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  1. Oh absolutely, it is a great time. Live it up! But be prepared for something quite different when you graduate. Have fun.
  2. [QUOTE=outlawstar69]I think alot of the confusion here is from the fact that none of us have the same "political and culteral mindset", so to speak, because obviously we all come from very different backrounds, and were all raised differently. (Yes, I know that is a "Duh..." statement.) Chabichou, I take it that you are a Muslim who was born, or at least raised in Canada, correct? But, you have family and friends who came from the areas in the world in question, and were influenced by their views. It may be an obvious statement, but just because you haven't experienced the horrors and atrocities of a politically unstable area, it doesn't mean that you can't feel strongly about them. If your parents or older siblings tell you about how life was like over there, then of course you'd feel the same way that they do about it, with many of the same opinions that they have too. I too am a Muslim, and I was born and raised here in America. I consider myself to be a Westerner (as the world classifies to be those that live in the countires of The Americas, and most of Europe, and Autstralia.) in most respects. I have been raised here, and I consider myself an intelligent citizen, trying to keep informed about what goes on in the world. Do I align myself with Al-Queda? No. Do I think that suicide bombings are rather extreme, and don't really help the situation they blow themselves into? Yes, I think it just makes things worse. Do I also think that anywhere there is a military conflict, in which one side has all the equipement in the forms of jets, tanks, missilles, against another side that has some gunpower and stones, do I think that is a productive way of going about things? No, I do not. (There is more than one situation in the world like this, so I'm not referring to any in particular.) Going back to the topic at hand, if I heard anywhere of even a threat that my rights as an American citizen were to be violated in any way, even if it was something like a national registry, just because of my religious or ethnic backround, you better be sure to expect me to make my voice heard very loudly. I'm quite sure that if another plane were to hit a building, but this time if it were piloted by a caucasian "Right-Wing Nutjob" (apologies to those who consider themselves right wing in political affiliation)... there would be no talk of restricting rights to that particular group, would there? Would I be wrong to think that? No, I do not think so. Against the Bill of Rights? Since when has that been a (true) obstical for a government that wants to get something of that nature accomplished? Some people fear that the government may in fact do something like this, regardless if it violates something, even something as important as the Bill of Rights. I have fear of that, but it is the same fear and skeptisism that every citizen of a Democracy should have, because none of us can truely say that it won't happen. I'm not saying this just as someone with Arabian descent, or as a Muslim - I'm saying this as a US citizen. When people in power want something accomplished, even if it's wrong, they usually try to find a way to get it done. Without that fear and skeptisim, there would be no political watchdog groups that make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen, after all. Governments aren't run by gods; they're the same people we are, run by people as susceptible to sin as the average person.[/QUOTE] I understand they are susceptible to sin, but not everyone thinks that way. I think it would be impossible to pass a bill like that. Especially when there are powerful muslims that are in this country
  3. probably 1) peace for the world 2) everything I want 3) 2 more wishes 4) equality for everyone 5) set the genie free
  4. I agree with that casting. There are some movies that have a whole bunch of stas that come out good. Sometimes just because of the talent of those actors. This is not one! They just rolled stars together for name recognicion. Stupid strategy. Failed with flying colors.
  5. I really dont have anything agianst girl gamers. Ive known some that are bad, but Ive known some that are better than me at halo. Its just like anyone else. NO matter who I lost to or beat, I won/lost, their sex has nothing to do with it. I dont like the people who rip on girls, its classless and outdated.
  6. [quote name='Shinmaru]I love how unrelentingly gory it is. Make no bones about it, RE4 definitely [i]earns[/i'] its M rating. A good head shot can cause a villager's skull to explode into bloody, fractured pieces and sometimes you'll see a nice fountain of blood shoot up out of the bodies when you kick the heads off of villagers. The game's not for the weak of heart, at all lol.[/quote] Ahhh, another game to finally rival doom3. I guess it wasnt that gory when you were killing people, but all the walls were covered in blood and things bleed pretty profusely in that game. I like it, it just wouldnt be the same without the graphics.
  7. natetron46

    Gaming Halo 2

    I completely agree with your last point. I played the campaign all the way through just so I could say that I have. It was tedious in the middle, it really was.At least it wasnt as long and tedious and the first one *cough library cough* I beat it just for bragging rights. Now the only reason I play it is for multiplayer fun. The dual wielding was invented by golden eye. I do think you can get some good combos in Halo 2, but its still no match for an accurate person with a ranged weapon like a battle rifle.
  8. I like InuYasha if i had to pick one. I cant say I run into the same problems he does :p, but I really like the way that he deals with things. He seems to have the same mindset as me, which is great to see. It makes me like the show alot more.
  9. Thats a pretty good story Wolf. I really do like the dvd rips, for any movie let alone anime. They are very good quality and I actaully have cable that allows me to connect my CPU to a television through the "video in" and play the movies on it. That looks just like a DVD when you do that. Its great, thank you ATi 9800 pro.
  10. [quote name='Readordie']I thought Rune Soldier's dub was atrocious. It turned the mildlly funny into...just...eew, and turned the halarious into passable. Hearing Louie and Merill scream 'BONZAI BONZAI BONZAI BONZAI' is a lot funnier than hearing them titter 'we did it we did it we did it'[/quote] LOL I know what you mean. That show wasnt that bad, but the dub was just terrible, it was like D quality in a C+ show....It had its moments, I wish there were more soldiers though...
  11. I can obviously speaka the english. I am also passable in Spanish, but I am getting a little bit rusty. I need to pick back up on that, time for languages on tape! :)
  12. [QUOTE=James][color=#811C3A]But nobody (apart from Harry, maybe) is saying that honor killings are a normal part of religion and culture in the middle east. What is being said is that in some places, they are considered acceptable and that they [i]do[/i] happen. It's very important to understand the points that are being made here. I don't think that Boba or myself in particular are attempting to make vast generalizations.[/color][/QUOTE] This used to happen in the Catholic church with the crusades and such. In that same way, thye embarked on a holy war, that ended up doing nothing, but brining turmoil and death to the middle east. I really dont beleive this statistic though. I cant beleive (1) that people are so stupid as to think that all muslims act this way and (2) people think that it should be done, its against the Bill of Rights for God sakes!
  13. A word of warning to you: college IS NOT the real world. People try to say it is. It is not, you live in your own special world, a biosphere cut off from everything else.
  14. Battlestar Galactica is coming back this week. The new show on Sci Fi premiers on friday of this week. I loved the original miniseries, but I thought that it faded out fast. Im really glad that this will now be added as a full time show for Sci Fi.
  15. [QUOTE=WW2]Yeah its Tuesday again...blah blah blah. Here are the new movies: [B]Troy:[/B] Featuring Greeks with both Australian and English accents! [/QUOTE] So thats always thrown me off too. Apparently when any ancient culture spoke english (which was actually never) they sound like they are english. Bad Pitts not even english, why fake an accent. Stupid....Decent movie, but if you read the Illiad, you will be disappointed.
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