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[FONT=Arial Narrow]September 16,2006

Racoon City.....it's becoming a hell hole.....a real city for the damned.But of course Racoon City wasn't always like this.Only after Umbrella Inc. moved here did....well strange things start to happen.Mysterious murders began to occur but after the person died they would come back to life some how.No one could figure it out.

One thing we did know was that it was Umbrella.It had to be...only after they moved to our city did this stuff happen.What could it be?

September 19,2006

More strange things are starting to occur.The people being killed are now zombie like.We had to blockade a part of the town so that they didn't get to the rest of us.The police have come to a conclusion that this must be some sort of virus.That damn Umbrella....I knew that them coming here was bad news.But nothing can be done now...all we can do now is pray.

September 23,2006

The city...it's in total chaos.The police are severely outnumbered and can't handle the situation.They weren't trained for a situation like this.Everywhere you turn there is an undead moaning....always moaning.....I think i'm going crazy...can't take much more of this.Should I just kill myself?There's no way to get out of the city.....a zombie around every corner.....i'd rather kill myself than turn into one of them.

September 24,2006

This will be my last entry before I die.I can't stand the thought of turning into one of these undead cannibals.....

[U]A few days later.....[/U]

A small group of mercenaries hired by Umbrella enter the city to rescue any survivors that may be running in the city.But all these mercenaries know is that a virus was released in the city.No one knows who did it but the city was infected.

So this is where our story begins....[/FONT]

So to sign up for my rp post up the following profile:



Occupation: (survivor or mercenary)You can be a RCPD officer or any other thing a civilian could do.


Appearance: (can post pic)

Bio: (paragraph or more)

Weapon: (nothing spectacular for survivors just handguns.mercenaries can have just about whatever except grenade launchers and such)

I'll only be accepting about 5 mercenaries and 4 survivors.But don't worry about that just post a profile if interested but try to be creative with it.I'll post mine in a min just need to take a break for awhile.
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Name: Jason Carn

Age: 19

Occupation: Survivor - used to work at the local cafe to pay off his college fees. Was sent to Military School for three years so he has some knowledge of fighting and survival (more in Bio).

Personality: A mix of several things. Cynical, laid back, funny, witty, and more!

Appearance: [url=http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?action=get_pic&pic_id=2777]Jason[/url]

Bio: Jason Carn used to be somewhat of a rebel, when he was about 14. He actually ended up burning down the Science Wing at Junior High.
'Stupid place didn't even have the right facilities and safety measures anyway,' was all he had to say for himself.
His parents decided that they'd see how things worked out for a while, but Jason just wreaked havoc wherever he went. Mr and Mrs Carn decided they should send their son to Military School, just to straighten him up.
Jason's Military School was located just outside of a place called Racoon City.
After his three years of punishment (from the age of 15 until he was 18 years old), Jason decided to take up residence in Racoon City and go to college there.

Weapon: A knuckleduster on his left hand and a short chain (used to keep Jason's keys on, but in the RPG he can wrap it around his hand for a second knuckleduster or he could choke someone with it or something).

There we go! The last Resident Evil RPG I was in was a complete flop, so I hope this one works well...

[size=1]OOC: If you still want to use the name 'Jason', Guess?, then I can edit my character. It was a spur of the moment thing, so I didn't really think about my character's name anyway.
PM me if you want to use the name Jason. {this is for Guess? only}[/size]
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[size=2]I hope this one lats longer than my last...[/size]
[size=2]-Name: Derek Hughes(Was Jason Hughes, But [i]someone[/i] posted first)
-Age: 27
-Occupation: Bartender/Bouncer
-Personality: Derek is loud and likes to spend time with friends, and strangers. Really anyone (except the undead) who will talk with him. Derek doesn't like to hurt people unless its nessesary.
-Appearance: Derek is 5'11, 157 Ibs, and is in good physical shape. Has short black hair, light blue eyes,always smiles(some think hes insane). Has a white, button up dress shirt and the sleeves are folded past the elbow. Black dress pants, black loafers, black leather belt.
-Bio: Derek got into the bartender buisness when he was young (19) and worked at different bars all around Racoon City. When he was 24, he opened his own bar called [i]"The Watering Hole". [/i]He loved owning his own bar and loved all the foot traffic that came through. One day Derek met a lovely woman named Susan. They started to date, and Derek belived he was in love.[/size]

[size=2] Derek proposed shortly after and Susan accepted. They were wed and lived happily in Racoon City. Until the Umbrella Inc. came. Once the strange things started to happen, Susan said she was going to her mothers house until the city calmed down. Susan asked Derek to come with her but he said he needed to stay and watch his bar. She finally gave up and left by plane to New York. That night Derek watched on the news that his wifes plane went down because the pilot was attacked by a crazed passenger that bit him on the neck. Derek was heartbroken, but he had to go to work becuase no one could cover him because he didn't hire any other employees.[/size]
[size=2]-Weapon: Alluminum baseball bat, double barrel shotgun (Every bartender has one! And if they don't, they should get one...)[/size]
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Name: Jim Valentine

Age: 17

Occupation: R.C.P.D Officer

Personality: Outgoing, a bit lazy when it comes to work, but later on he gets the job done on time and with flying colors. A bit jumpy in the dark but confident when with others on a mission. He's the son of one of Raccoon's top officers Jill Valentine who retired years ago after a incident with Umbrela Corp.

Appearance: [url]http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/ols/screencaps/1/8jim.JPG[/url]

Bio: Jim's mother, Jill Jalentine, was a special agent of S.T.A.R.S in Raccoon city. They were a special elite group of police men who woked mostly undercover, there were very little survivers of the attackes on Umbrella mantion and as well as Raccoon City. Scientist of Umbrella have hunted down the remaining member of S.T.A.R.S: Jill, Chris and Clara Redfeild are the only known survivers.

Jim stduied and trained for years to become a special agent as well as his mother in Raccoon, even though she gave warnings about the city and the fact that Raccoon might come back to the city. Even though Jim looks like he's a freshman in high school he is very eager about woking with RCPD and the other members there. Once the monsters attacked the city the police depo. couldn't handle them all at once and a lot of people Jim knew are dying. Now Jim has to find any survivors and get out of the city alive before something really bad happens, his mother told him of a creature called Nemesis that hunted them down...its Jim's worst nightmare.

Weapon: Simple Pistol, some grenades from the police department. Has a mimi-laptop from his house thats attached to his left arm on his glove. A small dagger as well.

Hope this is ok, PM me if i need any changes. ~Thanks
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Kea Lilli Coll, called Lilli

Age: 16

Occupation: Merc/Hacker

Personality: Quiet, solemn, sometimes funny and sweet. Closed, dark and secretive. Not one to mess around with.

Appearance: [URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=seraphimcall&image=20]Lilli, but picture her WITHOUT the apron.[/URL]
[URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=seraphimcall&image=3]Lilli again[/URL]
[url=http://www.animelab.com/anime.manga/pics/Seraphim_Call/0/20/bookcover.jpg]Lilli with a group ? the girl on the very far right.[/URL]

Bio: She was very smart from the beginning. She messed around with people?s grades when she was in kindergarten, messing up those who she hated. She was least picked on, because everyone knew she could do this, except the teachers. Around third grade, she found a more satisfying way of getting her enemies in trouble ? she would slip lighters into their backpacks, or drugs, or slip spiders in the teacher?s desk, and have the jar in someone else?s desk.

Around middle school, she always hung around in the shadows, listening to gossip, using it to her advantage. In sixth grade, she started to have a sense of justice, and stood up for the most picked on people. Bullies avoided her, due to the fact that she could whip their butts whenever she chose. She is a kick-*** street fighter, with years of practice on her hands.

She makes very few friends, but the ones she does have, she would defend with her life. She is here to find the virus, track it down, and destroy it. That is her mission, along with saving innocents and overly picked on school kids.

Weapon: Small hand gun, shuriken, a pair of sai?s, poison gas grenades
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I'm game...

Name: Jordan Espinosa

Age: 27

Occupation: R.C.P.D. Detective

Personality: Generally a carefree kind of guy. He loves to be around "young" People, and has a thing for young blondes. The only thing he ever takes seriously is his work, and that only half the time. But when push comes to shove, the laid back side disapeares as he unleashes hell on his enemies. He's not afraid to resort to violence like one might think at first glance.

Appearance: Stands at 6'2, and wieghs about 178 lbs. He likes the sterotypical Detective look, wearing a long light brown trenchcoat, and a broad brimmed hat. His loose white shirt hides a bullet proof vest, and his baggy green pants cover the tops of his new nikes. His hair is really thick, and brown, and his large friendly eyes are also brown.

Bio: Jordan grew up in Missoula, MT. after graduating highschool, he went on to colledge, taking classes in chemistry and forensics. He also joined the martial arts club, excelling in the self defence classes. After four years of college, He joined the police academy, where he advanced through the forensic classes, and marksmanship. He graduated applying for a detecives Job in Raccoon city, where he had heard the Multi-billion dollar company was investing a LOT of money. Very quickly, he became known for his sharp accuaracy with a gun, and his crime assesments.

Weapon: Standard issue police 9mm, and a standard issue 12-gauge in his car.

hope that works!
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Name: Matthew Dimunsus

Age: 21

Occupation: Umbrella Mercenary

Personality: Pretty much whup *** and take names type of guy.

Appearance: 6' 4'' with short jet black hair. Ice blue highlights and bangs hang on top of his hair also. His eyes are painted deep ice blue, containing another person it seems.

Bio: Always the angry one who took no *******, Matt always was the trouble maker and out cast. Everyday he wanted to leave to a new place, but he was always kept back by something. Umbrella knoticed his uncanny ability to care for nothing and able to use any type of weapon he could get his hands on. They recruited him after he graduated from a college he grudged and pulled through. His main abilities lie in his computer skills.

Weapon: 45 Magnum, Masamuna replica, AK Assualt Rifle
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I'm in....'cept I find something rather annoying in most of eveyones posts, but I'm not going to whine...

[B]Name:[/B] Stan Gooden

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Occupation:[/B] Works for the local construction company, operating heavy machinery. How that would help in a situation like this, who knows.

[B]Personality:[/B] Stan is like a 'shoot first, ask questions later' kind of guy, without a gun. He acts first and thinks about it later. He is a great leader to those who need guidance and has a serious problem with the government, politics in general and any kind of military.


[B]Bio:[/B] Stan isn't much of a fighter, but he fairs well with a pistol or a big stick. He likes to talk his way out of situations, rather than fight but has had to duke it out for his 'street freedom'. Stan moved to Racoon City from Denver, Colorado in 1994.
He figured Racoon City would be a nice place to live, since it was isolated in the Arklay Mountains, but that became a faded dream when Umbrella Co. moved in. Since then things have been different, you couldn't walk into a Pharmacy without seeing a drug made by Umbrella, worse yet, they were notorious for turning out some bad ju ju. Around September 16 of 2006, weird sighting of what looked like undead creatures had been confirmed and a whole section of Racoon was blocked off because of it. Stan decided things were getting a little to hairy and wanted back to Denver, but then all hell broke loose.

[B]Weapon:[/B] A small P99 that was given to him as a half joke and half going away present to Racoon, good thing Stan bought a few boxes of ammo for shooting off at a range...Very good thing he never used them.

[Note: I will edit my appearance soon]
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So.. uh.. is it me.. or are there more survivors than mercenaries? Seems kind of pointless for the mercenaries this way...

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=1]Name: Sarah Simmons

Age: 29

Occupation: Mercenary

Personality: Ah, a vivacious red head is she. Even if she keeps her hair short. She is very hot-tempered and takes no **** from anybody. Even if they are her superiors.

Appearance: As stated, she is a short haired red head. Her eyes are an emerald green. She stands at 5'6" tall, but is of very athletic build. She could probably kick any males *** with one hand tied behind her back. She just needs the proper motivation. She wears BDU's most of the time, making sure they are baggy enough to keep most of her curves hidden.

Bio: Sarah was a Tom Boy all her life, even when she was very young. It was mostly her parents. Her mother and father both served in the Armed Forces, each a different branch. This could be a very good reason as to why she is a mercenary.(duh)

Sarah became a mercenary when she was 25, this was after she completed college and actually got her degree in Creative Writing. She quickly realized that it would be hard to make money with her major, and found herself a job with something she did know about. Killing.

Weapon: Two Glock 9mms. Single M16 assault rifle.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Inge Reuben

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Occupation:[/B] Survivor

[B]Personality:[/B] She's brave and stubborn. Inge will act in a heartbeat, especially if someone needs her help. Strong and courageous, she hates to depend on others, instead trying to bear most of the load. However, this is kind of one of her flaws; she never knows when she is taking on too much. She's always determined to get the job done, and is true to her word.

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment (different clothes though :))

[B]Bio:[/B] Inge grew up in Racoon City, witnessing the dire changes when Umbrella came. She was in training to be an officer of the RCPD. She was recently engaged to be married, to someone she met during training. However, when the zombies started to appear, they put their marriage on hold, concentrating more on defending the city, although they were still engaged. The rest of Inge's family moved out of Racoon City on her suggestion, and she was soon to follow. However, she didn't want to leave the already waning police force, and stayed to help.

Inge was just hunting a group of the zombies, when her fiancee was killed in front of her eyes. She was also ambushed, but ran to a small radio tower in one of the deserted airports. She had almost gotten the steel doors shut, when suddenly one of the zombies' hands sneaked in and grabbed her arm. Twisting, she tried to free herself, but it locked it's hand on hers. She struggled until it was only holding two of her fingers, but then more were coming and the door was being forced open. Inge had no choice, if she wanted to live. She took out one of her blades, and cut off her fingers in a quick swipe, slamming and locking the door at the same time.

Now, she's stuck in the radio tower with the zombies surrounding her outside. She's bleeding and hurt, and going into shock. Rescue her quick. :)

[B]Weapon:[/B] Two eight-inch hunting blades, and other random pieces of metal lying around the radio tower. She dropped her gun outside when she was grappling with the zombies.
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Name: jered tacker

Age: 28
Occupation: [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][B]S.W.A.T.[/B][/FONT] team member


Appearance: 5'10, black hair about 6inch long, silver, muscular,


Weapon: mp5, 1 silver napoleon 9mm, 1 black napoleon 9mm, sp48mae assault rifle :devil:
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