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RPG -Murder Mansion-


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[color=red][size=1][i]Hello to you, one of my seven un knowing friends. You have luckily been invited to my Mansion for a special event. During this event (which will occur for an amount of days) one lucky person will inheirit the Durmer Masion (which I live in) and I shall grant them what ever they ask of me, the amount coming from my own pocket.
What's the catch? You will be locked inside the mansion with 6 other people who are complete strangers to you (and even myself). As the time passes, people will be crossed out from the winners circle until one person (the winner) is left.
I warn you to pack what you must, but I will only except one bag of luggage. You do not have to come for I will quickly replace you, but I tell you that this will be like no contest ever before.
The boat departs at 7:00 P.M. March 1st.
Count Durmer
[b]Invited List:[/b]
Kevin Withe
Sakura Nightengale
Celia Tares
Tristan Navorne
MaCarthur Engloyander
Melvin Nerdley
Audrey Christenson[/center]

I have picked the murderer, now the fun begins ^^ I will probably send out PMs to let you all know it has started. (So you know, right now you guys are on the ferry to the mansion, just read my post).
Gavin, or Count as he liked it walked over to his bed room window and looked out upon the grounds of his amazing mansion land. The grass was evenly cut and not a peice of litter was to be seen for miles. His gaze shifted to the lake, in the very middle, the small ferry he owned was making its way towards the dock. His seven contestants would soon arrive and then the fun would begin.

Turning on his heal, Count Durmer quickly changed into his best suit and put on his favorite tie. He glanced back out the window and grinned for the first time that day.
Ok, let's get this show on teh road! Reminder to the murderer, no telling! And yes, I know you all love my graphic work ^^ [/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Kevin took his cig out of his mouth and blew a puff of smoke into the air. This was his 5th one on the way here, and half of the time he was asleep. Luckily he had another massive pack in his suitcase.

[I]"Oh what fun this will be... a bunch of strangers into a creepy old mansion... or something... well who cares as long as I get my boat... if I get it..."[/I] Kevin thought to himself. He looked down at the sea, not knowing they were coming up on the mansion. He looked up again and laughed, then looked back down at the sea. He took his lighter out and flicked it up and down. The flame from it just missed his thumb. Suddenly, the flame from the lighter burnt Kevin's thumb, making him drop it into the sea.

"Fu** no!" Kevin yelled. He groaned loudly. "I swear someone better have a lighter..." He growled.[/SIZE][/B]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Ok. Bad news. I can't type my persons name x.x; Its dumb I think . So its really now going to be Celia Tares. Sorry about that K.K.C.!!


[FONT=Trebuchet MS][I]Celia sighed deeply and coughed a bit when she inhaled second hand smoke from the man that was smoking his fifth one. She didn't like smoking very much. Laughing a bit when she saw him drop his lighter into the sea. Looking out at the horizon and smiled softly to herself. Knowing that this was going to be a very interesting contest and hoped she would win. So she could become the Queen of England. Always wanting to be her.

Turning her eyes some and looked up at the mansion they were approching and smiled wider. Speaking to all of them, becuase they weren't paying attention enough to see that they were almost there.

"Aww! It's so big! And pretty as well! This man must be really rich." She spoke to them and nodded softly.[/color][/I][/FONT]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Tristan clicked his cellphone shut and than coughed as the man's second hand smoke filled his nostrils. Rude bastard, smoking like that. Well, he had finished instructing his secretary to hold his calls, so he would be left alone while he was doing this, thank God. That $500,000.00 would be very mucha help in getting his fledgling law firm off the ground.

He nodded at the young woman who had spoken. "Yep. That guy probably has lots of money. Lots and lots of it...."

Tristan smiled. This would be too easy.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]Sakura had been lazing by the boat rail and saw the smoker drop his lighter into the water and curse loudly. Sakura walked over and produced her lighter, lighting his cigarette. Sakura pocketed it and walked below deck. She continued until she was in a dark level.

She propped herself against the wall and opened her laptop. She downloaded the picture she had taken of the smoker into her database. A few clicks of the keys and a page about him had come up. She started to type what information she had gathered from watching him. She closed it and smirked happily. Her first entry.

Sakura picked up her things and walked back on deck.

[I]'This'll be great! I can make data files on everyone! Then I'll find out about the old guy that owns the Horror House. Hehehehe'[/I] Sakura thought to herself.

Sakura stepped into the sunlight and sighed. The seabreeze whipped at her chocolate brown hair, splaying it everywhere. Sakura scanned the deck with her emerald gaze and locked her eyes on another person on deck. Sakura grinned and made her way over to get some info.[/COLOR]
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OOC: Why does Sakura think Durmer Mansion is a Horror House already?


As soon as Audrey saw the girl pull out the laptop, she was thinking that they would [I]definitely[/I] get along. However...one of those guys she already had bad vibes towards... She could smell lawyers a million miles away. It was in their walk, the tilt of their head, the arrogant tone at which they seemed to view the world...yeah, those guys wreaked havoc on her concentration. For some reason, they didn't seem to like her any better than she liked them, no matter how nice she tried to be. There were a few exceptions, and she had to admit, not all of them were bad...some of them were quite good friends of hers.

She only had one problem with the chocolate-brown haired girl. [I]Why'd she relight that guy's cig? That stuff is disgusting...and extremely bad for their health...Poor guy will probably die pretty soon from lung cancer. I wonder if I should tell him how much tar is gathering in his lungs, and how he'll soon start hacking and coughing in the morning, and how he'll need a tube in his throat to breath...[/I] She hid her laugh, stifling it with her hand, and turned away so that she wouldn't think of anymore outrageous hyperbole. She walked to the other side of the boat, taking deep breaths to calm herself down. Audrey felt guilty now - she didn't usually think satirical thoughts about people when she hadn't even been properly introduced yet. And then, she stopped...and gazed out over the water...

"Hey," Audrey called to the others. "I...think I see land."
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Melvin, unlike the others, was not on the deck of the boat. He was inside, in the basement, with the cargo. He sat down against a box pulling out his labtop. He pulled of his glasses. Worthless. He typed:

[font=Courier New]Log 1:[/font]
[font=Courier New]Well, it seems that so far, on the boat, there has been no murders. Though, I know that the murder is on this boat. I just hope I do not get murdered myself.[/font]

[font=Courier New]End Log[/font]

He closed the labtop and proceeded to put on his fake glasses. He walked up the stairs and looked outside.

"Well what do ya know. We're here."
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[I][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Celia heard one of the girls on the boat say, "I think I see land." It was Audrey who had said it. Celia didn't know anybodies name at all. Standing up and walked over to the front of the boat, seeing land. Smiling at how much more beautiful it was as they came ever so much more closer to it. Finally, getting onto land and all of them escorted off of the boat by a man in a tux.

"This way..." Said the man in the black tux, motioning them some with the extension of his arm. Leading them down a gravel path, to the huge double doors as the entrance.[/I]


OOC- Let's liven this up some! Post!! [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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OOC: Heh. I never got to post my introduction on the boat :D I guess I'll be introduced now.
[size=1]MaCarthur stood in the middle of the group, admiring the mansion like everyone else. Though, he'd seen many before (since he owns a few himself), this one produced simple thoughts in his mind. "This plot of land will make a good place for an office building." He tipped his hat forward and stepped inside with the rest.

Most of the people were chatting away with each other or no one in particular; others were just standing around and peering at the mansion designs and paintings. MaCarthur stepped away from the door and took a seat on one of the silk cushioned-chairs that lined a western wall of the lobby. He wanted to crack out one of his fine cigars, but after the reaction of so many to that man's cigarette, he decided it was best to not be used yet.

Instead, he kept quiet and waited.[/size]
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[size=1][color=red]OOC: That's what you get for taking so long, now that Mr. Warrior has posted, we can get this moving along.
IC: Count Durmer peaked around one of the second level corners, just enough that he could see over the balcony and get a view of his "guests." He looked at each person and recognized them from the photos he had collected a while back, it was always a good idea to know who you were inviting to your big mansion (even if you say you don't know them). With a grin, The Count stepped from his hawk nest and began to make his way down the spiral stair case down to the grand hall, where the "guests" were all waiting.

"Welcome, Welcome my gusts." He began, they all looked at him, some didn't look the least bit surprised that he was old while others were astounded by his appearance and shaking in their pants. "This is Drumer Mansion and I would love to welcome you all for-" But before the count could finish one of the "guests" spoke up. Drumer recognized him as Kevin Withe.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cut to the chace old man, I don't have all friggin' day for introductions." He snapped, folding his arms across his chest and taking a large puff from the cigarette he was smoking. The others expressions seemed to ask the same thing. Drumer hit his tongue, he hated the young, always thinking they were so much better because they could eat harder food! He slowly counted to ten and then made a large grin.

"Ah... Master kevin I presume." The count mumbled to him with a nod. This seemed to shut him up, beng he though he was a complete stranger to the old man. "As I was saying... Welcome to Drumer Mansion! Here, the seven of you will compete for not only the inheiritance of the Mansion, but also a chance to ask me of anything you want and the price for it comes from my own pocket." He grinned slightly and the guests seem to become a bit more excited, except for a chose one or two.
"Now, you will all be locked into the mansion. This is where you will be living until you are excluded from the game or you win it." The count's grin grew a bit more. "As time passes, I will be the one to choose who gets kicked out from the winners circle, I assure you that the choosing is completely fair, I don't know any of you, so, there fore, I can't have a favorite." The count paused, waiting for any questions, when none replied he opened his mouth to finish up his speach, of course, being the people they were, someone piped up a question at the last moment.

"Um.. Mr. Durmer, how can we be sure that you will actually give us anything we request?" The girl named Audrey asked. His grinned widened even more, when they say an ear to ear grin, this was literal.

"I guess you will just have to trust me on that one Mrs. Christenson... and please, call me "Count"." He then glanced around at the others. "Your boat ride was long and tiresom, I will give you each half an hour to freshen up for dinner. My Servents shall show you to your rooms." With that he turned on his heal and headed back up the steps leaving the Butlers to take care of everything else. [/size][/color]
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