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Sign Up Killing Time {R: Violence, Language, Blood, Gore}


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[COLOR=Blue]Upon arriving back from a routine scour of the Sector around Vesta Space Station Captain Dan Gallows and Vesta Researcher Aida King returned to a quited hangar.

"Hm, I'm not assuming the worst...But...Where is everyone?" Dan asked.

Aida walked around the hangar, examing the surroundings. Dan walked over to a nearby console and punched in a few buttons. The plasma screen flicked on and Dans eyes widened. He quickly changed the view and focus of the camera. Blood. Everywhere. There were bodies strewn about, pock marks from the Space Station guard's rifles. Dan saw a flash of black dart past the camera screen just as soon as the picture went out. Dan quickly made his was over to Aida, grabbing her by the arm.

"We gotta go get the hell out of here." Dan said pulling her towards the shuttle.

"What? Why?" Aida protested pulling away from Dan's grasp. "What happend? Is something wrong?"

Dan nodded and unholstered the pistol at his side. "Dont ask questions, just get on the shuttle and I'll be there in a few."

With that said Dan started towards the hangar door, backing against the wall next to it. He hovered his hand over the control panel watching Aida get into the shuttle. The shuttle doors quickly opened and Aida go halfway in.

"Well? What are waiting for? Get in." Dan asked, peering at the door quickly.

"Come back alive" Aida said sharply and got into the shuttle. The shuttle doors closed with a hiss of airlock.

[I]Lets just hope whatever is out here can be put down with this pistol...[/I]

Dan tapped a button on the hangar door and quickly jumped out from behind the wall sweeping the hall with his pistol. He saw nothing. Not even the hum of electronics in the cieling. Dan looked further down the hall and saw a body, it was twitching and he couldn't tell if it was even a good twitch...If there even was a good twitch. Dan made his way over to the body, stepping in large puddles of blood on his way there. Dan peered over the body at something that clung to the face of the body. Dan made haste and began firing on the brain sucking thing. It nearly exploded in a mess of blood and goo. Dan turned tail and darted back to the hangar doors, he pressed a few buttons and the doors swung open. He began firing at a creature almost as soon as he entered the hangar. The uranium shells tore into the creature and it fell backwards in a rush of rage and screaming. Dan urried over to the shuttle, the doors torn off. Dan looked around for Aida but saw nobody, he glanced around once more and saw a large, dark red trail of blood. Dan followed the trial which led to a dying Aida, he legs had been sliced from her body and she was fading fast. Dan turned his head and raised his pistol to the whimpering Aida, a second later a shot rang out and Dan emerged from behind the shuttle and making his way to the hangar doors.

"It looks like its killing time." Dan said to his self, reloading his pistol.[/COLOR]


Everyone who signs-up plays as a survivor aboard Vesta Space Station, trying to find a way off the extremely large space station, with cut power, locked doors, missing keys and horde of pissed off Aliens hot on their tail. Why did these Aliens attack? You just might find out...If you live.

Here is the info...




[B]Position:[/B] {What was your position on the Vesta Space Station? Scientist? Guard? Miner? Just another civilian living on the station for Data Gathering? Something along those lines}

[B]Appearance:[/B] {Pictures are fine, and if you type it out. Try and make it good.}

[B]Bio:[/B]{What was your reason for coming aboard Vest Space Station and what has happend since the attack, which took place about a day before Dan Gallows arrived}

{LAST NOTE:} I will be playing the part of Captain Dan Gallows, unless somebody else wishes to. In that case I will assume the role of another Space Station fogie.
I will post my sign-up after a few people have signed-up.

{Super Last Note:} Someone brought up a good question; What is the Station like?

It is usually a dull grey, with the hum of machinery in the background. IT may look solemn, but it is bustling with life from researchers, guards, civilians, miners, everyone. There are 3 main sectors, Reactor Sector, Waste Disposal Reactor, Bridge. Then there are many sub station connected by airlock bridges such as Research Facilities, Mining compounds, sleeping quarters, recreational quartes and all that kind of stuff. Hope that clears up any confusion.
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Name: Jim Mishima

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Position: Lives on the Vest Space Station/ Engineer

Appearence: [url]http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/ols/screencaps/1/8jim.JPG[/url]

Bio: Jim has lived on the Vest Space Staion for about 2 years now, his father is the head engineer of the station and Jim works in the engine room a lot with his laptop and tools. Jim has also gathered new information about the ship like places to hide and other places even the builders didn't know about when they built the station long ago. Jim's father has given Jim a level 3 acess card so he can go into the engine room, lounge, navigation, etc..... except for the bridge of the station. One day Jim noticd a breach in the hull and some small creatures broke into the Station and started to kill some people, Jim was on deck17 being chased by some of them into the computer room.

Personality:Jim is very outgoing and helpful to those who need it, knows about everything there is to know about mechanics and engines on the ship.
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I'm really not liking the new OB today.... I lost a post because it decided to log me out because I took to much time to make a good character... grr..

[I][SIZE=1]Name: Xander Dearborn

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Position: Guard

Appearance: Xander, being in the military before being a guard, is very large. But not a bad large. He is six feet even, and is very masculine. He sports a mustache and goatee, but keeps it very neat and trim, in case he ever gets into a fight they can not use his hair as an advantage. With this in mind he keeps his head shaved, and his baldness shiny.

When he was in the military he stole several things, such as extra combat fatigues, which he wears in place of his guard uniform. He also has several weapons in his private quarters, but he keeps at his side the standard guard issue pistol and shock stick.

Bio: As stated before, Xander was in the military before being a guard at Vector Space STation. The reason for his joining the military was because he was a pudgy child and teased constantly about it.

He stayed in the military for 10 years before quiting. He then had to find a job, and there weren't many out there for his expertise. So he found the next best thing, a security job.

He has spent five years on the station, keeping things in order. Now with the Aliens attacking the order he worked so hard for is crumbling, and he is pissed.

He was patrolling the Reactor Sector when the Aliens attacked. He fought them off to the best of his ability but many of the scientists and mechanics were killed. Luckily for Xander he was able to escape with his life, but not two fingers on his left hand.

His main objective now is to get to his quarters, and get his weapons. Then find the remaining survivors and get off the station. He hopes he can succeed in his new mission.[/SIZE][/I]
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Name: Alexis Brown

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Position: Meidal Assistant

Apperance: Stands at about 5'10 inches with n slithgly athletic body. Hair is dark and very short. Skin is caramel colored and has hazel colored eyes. The way she dresses doesn't suit to her perfession for she dresses to keep the confidence or the patients she works on. Laid back type of person but very cocky for a female anyways.

Bio: Before starting work 4 years ago on the Vector Space Station she worked amoung inner city resdents in a make chift clinich that was set uo by a doctor looking only to help the most dire patients. Not only from that had she learned to protect herself from the violence many people held but gained confidence maybe a little too much confidence.

For years she has studied martial arts and weapons use and was known to be carrying some sort of weapon at all time. She even made make shift weapons if need be.

Now she helps those on the Space Station just as she did back in her own home. She has that same attitude and has been known to take down a guy or too if her got to rough with her. Doesn't carry a weapon as much anymorw but soon regretted leaving them in the dock with many of her other personal items as soon as the aliens came on board. Only a few had slipped into the mediacl bay killing on person of the staff and two patients before she found a pair of scissors and stabbed the very small alien. Luckily it wasn't too large or she would've definetly been in trouble. She know is held up in the medical bay trying hard to reach help to remove two patients as well as a few of her coworkers![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Well, there is a spot saved for Cyriel here, and I guess it time for me to post my sign-up!

[B]Name:[/B] Dan Gallows

[B]Age:[/B] 35

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Position:[/B] Guard, recently sent on a scour of the sector around VESTA Space Station with reports of suspicious activity.


[B]Bio:[/B] Dan grew up on Earth, as a marine he was just..well...normal. He did his duties, and had dicipline. Soon after a peacekeeping mission, he was discharged from the marines and sent to the Vesta Space Station in the far reaches of space. With no prior knowledged of the space station he came in blind and oblivious to the people aboard, homesick and violent. These people were savage but they got the job done. Dan took his place as a guard in the station, and a pilot for the miners who need a taxi out to the dig site. Everything was all well until the day he was sent to scour the sector with Aida King, when he returned to the station it was apparent that an Alien attack had occured.
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Guest Erriku
Name: Erriku

Age: 11 almost 12

Gender: Male

Position: Lives on the Vest Space Station / A child civilian.

Appearence: Farly tall 5.3' Brown with blonde highlighted hair. Wears a 8 or 8 1/2 shoe. He needs his hair cut slightly. Weighs about 112LB, very broad body. has great agility and Crisp brownish eyes. a little under tan toned skin. Tall for his age.

BIO: Very mature for his age. Genius on computer, great to hang out with,very nice and smooth,wishes there were girls his age on the VESTA that he met. Misses his family, they sent him to the vesta space station for education/support but found out he was never going back home To his mother who had him when she was 17 by a different father and married someone else and two younger brothers. The real father was a drug attic, felon. His real name is Eric Scott Lindsay it was supposed to be Melton after the adoption by his father was completed. He is called Erriku sukotto rinze, because its his name in japanese, he studied Martial arts before sent to the station, now he enjoyspoetry, video games, anime video tapes and, watching his friend who he met named Jim on, arrival here.[/B][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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