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Has anyone seen the new movie, [U]Hidalgo[/U] ? It is about this horse, Hidalgo, and Frank Hopkins, Hidalgo's owner. They run in a 3,000 mile race for 100,000 In American money, I assume.

It has great camera angles and has great effects. The characters are great (Frank Hopkins was a real guy). It also shows the inner conflict of Hopkins as [spoiler] he comes to terms with him being part Sioux indian [/spoiler] . The score (music by the orchestra) is marveolus!

So the point of this is, have you seen it? If so, did you like it, or dislike it and why?

I for one love this movie.

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Heck. I wanted to see it the day it came out. Then it was shoved back 'cause my mum wouldn't let me go. I was suppose to go on Saturday. Couldn't go again. Now I'm going today XD Hopefully...

But I've been waiting for this movie for almost a half a year. Plus, it has Viggo (played Aragorn in LOTR) in it so I was like "Sweet, dude!"

But yeah, I wanna see it. *cough*see banner in sig*cough*
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I just got back from seeing Hidalgo. To tell you the truth, I can't help comparing it to The Last Samurai, even though Hidalgo is purportedly based on actual (albeit unconfirmed) events. The Last Samurai is an incredibly beautiful and perfectly paced film, one that consists of far more than mere visual splendor. Its music, cinematography, script and acting completely blew me away.

While Hidalgo isn't exactly painful to watch, its premise mirrors TLS's very closely. Not only that, but several key scenes (such as the massacre of the Native Americans at Wounded Knee) immediately bring TLS to mind. It has some great one-liners, but a good portion of the movie just sort of.... drags. The director seems to love fading from one dramatic landscape shot to the next, and this grows really tiresome.

I guess some people are going to enjoy Hidalgo no matter what, especially since Viggo turns in a pretty decent performance.

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[color=firebrick] I loved every part of the movie, really. Probably because I'm currently obsessed with Viggo Mortensen.

I haven't seen the Last Samurai, but a lot of movies have massacres. Was there a specific theme to both massacres that made them similiar to each other? I just think they put the massacre in there because [it was a real event, I believe] and to protray some elements of how Viggo shunned part of his heritage. I really don't think any movie really 'copies' others.

I even liked the fading of the landscapes... It's also tiresome when a movie just switches to one place to another. It gives me the feeling of choppiness and uneven scenes. I admit, Hidalgo wasn't great, but I thought it was a good movie. When I went, the place was completely [i]packed[/i] and some people were sitting on the floor. I was lucky to have gotten there 40 minutes before because my mom and sister were watching the Passion. I never felt that I was bored in any part of the movie, and I thouroughly enjoyed every moment. At first I thought the movie would be a bit bad, but it turned out to be actually good. The action scenes were nice [I really liked that African dude who totally kicked a**] and I really liked the landscape of the desert. Wasn't it pretty? :P There were a lot of silhouette-esque scenes in the movie. But I guess you can't really expect anything else in such a setting.

And the movie only increased my admiration for Viggo. He looks likes such a hard-working and ambitious actor; with all of the action/adventure things he's done in LoTR and Hidalgo. [/color]

[i]The score (music by the orchestra) is marveolus![/i]

[color=firebrick]I didn't really keep an ear out to listen to the music, but it was very nice whenever I did. ^_^. I basically like most orchestral scores.[/color]
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