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[COLOR=YellowGreen][I]...What would you do... If you were a member of a vampire coven...[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=SeaGreen][I]...What would you do... if you were the rightful leader?...[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Green][I]...What would you do... if you were denied that right and were a low rank member instead?...[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][I]...What would you do... if you life was about to have many a drastic change?...[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][I]...because of a human girl?[/I][/COLOR]

Welcome to the continent of Anemia, home to Demon, Elvin, and Human kind alike.

After an unrecorded catastrophe took place over 3 milenia ago, the entire globe had to start from scratch again. Now in 3045 AC the species that had survived the disaster to begin, have evolved to a "modern day" lifestyle. (Think about 10 years ahead of us)

While "new" species have appeared on the scene... Others...

...Have become no more than mere legends...

One of those "legendary" creatures, is the Vampire. Hidden from the mortal world, these aristrocratic people have built entire empires away from the leering eyes of society. Covens, groups of vampire "families" live undergroud, for the most part. Ruled by a Master and a few handpicked "Nobles" of theirs, they lead a rather undisturbed way of life. Crosses and holy water affect few, if any vampires.Though the good ol' stake in the heart still works perfectly! As you know, the sun is their mortal enemy, so they are forced to live and hunt within the boundaries of the night. (which sucks if you ask me...especially for Daylight Savings Time) Though there is one coven Master, that no longer wishes for this to be so...

A Master that uses unorthodox methods, not only to keep his coven in line, but in punishment, and in...other feilds.

When the former Master was mysteriously murdered, he took the position from the young inexperianced heir before the word could get out about there even being an heir to begin with.

Now, almost 200 years later, this "Master" still rules, and the young "Heir" still sits in one of the lowest positions in the coven, for fear that if he was given any sort of power, he might try to overthrow the Master.

Why did this young heir not speak up during any of this? Why didnt he voice the truth? He would have, he truly would....

...had he possessed a voice to do so.

Back to present day: The Master, known better as Master Wakusei whom reins over the Aylward Coven is planning something that, if accomplished, could mean disaster for the more ...mortal type... inhabitants of Anemia. Breaking almost every law that applies to human/Vampire contact he has recruited a young female scientist; Satsuki Yukimori.

Hired to do studies on the anatomy of Vampires, she is to find a cure against their deathly sunlight intolerance. Working alone in a reasearch facility almost 50miles away from any known ciliization. Wakusei has obviously placed much trust into this young human woman to complete the cure he so desires...

Though the problem seems to be...in doing this, alot of things get kicked up...rumors...of vampires actually existing. A strange phenomonon of "slayers" suddenly appearing ont he streets, hunting these legends... and then there are those ...who strangely know of this...project...and will stop at nothing....to stop it.

[B]Please Note: [/B] your enterance into the rpg will be determined by the quality of your post and the amount of useful information given in your bio. Simple (and otherwise crappy) Things like "His name ish Joe-smo and he is an all mighty slayer of all vampires! He uses a gun to blow their heads off!.." Will not be accepted.

The following Roles are OPEN please we have to have at least half of them filled for this RPG to take place. IF you are requesting a position, just PM me with the reason why you want that character and possibly send some of the missing details for that character that I have delibarately ommitted. If accepted, I will send you a PM stating so and then I would ask for you to submit your revised bio (This is only for those requesting a position)

[U][B]The Vampires:[/B][/U]

[B]Played By:[/B] Information Not Available
[B]Surname:[/B] Aylward
[B]First name:[/B] Wakusei
[B]Species: [/B] Vampire
[B]Status in Coven:[/B] Master
[B]Age:[/B] Information Not Available
Hair:[/B] Ebony Black, with hints of grey in some spots, long enough to be tied in a braid that reaches past the midway point of his back
[B]Eyes:[/B] Deep emerald green
[B]Height:[/B] 6'3''
[B]Cloice of Clothing:[/B] Information Not Available
[B]Abilites: [/B]
-Mind reading

*Further abilities are unknown*

[B]Personality: [/B] Wakusei. Is. Crazy? He is very much a cocky, power driven, serious, nutjob. He is rather sarcastic when not dealing with his duties. The problem is, hes a genious (isnt that always the way it goes?) so he can hold office despite his... mental...issues... He will stop at nothing to be able to walk in both day and night, heck, he even hired a HUMAN to do the work for him. A rule that bears severe penalty...if youre not the Master (~_^)

[B]Estimated Level of difficulty:[/B] medium-->high

[I][B]*Not recommended for less experianced Role Players[/B][/I]

[B]Played By: Legacy
Surname: [/B] Aylward
[B]First name:[/B] Yuto
[B]Species:[/B] Vampire
[B]Status in Coven: [/B] Noble (right hand man of Wakusei)
[B]Age:[/B] Information Not Available
Hair: [/B] Short spikey alabaster white hair.
[B]Eyes:[/B] silverish blue
[B]Height:[/B] 5'9''
[B]Cloice of Clothing: [/B] Information Not Available

[B]Abilites: [/B] Information Not Available

[B]Personality:[/B] Yuto is wiser in his actions than his Master. He calculates a situation carefully before initiating a plan. Slow to anger but quick to anger others, Yuto is very hard to figure out. He comes off as cold, and that he is. He disallows any to get near and if they do, he is quick to betray them. Hates Wakusei's plan, believes it will put the entire coven in jepardy

[B]Estimated Level of difficulty:[/B] Hard, Yuto has a deep personality and very hard to guess what he will do next, requesting an experianced Role Player for the part.... Thanks to Legacy for taking Yuto's role ^_^

[B]Played by: Valen
surname: [/B] Aylward
[B]first name:[/B] Shizen

NOTE: Valen has now posted his sign up post for Shizen, if you require any information for him, just look down a few posts for it. Thank you.

[B]Played by: Information Not Available
surname: Information Not Available
First name:[/B] Arden
[B]species:[/B] Vampire
[B]Status in Coven: [/B] Information Not Available
[B]age:[/B] 128
Hair: Information Not Available
Eyes: Information Not Available
Height: [/B] 5'6''
[B]Choice of Clothing:[/B] Asian (your choice though)

[B]Abilities:[/B] Information Not Available
[B]Personality:[/B] Arden is...Arden. Close friend of Shizen, and personal alarm clock to all members of the Aylward Coven. Arden is very laid back, innocent, and childish. His gentle nature helps him fit in with everyone, hes the type you really cant hate...nor get rid of. Has a tendancy to stick to Shizen like glue though...

[B]Other info:[/B] The Aylwards "adopted" him in almost three decades ago and hes stuck around ever since
Estimated level of difficulty: very easy, Arden is pretty easy to figure out.

[U][B]The Humans[/B][/U]

[B]Played by: Starlight
Surname: [/B] Yukimori
[B]given name:[/B] Satsuki
[B]age: [/B] 22
hair:[/B] long, deep chestnut brown with rusty red highlights.
[B]eyes:[/B] Sea Blue
[B]Clothing choice: [/B] Lab coat, long sleeved shirt, and black pants and when working. Faded blue jeans, T-shirt, and a sweatshirt when not working.

[B]Personality: [/B] always happy to help other, deep into learning more about histories and cultures which helps to drive her wild imagination. A daydreamer by nature, Satsuki has issues with keeping her head out of the clouds. Though when she gets serious, look out!


Satsuki hesitantly strode down the familliar hallways of her former medical school, her footsteps echoing throughout the otherwise empty school. She didn't know why, but she felt uncomfortable being alone in this building.

It was after-hours, most of the students were probably at home studying or out partying with friends. Afterall, it WAS Friday Satsuki reminded herself with a small unhappy sigh.

Stopping briefly to shift the weight of her purse on her shoulder, she cast a look down at the medium-sized cardboard box of the few things she had forgotten tucked under her arm. Sighing, Satsuki looked back over her shoulder at the dim empty hallway and shook her head.

"I really don't want to leave do I...?"

Satsuki became very silent then, as the reality of those words hit her full force. Standing in the same spot for what seemed like ages, she snapped out of her zoned-out state of mind when she suddenly became aware of footsteps. With a small gasp, Satsuki realized just how late it had become.

"Oh my Gods! It's already past 6?! I'm supposed to meet with Mr. Aylward in less then a half hour!" Exclaimed Satsuki as she cast a quick glance the time displayed on her digital watch.

[I]'Great job Satsuki, now you're going to be late for your new employer...greeeeat way to give a good first impression!'[/I] Satsuki thought bitterly.

Not wanting to really see who it was in the building with her, Satsuki dashed to the glass double doors and slid out into the cool dusk air.

In truth, she and Mr. Aylward had never met personally, only a few hushed late night conversations on the phone about an interesting job. It was strange more than anything, as Satsuki had needed a job, but hadn't put her ad in the paper yet... One of those things she hadn't quite gotten around to yet.

Dashing down the sidewalk to the bustop Satsuki remembered that she would have to check her map for the directions for their meeting place for the billienth time.

"Okay Mr. Aylward...time to find out what this is really all about..." Murmured Satsuki.

[B]Estimated Level of difficulty:[/B] easy


[SIZE=1][B]I think we have enough people to be able to properly start this RPG now. I apologise for the delay in starting this but I was away for the majority of my weekend and was unable to have access to a computer. Signups are remaining open for two more days. After that they will be officially closed. [/B] [/SIZE]
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[color=teal][i][u]Alastor hung painfully against the wall, his shoulder ripped open. The vampire who'd done this to him would pay. Of course, all of the vampires would pay. it was only a matter of time before the almighty werewolf, Alastor Fala Silvermoon escaped. Then he heard the screams. He looked up and saw the silver liquid pouring into her.[/i]

[b]Alastor:[/b]NO!!! SHIZU! SHIZU! SHIZUUUUU!!!!

[b]Vampire:[/b]Give it up, Alpha! Your daughter shall share her fate! It is your price to pay for denying us blood-to-blood powers!

[i]Shizu's body began to mutate and liquify. Her skin, for lack of a better description, melted. Alastor cried as he stared at his sister's dead body. She, the most beautiful creature in the world, murdered because she refused the vampire's offer to give both races immortality through an unholy union of marriage between them. Oh, yes....the vampire's would pay. Especially since Alastor's guard was relaxed....he changed. His anger, his blood, gave him the will-change. It was a mark of honor. he didn't care.....he wanted his sister back. He wanted Shizu back. He wanted their child back.....[/i][/u]

[i]Alastor awakened for the third time that month with blood and sweat seeping from his eyes. He buried his head in his shirt, crying for her and their daughter. It was well-known that Alastor had chosen her for his mate. It was almost a law for his family. But that didn't prevent him from loving her. He stared into the distance. the cleric had magicked him from the vampire fortress a century ago. Alastor now knew spells that any vampire would blanche at. The cleric had taught him well before leaving him. Alastor was now ready. He picked up his silver longsword, Alaris, and slowly began the journey to the more civilized city of Nosgoth. Certainly somebody there knew there way to the Vampire Fortress. the land had changed so much in a century.....[/i]

[b]Played By:[/b]Legacy


[b]First Name:[/b]Alastor (Dire or Dagger to his friends)

[b]Species:[/b]Elven Werewolf (Dark-elf)

[b]Status In Pack:[/b]No pack. Former Alpha for the Crimson Crescent Pack. Return to duty doubtful.


[b]Appearance:[/b]6'2", chiseled, yet muscular. Very handsome, yet dark despite his pale skin.

[b]Hair:[/b]The blackest black.


[b]Choice of Clothing:[/b]Normally just a pair of black jeans and leather boots, but sometimes wears his favorite white t-shirt and a blue jean jacket. Always has leather gauntlets on.


[i]Alaris:[/i]Silver longsword gifted to him by the cleric upon his mastery of the clerical arts.

[i]Claws:[/i]Every werewolf has this natural weapon. Aggravated damage done to vampires.

[i]Twin Daggers:[/i]Foot-long blades crafted by Alastor many years ago. They were meant to protect Yuki and Shizu.

[i]Wooden Stakes:[/i]Kept on a bandolier, these weapons are effective against vampires.


[i]Ferocity:[/i]An inhuman rage oversomes him, allowing him to fight with little impunity. He pays no attention to damage or attacks, attacking viciously until his rage subsides.

[i]Regenerate:[/i]His natural ability to heal is tripled. Even broken bones reset themselves quickly. This does not prevent death.

[i]Clerical Clarity:[/i]He can detect lies or sense motives for a certain person's actions. He can also determine if a person is a vampire or not.

[i]Awareness:[/i]His connection to his surrounding is heightened, meaning he could tell whether or not a hand on a table leaves a heat residue or whether or not the vampire at the end of the bar has had a taste of any of that soda in front of him.

[i]Unknown Ability:[/i]Believed to involve silver sword, Alaris. Details unknown.

[b]Personality:[/b]Very dark and reserved ever since his sister, named for a Japanese priestess from long ago, was murdered brutally in the only way werewolves could die: silver. He's been a kind person to those that deserve it, but desires no company. He is vicious in battle, especially when fighting vampires. He has sworn to hate all vampires and kill the one who murdered his sister and lover, as well as their child, Yuki. To this end, he uses his silver longsword, Alaris, his claws, and a pair of lethal daggers made of steel. He also carries a set of wooden stakes on a bandolier. He knows many tricks of a clerical kind. It is also suspected his sword can call forth a deadly spell. It is, however, unknown. He was formerly the Alpha of the deadliest wolf pack known, but resigned upon the death of his sister. Rumors circulate that he will again take up that particular mantle as warrior-chief of the Crimson Crescents at the behst of his second sister, Ingrid, but it is doubtful.

[b]Difficulty:[/b] Medium~~>Hard. Under [i]Ferocity[/i], Hard~~>Lethally Dangerous.

[b]A picture of Alastor and Shizu Silvermoon as well as a picture of Alastor's wolf form is included. Age of Pictures:[/b] Approximately 127 years old.[b] 27 years prior to Shizu's unfortunate death.[/b] Wherabouts of Yuki Silvermoon are currently unknown. She is believed to be deceased.[/color]

~File On Subject [b]Alastor Fala Silvermoon[/b] Compiled by Researcher First Class Datae Kuonji, Winter of 3045 AC.
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[font=gothic][color=darkslategray]This is, if it is not obvious, a human sign up.

Surname: van der Kaarstein
Given name: Jürgen (Normally goes by Kaarstein)
Age: 31
Appearence: Kaarstein is about six foot one, and pale enough that he has in the past been mistaken for a vampyre, but more on that later. Despite his condition, and more on that later as well, he is built solidly, which is entirely his own fault, since he was actually born slender. It takes quite a bit to work up that much muscle on a person of that build, he can attest. Anyway, Kaarstein has dark brown hair, rather shaggy looking, that hangs down to just above his eyes at the front, and longer at the back. A rather rough beard, about down to his collarbone. Tends to be mistaken for a hobo by those that don't know vampyres exist. He has dark eyes, and hard features. Tends to wear heavy black leather pants, and a stormcloud gray short sleeved shirt. Occasionally dons leather bracers, that extend from the elbow to the gaps in between the fingers. Spiked in several places, and reinforced at the knuckles. Old friends from some more reckless days.

Personality: Kaarstein's personality is shaped entirely by his genetics. He was born with a bizarre form of what we know as anaemia (yes, he's heard all the jokes). Rather than the typical haemoglobin deficiency, Kaarstein's red blood cells develop and die at a greatly expanded rate, as does most of his circulatory system. In fact, last time he checked, when relaxed he had something like 250 heart beats a minute. Obviously, this causes a lot of blood pressure problems.

Kaarstein has spent his entire life on the edge of either dying or haemochromotosis like symptoms, depending on what he happened to eat that particular day. That wouldn't concern him too much, he doens't really have much to do, but the knowledge that most of the cells in his circulatory system live shortened, though frenetic lifespans is worrying for one rather good reason. It may be possible that he could develop a fatigued heart by the time he's 40. Not a nice prospect.

Kaarstein has spent the last few years attempting to work out some kind of either cure, or at the very least, a decent artifical heart. He's become somewhat obsessed, though you wouldn't know it too look at him. All of a sudden, Kaarstein finds out about vampyres. Now, it's generally accepted that anaemia and vampyrism are loosely connected. Kaarstein doesn't care about vampyre's attempting to remove their vulnerabilty to sunlight, or any kind of threat to humanity, or anything else. He just wants a couple of vampyres on ice so he can cut them up and look at their blood for a while. [/font][/color]

EDIT: When you get right down to it Valen, I don't even know why they still have that up. I mean, it's pretty weak, considering all I do is run the Battle Arena these days. Which is more fun, but hey.
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[color=royalblue][b]Surname:[/b] Aylward

[b]Name:[/b] Shizen

[b]Age:[/b] 460

[b]Species:[/b] Vampire

[b]Element:[/b] None

[b]Spells:[/b] None

A male character standing at about 5' 9'' with Ivory White hair that flows a little farther than his shoulder blades, and Red eyes that glow an even deeper red when he gets mad. His Beige, 95% cotton, 5% polyester, trenchcoat goes to about three inches above his ankles. His skin is a pale white, almost like it's glowing because of the amount of light it reflects.

Shizen is an easy-going vampire for the most part. He likes creativity, nature, being left alone, solitude, non judgmental people, peaceful evenings. Though, he really dislikes fire, pain, when harm befalls those he cares about, Vampires, being mute, death, when people drag up things that he would prefer left alone. He's also very touchy about certain subjects.

Shizen's weaponry is none other than himself and his telepathy. He's a Vampire, what else does he need?

The night was growing old as Shizen and Arden stood around the coven metting area, which was nothing more than a grey, stone building's ruins, only parts of the four walls still stood, and the rest was overgrown with moss, hard, rich dirt was covering most of the ground there, with the occasional slate stones, and an alter in the center where Shizen's brother stood, communicating about random things. Shizen, being mute, could only give looks, nod, shake his head, or just communicate through telepathy. Guess which one he did the most...

"So what about this human girl? Do you really think she can do it?" Arden inquired in a skepticle tone.

"...(Arden, don't go there.)" he send to Arden through telephathy, but with a difference. Arden could hear the tone in Shizen's telepethetical voice. It was more a depressed tone.

"Oh come on, Shizen. You know the only reason you--"

Shizen cut him short with a peircing look. Arden shut up. Arden couldn't figure out why Shizen would act this way, he was usualy so calm about the subject.

"What's up? You seem... different... tonight." Arden told Shizen in a most cheery voice.

"...(You don't know anything about it. It was not [i]only[/i] because of her intentions that I did it. You [u]do[/u] know that much. The rest I shant reveal right now. Come, dawn approaches)" He telepetheticly told Arden, who was getting very unnerved with Shizen's tone tonight.

Shizen pushed himself from against the back wall that was covered in Spanish Moss draping down from over the grey brick walls, or what remained of them. The moss had attached itself to Shizen's trenchcoat and fell off as his posture became upright again.

"'Come, dawn approaches.'" Arden repeated, as if to playfully mock Shizen, who was already in a bad mood tonight. Nonetheless, he followed as Shizen led the way out of the coven meeting area to the place where he would rest.

"Halt!" A sandpaper voice said through the darkness of the night. It was Shizen's brother, Wakusei, the new Coven Leader. Shizen paid him no mind as he walked out of the ruins, to his place of rest.

[b]Estimated Level of Difficulty:[/b] If you know my usual character Valen, [b]easy[/b]. If not, [b]medium[/b]. [/color]

There we go. Starlight, welcome back to Otaku[b]Boards[/b]. Be sure to read Flynn's sticky if you have not done so. He's become a real pest about enforcing that. (j/k Flynn, ya know we all love ya.)
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OOC: Hey, Legacy, I hope you don't mind that I made my character really related to yours. Umm..if you don't want it like that, then pm me, and I'll make a new character. But..I'm really hoping you're ok with it.

[B]Played By:[/B] Cyriel

[B]Surname:[/B] Silvermoon

[B]First Name:[/B] Ingrid

[B]Species:[/B] Elven Werewolf (Dark-elf)

[B]Status In Pack:[/B] Substitue Alpha for the Crimson Crescent Pack, in absence of [B]Alastor[/B]. (I know she's female, but who cares. That's what the suffrage movement was for.)


[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=10[/url]
[B]Hair:[/B] Smoky black.
[B]Eyes:[/B] Dark brown
[B]Height:[/B] 5'7"
[B]Choice of Clothing:[/B] Ingrid will wear dark, long-sleeve shirts with a wifebeater underneath. Small wristguards are hidden underneath, and rows of small blades are hidden under loose pants that have many pockets.


[I]Clerical Clarity[/I]: She can detect lies or sense motives for a certain person's actions.

[I]Awareness[/I]: Her connection to her surrounding is heightened, meaning she could tell whether or not a hand on a table leaves a heat residue or whether or not the vampire at the end of the bar has had a taste of any of that soda in front of him.

[B]Personality:[/B] The air that Ingrid seems to breathe is melancholy, fraught with sorrow and hidden secrets. Hardly ever cracking a smile, Ingrid's outward appearance is always calm...and almost a little depressing. She's like a cloud that moves from place to place, blocking out the warm rays of the sun. However, the pack and others accept her because of her wisdom and clear-headedness. She will rarely go into a situation without reviewing every possibility, and is sometimes a perfectionist. Ingrid also highly values all forms of life, and never risks the members of the Crimson Crescent Pack without good reason, and never if she's not also with them. Because of this, they trust and follow her in Alastor's absence. Under her quiet demeanor, you would never guess that she holds quiet grudges, and is quite capable of causing devastation in any battle.

[B]Bio:[/B] The youngest child of the three (now two) Silvermoon children, Ingrid is the youngest of Alastor's sisters. She's 29 years younger than Alastor, and Shizu was her older sister. Because there was kind of an age gap between her brother and her, Ingrid grew up mostly with Shizu, who got the two closer together in a friendly relationship. Ingrid was elated when Shizu and Alastor became mates - she could think of no other people who were more dear to her, and she knew that Shizu would be happy. Although she was usually alone in the pack, Shizu was still always very close to her, able to open up her little sister's shy, withdrawn feelings.

When Shizu had Yuki, Ingrid was in awe and adoration. She loved Yuki, and would spend hours caring and playing with the little child. Yuki, a baby, wouldn't judge her, and so Ingrid lavished affection on her little niece. She was unaware of the trouble brewing with the vampires... When Alastor told her of what happened to Shizu and Yuki, Ingrid was devastated. Although she was moderately close to Alastor, it was nothing compared to her bond with Shizu and Yuki. She withdrew even deeper into herself, cutting off all others. She avoided Alastor, and anything else that might evoke memories of her dead sister and niece.

However, when Alastor left, deserting the position of Alpha, Ingrid took over, seeing as the pack was left in confusion. They, although doubtful at first, quickly were calmed by her quiet confidence and order, even though she was not quite as cheerful as their former leader. She now retains the position of Alpha of the Crimson Crescent Pack, and everyone follows her without question because all fully trust her wisdom. And although the years have passed by, the hurt of Shizu and Yuki's deaths have not passed from Ingrid's heart, and the pack knows it's so. So while she leads and guides them with her careful hand, they also try to comfort her sorrow, which she never shows.

Ingrid also has somewhat of a grudge against Alastor. Not only did he leave the pack, but she also considers Shizu and Yuki's deaths on his hands. He, being the Alpha, and also Shizu's husband, should have been able to protect his mate and child...but he could not. So Ingrid is disappointed, and holds a grudge against him for that, for not being able to protect the people that he loved. She quietly vowed that she would never do that, and would die before she saw her loved ones killed. She vowed that she would never be in that state of weakness. Indeed, Ingrid considers her brother Alastor to be sort of weak...not in body, but perhaps in spirit. She feels that he is not strong enough to bear the burden of his family's death.

Ingrid is set against the vampires, since they killed Shizu and Yuki, but she blames Alastor for it more than they. She devotes her time now to keeping the Crimson Crescent Pack safe, but is now wanting to call Alastor back to his position as Alpha.

[B]Difficulty:[/B] Medium
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This is on Starlight's permission. We're doing this for plot, I needed a challenge, and this character is tied to my original, Alastor. And Cyriel, I'm glad you decided to make a family member of his. ^_-
[color=crimson][b]Played By:[/b]Legacy


[b]First Name:[/b]Yuto


[b]Status in Coven:[/b]Noble, Wakusei's right-hand man.


[b]Appearance:[/b]Outift changes irregularly, but Yuto's complexion is clean and handsome. He has pale skin, and retractable claws are evident on his right hand.

[b]Hair:[/b]Spiky, alabaster white. Sometimes done up in a short braid or ponytail when Wakusei is not near.

[b]Eyes:[/b]Silvery blue, almost like the surface of a misted lake.


[b]Choice of Clothing:[/b]Follows the Japanese tradition. Normally sports a white vest, laced along the left side of the chest, and black gi-style pants made of silk. He wears black form-fitting shoes made of a temperature-friendly cotton. Not that it matters to him. He always wears a pair of black wristbands and keeps his spiky hair in a short ponytail or braid when Wakusei is not around. His arms are always bare. Even in his rather form-fitting "allure", as he calls it. Though he rarely wears this light red and purple outfit, it has never failed to attract a "feast's" attention.


[i]Mjolnir:[/i]A large warhammer empowered with lightning.

[i]Claws:[/i]The retractable claws of his right hand are extremely sharp. he has no claws on his left hand due to an incident involving the Alpha male of the Crimson Crescent werewolves one-hundred years ago, right around the time the former Master Aylward "retired" prematurely.

[i]Longspear:[/i]A spear embossed with the crest of fire, it is capapble of a reddish glow that lights up the surrounding area with a burning, nonlethal light. This is for the benefit of non-darkvision-gifted Vampires. It also makes for a good human law-enforcer barbecue.....


[i]Telepathy:[/i]Communication via a temporary mind link with one or multiple subjects, this is a one-way thought transferrence.

[i]Darkvision:[/i]Like a werewolf's natural eyesight, Yuto can see quite clearly in the dark. In fact, he is the only vampire with such excellent darkvision that he can discern colors, textures, and individual shapes in a pitchblack room as if it were the middle of day.

[i]Concentration:[/i]An inhuman effort of will keeps pain and distraction from turning Yuto from any goal. Even fatigue is faded against this skill.

[b]Personality:[/b]Yuto is wiser in his actions than his Master. He calculates a situation carefully before initiating a plan. Slow to anger but quick to anger others, Yuto is very hard to figure out. He comes off as cold, and that he is. He disallows any to get near and if they do, he is quick to betray them. Hates Wakusei's plan and believes it will put the entire coven in jeopardy. This is the reason he saved that little girl from certain death a century ago, even though the former Master was murdering the child's mother and taunting the woman's husband.


[b]A portrait of Aylward Yuto dressed in a purple outfit is included. It follows his tradition of baring st least one of his arms.[/b][/color]

~File On Subject [b]Yuto Grisholm Aylward[/b] Compiled by Researcher First Class Datae Kuonji, Fall of 3044 AC.
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[b]Played By: [/b] Dark-Eye

[b]Surname: [/b] None but I often poses as a vampire of the Aylward Coven

[b]First Name: [/b] Dâgalûr

[b]Vampire Name: [/b] Flogral

[b]Age: [/b] I have lived in the Abyss since long before my child that started the vampire race was pulled from my chest, but I have only just come unto the physical plane less than 100 years ago.

[b]Species: [/b] Daemon (A Daemon is a higher order of demon)

[b]Element: [/b] Water (Sub-Element = Blood)

[b]Spells and Abilities: [/b]

[u]Absorption: [/u] in any form I will, if it is not cleaned away in less than 25 seconds, absorb blood straight through my skin. This doth not allow me to pull it from someone else in the same way but if any blood is spilt on me it is more or less likely that it will be drained strait into my body.

[u]Change Form: [/u] I have the power to alternate between three different forms and I can activate a forth, more powerful, form. The three always accessible forms are my vampire form, a form of smoke and shadows, and my actual form. My forth form is the most powerful. When I created the demon that would then create the vampire race I was a complete being but to create the demon I took something very valuable to myself from within me, my heart. This made me revert to a hideous and somewhat weaker form, but I can once again claim my true form for a short period of time: if I get covered in blood so that barely any skin is visible under the blood it is absorbed almost instantaneously through the skin and changes me, without my control, into my true form that existed before I gave up my heart, the form that was the Demon God of Blood. In this form blood is instantly absorbed through my skin and my strength and power grow exponentially but it is only temporary lasting about 10 seconds per pint of blood recently drained (9 pints are needed to cause the change so it lasts at least 18 minutes, the most fresh pints I can have that will affect the duration is 18 pints, 36 minutes). In this form I begin to crave the blood of everything that has blood within it with an almost insatiable lust. To restrain me seven vampires, or beings with strength that equals that of vampires, and I will have to be restrained for the duration of the time left in this form, 1 for each arm, 1 for each leg, one for each wing, and one for the head.

[u]Blood Fealty: [/u] I can take control of any exposed blood within 10 feet of myself.

(I also have the basic vampiric powers spoken of in Anne Rice's books: strength, mental comunication to other vampires, and the ability to sense other vampires.)

[b]Appearance: [/b] In my vampire form I am 6 feet 2 inches tall with shoulder length black hair. My eyes are vivid and my irises are swilling pools of crimson. I prefer old fashion clothing... really old fashion. I wear a white smock, brown leather tights, and old fashion brown boots. My hands have ½ inch long claws on them. In my actual form I resembles Victor from Underworld before I was reanimated. In the sockets where eyes should be is just a crimson glow. In this form maroon lines are prominently visible under my gray skin, these are my blood vessels. My claws are only an inch or so long but they are still dangerous. You cannot see my heart because I tore it out to create my "child", the demon that possessed the blood of the first vampires and in-turn all vampires created from them. A thick cloud of shadow and smoke surrounds me at all times. From my back extends the skeletons of two large bat wings and at the tip of each extension of the wing is a vicious looking hook. In my true form I am thin and fair skinned with long black hair that seems to move on its own. My irises are black and my pupils are swilling pools of crimson. The once skeletal wings are now large black bat wings. I wear a long black cloak that exposes my throat down to my waist in a large V but covers my arms and from the waist down entirely. My claws are now 2 inches longs and crimson colored. My blood vessels are no longer visible but shadows and smoke still shroud me.

[b]Personality: [/b] I am some somber but I hate to be taunted and thought to be boring. I am new to the material plane and the only reason I'm here is to check on my "decedents". I am also somewhat boastful am I feel that this coven should think themselves lucky that I chose to think of them as my direct relations.

[b]Weapons: [/b] All of my weapons are natural. In my vampire form my claws, fangs, and strength are my weapons. In my actual form my weapons are my wings, claws, fangs, and strength. And in my true form I have the same weapons as in my actual form plus I can fly in my true form.

[b]History: [/b] I have basically included all that is needed to know about my influence on the material plane, but on the other planes my history extends much further. Long ago, before humans were even created, the outer planes were chaotic with battle, Demon versus Celestial, we were losing because they out numbered us extremely. After a long battle Orcus, our leader, commanded us to retreat back to the underworld to plan another, most probably failing, attack on Celestia. But meanwhile in Celestia chaos was growing and many of the inhabitants rebelled. Needless to say the rebels were defeated but instead of destroying them they were cast down to our home. Taking the new name of Devils these fallen beings struck hard and fast and we were defeated quickly. There leader cast us off but not to another plane, he sent us into a twisting and unstable portal. Through much willpower and control of the forces chaos Orcus created a plane from this blackness, we called it The Abyss. Eventually our forces grew and now a three way war known as The Blood War rages between Celestia, Hell, and the Abyss but I won't go any further into that.
I shall now pick up at the point where I thought of coming to the material plane and my vampire history. I took the form of a vampire that is a member of Aylward by possessing and engulfing the body of one of Shizen's discarded victims one hundred years ago. Shizen is the only one who knows of my masquerade because he saw me or mentally heard me enter the body, destroy the soul and replace it. The only reason that he noticed me was because of his well developed telepathy but he still knows not who or what I really am... no one does. I came here to check on my "family" and that is what I plan to do.

[b]Weaknesses: [/b] being a Daemon my weaknesses are somewhat different from I vampire's. The sun truly does not affect me in the fact that I die, but I more or less become weak, tired, and sunlight reveals my true form. Staking doesn't work that well either althought it does hurt me and if it is a precious metal it does burn the skin a bit. My one true weakness that applies to almost any being of light or darkness is if my head is severed from my body I die. This weakness is not so in my true form considering in it I am a Demon God but once I power down I become vulnerable again.

[b]Estimated Level of Difficulty: [/b] Complex. [/color]

I hope this is ok.
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