous...pick someone new each time. Its like how when you go to a buffet, you try a little of everything. And dancing alone is good, because if you can dance well alone, you'll draw the ladies to you like nachos to cheese...which you want to watch out for, because the cheese will screw up your tux/dress good.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  18. [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]Down with pie! Muffins are where its at. Muffins can be anything that pie can be, and more. Have you ever had a cornbread pie? How about a chocoloate chip pie? How about a strawberry creamcheese pie? See? Muffins pwn pies.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  19. [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]I loved my senior prom. Mostly because I didn't have a date. I hate being tied to someone for the whole freakin' night. I was amzing though. I wore a white tux, with white everything...except for the corsage (sp?), which was a red rose. It was fun though, because I got to show that I'm a better dancer than the other people in my class, who were deemed "cool." I pwned them on the dancefloor. I showed up in a pizza delivery car. It was a good time. During the afterprom, I got to see a hypnotist, who actually worked, because I know my best friend would not say "I'm gettin laid tonight" in front of his mom and the whole upper-class of the school. That was the best part of the whole ordeal. I hated having a date the first year though. I brought a friend, and it ended up with her hanging out with her friend the whole night. Basically, she went to prom because she was a sophomore and she was asked. That kind of pissed me off.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  20. [QUOTE=silpheedpilot][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1] Look, I'm not really wanting to pursue this any further so I guess I'm just not understanding why its such a big deal when someone joins a game and a kid has a high-pitched, balls to the stomach voice. Nothing is a big deal until you make it a big deal.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE] [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]The thing that ticks me off is when these kids do stuff, like they did to my brother, where they screw over their teammates over something as stupid as a stolen kill. That pissed me off, just watching it. On Gears of War, there are four men to a team. Why should three other people suffer, because some kid is having a temper tantrum? On team games, like GoW, these little kids screw over their teammates. When you're doing advanced tactics, and there's some little kid giving a shrill "I PWNED YOU ALL, BUTTHEADS," the entire team suffers. I think they should require an age with your gamer profile, and have an age-monitered game. You cannot sign into X's game, unless you're older than 15. In this way, kids can run and scream and beat each other senseless, and adults can have an enjoyable game.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  21. [QUOTE=Felix Santiago] it also bothers me when I log into xbox live, begin a matchmaking game, and run into a bunch of screaming prepubecent teens.[/QUOTE] [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]I wholeheartedly agree. Its like 'Kid, try insulting me after your balls drop.' My little brother had this kid in a game who was on his team, who essentially locked my bro in this room, after he stole one of this kid's kills...for six rounds. They were slaughtered. I was upset just watching.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  22. [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]I just noticed this (because I'm so perceptive and all), but a lot of people on the 'boards have crushes on anime characters. I have never had one on an anime character and I'm incredibly interested in knowing why someone would find a 2-dimensional image of someone they've never met (and know doesn't exist) to be an object of desire. Its just odd to me. Have you ever had a crush on an anime character and why?[/COLOR][/FONT]
  23. [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]You need an outlet. Beat something stupid with something else stupid. Like last year, I had the same thing. I beat a hundred pound concrete block with a log that came from a tree in my backyard. It helped a lot. I ended up nearly wearing the log to nothing. I named it...and then I burned it. Ashes to ashes, poop to poop.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  24. [quote name='JeskaValentine']Wow... Take someone's comment and qoute them out of context... thats really mature.[/quote] [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]Something that grinds my gears...wait for it...people who assume that everyone else is roughly the same as them. I'm not mature, I was arguing and I have permission to take people out of context if I want. Deal with it and be glad it wasn't you. Not everything is serious, nor is it mature...especially with me.[/COLOR][/FONT] [quote name='JeskaValentine']Wow, I hope he doesn't make up things I say, and use them as quotes.[/quote] [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]I'm just messing with you, kid, like I messed with the last person...who hasn't said a thing since then...[/COLOR][/FONT]
  25. [QUOTE=Lunox][color=dimgray] Um, yeah, I was just mostly talking about how they think anime/manga is some sacred things no one else understands and they really want to be Japanese. Which is why I used that picture, and then said: Except most of the Japanophiles I've met are teenagers, not sweaty old men. :D[/color][/QUOTE] [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]I dunno. I kind of liked the picture of the fat man in the Hello Kitty shirt. It was funny. I hate when people recommend things to you, then ask you if you went out and saw or did whatever they recommended. Like "Hey, did you eat at that restaurant yet? No? Why not?" Maybe I don't want to. Maybe we need to form some kind of stronger bond than eating establishments, or go our seperate ways. I also hate these guys that I always see at comic book shops, that are incredibly obese, nerdy guys, with serious arrogance issues, who would rather play WoW than pick up chicks, on Friday nights. I personally think that the government pays people to periodically cause blackouts, in order to kill these people off. I mean, their lives revolve around their fantasy characters. Hey, I play Oblivion occasionally, but only when I have nothing better to do.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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