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Guest Lexy

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Story So Far: There's a new girl in Domino City, her name's Rikku Johnson. Her and her family moved to Domino City from Gala City to escape something horrible that happened though she can't remember what or entirely forget. Her family (consisting of her brother, Ethan and her dad) Know what happened but won't tell her becuase it might destroy her. Ever since she's met Yugi and his friends she's been having theses flashes of what?.....could it be of what happened back in Gala city that was so horrible?.....What would happen if she remembered?................

Here's what I need:




Favorite card(s):



Millenium Item(Optional):

If your playing a regular character all I need is:



Fav. Card(s):

And what they've been doing lately:

You are allowed up to three characters.

Here's my info:

Name: Rikku Johnson

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Favorite cards: The Dark Magician Girl and The Harpie Lady Sisters

Bio: Something horrible happened in her past and if she rememvred, something terrible might happen. She's trying to moveon with her life and forget that she can't rememver but ever since she met Yugi and his freinds she's been having these strange flashes and she's beginning to get afraid of what she might find!

Description: Rikku has dark blue hair with purple streadks and tips. She has dark blue eyes and a scar under her right eye. She's 5"2 and she likes to wear her short blue skirt, purple bellyshirt with a blue sleeveless vest and purple high heeled boots.

Millenium Item: The Millenium head band??

Name: Ethan Johnson

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Favorite cards: Red Eyes Black dragon, Blue Eyes White Dragon and The Flame Swordsman

Bio: Ethan is an outgoing advevturist boy who loves a challenge but when it comes to his sister that's a differnt story! He's always watching what he says so not to revive any part of her memory. On his spare time he likes to hang with his friends and play duel monsters.

Descrption: Ethan has shoulder length black hair with red tips. He has reddish eyes, a scar on his left arm and is 5"7. He likes to wear black pants and boots with a red sleeveless shirt and a black sleeveless vest with red flames on it.

Millenuim Item: None

Have Fun! :flaming:
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Name: Konner Michaels

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Favorite card(s): Buster Blader and Black Paladin

Bio: Konner was born in Australia where he spent most of his time playing cards and surfing when he wasn't at school. his father's job moved him th Domino City and he started hanging out with Yugi. He recieved the orb as a christmas present from his mom when he was 12 and the nacklace he bought with his birthday money at 13.

Description: about 5'6 with spiked up black hair that when let down reaches his shoulders, he wears some black cargo pants, and a red dragon shirt with a cresent moon scar above his eyebrows on his forehead. He has brown eyes ansd is vrey athletically built.

Millenium Item(Optional): Milenium Orb

and my spirit:

Name: Yuri

Age: looks 15, but is probably about the same age as Yami.

Gender: Male

Favorite card(s): Buster Blader and Dark Magician

Bio: Not much is known about Yuri except that he was a good helper of the pharaoh. He helps others when they need it but also uses that to get what he wants.

Description: 5'6 with a black trench coat, a read shirt and blue carpenter pants. Black spiked hair and hazel eyes.
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[color=teal]Sounds kind of like me and Andrew! ^_^

[B]Name:[/B] Amber Kaiba

[B]Age:[/B] 15-16

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Favorite card(s):[/B] The All-Seeing White Tiger and The Amazoness Tiger

[B]Bio:[/B] Amber's Noa's twin sister making her Seto's step-sister. Amber is rightful owner of Kaiba Corp. which makes Seto kind of scared of her. She's very kind hearted and bullies like picking on her. One day when she was getting picked on. Joey stuck up for her for no apparent reason. After that, those to got together. Amber's highly computer smart. Joey has been teaching her how to fight too.

[B]Description:[/B] Amber has shoulder length with teal bangs that end at her chin and purple eyes. She usually wears a turqouise belly shirt, a black vest with the letters KC in turqouise on the front left and back, black leather flares, a black belt with a silver belt buckle with the letters KC on it, black fingerless gloves, and black boots.

[B]Millenium Item:[/B] Millenium Earrings[/color]

[color=indigo]:drum roll: And here's my second character!

[B]Name:[/B] Joey Wheeler

[B]Age:[/B] 15-16

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Favorite card(s):[/B] Flame Swordsman and Red-Eyes Black Dragon

[B]Bio:[/B] Joey is the kind hearted street punk of Yugi's little gang. He'll do anything for his friends and family. He kind of doesn't think before he acts. He's not actually the brightest watt in the bulb. He falls for Amber after he protects her from some bullies. At the moment. he's trying his best to teach Amber how to fight.

[B]Description:[/B] [url]http://www.theotaku.com/yugioh/pictures/011/image_003.jpg[/url]

[B]Millenium Item:[/B] Millenium Wristband[/color]
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Funny sis! - . -

[B]Name:[/B] Amanda Wheeler

[B]Age:[/B] 15-16

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Favorite card(s):[/B] The Dark Magician Girl and The Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon

[B]Bio:[/B] Amanda's Joey's twin sister. She has a tendacy to have a slight additude and she usually speaks with her fists. She just the oppisite of her brother when it comes to brain power. She's very computer and book smart. She has a major crush on Seto even though her brother warned her about him. She's mostly kind hearted though.

[B]Description:[/B] Amanda has waist length blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She wears a black leather tanktop with a heart shape cut out of the chest and fringes at the bottom, black leather flares, black boots, black fingerless gloves, and a black chocker. She has a tattoo of a ring of roses around her belly button and a japaness symbol on her left shoulder.

[B]Millenium Item:[/B] Original Millenium Necklace

[color=red] And here's my second character!

[B]Name:[/B] Seto Kaiba

[B]Age:[/B] 15-16

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Favorite card(s):[/B] Blue-Eyes White Dragon

[B]Bio:[/B] Seto is owner of Kaiba Corp. and Amber's step-brother. He's only scared of her because she could take Kaiba Corp. at any time from him. He's a genuise and a workiholic, He loves his computer. He secreatly likes Amanda too. He's just to proud to admit to it.

[B]Description:[/B] [url]http://www.madamhydra.net/img-pic/ygo-kaiba-bewd-38k.jpg[/url]

[B]Millenium Item:[/b] Millenium Rod[/color]
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[color=navy]Hey we all like giving more info then what's needed! ^_^

[B]Name:[/B] Michelle Wheeler

[B]Age:[/B] 16-17

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Favorite card(s):[/B] The Firewing Pegasus and Katana the Swordmisstress

[B]Bio:[/B] Michelle is Joey's and Amanda's cousin and she's also Amber's best friend. She's ranks up there with the Wheeler name for fighting. She has a short fuse and she can snap in a matter of seconds. Michelle's also kind of mellow. She'll do anything for friends and family just like Joey. She has a crush on Tristen, but there's no way she's going to tell him.

[B]Description:[/B] Michelle has chin length red hair with shoulder length black bangs and light green eyes. She wears a short black tank top with flames coming up from the bottom and black netting sawed on to the straps, black leather flares, and black boots.

[B]Millenium Item:[/B] Millenium Chocker[/color]

[color=darkgreen]My second character!

[B]Name:[/B] Tristen Taylor

[B]Age:[/B] 15-16

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Favorite card(s):[/B] Cyber Commander

[B]Bio:[/B] Tristen is Joey's best friend and buddy in crime. Tristen is a street punk, but not quiet as bad as Joey. He has the tendacy to enter a fight, but not start it. He has a kind heart as well. He's not big push over though. Joey told him that Michelle has a crush on him, but he didn't believed. He actually started believeing Joey after he saw her writting "Tristen" all over her notebook. Now he has a crush on her.

[B]Description:[/B] [url]http://www.ratandfox.net/YuGiOh/images/characters/tristan.jpg[/url]

[B]Millenium Item:[/B] Millenium Pendent

OOC: JoyKaiba, Maximillion404, and I hope it's ok for the orginal characters to have Millenium Items. ^_^ [/color]
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[COLOR=Red]Character 1[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red][B]Name:[/B] Terry Paradox[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red][B]Age:[B/] 15-16[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red][B]Gender:[/B] Male[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red][B]Favorite Card(s):[/B] Jinzo & Vampire Lord[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red][B]Bio:[/B] Up until three months ago Terry was a womanizer and the master duelist of his home town. He used to play Duelmonsters as a hobby, but when he started playing seriously to impress the ladies he won nearly every time. Then one day he came up against an apponent unlike any other. It wasn't until after their duel (which was a draw) did he get to speak to his opponent. It turned out that this duelist was a very beautiful girl and he had fallen in love with her. No one is sure how it happened though, but then the girl disappeared and Terry was never the same. He says that he now duels for her sake.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red][B]Description:[/B] Most his hair is no longer then an inch long and black, but his bangs hand past his chin and is red. His skin is a pale white and he useually wears black paint on his lips and make diamonds around his eyes. He wears a black trenchcoat with the name of his love imprinted in gold on the back in egyptian hyrogliphics. He wears no shirt and his pants is bright red leather.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red][B]Millenium Item:[/B] None.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=YellowGreen]Character 2[/COLOR]

[COLOR=YellowGreen][B]Name:[/B] Megumi Mohisha[/COLOR]

[COLOR=YellowGreen][B]Age:[/B] 14-15[/COLOR]

[COLOR=YellowGreen][B]Gender:[/B] Female[/COLOR]

[COLOR=YellowGreen][B]Favorite Card(s):[/B] Magnet Valkyrion & Last Battle![/COLOR]

[COLOR=YellowGreen][B]Bio:[/B] Only a few weeks ago she moved to Domino City. She origionally lived in Tokyo and started playing duel monsters because she her friends all had started. Then she saw Seto Kaiba at a tournement and instantly got a teenaged girl crush on him. For her it was a dream come true to move to Domino City and closer tio Seto. She hopes some day to meet him in person.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=YellowGreen][B]Description:[/B] Soulder length pink hair. Her eyes are a firey red. A pink and white komono with a heart across the back and white high-heels.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=YellowGreen][B]Millenium Item:[/B] Millenium Locket.[/COLOR]
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Hey everyone! Thanks for signing up you know this is my first RPG and I just finished posting up the start of it in the Adventure so go and post and keep signing up! The more the marryer! :smirk:

I do need some more people to sign up as the original characters but you can be whoever you want! :babble:
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[color=magenta]OOC: Yeah, a Yu-Gi-Oh RPG! I luv Yu-Gi-Oh! JoyKaiba took my Joey! I guess I'll play these to charaters then!

Name: Duke Devlin

Age: 15-16

Fav. Card(s): ummm..........The Strike Ninja

What they've been doing lately: Duke has been just running his business as usual. He hasn't been doing much. He's been trying to find ways to improve his game though. He been researching stratageies and talling to Peagsus. It seems there re a couple of things that he can do to improve his game, but he's keeping that in his own mind. He's not letting it out yet.[/color]

[color=darkorchid]And this one! ^_^

Name: Yugi Muto

Age: 14-16

Fav. Card(s): The Dark Magician

What they've been doing lately: Yugi is still trying to help Yami discover his past. It's starting to get harder and hared. He thought it would get easier. He's got the help of all the Yamis, who are also trying to discover thier past. Seth seems to know alot, but he has a grudge aginst Yami in the first place. Yugi also has help from his friends. Seto is even being a big help. Yugi hopes to help Yami soon.[/color]
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Guest Ryukou
Name: Onosai

Age: ???

Gender: male

Favorite card(s): Fairy King Trusedale

Bio: after failing to complete his task of eliminating all duelists for Pegasus, Onosai was exiled from duelist kingdom. now he has spent most of his time perfecting his dueling skills, and along with his psychic partner shadolin, he is now virtually an unstoppable force. And even more wisdom has been granted to him since he found the millennium tauk... an ancient item with much power.

Description: long hair that sticks out of his hood, shadows from the hood engulf his face allowing him not to be viewed. Wears a black jacket over his red hooded shirt. Tight black jeans. Wears his own model of the duel disk on his left arm and always carries his millennium item along with him.

Millennium Item: millennium tauk : allows him to see the near and distant future, although anyone who holds a millennium item can alter the results of the prediction.

Name: Shadolin

Age: ???

Gender: Female

Favorite card(s): ominous fortunetelling.

Bio: Little is know about Shadolin as she tends to keep to herself. She is the only reason that Onosai found the Millennium tauk. Her psychic skills make her an excellent duelist, but she does not have cards to fully express her potential.

Description:all black one piece suit, with a black hooded robe covering it.
her face is not visable because of her hood, and all that is visible is a strange golden glow coming from her right eye...

millennium item: unknown, as nobody has actually seen her face except than Onosai.
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Name: Hyo Tsuken

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Favorite card(s): Buster Blader, Chaos Command Magician

Bio: Hyo met Yugi at a Duel Monsters tournament at school. He became friends with Yugi and the others and tried to become better than Yugi. When he found out that Yugi had a millenium item he showed his to Yugi, the Millenium Glove.

Description: Wears a ice blue T-shirt and blue jeans and black boots. Dark blue hair that covers the left side of his face and goes down to his shoulders in the back.

Millenium Item: Millenium Glove-The user is possessed by a ancient spirit named Kai who can reach into someone's thoughts and see their memories. He can unlock hidden memories within someone's mind or destroy ones they are aware of...
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Since you said three characters I'd like to take one last one.

Name: Bakura


Gender: Male

Favorite Card(s): Morphing Jar, Change of Heart

Bio: The holder of the Meiienium Ring and all around bad guy. He loves to torture people, but keeps up his appearence as Yugi's friend.

Description: [url]http://www.phenixsol.com/Miko/YGO/ygoBakuraring.jpg[/url]

What they've been doing lately: The same old stuff that Bakura does. Hunts after real Millenium items but these new ones have been throwing him off.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Name: Jon Wheeler
Age: 18
What country you are from: United States
Rarest Card: Dark Magician Girl
Bio: After recieving strange visions, Jon has set off to find the past surrounding his ancestor, and its relation to him. Equiped with the Millenium Ring, he is bound to find the original seven Millenium Items and find the truth about his destiny before it is too late.
Description: 5' 8" Red spikey hair. Medium build, fast in speed. Wears a white bandana fold into a rectangle and tied across his forehead. A white log sleeved shirt worn like Kaiba's trenchcoat, with a black shirt underneath and baggy blue jeans worn half way down his rear. Black shoes and a dead serious expression with a black bandana worn on his right wrist and a duel disk on his left.
Deck Theme: Dark and Dragon[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Name: Chris Ferguson
Sex: Male
Height: 5?11"
Hair: Long Blonde
Age: 18
From: America
Rarest: Paladin of White Dragon
Dress: Baggy Jeans
Black shirt w/ a menacing blue dragon
Black shoes
Silver necklace w/ a sword on the end
Bio: Always following one step behind the others, Chris is determined to make his
presence well-known, and his main goal is to find and show up long time friend and rival, Jon Wheeler. The question is, will Jon's destiny mess with Chris's plans to show up his friend and to find the three legendary Millenium Items?
Rarest: Paladin of White Dragon
Deck: Dragon Theme[/COLOR]
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Name: Alex Hornby

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Favorite card(s): Ceasefire, Airknight Parshath

Bio: Born and raised in Domino City, Alex didn't decide to become a duelist until he saw Odion for the first time. The expressionless way he played reminded Alex of himself, and he saw himself being just like Odion. Quiet, strong, a great duelist. He wan't very good at first and was trampled underfoot by those duelists in the city who had been Battle City participants. is first victory was over one of Espa Roba's younger brothers, who also became duelists. Alex won the Ceasefire from the boy, and knew how potent it was after having it used against him so many times. It soon became his favorite card. Sonn afterwards, he found the Millenium Seal.

Description: See attachment.

Millenium Item(Optional): Millenium Seal
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Name: Jagan. No one knows real name.
Age: looks 16.
Gender: Male
Favorite card(s): Blackfire Knight. Five God Dragon
Bio: Jagan grew up evil. His parents were never around, so he grew up under the care of Marik. He was well knowledged for his years and surpassed some of his ancestors in strength and cunning. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He i very secretive, and usually disguises himself in baggy jeans, a blue shirt and lether jacket.
Description: se avatar or banner.
Millenium Item(Optional): Millenium Orb(see stary) and Millenium Ring
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