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[COLOR=DarkRed][URL=http://www.members.tripod.com/midibrat/STARWARS.mid]Click Here! It's Cool![/URL]
Ok, plotline: You've all been shipwrecked on the planet, Iego. Most people don't believe it exists, but that's because you find it on accident. People who go looking for it come home empty handed and some just don't come back. It's a wasteland with about 42 moons orbiting it. The only native species are Maelibi, a kind of demon, and Diathim, a kind of angel. The Diathim are benevolent, while the Maelibi are malevolent.

While on Iego, you are completly immortal. You don't feel hunger of the effects of age. It is rumored that some people from the Jedi-Sith war are there. The government is a bunch of tribes that live in shacks made from broken starships. The tribes don't want people to leave and scavenging enough parts to make a starship is difficult.

The main objective is to build a ship and leave. Since people don't want you to leave, it will be difficult. Force-useres are allowed, but there can only be two jedi and one force user. You'll all start off in the Hurjen Tribe, unless you have special permission by me.

Species: (Anything within reason.)
Gender: (Duh.)
Age: (This should be interesting.)
Class: (Soldier, jedi, force user, smuggler, bounty hunter, stuff like that.)
Abilities: (Stuff your character can do. The force is an ability. Some species get abilities, but I'll PM you if you do. You can have up to two abilities, other than species ones.)
Homeworld: (Where is your character from?)
Reasons: (Why do they want to leave?)
Bio: (How did they get here.)

My Character:
Name: Zabolto Namo
Species: Dug
Gender: Male
Age: 86
Class: Used to repair ships
Abilities: Mechanically inclined, knows the planet, doesn't speak basic
Homeworld: Malastare
Reasons: He longs for the swamps of Malastare and wants to leave, no matter what he has to do.
Bio: Zabolto was on a ship, heading out to Corellia, when they were pulled out of hyperspace by Iego. The angels sabotaged their ship and it went down in The Scatter, a shallow valley where most ships go down. His crew has since been split up among the tribes and he has joined a small tribe, called the Hurjen Tribe. The goal of that tribe is to get off the planet.
I'll probably start when I have about seven or eight people. I hope you join.
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