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RPG Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Shift


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It's been 3 years since Yugi had defeated Marik. Everyone was happy. Yugi was in high school, Joey and Tea had become a couple, soon to be married. Tristan had decided to go on a little spiritual quest, while Seto was with Mokuba at Kaiba Corp. All was well...until Seto had tryed his experitment.

Seto was working on making a way to create Duel Monsters in the real world. But in the process, he opened a portal to another dimension. Seto was thrown out the window by the explosion in which the gate opened. He was hospitalized for a long time. No one knew of that portal, but strange things has been happening. Robots of an advanced technology was attacking people in little towns to huge cities. Yugi went to see how Seto was doing, and that is where Seto told Yugi about the portal. Later, Yugi, Joey, and Tea went to the Kaiba Corp. building, which had been transfered to the surrounding forest(they built a new one), there was a huge screen up on the front. A face appeared on it.

"My name is Docter Eggman. Will you please be kind and tell everyone on this planet that I will control it? Thank you."

With that, the three teens were booted back to Domino City. They all decided to stop this madman before he was able to get enough power to control this planet. But they'd need some serious help. Yugi went back to Seto and told him what happened. Seto then gave Yugi a device that could make any Duel Monster appear in this physical world and it had the same destructive ability. But there was a catch. The monster or monsters could only stay out 24 hours then had to recharge for another 12. Yugi accepted it but, he knew he had to get other duelists. But as Yugi left the building, Eggmans enemy appeared.

Yugi: " What is that thing?"
???: "My name is Sonic. I followed Eggman here to stop him and return him to our own world."
Yugi: "We're trying to stop him from taking over this world. Will you help us?"
Sonic: "Of course!"

Shadow was walking around Domino City. Everyone was looking at him with strange looks and saying mean stuff about him but not to him for fear of what he might do to them.
"Where is Eggman and Sonic? I'm gonna kill them when I see them.
As Shadow rounded a corner, he spotted Sonic with a young boy wearing a strange triangle thing on his neck. Shadow definitily recognized the eye design.
"What the? That eye, I've seen it on Angel Island. But where?"

Kantron was hearing what Tea and Joey were talking when they seen Kiaba Corp.
"I'm tellin' ya! That guys head was as big as a freakin' pumkin! And bald as one too!"
Kantron fell out of his chair laughing histerically. Joey and Tea looked at him like he was an idiot. "I need some fresh air. I'm gonna see if I can't find Yug, okay?"
Joey-"See ya round, Kanty!" Tea-"Find Yugi and get him back here! We need some news from Kiaba!"
Kantron grumbled at Joeys remark, ready to hit him. While walking out of Tea's house, he spotted a strange black hedgehog walking. His mind had gone from finding Yugi, to following this creature. He grabbed a stick nearby just in case...
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[color=teal]OOC: Ok, don't freak out on me! Maximillion404's post was actually mine, but I didn't have my screen name back yet so I used my bros. My character is Amber if you all remember. Time to have alittle fun! :grins evily:

Amber was sitting in the hospital room next to Seto's bed. Her teal bangs were hanging in front of her eyes. She was half asleep until here cell phone rang. The catchy GC tone surprised both her and Seto. She quickly answered it.

"Hello," Amber whispered as Seto looked over at her. Someone cleared their throat on the other end of the phone.

"Hey Amber," Joey's voice said from the other end of the phone, "I just slipped away from Tea. I waana know how your step-brother's doing." A slight smiled crossed Amber's face and Seto crossed his arms.

"He's doing just fine honey," Amber said as she looked down at the device Seto gave her, "Would you meet me near the hospital?" Amber heard Joey swallow hard. He probbly would say no.

"Awright," Joey said with a sigh, "I'll make up a lie and met ya there sweety. Bye! See ya when I get there." Amber simled and hung up her cellphone. She stood up and kissed Seto on the cheek.

"I'll be right back bro," Amber said as she headed toward the door, "I have a meeting I've got to go to." Seto shook his head as Amber walked out of the room. Amber then quickly rushed over to the elevators.

A little later outside, Joey walked up to Amber. Amber hugged him and looked at him. Joey had his usual goofy grin on his face. Amber shook her head.

"What did you tell Tea," Amber said as she raised an eyebrow. Joey grinned and put his head to Amber's. Amber knew Joey probbly came up with something stupid.

"I told her I had to help my dad with something," Joey said as he stared down at Amber. Amber shook her head and looked to her right. Joey also looked to his right. They both spotted Yugi talking to a big blue hedgehog. Amber looked at Joey. Joey shrugged his shoulders. They both started walking toward Yugi and the hedgehog.

OOC: I hope that was ok. Amber has the device already because, if you remember, she's Seto's step-sister. ^_^[/color]
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Fenryl dashed down the hall heading toward Seto?s room. ?Is Seto OK?? She asked Joey.

?Well, OK. But-? he was cut off By Fenryl

?What in Hell is that?!?!? She pointed at the blue hedgehog.

?A blue hedgehog. You got a problem?? It yelled at her.

?He was right, I am stressed. SETO! Your sister?s here!? she burst into his room. ?Are you OK?!?!? She glomped him.

?OW! That hurt stupid!? He snapped.

?Sorry. So what happened? Did something go berserk? Was it my programs?? Fenryl freaked.

?No, I was testing my experiment to make dual monsters here in the real world? when something happened then I was here. WHY DIDN?T YOU COME VISIT ME?!?!? He yelled at her.

?I was in New York City fixing some problems with the City?s dual stage. Stupid.? She got off him and pulled over a chair, she sat on it backwards. ?So, what?s up?

?Um? Excuse me but he needs his rest, why don?t you join your friends out side?? A nurse said.

?Oh, all right.? She retorted. ?Love ya? bro!? She stepped outside the room. ?Hi guys.? She smiled, ?Good to know he?s OK.?

Hope you people post.
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[color=teal]"Well isn't my step-sister, Fenryl," Amber said as she looked over at Fenryl. Fenryl rolled her eyes and stared at Amber. Amber's and Joey's hands were interlocked. Fenryl raised an eyebrow.

"What would Seto and Tea say about this," Fenryl asked with an evil grin. A tension mark appeared on Amber's forehead. She felt like hitting Fenryl, but something stopped her. Yugi and the blue hedgehog were walking up to them. All three blinked.

"Joey, Amber, Fenryl," Yugi said with a smile, "I'm so glad you guys are here. This is Sonic and he maybe able to help us." Joey and Amber looked at each other and then back at Yugi. Fenryl looked as if she was about to laugh. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Sonic's head.

"Just how are you going to do that little man," Amber asked as she looked down at Sonic. Sonic crossed his arms and started tapping his foot. Amber did the same thing. She was trying to get some answers out of this blue furball. She wanted to know what happened to creat a explosion to send her step-brother out a window.[/color]
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Tails flew all over the city looking for his friends Sonic, he lost him when Sonic ran too fast (again) to look for egman. Tails was getting a bit tired and decided to land on the ground. He then walked the rest of the way looking for Sonic. Tail came to a bustop and waited at the bench, the people there looked at Tails weird and wiapered a ot about how he looked and where was he from. Once he got on the bus the poeple there too were doing the same, once he sat down a baby was playing with his tails. Tails road the bus for about 10 minutes until he saw a hotdog stand and knew Sonic would be hungry right about now, so he got off there and bout two chilli-dogs. He was well rested and flew in the air again,

"Maybe he's in the big building" Tails said as he landed in front of the building and went inside.

*Sorry its short, my mom is making me get off the comp. ~Laters*
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"Amber don't you go nere my brother if you're with that idiot, Joey! Seto is my twin, and I don't want you near him!" she was pissed off because no one told her about the incident even thought Seto had asked someone to.

"Welll, excuse me!" she pulled he hand away from Joey's. They both glared at each other.

"Um... why don't you to stop fighting... For Seto's sake?" Joey said.

"Fine!" they yelled.

"Make a truce." Joey nagged.

"Shut up! Fine! Truce!" They were now mad at Joey for getting involved. They held up their hands and made a temperary truce.

"Ok... Now that that's settled." Yugi mumbled.

"So, what happened while I was in New York?" Fenryl asked.
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Tobias was on his way to the hospital he had to do community service for the grafitti he and a few friends had done on the school wall thinking it would spice up the schools look. The principal didn't see it in the same light as soon as he walked in the secretary at the front desk asked him "What brings you to the hospital at this on this wonderful day," it looked as if she would rather be out having fun like he wished. He replied that he was here for the community service and she pointed him down a wing of the hospital and replied "Pick whichever room you like just make sure you brought something to read or do with the patients," "Fine what a great day to spend at the hospital," Tobias muttered under his breath.
While on his way down the hallway he heard a bunch of people in a room in the hospital being the noisey person he is he looked into the room to his surprise he saw Seto Kaiba and the most shocker Yugi and Joey two of the finalist of Duelist Kingdom and Kaiba's Battle City they were saying something, but Tobias couldn't make out the words. To his suprise he saw someone or should he say something in the room he could not belive he had to rub his eyes a Blue Hedgehog he thought he was going crazy. Finally he decided to go into the room and see what was going on there seemed to be alot of noise and discussion going on in there maybe he could join in maybe this trip to the hospital wouldn't be so boring after all.
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[color=teal]"One question Fenryl before I answer yours," Amber said as she grabbed Joey's hand again. Fenryl glared over at her and snorted.

"What's that," Fenryl said with an annoyed voice. Amber held her fist, closed her eyes, and popped Fenryl behind the head. Fenryl grabbed the back of her head and glared at Amber.

"WHO DO YOU THINK I AM," Amber yelled as Joey grabbed her, "MY TWIN BROTHER, NOA?!" A sweat drop appeared on the back of Joey's head. Fenryl stopped rubbing the back of her head and countniued to glare at Amber. Joey tighten his grib slightly.

"No," Fenryl said as she crossed her arms, "but you're close to it." A tension mark appeared on Amber's forehead. She tried to get out of Joey's grib, but he was stronger then her and he also wasn't paying attention. He was looking at something behind him.[/color]
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Tails flew into different building looking for Sonic but came to no avail, one of the front office ladies at another building said to go to a huge company building called Kaiba Corp. She said they had a huge city map and little maps you could carry around to find your way around town. Tails flew into the Kaiba building and went up to the front desk and go a map, before he left the front office people talked to him.

"You know, there was a blue hedgehog that was here earlier and left to the hospital down the street" the lady said.

"Really?! Thank you very much" Tails said as he ran out of the building and flew to the nearest hospital. Once he entred he looked around until he found Sonic. He didn't say anything because some girls were fighting and yelling at eachother.

"So what took ya' so long Tail?" Sonic asked, but Tails just gave a smile and handed him his chilli-dogs. "Thanks" Sonic said as he ate them and they both watched as the girls continued to argue.
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Tobias could not believe it was he imagining this a orange fox like thing with two tails two just walked past him and wave and him and that blue hedgehog are eating Chilli Dogs and too make it worse he didn't offer him one with Chilli Dogs being his favorite food. It seemed as if he wasn't being noticed at all sad enough Tobias was used to not being noticed except by family and friends no one paid attention that he made it so far into Battle City just the fact he lost to Mai.

The Hedgehog and the Fox who he picked up went by the names Sonic and Tails were eating on the Chilli Dogs watching the girls fight so Tobias decided to join them and see what all the commotion was about "Hey guys whats up what brings you odd looking guys to a place like this," said Tobias."Oh im just here with my buddy Sonic why are we here Sonic huh" tails said. It seemed that Sonic was looking or paying attention too something else cause he didn't answer either one of us or maybe he could have been so involved with his chilli dog that he couldn't hear us. Just as I was getting situated and getting to know more about Sonic and Tails the noise between those two girls got louder did they notice they were in a hospital and there were people sleeping here. "I wonder if they will ever be quiet they are starting to hurt my ears" mubbled Tails." " I hope they shut up sometime soon I'm trying to eat here,"said Sonic as he covered his ears.
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[color=red]"I hope they'll shut up," Amanda said as she stormed into the room. Her long blonde hair was flowing behind her. Fenryl and Amber stopped and looked at Amanda. Amanda's arms were crossed and she was tapping her foot. Seto looked at her as he sat up.

"Mandy," Seto said as he looked at Amanda. Amanda gasped and ran over to Seto's side. She grabbed his hands. Her bright blue eyes were shining. Seto shook his head.

"Are you okay Setoy," Amanda said with a big smile. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Seto's face. This wasn't the time for Amanda to be calling him pet names.

"I'm fine," Seto said as he looked at Amanda, "and what are you doing here?" Amanda smiled and hugged Seto. Joey smacked his hand to his forehead and started shakeing his head. A sweat drop appeared on the side of both Fenryl's and Amber's head.

"I heard you got hurt," Amanda said as she stopped hugging Seto, "I had to see you!" Joey moved his hand and looked at his sister. Amanda looked over at him. She crossed her arms as Sonic walked up to her. Sonic tugged on her skirt.

"I would like to thank you for stopping those two girls," Sonic said as Amanda looked down at him. A sweat drop appeared at the side of Amanda's face. She looked backed over at Joey.

"What's going on," Amanda asked with a confused look.[/color]
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Tails went outside before he knew the fighting had stopped inside the hospital with the girls and all, he wanted to stretch his tails 'cause they had fallen asleep waiting for the fighting to stop. So Tails flew sround a bit to admire the view of this new place Sonic and he was in, it wasn't that bad at all...it had nice lakes and amazing building taller than Eggman's old base. He saw the poeple on the ground and they looked like tiny little ants, which made him giggle a bit. There was a specific building that Tails liked the most, a large square mirror was in front of it and showed some visions of thing, Tails landed and asked one of the people walking by what it was.

Tails: Excuse me, but what is that thing?"
Person: Thats a Big Screen T.V....it shows cartoons, shopping shows, and different things at once.
Tails: Amazing........whats happening now?

Tails looked at the screen funny, it had started to static all over and Eggman appeared in front of it, he started to intoduce himself and proclaim his rue over this planet and al who live on it as well. Tails hightailed it back to the hospital to tell the others of what was happening, but his tails were still tired and he couldn't fly anymore for now. So Tails started to run as fast as he could to get back to the hospital until he realized something....he forgot where it was! He tried to ask people where it was, but they were all worried about Eggman on the big screen. Finally Tails found the right hospital and sprinted towards the door and tried to find the others to tell them the bad news.
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Shadow had gotten tired of hiding in the bushes and trotted right up to the front of the hospital so confront Sonic. As he did Tails ran into him.

"Ooof!..why you little runt, I'm gonna....Tails!?"

Kantron looked from afar to the two half human animals. He was amazed that they could talk english and understand it. He approached them with caution.

"Hey! You with the two tails. Do you know where Yugi is?"
"Yes. He's inside! Why'd you ask me that?"
"I figured that Seto was in there so Yugi was too. You came out of it earlier, so you must have seen him. What are you anyway?"
"I'm a Mobian. My name is Miles, but call me Tails."

Kantron then looked at Shadow and their eyes locked as Shadow spoke in his mind.

'Why have you come here?'
'What the? How are you doing that?'
'I'm using my chaos energies to speak to you mentally.'
'Oh. Why?'
'You know of that necklace that the boy, Yugi, has?'
'Do you know what it is?'
'Yeah. It's the Millenium Puzzle.'
'I knew I've heard of that before. My sister told me about something like that that she seen in a dream. Someone said it was the Millenium Puzzle!'
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Riku was walking around town looking through his Duel Monster cards thinking of how he could improve them when he saw a whole bunch of people gathered around the big tv screen and went to go see what all the commotion was about.

When he got there he saw Eggman on the tv screen talking a whole bunch of gibberish and remembered that a second ago he saw Tails head into the hospital and knew he must have saw this so Riku decided to head to the hospital to see what Tails was gonna do about this.

When he got there he heard a couple of nurses talking about two girls who were arguing and knew right away it was Amber and Fenryl. So he kept listening and heard where it was coming from and decided that that's where Tails must have went.

"So the whole gang is here, I was wondering where everyone ran off to." Riku said as he saw Yugi and the others. "Do you guys know that Eggman is on that big tv screen announcing his world domination and what not?" Riku said as he stared at the blue hedgehog eating the chili dog. "So guys what's our plan of action?" Riku said as he stuck his cards into his pocket and glanced over in the hospital room that Seto and Amanda were in.
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