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RPG Ill start a story and you continue it.


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:laugh: you're hilarious.

*Blasts a hole in the middle of nowhere.* *The kids that broke out of jail then came screaming into the scene and immediately started to spueeze the monkeys to death so hard that their heads popped off.*
kids-"OH BOY!!! TOYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
me-"There's more monkey heads and candy in the hole if you want some more."
*they go running into the hole and they land on each other and then they are attacked by some rabid moles that had dug their way into the hole.* *In short, blood and guts are flying everywhere.*
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*Then the spiked purse teletubies come up from the ground and start to eat the moles and gets eaten as they try to eat the moles and they all get destroyed, then teletubies rise from the grave two years later and ransack peoples houses globally then at a quiet manshin(spelling) (how do you spell it?)*
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OKAAAAAAAAA!! :rolleyes:

the man can't even feel the t.tubbies and he didn't notice that he was being attacked until he opened his eyes.

"Hm? what r u doing here?"
"we r here 2 [I]KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/I]
"I can't even feel ur attacks! How can u kill me?"
"by doing.........THIS!!!!!!"

(tell what they were doing.)
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