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Best Indie Music


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I love indie music!

Some of my favorite bands are :

Neutral Milk Hotel
Bright eyes
Azure Ray
Elliot Smith
Modest Mouse
just to name of few....

what are your favorite indie bands and some suggestions for some good songs by the artists?
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It's almost as arbitrary as the word emo, in my mind. There is no traceable emo scene. It kind of just appeared. I used to figure indie just meant independent, although it used to seem to skew mostly towards rock. Now I really can't even answer that anymore lol.

Menomena and Neutral Milk Hotel rock though. Always nice to see people mention them.
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i always kinda thought indie just referred to a more underground style of rock that never really caught a mainstream following, but even thats debatable. usually nowadays if someone says "that band is indie" i'll go along with it and not agrue cuz hell if i know what makes them indie
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See, that's almost what I thought also, however, I then hear people refering to it as a genre, with all their own very contradicting ideas of it.

Anyway, I don't care either, just thought I would try and jump start this thread and get people to bicker about their useless oppinions.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]In most cases I believe that Indie music is the more 'mature' side for people who choose to listen to the alternative music genre. Don't get me wrong though, I still like some of the metal bands like Disturbed and Dimmu Borigr, it just there are times when I want to find out how crap the world is without losing my ear-drums :D. My list of Indie goes something like this:


And the songs for each would be this, Radiohead - Paranoid Android, Coldplay - Scientist, Starsailor - Love is Here and Idleawild - You Held the World in your arms.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=red] I have one band for you and that is all.


I, as Tony, have not the clue what "Indie" is. I don't even know what it used to be. . .only that it sounded like rock I thought.[/size][/color]
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Now this is my kinda topic :D.

Well as a few people know i am an Indie-Boy...well...a British-Indie-Boy. I have the long hair, mod jackets and lambretta signs plastered everywhere lol. Anyway...

[list][B]The Stone Roses[/B] - Gods! - Songs: Driving South, Love Spreads, Daybreak...there are too many...[/list]

[list][B]Oasis[/B] - Also Gods! - Songs: Jesus...there are far too many lol, most are good :)[/list]

[list][B]Ian Brown[/B] - The God! He was the front man for The Stone Roses - Songs: If Dolphins Were Monkeys, Gravy Train and many more...[/list]

Sorry i would have a list with about 20 or so but i am pushed for time >_< sorry.
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